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Such RP. Much Fun.

Started by gimmepie May 21st, 2015 1:39 AM
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Please don't kill me for the Doge-speak title.

Anyway, what's your favourite part about RPing? Is it character creation, interaction, plot development, GMing? Something else? Why do you enjoy this particular part of RPing so much?

Personally the part I enjoy most about RPing is the world building. I have said it before but I really enjoy creating fantasy worlds and then watching as they are developed by the characters interacting within them.


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Actually, I love creating roleplays and setting everything up. Also creating characters, even though the actual SU writing can be tedious at times.

It's of course wonderful to be immersed in a RP and pump out post after post with energy, but I guess I love the thrill of starting up something new the most. Which isn't exactly a good thing if you want to be a committed RPer haha. But hey, Crossroads is still running! I'm doing perfectly fine. So far.


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... yeah if i'm being honest, i probably like character creation, worldbuilding, and 'starting out' the best ( ´ ▽ ` )ゞ cause it's like starting a new story and everything c: but, technically i also haven't been in any RPs long enough yet to get that feeling of continuation either probably, haha.
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Posted October 10th, 2019
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For me, it's definitely joint posting. I used to be terrified and super nervous about someone seeing every word I write, but now it's become one of my favorite kind of posts to do in a RP - which is also what makes Gunpowder one of my favorite RPs.

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When it comes to my favorite parts of a RP, it would have to be the action parts since there is always something interesting about about a battle happening.
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For me, it all boils down to character interaction and GMing. I love to GM, moreso than I do to participate as a Roleplayer. Building worlds and stories is fun for me to do, and I like making stories that others enjoy.

Character interaction, whether it's through fighting, arguing, or simply talking, is the best part about RPing though. It's the connection with another that makes it special, to see how your character reacts when placed with another, possibly equally interesting character with their own set of unique traits.

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Definitely character creation. I've come to realize that in the past I used to sign up for RPs that I wasn't actually interested in for the story or plot, but for the setting, and I just wanted to create a character.

It's pretty messed up actually, especially because it's something that translates to other mediums to, specifically, video games. Skyrim for example, I created countless characters and went through a number of quests RPing them, and then I'd start over. Only once was I close to finishing the game and my friend erased my save file (because I erased a couple of hours from him accidentally; don't worry, I smacked him for being an ass).

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I love character creation, but I also really love playing around in the world the GMs make. Being able to affect the plot or other characters, and seeing what might happen next is amazing. I don't get bored during RPs, because in a good RP every post will surprise or entertain me in ways I couldn't ever manage on my own. Through this interaction and through exploring the world straight from somebody else's imagination, even my own characters evolve in ways I would never have imagined.

Basically, RPs are more than just a sum of their parts. It's like playing a game and reading a book all in one, except you create your own characters and your choices REALLY matter! ^^

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I have a thing for creating mechanics in RPs as a GM.

Looking back at my older roleplays, I found there was some sort of ... "gimmick," I suppose you'd call it, about how it separated itself. Then again, there was that stint where I thought I could use the entire experience and battle formula from the core Pokemon games because my brain clumsily fell into a vat of liquid nitrogen that morning and thought it was a good idea. Still though, I like make my roleplays as "spicy" as possible, with various simple elements that create a unique, malleable atmosphere. I still have this nit-picky determination for aesthetics and flexible mechanics that easily challenges players and uses as few numbers as possible.

When I'm the roleplayer I usually get anxious after a while. Not that I'm not enjoying the various worlds I'm in, but because I feel like I lose all sense of who my character is. I don't have some set plot for them to grow and develop in parallel to. That is something I wished I was better at in all honesty.

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