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Pokémon On Mamoswine Road

Started by ImMrRoboto January 16th, 2017 4:47 PM
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Warning: Romance Ahead!
Also, I do change some things from the games, notably adding some businesses to Dendemille Town.
So if you don't like that, go away
Go on, shoo.

"Calem! Come look at this one! It's even better!" Serena yelled across the store as she whirled around to face Calem wearing a white cycling cap. Calem sighed as he looked through the coat racks.

"Yes, Serena, I'm sure it's lovely, but we have more important things to do here." Calem turned around to face his friend. "We have to prepare for the next Route, and we don't have time for any shopping." Serena simply ignored him and began looking at herself in the mirror. "Elle n'écoute jamais" Calem muttered to himself. They had to leave today, and she was still looking through the hats.

Suddenly, Serena squealed. "Parfait!" Scaring both Calem as well as the woman at the counter, whom had begun to doze off. "Oh, Calem, this one is magnificent!" She turned around with a red felt hat on her head. Calem banged his head against the wall. At this rate, they'd never get anything done. "C'mon Calem, can I buy it, S'il vous plaît?"

Calem turned his head to the now awake lady at the counter who was listening in on their conversation. "Je ce que c'est que d'avoir des enfants?" The Lady whose name tag identified her as "Dolores" simply smiled and nodded, obviously holding back laughter. "Alright, alright, you can get it, but on one condition. Before we leave later, you're going to come back and get something practical, alright?"

"No problem!" Serena took the hat off and placed it on the counter as Calem fished a wallet out of his bag and handed it to Serena. He then picked out a blue winter coat and started walking over to the dressing room. Before he entered he turned back to Serena.

"Stay here, and don't buy anything until I get back, okay?" He said before disappearing into the room. Serena started looking at herself in the mirror again.

"It really does look good on you," Dolores said, surprising Serena "Especially with that dress. Where'd you get it anyway?"

Serena looked down, she was wearing her black blouse with a red skirt. The same thing she was wearing when she met Calem. "I got it in Kanto, back when I lived there."

"Neat," Dolores responded "I'll have to go sometime, if I can get the money. Hey, speaking of, what was that whole thing with you buying the hat? Why'd you need his permission?" Serena started shifting her weight.

"Well, it's kind of embarrassing." Serena said "The thing is, Calem carries my money around for me, he confiscated it after I got tricked into buying a Magikarp for 500P." Serena started to blush. They both turned around as Calem emerged from the dressing room and grabbed some more coats.

Once he had gone back in, Dolores turned back to Serena. "A Magikarp? How did he talk you into that?"

"It looked so cute, and he told me that it was a shiny Feebas!" Serena defended.

"Alright, Alright. I understand." Dolores laughed and put her hands up. "Well at least you have a boyfriend like that, who puts up with all of it."

Serena's eyes went wide and she started stuttering. "Quelle! What's that supposed to mean?! He's not my... well I mean, well, I'm not his, y'know... er, well how dare you assume I, he, well..."

Dolores' jaw dropped and she laughed "Are you serious? You two aren't together?" Serena adamantly shook her head "Wow, unbelievable."

"This one should do. I hope you've been behaving while I was gone." Calem said as he came out of the dressing room.

"No, we were fine, thanks Calem!" Serena said cheerfully, ignoring a snicker from Dolores.

"Awesome, well I'm gonna go with this one." He said as he placed it on the counter.

"Excellent choice sir," Dolores remarked as Calem put it on the counter "I believe this one is from Kanto, I hear it's quite lovely this time of year. Quite a lovely place for couples I hear." Dolores continued, earning a stink eye from Serena. "Thank you, please come again!"

"What was that about?" Calem asked as they exited the shop. "Did you two have a problem?"

"No, nothing." Serena replied "She just... didn't like the hat."

Calem slowly nodded "Tu es un mauvais lier"

Serena looked at him inquisitively. "What does that mean?" Calem had only taught her a few Kalosian words and phrases so far.

"Just a old saying. Maybe I'll tell you what it means later."

