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(Woo, base SU is up!)

Name: Dirk Kellen

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Occupation: Blacksmith

Race: Human

Family: Garrow Kellen - Father

Dirk cuts a powerful figure with his strong musculature cultivated from spending so much time at the forge and exercising to even out so he didn't get the muclehunch so common among smiths. His face is fairly plain aside from his strong jaw and stern-but-kind blue eyes, though his beard does frame his face nicely.

Dirk rarely puts much effort into how he dresses, often just wearing his work pants and a tank top, maybe changing into a pair of loose jeans and short-sleeved button-down if some consideration is called for.

Personality: Diligent devotion to his craft and a frequent inability to say no or resist the flow of groups have led to Dirk being relied upon a lot around town. He gets dragged around by other people a lot in his free time, usually grumbling about it despite still going along. Relentless when there's work to be done and easygoing to the extreme when there isn't, Dirk isn't one to question his circumstances, doubt himself or wrinkle his brow unless he's leaning a little too close to his forge… except when it comes to one particular topic…

Nothing for it but to be blunt. Dirk is head over heels for Alannah, the Innkeeper's daughter. Feelings born from nothing in particular have only grown stronger over the years and now he's totally hopeless. He hasn't once been able to make a real push towards telling her how he feels or learning how she might feel. Everyone in Ariadna with any awareness at all has noticed his doting by now, the way he hangs on her every word, his awkward denials of any passes women have made at him. His crush is the most open 'secret' in town.

A strong sense of loyalty, community and family leave Dirk very invested in Ariadna's prosperity. This concern for his hometown contrasts with a growing sense of adventure he may have inherited from the mother he never got to know, leaving him restless in recent months.

History: 26 years ago a woman who claimed to be a great adventurer blew into town like a refreshing breeze and began regaling anybody who'd listen with tales of her journeys, quickly making a few admirers out of her audience, especially the town's sole blacksmith. The woman wasn't in town long before she left but she was back five months later…weighed down by a memento of her first visit. Just a few more months and Dirk was born to a pair of parents who had no business being so lovey dovey after such a short time.

Unfortunately an adventurer's curiosity and wanderlust were not to be tamed. Dirk's mother stayed in Ariadna only three years before she left and she hasn't been seen in the little town since. Otherwise, Dirk's life has been uneventful up until last month when he suddenly started taking on more and more of his father's work, to the point where he's unofficially considered the town's blacksmith by most now, no longer an apprentice.

Other: Although he's never had any trouble dealing with monsters between being well-equipped or his own prodigious strength, Dirk has recently shown a keen interest in improving his combat skills, going out to fight monsters some evenings just for practice. Dirk is at least moderately skilled in each type of weapon, enough so to test the quality of his own creations and insure they're successful. His real weapons, however, are hammers and his own two hands. Dirk's been seen to punch charging buffamoos into submission and literally send monsters twice his size back to the forest of beginnings with wrestling moves.


Dai Einion || Dwarf Carpenter || 28 || ♂️

Family: Distant. His family is very large, with a multitude of uncles, aunts, and cousins back home. He doesn't speak about family much.

Appearance: Dai is a solid dwarf the size of an average man, he spends a lot of time chopping trees after all. His skin is a medium olive tone with a broad and flat nose, rather squat, slightly pointed ears, and stone-gray eyes. His hair is a dark brown, nearly black, and is typically cropped short. He has a medium-length beard that's normally neatly combed, but tends to become frazzled by the end of the day. During events or out on trips he will braid his beard for respectability. His hands are rough, like any other craftsman, and his body has quite a few scars, mostly from accidents in the shop.

He usually wears his stained workshop apron (outside of house building), and simple earth toned pants and button down shirts. He wears a silver ring on his right hand.

Personality: Dai is a quiet man. It's not that he dislikes people, he just has nothing to say and prefers to listen. He's more than happy to speak about what interests him, however, often at length enough that he gets embarrassed for speaking so long without waiting for a response. Just don't ask too many questions about himself. He's a private person whom doesn't like to speak of his life before the village much.

Like many other dwarves, Dai has a keen eye for details and a perfectionist attitude towards his work. He will easily spend a full day in his workshop before staggering half-starved to the tavern after remembering he needs to eat. Unlike many other dwarves, Dai's passion lies in woodwork and carpentry rather than metalworking. He takes his work seriously, making frequent trips to the forest to scout good trees for lumber and raising his own small nursery to make sure the forest never runs out of trees. Questions on the sourcing of wood for specific piece of furniture is liable to send him into a long speech about the history of that specific tree.

