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Old November 19th, 2011 (11:36 AM).
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    I have a Vaporeon who has Protect, Wish, and Scald, I am wondering if it would be worth it to put Acid Armor or Toxic on it.
    It's defensive stats are:
    433 HP
    210 DEF
    201 SPDEF
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    Old November 19th, 2011 (11:47 AM).
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      I would use Toxic. I find that Toxic is good to wear some Poke's down, and Vaporeon is not exact suited for a wall, so bumping up the defenses won't do much. Plus there's other Poke's that completely out class Vaporeon in terms of a wall. However, it does make a great support Poke. Not going to provide a full moveset or anything like that, cause I'm too lazy to look up suitable movesets, I will go with Toxic as the final move slot.

      Edit: Alright...I decided to provide a nice moveset.

      This is the Wish support moveset from Smogon.

      Vaporeon @ Leftovers
      Bold nature
      248 HP / 224 Def / 36 SpD


      Other options are HP Electric and Ice Beam.

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      Old November 19th, 2011 (12:11 PM).
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      Acid Armor would be best if you were going to use a Baton Pass set, but otherwise Toxic is superior.
      Old November 20th, 2011 (11:55 AM).
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      Question answered. In the future, post your questions in the Simple Q&A Thread.


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