"Oh, cool." They continued along the road a little farther as Serena thought about what that phrase might mean. A penny saved is a penny earned perhaps? Maybe I can live without money, but I cannot live without love she had heard that one was rather popular in Kalos. A fool and his money are soon parted? That one sounded about right.

"Regardless, we still need to get ready." Calem said as he continued walking. "We still need to get more food, and then we need to stock up on Ice Heals, and later, you need to go back to- Serena?" Calem looked around and saw that she had stopped and was staring up at the giant windmill. Calem sighed and walked over, placing a hand on her shoulder and gently shaking her. "Hey, Serena, come on! We need to prepare for Route 17!"

"Oh come on, Calem! Just look at it, it's amazing!" Serena said as she gestured toward the windmill. "This town is beautiful, Calem! Can't we stay here for a few more days?"

Calem sighed with a slight look of annoyance "Serena, we've been through this before. I would like to stay here, but we can't. The weather forecast says there'll be a blizzard, and that means Mamoswine Road is going to be blocked for a week!"

Serena turned back to the windmill. "You know I really wouldn't mind staying here for a week" she inhaled deeply "It's very nice here."

"So would I, Serena, but if we don't go now, we'll never get to the next gym!" Calem argued. Serena just rolled her eyes. "I promise we'll come back when we can, okay? Now let's go get ready." Calem said as he walked away. Serena sighed and started following him.

When she caught up to him, she tapped his shoulder. "I'm gonna go on back to their boutique, okay?"

Without stopping, he replied "Are you sure? Because I wouldn't mind coming with you if you want to-"

"Calem, I'll be fine. I think I can find my way around a clothing store, okay?" Serena replied confidently.

"Well, alright, but don't take too long, and only buy the coat, okay?" Calem stopped walking and pulled out her wallet, handing it to her.

She snatched it from him. "Yeah, yeah, I know. Gosh Calem, it doesn't even sound like you trust me on my own!" She said before walking away. Once she was out of earshot she began to mutter to herself. "Don't trust me, huh. I know how to shop, what, do you think I'd get so sidetracked I'd- Awwwww!" She abruptly cut off as she saw a Helioptile on the side of the road. "Awwwww, just look at you! You're sooooo cute! Look at your little flaps! Do those make it hard to hear? Oh, you're so cute!" As the Helioptile scuttled away into someone's garden, Serena stood back up "So cute, wait, what was I doing?" She stood there, thinking for a while before shrugging and starting for the Pokémon Center. When she arrived, she saw Calem standing over at the store counter. Calem turned his head as she walked in. He turned back and accepted a bag from the man at the counter.

"You done already?" Before she had a chance to reply, he continued. "You know what? We don't have time to worry about that, I've just heard that the blizzards going to come earlier than I thought, if we want to stay ahead of it, we have to go immediately, c'mon!" And was out the door before she could reply, leaving her to run after him into the checkpoint.

Has Been Continued

Notes: At the end, when I say "checkpoint" I'm referring to that little room you go into in between a town and a route.

Parfait- Perfect
Sil vous plaît- Please
Je ce que c'est que d'avoir des enfants?- Is this what it's like to have children?
Tu es un mauvais lier- You're a bad liar

So what'd ya think? Were it good? Were it not? What were it?
"It's not a matter of life or death, It's about what breaks first;Your will, or the barriers in your way." -VaatiVidya



This looks good.

I find it strange that in the latter of your chapter he said
"Well, alright, but don't take too long, and only buy the coat, okay?" Calem stopped walking and pulled out her wallet, handing it to her.
There wasn't much indication that she was buying a coat, or that she wanted to go back for one. (This is a minor nit pick but still would seem a little strange)

I like that you added the language translator at the end along with the explanation for the checkpoint.

All in all I would no doubt say this went up. There isn't much else wrong to mention from my point of view, besides maybe her dialogue with the Helioptile being a bit lacking in detail (Like did he leave because she spooked him, or was she holding his flaps and he didn't like that?) Since this is a more dialogue story I would have expected a more interactive scene between her and the Electric/Normal Pokémon. But good choice on what would distract her (I'm sorry, but the Helio-line are great and this is just my inner fan boy talking)

But ending on a + note, good piece.
I like it more than your "Z-move" one and anticipate the "to be continued" to turn into "was continued".