He values patience and self-reliance. He doesn't wish to be a burden on anyone, and finds it difficult to ask for help. His penchant for quietness and privacy sometimes makes him a hard person to track down, especially when he makes an impromptu trip into the woods or dungeon.

History: Dai wandered into the village about a decade ago and set up shop there, apparently pleased with the quality of the local forest. He lives near the edge of town (for access to the forest, he says). He says he previously lived with his family among other dwarves before differences lead to him leaving. He has said he has wandered around various villages in Norad, but none of them fit him.

-Soria Lionheart
22 | Female | Human | Apprentice Blacksmith


Tania Lionheart (Mother)
Sigfreid Lionheart (Father)
Simon Lionheart (Brother, 26)
Ariel Lionheart (Sister 24)
Willman Lionheart (Brother, 15)
Tlia Lionheart (Sister, 6)

Appearance: Tall, slender, but most importantly beautiful. At least that's how her parent's see it. She has a flowing head of long brown hair, a round face that is perfect with or without makeup. She has the face of a woman who could turn heads in even the most high establishment of gatherings. She's her parent's dream.

She often wears tight sensible clothes. Working over a forge, she's well aware of the risks of loose articles hanging from her person. That said, when she isnt working, she's a big fan of fur and makes it a point to have at least some fur on if she's leaving the house. Though she isn't the strongest, she can often be seen in iron greaves or gauntlets or an armoured breastplate. More than anything else, this is simply to advertise who and what she is.

Personality: While her appearance may be her parent's dream, he personality is the antithesis of everything they stand for. She's diligent, honest, disciplined and they despise her for it. The Lionhearts are social butterflies of the town. They gamble, spread rumours and drink themselves silly, while their reclusive daughter works and practices and studies.

Soria's insecurities about the existence of the blacksmith's successor, his own son no less, have made her work harder and shut herself in even more. She's at a point now, where she has no time for people at all. She still has her kindness and her patience but anytime she has time to herself, it won't take a genius to work out what she'll be doing with it. Soria's greatest fear is becoming what her parents are, and if she doesn't become the best blacksmith in town, she can see herself doing just that.

History: Soria is from a humble home in central Ariadna. She has no family legacy to live up to or thrive off of. Her family are as modest as they come, if only in situation. They're leeches. They aspire to improve their situation by marrying into wealth. With Soria's older brother failing to woo a wealthy young bachelorette and Soria's twin not being regarded as attractive enough to win a wealthy man's heart, the onus fell upon the shoulders of Soria to charm a wealthy bachelor.

"My family taught me to fix things by hitting them with a hammer, so I learned to Chisel"


Welcome to the clinic! I am Kasumi, a doctor who is also a priestess.
And available.
Seriously, I am.
Ever since that toad of a man I once called my boyfriend dumped me.
Hmph! Two can play at that game!
A small time, little toad like him should of been begging me for attention!

And then there's that previous girlfriend I had, the lizard.
She said I had the personality of a wild demon.
I wish I WAS, so that I can send her to the damn gates of hell for eternal torment!

Are there seriously no man or woman who understands how highly of a goddess I am?
...Or am I going to be single forever?
No, that can not be true.
...Absolutely not!
Damn right Kasumi, get it together! You are a psyducking gorgeous TIGER! Prepare those claws for those catches! Rawr!

Name: Kasumi Yua
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Sexuality: Bi
Occupation: Doctor, owning her own clinic
Race: Human

- Sakura Yua (Mother, Deceased)
- Aimi Yua (Younger Sister)


A woman having pale skin, long black hair that is often tied into a loose ponytail with a white ribbon, and brown eyes. As a priestess doctor, she wears a miko, that consists of a white jacket with cords through the sleeves and open shoulders. Strings, also known as muna-himo, are attached to each lapel and tied in front to keep the garment closed. The sleeve fits somewhat closely like a modern loose shirt and extending slightly past the wrist. She also wears a bright red long hakama, which included the small board on the lower back. For foot wear she would wear tobi that consists of white socks with rice straw sandles.

