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Pokémon -=~*::Omega_Files::*~=-

Started by Omega-Brendan September 8th, 2003 4:23 AM
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"I want all my agents to come at this instant!" a shadowed figure yelled, soon 8 people otherwise, 'agents' rushed to the room at the instance, as they each sat on a comfortable chair on the red carpeted room with dimly lit lights.

"Spike!" the shadow snapped.

"Yes Sir," The man stood up, he had a grey t-shirt on had a muscular body with black jeans and spiked silver blonde hair that has been combed and he had a peachy colored skin, he was tall and skinny in size as he looked at the shadow.

"Where's Melody? I want her to show up at this instant." The shadow said

"She is currently in Celadon City attending a music camp." Spike replied.

The shadow stared across the room.

"Well team, I want you guys in Pallet Town and go to Professor Oak as you have to fight against the evil threats of team rocket, Professor Oak has lost a lot of his starters that he was to give out tomorrow.

Chris, Dave, to the cars immediately, set a few vans up for us. Spike commanded.

Chris has dressed in a red sleeveless shirt, he was a little shorter than Spike and had brown hair with blonde streaks his hair was pretty short and his hair was thick, he also wore grey trousers and sometimes wears a grey long sleeved shirt to match it.

Dave wore a green vest, and tight black trousers and wore a green headband, he had a muscular body and had brown hair that was spiked but it wasnt as spiked as Spikes.

The 2 men went out of the east corridor and straight down to the garage. They took 2 keys hanging from a pole and turned to vans on, one has a green one that matched Dave and one was Red that matched Chris. Dave pressed a remote control that was stuck near the window in the front; he pressed an orange button as the garage door opened. 6 teens jumped over a little wall to keep the wild Pokemon on land away as they boarded the 2 vans.

Spike took the front seat next to Dave, as Rain who was dressed in a cotton blue jumper with a white lab coat and beige trousers jumped in with long blonde hair and Erika who was dressed all in a white tank top and beige trousers jumped into the car, she had almond colored hair, and the 4 took off to Pallet Town, mean while at Chris car.

Dan who has dressed with a black shirt and almond colored trousers jumped on next to Chris with Tracy, who was dressed in a Pink shirt and beige trousers jumped on behind. And last but not least, Jamie (a boy) jumped on to the very back of the van, he had blonde and brown hair up to his shoulders, a black gold and black shirt with some camouflage patterned trousers. The red van also set off for Pallet Town.

Go Blaziken! Chris yelled as he threw a black ball with a white bit on the bottom with a few yellow lines on the black side.

The ball popped open, as a muscular Pokemon with a beige color and a pale red on some places roared out its name proudly.

Meanwhile, a group of people dressed in black threw out a similar object, only this time the black part of it was purple and it had 2 pink circles and a white M on it. A Lavender and violet colored Pokemon popped out, this one resembled a cat standing on 2 legs. Its underbelly was violet and it was about the same size as Blaziken. The 2 Pokemon wrestled each other, as the people dressed in Black began to load boxes of Pokeballs into a helicopter.

Scyther! Dave tossed out a green Pokeball and a green mantis Pokemon appeared, it zapped past at great speed, knocking the boxes out of the helicopter, many Pokemon came out, but they were only 2 species amongst all the Pokemon, there was Charmander, which looked like a dragon, a Bulbasaur, which looked like a dinosaur with a bulb on its back, and there was Squirtle, a Pokemon that resembled a turtle except it was blue and it was larger and stood on 2 legs.

Each of the Pokemon used an attack, the Bulbasaur used vine whip, while the Charmander used ember and the Squirtle used bubble, soon the people in black, or simply Team Rocket surrendered the Pokemon back, thanks to the our heroes.

R&R in this topic and feel free to gimme critiques and tell me if it's good enough to go on bulbagarden, this is 2 pages in word(sorry for it's short length) and I hope you enjoy it

This piece of work is rated G

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