That's MISTER Roboto to you!

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Avertissement: romance à venir!
Donc si vous n'aimez pas ça, allez-y
A été continué

"Calem? Calem! Get back here, I have to tell you something!" Serena called out to her friend as she chased him through Dendemille Town. The wind rushed past her as she ran, only making her colder as she ran. She chased after him as he disappeared into the checkpoint connecting Dendemille Town and Mamoswine Road. "Calem!" But, of course, he kept running. As she ran through the checkpoint, she was temporarily warm before rushing through the other end, coming out on the other side to see the path leading into a snow covered mountain trail. Near the opening of the trail, she saw Calem speaking to someone in a black and purple outfit. They seemed to be arguing. Thanking every Legendary Pokémon that came readily to her exhausted mind that he had stopped, she slowed down and stopped in front of him.

"What do you mean, not for a few hours?" Calem was inquiring, sounding shocked. "But if don't leave now we won't be able to-"

"I'm afraid there's nothing I can do." The man wearing the black suit interjected. "Mamoswine's all the way in Anistar. I can ask for them to send it back using my Holocaster, but even so, it would take a while for him to get here. Now if you'll just stay here for a while, you could ride Mamoswine there as soon as the trail clears."

"No, you don't understand, we need to- gah!" Calem abruptly ended his sentence as Serena made it over to him, panting, tired, and sore from running for that long and hard.

"C-Calem," Serena said, out of breath, "Coat, didn't, buy" she took a deep breath and recomposed herself. "Calem, I've been trying to tell you, I forgot to buy that coat," Calem placed one of his hands on his face. "But if we just go back now, we could-"

"There's no time Serena, besides, by the time the blizzard hits, we should already be in Anistar City, so c'mon, hurry!" Calem started off onto the trail, leaving the man in the suit dumbfounded.

"Wait, sir, please! You there, young lady, could you please go talk some sense into him? He'll freeze out there, blizzard or no!"

"Trust me, I've tried," Serena replied. "I guess I'll just have to try again." Serena started after Calem, managing to catch up with relative ease this time. She was, however, unable to convince him to turn back.

"We can't go back now, or else it'll be ages until we get to the next gym!" Calem said as he walked hurriedly down the trail. As they walked, Serena noticed the snow. The further they went into the Route, the harder the snow fell, and the thicker the layer of snow on the ground was. The temperature also seemed to be dropping. Serena only felt colder and colder as they went on. She continued to follow behind Calem, staying close to him for the little warmth he gave off.

The snow was becoming almost unmanageable. The thick blanket of white on the ground was becoming more and more difficult to walk through. The flakes from the sky began to pelt them at higher and higher speeds. The wind was rushing past them so loud and fast that Serena could hardly hear herself think. But Calem marched on, and Serena followed close behind him.

Then she saw it. On the horizon, well, where the horizon should have been, there was what looked to be a gigantic white wall approaching them at worryingly fast speeds. As it got closer and closer, Serena could see the wind and snow churning inside. The blizzard was here.

"Get down!" Calem shouted, though Serena was still just able to hear him over the wind. They both got onto the ground and curled up. She could hear the wind growing louder and faster as the storm got closer.

And then it hit them.

Serena opened her eyes. There was white everywhere, and she could hardly see an inch in front of her. She could just make out the silhouette of Calem. All she could feel was the mind-numbing cold of the storm. All she could hear was the wind, drowning everything else out. She just barely managed to get back up. Calem turned back to her, he outstretched his hand. Serena reached out and grabbed it. Together, they started walking onward. It was too late to go back now. The way out was forward.

Serena could hardly move, the freezing cold gripped her inside and out. She could tell by holding his icy hand that Calem wasn't faring much better, despite his jacket. The wind was blowing straight threw her, and it was getting hard to breathe. Serena was sure that another gust of wind would blow her away. She was kinda right.