Casually out of her doctor's attire, she is seen wearing red lipstick in contrast to her pale complexion and her shiny black hair hangs straight and neat to mid-back length with layered, shoulder-length strands hanging casually around each ear. She would dress in plain but pretty kimonos, usually in pastels of many different emotionally-cool colors.


Kasumi is what one would call, "a love disaster". Despite her not having her ideal man or woman at her tender age as she puts it, she constantly makes flirtatious comments to potential love interests. Despite her getting dates, she is often left alone, or left out of pure unsatisfaction for reasons that are only important to her. Then there are her drinking habits that come after each break up. Even she can't keep track of the amount of alcohol she consumes from the local tavern before leaving herself in a drunken mess, with a bad hangover the next morning. And then there's her foul mouth. Despite her outer appearance showing herself as a woman of dignity and grace, she has cussing fits here and there, but nothing too severe that she doesn't lose control of her own behavior.

Still, despite her shortcomings and imperfections, she has a motherly vibe for the people she loves and cares for, from her family, to her friends and acquaintances. She is friendly, supportive, and caring. She takes her doctor duties seriously, casting aside her playful personality and puts all her focus on the task at hand, to help out each patient that comes in. She is very adept at identifying poisons and determining cures and can also treat broken bones and lacerations. She also has a strong loyalty to her friends, often being there to tend to their wounds and worrying for their well-being.


Kasumi became a doctor-priestess to honor her late mother. Her mother and her descendants, as shrine maidens specialized in the study of disease, and other influences of the human body from many different evil spirits. Treatment and prevention from her family were based largely on religious practices, such as prayers, incantations, and exorcism; but soon her family studied at a later date, drugs and medical practices. A few years ago, when Kasumi was 28, her mother was also a doctor in Ariadna who Kasumi had learned her current craft from before she passed on. These days, Kasumi became a provider for her younger child-sister, and eventually, she took after the local clinic that her mother had, and became the sole owner of it after her skills honed enough to allow her to be adaptive both classical medicinal practices like moxibustion as well as, toxicology. Love became a deep interest for Kasumi; if there was nothing else in life she wanted, it was not to die single. To this day, no one in town knew why, but for her, single life was hell.

Managed to finish my SU! Here she is and hope it's good. If there is anything missing or needs fixing, let me know!
Changed the name, didn't know it was taken, and also changed the history a bit.

Miura Kuchiki

Age: 17 Gender: Female Occupation: Nurse


Race: Human

Family: Biological Parents (Deceased), Jodie (Foster Grandmother)

Appearance: Miura has long white hair, gaining a pinkish hue when hit by sunlight, that reaches her lower thighs, but most of the time it’s tied into a bow-shaped style which is secured by a light blue and golden barrette. Two front strands are lilac and frame her face and stop above her chest with fringes over her eyes and in between her eyes. Speaking of her eyes, they are violet colored and she has a heart-shaped face.
Her outfit consists of a snow white dress reaching above her knees, above the dress she wears a pale pink, long sleeve open vest reaching her hips, on each side there is a hip and breast pocket. Above her dress, but under her long vest, is a brown belt tied around her waist. Under her dress are black thigh shorts with a brown leather strap on her right thigh, holding her staff and hiding from sight. Below her knees are magenta knee-length stockings and pale below knee length boots. Around her neck is a long red scarf with the two ends being white, the article is wrapped around her neck once.

Personality: Miura is a compassionate teen who is very feminine and graceful. She was raised by her late mother on how a lady should act and the different mannerisms. Along with the lessons, she was also taught to be kind and generous to others, and help people in need. Keeping the lesson to heart, she would greet people with a smile and heal when needed. Among that, she is brave and confident, willing to stand up for herself and not afraid to confront others if they step out of line.
She is very protective of her friends, her loyalty unbreakable, and her self-sacrificing kindness prevents her from leaving anybody behind and helping everyone, even at the cost of her health and goals.
Miura is very intelligent, her mother taught her the basics of many different subjects and magic, mainly healing. She also taught her about medicine, telling her that she couldn’t rely on her healing magic all the time, so learning about medicine and herbs would be useful.
She may look fragile, her strength isn’t her strong point, but she is light on her feet and very agile. While her mother taught her manners and magic, her father taught her self-defense and how to fight using a staff. Since she is a magic user, her father trained her agility, evasiveness, and flexibility, almost like a gymnastic, since he knew training her strength isn’t important to magic users(from what he thought or learned). Her magic control is good, and she does have a couple spells, learned from her late mother and the books left by said relative. Among all the spells she learned, she would train her healing spells mainly, hoping to be a good healer as her mother was.

