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    I remember when I first played Pokemon Crystal. It was 5 years ago, back when I was becoming 10 years old. I had a friend who had pokemon crystal, and I was a die-hard pokemon fan back then. Anyways, I borrowed pokemon crystal, and Gold, but was focused more on crystal. I realized he was at the pokemon league, but hasn't caught suicune yet. I battled Suicune, but foolishly used the master ball. I feel so stupid. Playing Pokemon Crystal actually Inspired me to get the game. I don't have it though, but I have been wanting the game ever since. This year might be the one!

    2 Years later, I actually got Pokemon Yellow, a really good classic. I was usually stuck at Brock, with his super strong onix >:( I finally beat him, which was good, and went to beat the rest of the game.

    Another 2 years later, My Pokemon Yellow game died. Suprisingly when I saved it without putting in another save battery, It saved perfectly. It was actually good it deleted on me, because I could catch a level 100 nidoking in veridian forest using a glitch. I did other glitches like Mew glitch, and stuff like that, but I actually beat the game again. :D

    Oh what wonderful memories, but now life is crap.
    Darkness will bring Despair...

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      Background Story about me and Pokémon:

      I still feel bad about the fact that I didn't own a Gameboy or a Pokémon Game when I was a kid. I usually played outside and later played games like The Sims and Age of Empires 2. Although I loved Pokémon and had all kinds of Pokémon stuff. Toys, TCG cards and clothes...The list is contuining.

      Pretty much one day a week during a year I played Pokémon Stadium/Stadium 2 at a friends house. Hi's mother always gave us the most delicious waffles so we could combine two kick-ass things: Eating and Gaming.

      Well, in 2008 I had have enough of borrowing games and so. I bought a Gameboy Advance with Pokémon Red and Crystal from the friend I were talking about. Since then I have played the games so many times, and having so much fun with them - IT'S almost insane.

      So, after a background story, on to the memories:

      *First day of gaming I played for like 5 hours straight, defeating both Brock and Misty with my Powerful Charmander. Even tough I weren't a kid, I was a total nubcake with no sense of which moves who were powerful or not.

      *Got stuck in alot of places: (Cereulan City, Saffron Guards, Rock Tunnel, Lavender Town-Poké Flute hunting).

      *Captured like 20 diffrent kinds of Pokémon's who all did some kind of appearnce in my team. But, finally, I had this team for the Elite Four:

      Charizard, Electrode, Pidgeot, Kabutops, Hitmonlee, Alakazam.

      My favorite team of all time, because it was the first.

      And finally my epic Elite Four Challenge.

      My Pokémon's were underleveled. They did their best, but did fall pretty soon. When the battle against Lance were going, I only had Charizard, Kabutops and Hitmonlee left.
      I tried to make a risky move and decide to send in Hitmonlee against his last Dragonite. Hi's Hyper Beam misses and my Hi Jump Kick hits, so I defeat him!

      But, problem is my Rival (named after two fat twins I hated) is the champion. Charizard and Kabutops tries their best but faints. Up against his level 65 Blastoise is my Hitmonlee (around 45-55). Yet again, he lives and goes for the Hi Jump Kick!

      Scared and excited I say how Blastoise lost his life and I became the champion!

      Some weeks later I captured Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Mewtwo the same day. Since I was a heartless bastard I let Articuno replace Pidgeot and even worse, Mewtwo took the hero HITMONLEE's place. Sorry Hitmonlee, one day I will thank as the hero you are.

      Will mention Crystal Adventures later.

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        Sweet nostalgy of Pokemon Red.

        I got it when I was like, a child (don't know how was my age).
        My first Pokemon was a squirtle.

        I remember that I got stuck in Cerulean city for days and I farmed my Wartortle to level 35 before finding the famous "stolen house" with the man who gives you TM28.

        I remember, me too, how awesome the Champion Gary Theme is!

        But after I had to remove my save.
        Reason? My dumb sister had removed my lvl 100 Blastoise and my lvl 100 Zapdos.

        From that, I were disgusted of playing with Zapdos then I discovered Articuno and fell in love with it.