A cold gust blew into both of them. Serena couldn't do it anymore. It was too much. She felt her legs weaken and collapsed. She fell onto the frigid white layer of snow on the ground and could hardly muster the strength to open her eyes. But then, she felt something warm. Something warm wrapping around her shoulders, and she was picked up by someone. She opened her eyes and saw Calem, carrying her, but something was different. Instead of his usual blue jacket, Calem was wearing a black longsleeve shirt. Looking down at herself, Serena could see the familiar blue jacket wrapped around her instead. Carrying her, Calem continued walking with Serena in his arms. If it wasn't so cold, she might have blushed.

While the jacket, as well as the little body warmth coming from Calem did help, it wasn't by much, and Serena couldn't stop worrying about him, wasn't he afraid of freezing? This may have helped her a little bit, but they still had to get to Anistar City and fast.

"Laaaaaa...." Serena heard somewhere close to them, or so it sounded like. It was like a whisper, but she could hear it over the howling wind and storm. Calem apparently heard it too, as he started looking around. Serena turned her head as well and saw someone standing in the distance. It appeared to be a woman, beckoning to them. "Laaaaaaa..." the woman called out to them again. After a few moments of hesitation, Calem turned to look at Serena and sighed. He then turned and started walking toward the woman. As they got closer, Serena saw that the woman was pale. Not fair skinned, pale. Her skin looked white, and her hair has a dark Raven color. The woman turned and started walking. Calem followed, however reluctant.

They soon arrived at a small cave. "Laaaaaa...." the woman said softly once more as Calem carried Serena inside, once they were inside, Calem laid Serena down on the ground next to a wall on the far side of the cave. While it still wasn't completely sound, the cave did provide a lot of warmth. As she was laid down, she smiled up at Calem who looked down at the ground, laying their bags down a few feet away from her.

"I'm sorry Serena, it's my fault that you... I shouldn't have been so hasty, perhaps we could have..." Calem said sincerely as he looked back up at Serena. She was about to open her mouth to respond, but she could see that past Calem, the woman was coming into the cave. Calem turned around and looked surprised. Serena could see why. The woman's dress seemed odd. The pattern made it look like it was shifting and stirring like snow. Looking up, Serena could see her unusually rounded head, and those eyes. Yellow and blue. It didn't seem right. "Thank you for helping us I don't know what we would've done without you."

"Laaaas" the woman said, yet again as it entered. The woman had said nothing else since they'd met her. Serena began to rack her brain thinking of Kalosian words, but she couldn't think of what it meant. Serena was still mesmerized by her dress, though. It looked strange and bizarre, but beautiful, in an odd way. Her attention was pulled, however, when a small rock from the ceiling. Not a large one, just a pebble. Serena watched it as it fell...

...Straight through her dress.

Serena's eyes widened, as did Calem's. The woman, however gave a short, haunting laugh that sent (more) shivers down Serena's back. Then, the woman exploded. Not just the dress, the woman, exploded into powdered snow. Serena shrieked and Calem placed himself in between the explosion and Serena. After the snow had settled, they could both see a Pokémon where the woman used to be.

Calem slowly approached it. Once he got close, the Pokèmon opened its eyes and cried out "Laaaaaas!" Far more clear and distinct than the woman. The powdered snow around the Pokémon lifted up off the ground and launched itself toward Calem. Surprised, he rolled out of the way and the attack struck the wall just above Serena. The snow fell onto her, not harming her, just making her wet and cold. The Pokémon levitated off the ground and started flying around. Serena started scrambling toward the bags as The Pokémon started chasing Calem around, with the same haunting laugh as the woman, throwing more powdered snow at him. Making it over to the bags, Serena started rummaging through hers, looking for the Pokéball containing her Delphox. Finding it, Serena whirled around.

And came face to face with The Pokémon. Serena, surprised, dropped the Pokéball as it gave the haunting laugh once more. Serena was just able to duck out of the way as more powdered snow rushed straight toward her. She stumbled away, and The Pokémon turned toward her, slowly moving toward her. As she backed up against the wall of the cave, Serena looked around. Calem was in the ground, having trouble getting up, and her Pokéball was on the other side of The Pokémon. After another haunting laugh, The Pokémon started charging a white ball. The air around it felt colder, and Serena was terrified.