History: Miura Kuchiki grew up in Ariadna, being a born native and living with her parents for a few years. However, at a young age, her parents had to move to another village, taking Miura with them. Unfortunately, her parents vanished a year after their arrival, leaving their 10-year old daughter. For a week or two, Vivian lived at the small house on her own, using left over money left by her parents, but all changed with a meeting. A widowed grandmother happened to come across Miura as she was visiting, the child using the last of her cash to find food in the meantime, asking where her parents were. She was concerned for the child to be all alone in town, but didn’t expect the response. She told Miura that her name was Jodie and that she could come live with her. At first, Miura refused, not wanting to burden the woman, but the grandmother kept insisting until the girl gave in. The child packed what she had and left the village with Jodie, moving to said woman’s village and becoming a permanent resident at her home. Ever since, Vivian was under the care of Jodie, and she began working at the local clinic as a nurse.

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Jessica McAbee V 20 y/o Dwarf ♂

Occupation: Owner of The Wildlands (Monster Ranch/Farm)

  • Father - Jessica McAbee IV (Deceased)
  • Mother - Melody the Wooly Witch
  • Stepfather - Orion Yves
  • Half Sister - Peanut
  • Half Sister - Pina
  • Half Sister - Penelope
  • Half Sister - Papaya
  • Half Sister - Poppy
  • Half Sister - Jessi (JJ)

His name might seem rather odd for a guy, but the name "Jessica McAbee" is one that's held with pride...at least among his late father and forebears. It wasn't something he was ashamed of either. Jessica grew up in the home of a very proud father, one that was proud to the point of ignorance and density. Being from a long line of monster ranchers and the current proprietor of The Wildlands, a sizeable ranch in Ariadna, he's been around monsters for literally all his life, due in part to the fact that his mother was Half-Wooly. In fact, most of the reason Jess hadn't been vindictive of his father is because his mother was very keen on making sure that he had some sort of life outside of the ranch. This would lead to fights between his mother and father at times and at times it seemed as if they would split, but it was never in the cards. While Jess's father might've seemed like the type of man to be too proud to admit he was wrong (and he was), there wasn't a day that went by where he wouldn't make a joke about his wife being one hell of a catch.

Because he caught her.

No one ever laughed.

But it was clear enough that the way he felt about his family did outweigh how he felt about his profession. Despite owning a wyvern, several buffamoo, and other dangerous creatures, there wasn't a single day where Melody feared for the safety of herself, her husband, or their young son who worked alongside him. He was a very conscientious worker for the sole purpose of protecting his family, and that wasn't a personality trait, that was just the McAbee way. Monsters were kept happy to prevent them from acting up and he was particularly strict about teaching his son how to handle each and every particular beast so that he wouldn't mishandle them or, as a result, get mishandled. In fact, the only danger that anyone on the ranch ever really faced only ever involved venturing out into the wilderness, something that Jessica's father let his son do only once. Nothing eventful happened that day and Jess never knew why his father took him out there.

That was, at least, until one day when the town suddenly went into an uproar after some adventurers had dragged in a man who had been bloodied and seemingly impaled at his neck, gasping hard as he could to breathe. Out of concern, Jessica and his mother rushed over and their worst fears were realized, and as he sauntered closer and closer to the his predecessor his mind twisted and contorted. It didn't make any sense, all his father'd gone to do was scout out Privera Forest. He'd been there so many times and the one time he took Jessica there it was almost no different than a walk in the park. It couldn't have been an accident, it had to be murder. Murder with a...buffamoo horn? His droning increased to a sprint and he dropped to his knees when he reached his father's side, he quickly realized that he couldn't speak even if he wanted to. He didn't try to, either. He simply pulled Jessica and Melody close, embraced them with all the strength he could muster, and that was that.

