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Old September 8th, 2017 (5:26 PM). Edited June 16th, 2018 by Janp.
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    Pokemon Shiny Badge Quest

    The Challenge:
    This challenge essentially, is before every gym battle you must find and capture a shiny.

    1. Before every gym battle/trial, you must encounter and catch a shiny pokemon. You may use any methods you want to achieve this.

    2. Hacked in Shiny pokemon do not count towards the challenge.

    3. If you catch a shiny pokemon from another game, you can trade it in, but it doesn't count towards the challenge.

    4. By the end of the game you should have at least 8 shiny pokemon.

    5. You can catch non-shiny pokemon, but I recommend you don't use them on your team for too long.

    6. Please Update after every gym.

    Standard Completion
    GSC: Beat Lance a first time.
    RSE: Beat Steven the first time
    FRLG: Beat rival (champion) at E4
    DPPt.: Beat Cynthia the first time
    HGSS: Beat lance the first time
    BW: Beat N at the E4
    B2W2: Beat iris the first time
    XY: Beat diantha a first time
    ORAS: Beat Steven a first time.
    SM: Beat Kukui a first time at E4

    Extra Challenge
    Challenge 1 extra shiny pokemon for each Elite Four Member and Champion.

    Mega Completion
    1. Complete Shiny Badge quest once in each 6 generations (You cannot get shiny pokemon in Gen 1)
    2. If playing B2W2, Play in Challenge mode
    3. Only Random Encounter (Hard, AmIRite)

    Sign Ups
    Standard, Extra, Or Mega?:

    My Signup:
    Username: InfinityLight
    Game: Alpha Sapphire
    Standard, Extra or Mega?: Standard

    Ongoing Challengers
    InfinityLight - Alpha Sapphire, Standard

    Members Completed (HALL OF FAME):
    The first one who completes this gets special recognition. (Don't Worry, I will be taking my time)
    Ongoing Challenges

    Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Shiny Badge Quest (1/8)
    Pokemon Omega Ruby Smeargle Only Team Challenge (1/8)

    Completed Challenges
    None Yet

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