Suddenly, Calem pulled himself up and ran over, throwing himself in between Serena and The Pokémon. From the white orb, and a solid white beam emerged, striking Calem in the chest. Serena, watched, horrified as he fell to the ground, unmoving.

The Pokémon started laughing uncontrollably, giving Serena a chance to slip past it and grab the Pokéball, clicking the small button as it sprung open, releasing Serena's Delphox. Upon seeing the situation, Delphox blew an ember at an incoming clump of snow, melting it. Delphox then started battling The Pokémon, with fire and snow flying everywhere.

As the fight went on, Serena crawled over to Calem, panicked. Reaching him, she began to shake him. "Calem?! Calem! Calem, are you okay!?!" Tears started appearing in her eyes as Delphox and The Pokémon fought a few feet away. Looking back over, Serena could see that Delphox was winning. The Pokémon was now floating in the cave entrance, visibly weakened. Delphox started charging up a flamethrower, and as it fire shot toward it, The Pokémon turned and flew out of the cave. Delphox came back over to Serena, whom had still had no success in waking Calem up. Tears were forming in her eyes, and she placed her hand on his cheek. He was ice-cold. Not dead, but cold.

She crawled over to his bag and pulled out to Pokéballs labeled "Leo" and "Drake." Clicking the buttons on them, a Pyroar and Charizard came from each respective ball. Pulling a Big Root out of her bag, she ordered the Pokémon to light it. She was never going to use it anyway. It wasn't much, but it was warmth. She knew they couldn't stay here until the storm cleared. Calem had said that the path was going to be blocked, so if they were going to leave, it would have to be now. An idea suddenly came into her mind.

"Charizard! Why don't you-" but she cut herself off as she gestured to the cave entrance. In that, there would be no way Charizard could fly, much less find Anistar or Dendemille. After that, she just sat in silence. After a long time, she finally spoke.

"I have to go. None of our Pokémon are sturdy enough to withstand that storm, not that I'm saying I am, but I have to go. I'll go get help in Anistar, it can't be far away now." She turned to the three Fire-Types. "Keep him warm, okay?" The Pokémon all nodded in agreement. With a deep breath, she turned to the cave entrance and ran out into the storm.

Has Been Concluded
"It's not a matter of life or death, It's about what breaks first;Your will, or the barriers in your way." -VaatiVidya


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Warning: Romance Ahead!
Yeah, you know the drill
If you don't like it, go away

The air was frigid. The snow was up to her knees. She could see nothing but white. The wind was roaring past her ears. She could barely move, heck, she could hardly breathe. All the while, she heard that dreaded whisper behind her. "Laaaaaaa...." Everytime she turned around, there was nothing, but sometimes, she would see movement on the corner of her eye. Just fast enough to make her doubt she'd seen anything. But that whisper, that laugh. It was unmistakable. She was being followed.

But Serena didn't have time to think about that. She couldn't get sidetracked now, not when Calem was depending on her. She had to get to Anistar. She had to get help, and she couldn't let anything stand in her way. As she repeated this, she began to walk a little faster, fueled by determination and tenacity. As she walked, she tried to him herself a little tune, but she couldn't hear it.

The storm was still getting worse. Despite having Calem's jacket, she could hardly feels her limbs, making moving that much harder. The sleet falling on her was falling fast, and it hurt. Each pellet that fell onto her struck hard. By now, she was sure that she her head would be covered with bruises. It didn't look like it was going to let up any time soon.

Worst of all was her sight, or lack thereof. Serena couldn't see anything in front of her. No rocks, no cliffs, no landmarks, nothing. She had no idea where she was going, to be honest. She could only guess which direction was correct. Most of all, however, she was unable to see anything that could potentially threaten her.

Like a small rock sticking up out of the ground in front of her foot. Serena's foot got caught on the rock and she tripped, as she fell, her ankle landed on the rock. Luckily, the rock wasn't pointed, but it still hurt like you wouldn't believe.

