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Reposting: Under the Night Sky

Started by oni flygon May 20th, 2004 9:30 PM
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Posted December 28th, 2008
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Hiya! I'm reposting my old fanfic, Under the Night Sky. I just hope that some new people will get to see my old work (Which is not sunk deep within the depths of PC pages) and I hope that they could reply to it. This fanfic was originally posted at around September~October of 2003. It's my first fanfic in the new PC.

Author's notes: This is a short story about Green and Yellow of Pokemon Adventures/Special (whatever you may want to call it). Please mind that I address "Blue" (American version) As "Green." That's the Gary look-alike. Originally, there are no Pokemon voices in the manga. I added them here to make it colorful. Enjoy!

Under the Night Sky

A boy walked out of the Viridian Gym one humid afternoon. His head was down and his hands in his pockets. Boredom will always overcome him. His dark brown hair was messy and he didnt mind fixing it. He wore a green jacket, and denim pants.

Mr. Green! Wait!

Said a voice of an old man behind him. It was the caretaker of the gym. Green stopped as he let the old man catch up to him.

Mr. Green Gasped the caretaker Please dont leave the gym. Trainers will be disappointed.

Green looked back. He never cared for any challengers.

So what?

He said in his usual arrogant voice. The caretaker cant think of words to tell him back. He just let him go away like always, everyday.

Green walked down the busy streets of Viridian City not knowing what to do. He would usually visit his grandfather at Pallet Town. But the professor is so busy with his travels to Jhoto, he rarely sees him. Then he could just walk around or wander throughout Kanto.

The bustling streets of Viridian City were full of trainers or the usual city people. Every corner and alley was full of trainers searching for the Gym Leader. Buildings made of concrete rise from the ground and seem to touch the sky. Beautiful shops neatly decorated with flowers and painted glass to attract the attention of customers. Only a few travel here for relaxation. One of the few was a girl with a straw hat. Her gender almost concealed by her Yellow clothes, thus earning her nickname, Yellow.

Two Pikachus trail behind her as she walked through a street full of high skysrapers and shops. Nothing seems to catch her interest.

It looks like a bad idea to visit the city, huh? She said.

Pikapikachu! Replied Pika.

I knew we could have just visited home.

Chupikachu! Chuchu seem to retort at Yellows statements.

Pikapichu! Pika replied.

Soon, Pika and Chuchu were deep in conversation. Yellow knew they were planning something. She could at least sense it.

After a while of walking, Yellow stopped and looked around. The sky was in a brilliant red and turned orange as she looked into the setting sun.

Looks like its time to go. She said as she took out a Pokeball.


Both Pika and Chuchu ran away as Yellow was going to take out her Butterfree.

Hey! Wait up! Yellow yelled as she ran to catch up.

She knew both Pikachus were planning something but she had no choice but to follow them.


Frustrated, Green still walked the streets avoiding stares and whispers from trainers.

Hey, isnt that the Gym Leader here? Said a female trainer to her friend.

He looks to young to be a gym leader. Replied the male trainer.

He was now moving towards the corner when he heard a familiar voice and a sound of someone running. Green raised his head and noticed to Yellow blurs came past him. He didnt realize what happen until he walked around the corner.

Yellow crashed in front of him and what seems to happen was like in slow motion. He looked at Yellows horrified face as the fell to the ground. Yellow landed in front of Green face first. Her hat slowly came down as they both stared into each others eyes. At that moment, time seems to stop. Everything felt like a lost dream.

Pika-pikachu! Yelled both Pikachus.

Yellow regained to her senses as she stood up quickly.

Im sorry about that She said as she then ran after her Pikachus.

Green stood up feeling dazed and ignored the pain. He felt very different inside him. As if there was something missing in his life. He kept seeing Yellows deep blue eyes in mind. He then noticed Yellows hat in the ground and picked it up. He closed his eyes and remembered the feeling staring into Yellows brilliant blue eyes. It was something he never felt before.

