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Posted June 17th, 2019
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Ok this is just a small thing but it's bugging me.
I try to add some puddles in my cave (Ignore that it looks like dog poop atm im just testing some tiles)

I go into game the first time and they appear (but without reflection) I add the puddle terrain tag in debug mode and restart RPG maker, then I come back into the game to check it and the puddles are gone?
I checked the normal puddles on a different map and they appear like normal and work fine,
Does anyone know why these puddles don't work? Is it because their color is different? And if I add the regular puddles to this tileset will those not work too?

Nothing in the script has been edited. All I have done is add the puddle terrain tag 16 on to the puddle
*UPDATE* I added the oriinal puddle from the "outside" starter set to another set, added puddle tag and same thing happens it disappears

Oh also! Something thts less important. I tried to use the soot grass terrain tag to (the purple grass should go to green) but also that didn't work?