"Zut Alors!" She shouted out, to the best of her ability. Her ankle exploded in pain, and her vision went blurry for a moment. Her foot felt like it had snapped clean off, though looking back at it, she could see it was still firmly attached.

Serena whimpered in pain and then attempted to pull herself up. Her mistake. As soon as she put weight on her foot, she screamed in agony. The pain was unbelievable, her vision blurred, her knees buckled and she fell back down. As she began to mewl, a tear began to fall from her eye. It froze, of course.

So here she was, stuck on the ground, unable to get up, a hurt ankle, and covered in snow. But she couldn't stop now. Not when Calem was depending on her. With a deep breath, she began to slowly pulled herself up. Of course, when pressure was applied to her foot, it resulted in great pain, but she gritted her teeth and kept getting up. Eventually, she was able to get back onto her feet, after great pain and a number of shed tears. Limping, Serena continued going, albeit extremely slowly. She could hardly move at all now, and The Pokémon wasn't making it any easier.

"Laaaaa..." It sounded closer this time. Serena began to panic and started trying to move faster, but to no avail. Turning around, Serena could, of course, see nothing. Turning back to the front, she continued with renewed resolve. She had to reach Anistar before The Pokémon reached her.

She continued walking for many hours. At least, that's what it felt like to her. Being pelted by sleet, limping through knee high snow, with every other step sending excruciating pain up her leg, all the while passing landmarks she could've sworn she'd seen before. To make it all worse, she couldn't stop thinking of Calem, laying there, freezing. She'd left three of their best fire Pokémon to guard him, but even they could only last so long.

Eventually, she saw a large hill rising out of the ground. She knew that she hadn't seen that before. Taking a deep breath, she began to walk up the hill, the slope only accentuating the pain in her foot. After many dreadful steps, she reached the top, and looked out across the landscape. She squinted. In the distance, she thought she could see something.

A light. A small, yellow light, like a street lamp. No, actually, there were two. Now there were three, now four, now five. One by one, the lights in the distance grew in number.

"That's it!" Serena yelled happily into the storm. She had found it, Anistar City. A pair of blinking lights near the bottom of the hill confirmed her suspicion. They were the same lights that she as when she was running out of the checkpoint. This confirmed her suspicion. She was elated. She could finally get help for Calem! He was going to be okay!

She was so happy, in fact, that she could ignore the wind. So happy that, for a moment, her ankle stopped hurting.

So happy that she completely ignored a small whisper over the sound of the wind, or a haunting laugh behind her.

Serena was so happy at finding Anistar, that she didn't notice a clump of compacted snow sailing for her until it struck her on the back of the head.

And it hit hard, sending her tumbling down the hill, she screamed for every agonizing second of it. When she finally stopped, she was laying on her back at the foot of the hill, her ankle in unimaginable pain, her head throbbing, covered in snow, and looking up at The Pokémon. It gave another haunting laugh and began floating down toward. Serena could hardly breath, much less move. She could feel herself losing consciousness.

This is it then. Serena had failed. The Pokémon was about freeze her, and Calem would be in that cave forever. Serena thought about, lying there, never waking up. The Pokémon around him realizing that she wasn't coming back.

"Laaaaaaas" The Pokémon whispered as it started charging up the white orb again. Serena closed her eyes as a tear fell from her eye.

"I'm sorry Calem," She whispered to herself, and prepared to get frozen.

"Sloooooooow!" Serena opened her eyes to the best of her ability to see a multi colored beam come from somewhere outside her field of vision, striking The Pokémon and sending it flying. As she blacked out, Serena heard frantic whispers and saw a Mamoswine walking toward her.

Warmth. That was the first thing Serena noticed when she woke up. She was warm. As she slowly opened her eyes, she noticed a few more differences from her previous location. She was in a nice room, lying in a bed. The bed she was in was in the corner, the floor was made of wood with a circle rug on it. In the other corners of the room there were a desk, a potted plant, and a dresser. Other than that, there wasn't much there. She saw Calem's jacket hung up in the open closet and her bag hung on a peg next to the door next to her hat.