Yellow chased her Pikachus until they reached Viridian Forest. Both Pikachus disappeared in the deep dark woods. Yellow didnt hesitate as she entered the woods. Trees overshadowed the surroundings and the only thing heard are the wild running sounds of Yellows feet.

She stopped to look around and gasped for air. He saw her two Pikachus waiting for her near wilting bushes.

Pikachu! Both her Pikachus seem to call her.

Alright, Im coming. She gasped as she walked near the Pikachus.

Both of them lead her to what seems a clearing that lead to a cliff facing an ocean. The trees rustled as the ocean breeze ran through their leaves while the branches swayed with the wind. The sun sets exactly in front of her in a dark crimson color. The clouds gave a golden velvet glow as they reflected the suns rays. The sky was dark blue and turned purple then red as it approached the setting sun. Every wave of the sea was cast with an orange color.

Yellow gasped at the magnificent view. She then sat down struck by awe at the sight. She then looked at her Pikachus and smiled.

Thanks She said

Pipi-pikachu! Replied Chuchu


The sun now was almost disappearing into the Horizon. The stars started to appear in the evening sky. Green walked into the clearing silently. He saw Yellow sitting and watching the view. Both Pikachus were already sleeping soundly next to her.

He approached her quietly and, holding her hat, and sat down beside her.

Nice view, isnt it? Green said silently.

Yellow was shocked and looked at her side. Green looked at the sunset, his eyes sparkled the same color as the sun.

H-how did you find me here? Yellow stammered.

I followed you around, Green said, his eyes still fixed into the sun.

But why? she asked eagerly.

You dropped this. Green said as he gave her straw hat back.

Yellow remembered everything. How he accidentally bumped Green, she didnt realize her hat was gone.

Oh! Thanks She said as she snatched the hat and quickly wore it.

You know, it must be a funny coincidence meeting you around Viridian. Green said.

Yeah arent you supposed to be in your gym? replied Yellow reminding him.

I hate staying there, Green smiled as he looked at Yellow. I get bored, you know.

Oh yeah.

The trees rustled more as the evening breeze swept from the sea. The sun, only slim shining sickle, was disappearing into the horizon. The sea was now deep red as it approached the setting sun. The sky was dark in the east and blood red as it approached the setting sun. Both of them silently watched the sun disappear slowly.

Green yawned and stretched his arms. As he relaxed his arms, he didnt realize that he placed his hand on Yellows hand. Both of them looked into each other. Green was slow to react as he withdrew his hand.

Uh, sorry Green said as he looked at the ground.

Its okay, I guess Yellow said quietly as she blushed.

Green remembered why he followed Yellow around in the first place. The moment he looked into Yellows eyes was different feeling. He knew it was something that he never felt before. But he was sure it was a feeling heard when someone falls in love. His heart was beating fast as he thought of words to say.

Uh, Yellow, he said in a trembling voice.

Yeah? Yellow replied as he looked at Green; Her deep blue eyes fixed into him.

I- I have something to say. Green stammered.

Green gazed at her eyes. A deep feeling of courage awakened inside him.

Yellow, I- I love you. He stammered nervously.
He could not look straight into her face. He knew everything would fall in front of him. He closed his eyes shut and looked away from her. Green heard her voice calling him in his mind.

Green, Yellow said in a straight voice.

Green looked at Yellow. Her head was down. And in a swift motion, Yellow embraced him. Everything was too quick for Green. Her hat fell silently into the ground, revealing her long hair. They both fell in the ground silently.

Green, I love you too.

Words echoed in Greens mind as she tightened her embrace. Green placed his arms around her. It was all too good to be true. How can she make up her mind that quickly? Green thought.

Green, I know how you felt, She whispered. The moment I saw your eyes, I know the reason why you came here.

Both of them were lying in the soft grass. The sun was gone and the bright silver moon was above them. The only thing that was heard was the soft sound of the waves that were crashing into the rocks below. The leaves rustled silently and leaves flew with the wind.

Greens life changed from that moment on. He never dreamt love before. All his life, he thought he was going to waste it without emotions. Now, a new life began and a new love was formed, under the night sky.

The End

Pocket Monsters Special!
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