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So, running EBS for the first time I ran into a few problems, but I was able to solve most of them, I think (like the backsprites being SUPER large).

But when the battles start, the trainer throw animation seems like it's reading the square images slightly off from where it's supposed to. I attached an image as an example.

Every frame of it has the same problem, where I'm getting 90% of one image with a little bit of the previous one on the left. I don't believe I messed with the image file at all yet.

Any ideas?


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Yep. You can try to read the code to edit, you know? I think the code is:

    if @battle.player.is_a?(Array)
    if @sprites["playerB"]
Also, 'playerB' is your Partner, i guess.


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That's fine, Tsuina. Yes, the system was visually designed from the ground up around the gen 5 style of backsprites (concerning the animation, screen positioning, ball throwing and everything else), but the only differentiating factor is that the backsprite in EBS has a total of 4 frames, while stock Essentials has 5. The hacky solution (though I would not recommend it, as it wouldn't fit visually) is to just trim out one frame from the stock Essentials backsprite. Either that, or dig further through the code as Wolf is suggesting and adjust where the sprites get cut, and how many frames they cycle through during the ball throwing animation.

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Oh ok I'll try that. I don't like "easy ways" as "hard ways" usually have learning as a side effect and learning is all I live for. I still have to dig in other parts of the essential code though because I don't fully undestand where some functions are defined and to what extent they apply. I watched your videos on the ruby language and watched all thundaga videos but I couldn't find a tutorial on the essential script so I still have tons of questions but it's fine, I'm having fun learning little by little.
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