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Old June 14th, 2018 (11:06 AM).
snazzyrogue snazzyrogue is offline
    Join Date: Jun 2018
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    Just looking for some help from people who have a good understanding of competitive battling. I'm interested in cartridge battles, battle spot single mainly so no mythical mons. I enjoy sweepers (who doesn't) but I really like hazard setting as well. (been 1k+ wins in a row in battle tree so I know how to fight npc just looking to take this to the next level.)

    I really like my protean greninja, HA cloyster, volcarona, and naganadel for sweepers. I love mega banette and I usually use a skarmory as a hazard setter.

    Below I'll list what I got on hand.

    Kingdra, Modest, swift swim, 6x31 IVs
    Dragonite, Adamant, HA, 6x31 IVs
    Suicune, Timid, 6x31 IVs (bottle capped)
    Ash-Greninja, Timid, 31spd satk, hp,
    Aegislash, Adamant, 5x31 Ivs, (missing 31 satk)
    Greninja, Timid, HA, 6x31Ivs (bottle capped)

    Everything that follows is 6x31 either modest or adamant
    Luxray, Alakazam, Blastoise, Heracross, Espeon, Aggron Smeargle, Gardevoir, Lucario, Absol, Milotic, Rhyperior, Flygon, Blaziken Sceptile, Gallade, Porygon-Z, Glaceon, Leafeon, Magmortar, Electivire, Honchkrow, Mismagius, Roserade, Infernape, Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Snorlax. Jolteon, Flareon, Gyaraos, Garchomp, Goodra, Charizard(modest), Metagross, Salamence, Empoleon, Gengar, Lopunny, Scizor, Mawile.

    There's not really any mon I can't breed so if you think something might be hard to get but not on the list like an egg move please do mention it as I have the means to carry mons from fire red to USUM.

    I know there's more info here than the avg "help me start" post. Sorry about that I'm hoping all the info helps and doesn't hinder or make this annoying.

    Ty ^^
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