It wasn't long before Jessica would find the will that his father left for him and his mother, something that, at least to Melody, wasn't particularly surprising. For Jessica, though, it immediately washed over him a wave of relief and regret. In his will is a letter to the new head of the family, Jessica McAbee V. "Out there the buffamoo's horns aren't sanded, the wolves' fangs aren't clipped, and the dragons are no one's friends. Knowing what we do for a living, I imagine that's why you're reading this. Had to happen sooner or later, though personally for y'all's sake I hope to god it's the latter."

"You're the man of the ranch, now. Take care of your mother for me. And Jojo, Carly, Bessa, Jim, Thatch, Tony, muk are any of them even still alive? With what I taught you, damn right they are. I love ya, kid. Always have."


Years later, the young Jessica had become a slightly less young Jessica (now fifteen years of age) and was fitting into his role quite nicely. It made sense, he'd been ranching all his life, and he'd grown into quite the responsible young man, even if he was a bit reserved. Too reserved, even. He was rarely seen outside of the ranch other than to go monster hunting, something that earned him the skills of a fighter (his father'd taught him self-defense techniques so he wasn't too shabby where finesse was concerned). On his way to adulthood Jessica spent a lot of time taking care of his mother along with the ranch, which was clearly exhausting and she recognized this. At first she tried to assist him on the farm, changing out the feed, grooming the monsters, watering the crops- all in secret, mind. While he didn't have the pride that his father had, he felt responsible for her safety and comfort, so to see her doing fieldwork of all things and putting herself in danger as well, he'd never let her hear the end of it.

As a result, it didn't feel particularly right to step in when someone else had started talking to his mother. A man named Orion (Ori, for short. He insists on it. Call him Ori. Please. Sometimes you don't choose your name, sometimes it's hard to get your name changed it's but it's okay because everyone calls him Ori anyway so he's basically Ori now which still sounds weird but that's the thing about compromises). It took some time for her to warm up to him and, honestly she wouldn't have at all if it wasn't for Jessica telling her that she should go for it. The two were equally broken up about their father and husband's passing, but the way he saw it, it kept her out of trouble and made her happy. "Dad won't just stop existing," he told her, even if it was something it felt more and more like he was telling himself, and he went on to find excuses for the two to hang out and let her know that she wasn't hurting him by doing this. And so it was that months had passed and Jessica found himself a new father-in-law.

And sextuplets. 5 of them Woolies. One of them, JJ, probably a normal human kid.



Today, Jessica still manages the farm, only this time he tends to have a bunch of extra fluff balls rolling around and a flesh weight hanging onto his brown hakama. His strong facial features contrast heavily with both his long red ponytail (reminiscent of his father's), and his name, which he is constantly met with jokes and unironic questions about from his many new family members. He wears a short sleeved brown cloth shirt with a deep V running down the neckline, held together with some loose string, attire that makes farming and challenging the hot midday heat something of a breeze. His eyes are also dyed a scarlet red and are sometimes batted by the tuft of hair that casts over his face from the center of his forehead.

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Name: Midas De Sainte-Coquille
Age: 25 (Birthday Winter 14)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Rich boi
Race: Human
Family: Warren (Father), Liliana (Mother), Silas (Brother), Herman (Uncle), Max (Cousin), Rosalind (Cousin), Leann (Cousin once removed), Sera (Cousin once removed), Serena (Cousin once removed)

On first sight, Midas looks very snobbish with his attire standing out the most. His clothing are made from the most expensive fabrics you can find in the capital of the Kingdom of Norad and makes him looks like he's part of the royal family or at least a noble although neither of them are the case. His snow white hair and hazel eyes are absolute ice breakers as girls in the capital would often flock around him being the popular boy that he is despite the fact that a common trait for men within the De Sainte-Coquille family is blonde hair and blue eyes. This means that Midas is considered very handsome to most but he pales in comparison in the presence of his older brother Silas.

Although Midas's figure isn't very impressive on a first glance, he's still quite strong which can be very surprising for some.

Again, Midas can look very snobbish and arrogant upon meeting him and it absolutely doesn't help that he emphasises this whenever he opens his damn mouth. The opposite is true though, deep inside he's actually very kind and thoughtful of the people around him but no one has ever tried to stay long enough to find those better qualities in him. Midas grew up in an environment where his older brother was always praised and loved by everyone, this made him competitive and a bit bitter. This is the reason he sometimes seems to look down on others and isn't afraid to flaunt his wealth even though the things he says and does are meant to help those around him. Even going as far to put himself into danger when needed.