"What the-" she began as she pulled off the covers revealing a bandage on her foot. Serena's eyes widened. She looked around again before trying to get up. As soon as she got onto her feet, her legs weakened and she fell over, slamming into the floor. "Gah!" She yelled in pain. Suddenly, she heard someone walking toward her outside the door. As they got closer, Serena tried to get up, but to no avail. She looked up as the door opened to reveal a woman.

"Excellent, you've woken up," the woman said, crossing the room. "Here, let me help." As the woman helped Serena to her feet, Serena noted the woman's clothing. She was wearing a black dress under a silver cape. She wore star earrings and had her purple hair done in a hairdo that Serena could only describe as bizarre.

"Uh, thanks," Serena said as the woman helped her up. "My name's Serena, by the way."

"Nice to meet you, Serena. I am Olympia, the Gym Leader of Anistar City," the woman said with a small bow. "And I saved your life. You're lucky I managed to get there with Slowking before Froslass attacked." Serena tilted her head. "Ah, yes. The Pokémon you were being chased by. Her name is Froslass. She tends to come out whenever the weather gets bad on Mamoswine Road and attacks travelers. It nearly got you with an Ice Beam."

"Oh," Serena responded "Well, thank you very much for fighting it off. It caused quite a bit of trouble for me and Cale-" suddenly she remembered. Calem, in the cave, all alone. She started frantically thrashing around "Oh Mon Dieu! Calem! He's still out there, I have to go help! I have to find Mamoswine!" She kept trying to wiggle free of Olympia's grasp, despite the Gym Leader's attempts to calm her.

"Serena! Serena, listen! Serena, silencieux!" Eventually, she got Serena to calm down. "Serena, listen, we found Calem, he's all right, okay? I can take you to him if you like. We knew to look for two teenagers after a two rather distressed calls from Dendemille Town after the storm began." Serena hurriedly nodded as Olympia wrapped Serena's arm around her shoulder, help the girl out the door. Serena grabbed Calem's jacket as they passed the closet.

Opening the door, the two entered a hallway. Olympia guided Serena to the room directly across from her own. Opening it, Olympia helped her inside. Calem's room was not much different from Serena's at all. Same desk, same dresser, same bed, the difference being that this bed came with the happiest sight Serena could've hoped for. Calem, alive and okay. He was still asleep, though. Serena smiled, a small tear falling from her eye. Olympia smiled and helped her into a chair next to the bed, gently sitting her down. "Merci, Olympia, Merci" Serena said as Olympia gave a small bow before leaving the room.

Serena turned to Calem and smiled. "This is it, Calem" she said quietly as she placed his jacket on him like a blanket "We made it." after looking at him for a little while longer, she fell back asleep, happy as could be.

Calem groaned as he regained consciousness. He felt strange, like his torso had been frozen solid. He could hardly remember what happened. Straining his mind, he could remember... Serena! Serena was in trouble! Calem sat bolt upright, looking around. He was in some kind of hotel room. But where was he? Looking over at a nearby window, Calem could see a large crystal formation in the moonlit sky. The Anistar Sundial! Calem's face lit up as he looked around, they had made it! But how? All he could remember was getting hit in the chest and then blacking out.

It didn't take long for him to find his answer. Looking to his immediate left, he saw Serena, asleep on a chair. Calem also noticed that his jacket was draped over him. The jacket that he had last seen Serena wearing. He smiled and leaned over.

"Thank you, Serena." He whispered as he gently kissed her on the cheek. He smiled, she was still kind of cold.

But suddenly, Serena leaned forward and kissed him back, properly this time. Calem was shocked, but not for long. Then, he just continued to kiss her back.

Eventually, they seperated. Staring into Calem's eyes, Serena could definitely say that this was by far the most pleasant awakening she had ever recieved.

Calem smiled "Je T'aime, Serena" instead of responding, Serena just kissed him again.

Because she knew exactly what he was saying. ;)


Zut Alors- Oh Shucks!
Oh Mon Dieu- Oh My Gosh!
Silencieux- Quiet!
Meci- Thank You
Je T'aime- Use your imagination ;)
"It's not a matter of life or death, It's about what breaks first;Your will, or the barriers in your way." -VaatiVidya
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