Midas used to speak a lot of his own accomplishments when he was younger in an attempt to gain some attention from his mother but once his mother lashed out to him several times because it made Silas's accomplishments seem meek, he stopped doing this. While Midas's whole demeanour makes it seem like he thinks quite highly of himself, he's actually quite insecure. He doesn't think he's very smart and thinks he hasn't done anything significant in life yet. Looking past all his bad traits, you find a young man struggling to fit in who let's his actions speak for himself.

Midas grew up in the capital of the Kingdom of Norad together with his older brother by 2 years Silas and his parents. They lived in a relatively large mansion which isn't uncommon for members of the De Sainte-Coquille family. While Midas's father was relatively happy with another son in their family, his mother was not so excited about the fact that their newborn son didn't share the blonde hair and blue eyes traits that all men in De Sainte-Coquille family have. It became very clear in the coming years that his mother favored Silas over himself and it often caused arguments within the families. Especially Midas's uncle Herman from Alvarna would often lecture his sister about the upbringing of her children at family meetings resulting in eventually Midas's family choosing to break apart from the main family much to their disappointment.

The young boy grew up somewhat isolated from the world after that, no longer visiting his cousins and uncle and only staying within the walls of the capital. Midas was well liked among the girls and turned a bit into a flirt because of that, though it became obvious that he was only liked as long as Silas wasn't around. The older brother behaved more princely, something that was more becoming of the heir of their family. While their mother liked Silas more, their father tried to spend as much time as he could with Midas but being a busy man caused him to be away from home a lot. Still he tried to bring back presents from certain towns that he had visited.

Midas decided it was time to spread his wings when turned 25, continuing the family tradition of the De Sainte-Coquille family to settle down in towns other than the capital. He realised that with no wealth of his own, he couldn't keep on relying on his family's funds. He left the capital with a huge sum of gold from his older brother to survive on and is in close contact with his uncle to eventually find a spot to settle down.

His clothing after opening his shop:


Dapper bowler hat

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Second character, if that's okay.

Name: Angelina Linebeck
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Occupation: Bard. Angelina travels a lot, singing songs and telling stories. She also goes on adventures from time to time.
Race: Half-elf
Family: Camilla Catalan (mother), a cook in the port town Alvarna. Van Linebeck (father), a sailor from Alvarna.


Angelina is around average height at 5' 5" (165 cm), with a sturdy build despite her elven heritage, lightly muscled with strong legs and wide hips. She has light olive skin, dark brown eyes, a sharp jaw and even sharper ears. Her chocolate brown hair reaches her shoulders, and she wears it loose and wild for that "wind blown" look.

Her clothes need to be fashionable as well as functional. Tight pants offer protection while still allowing full mobility, and sturdy boots are good for both hiking and tapping out a beat. She usually wears light shirts, often without sleeves, and gaudy, eye-catching coats. She carries a short sword at her hip, and a utility belt with many pouches and pockets when adventuring, but she leaves the belt off when performing.

Personality: Used to capturing and holding an audience's attention, Angelina is both direct and over the top, saying what she feels and doing what she wants. She's a bit of a romantic, always searching for that "special someone", and loves being the center of attention. She gets bitter otherwise, and even negative attitudes or insults are better than being ignored. She has a hard time sitting still or being quiet around other people, but it's a different story when she's by herself.

She's very big on the concept of "beauty", and not just physical attractiveness. There's beauty in nature, and she enjoys sitting in the sunlight, listening to the ocean, or relaxing under the stars. She pushes herself to do good work, even mundane work, because a job well done or something made with care and love is a thing of beauty.

At best, she's energetic, motivated, and fun to be around. At worst, she's flighty, attention seeking, and has her head in the clouds. But no matter what, she does her best to make people happy, and is always ready to have a good time.

History: Growing up in Alvarna, there was always something new to see, some new story to tell. Angelina didn't see her dad very often, but she always enjoyed listening to his stories when he was around. Her mother taught her to be strong take care of herself, and she always wanted to go out and experience the world for herself, like her father did. She left home when she was 16, traveling with a merchant caravan. From there she joined an adventuring party, did a brief stint with a circus troupe, then joined a traveling band before eventually setting off on her own. Tired of traveling and out of money, she's stopped in Ariadna to catch her breath, get her bearings, and decide where she wants to go in life.