        How cool is that, an Ice beam in Dragonite's head! Hahaha!
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          Yea, I'm a Articuno fan too. Beatiful Pokémon.
          When can we return to Kanto?
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            Yesterday I finally managed to level up my Scizor from level 56 to level 57.... believe me when I say that took me a long time....
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            Crystal holds a very special place in my heart because it was by far my most played Pokémon game (aside from Black now). I remember my very first shiny Pokémon, and no, it wasn't Gyarados. Remember that egg you get from the Daycare man when you talk to him for the first time? Well, it contains either Cleffa, Igglybuff, Tyrogue, Smoochum, Elekid, or Magby and has a 50% chance (I believe) of being shiny. Anyway, I was just biking along the Bug-Catching-Contest park (National Park?) with my egg when all of a sudden, it was hatch time!

            At first I was a bit confused why my Igglybuff didn't look normal. I mean, it was a lighter hue of pink and hinted with green. I knew Igglybuff didn't have green in it normally. But, I chalked it up to just a color error and went on my merry way to train my new little pink ball of cuteness.

            But then......"Go! IGGLYBUFF!" *shine shine shine*

            I mean, I still didn't understand. But I just knew my little Igglybuff was special. And I refused to evolve it because I thought it'd just turn into a normal Jigglypuff. And that shiny Igglypuff never left my party.

            Ah, nostalgia.

            MOON PRISM POWER
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              After reading these posts, some of the situations in them applied to me in one form or another. Here's some of my memories of playing through the Gen. I games (mostly from when I first got Yellow, which was my first Pokémon game, for Christmas 1999).
              Most of my memories I'm posting about Yellow are from 1999-2000. With Blue, which I acquired later, 2001 or so.

              Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
              Didn't get past Brock during my first Yellow playthrough, cause I didn't bother to read that Electric moves don't affect ground types.
              Same thing happened with me on my first Yellow playthrough. Also around this time I kept trying to exit Pewter City to the east (Route 3) before beating Brock, only (of course) to get redirected to the gym every single time!
              I don't know how I managed to beat Brock the first time around (using mostly Normal attacks), but on later save files/playthorughs, I went the Butterfree route.
              EDIT: Early on, I thought the only way to beat Brock in Yellow was to trade for a Bulbasaur or Squirtle from Red or Blue.

              Originally Posted by MartianOddity View Post
              Been there, done that. Then I discovered that you had to trade through a friend, so me and my brother traded it back and forth. I think I still have it in one of my boxes.

              Probably I'be had the same bad luck with Graveler until we found out about the trade evolutions. Oh, and Evolution Rocks.
              On my Blue, I had trained my Graveler (which I caught as a Geodude in Mt. Moon) for quite a while before I linked up to my cousin's Game Boy Color (I also had a Game Boy Color) and Pokémon games, trading my Graveler over to the other game (don't remember which one), then traded it back right after it evolved. The Graveler was, level-wise, in the 70s or 80s when the trade was done.

              Originally Posted by ~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~ View Post
              I remember when I used a Master Ball on a Graveler in Dark Cave... I was mad that I wasted a Master Ball on a simple Graveler -___-"
              On Yellow, I made a similar mistake, wasting my Master Ball on a Farfetch'd after getting frustrated over it breaking out of my Great Balls (I had its HP almost down to nothing).

              Originally Posted by d4rk View Post
              I remember that I got stuck in Cerulean city for days and I farmed my Wartortle to level 35 before finding the famous "stolen house" with the man who gives you TM28.
              When I first made it to Cerulean City, I spent days trying to figure out how to get back to Mt. Moon (and Pewter City).

              Originally Posted by MartianOddity
              Your story reminds me of the fact that I killed Articuno. The experience it gave me was great so I rejoiced. Then I understood it was a one-of-a-kind pokémon and became sad...

              I think I also killed my Zapdos before understanding that it was a one-of-a-kind.
              When I battled each of the three Legendary Birds (and both Snorlaxes), I very foolishly ran from each battle, not realizing they were all one-of-a-kind. Of course, I then lived to regret it-until my save file I had made these mistakes on got wiped (more on that below).

              Other memories of mine (all on Yellow):
              *On Route 1, I tried to figure out relentlessly how to access the grass on the sides of the route made inaccessible by the blocks. I even thought at one point they contained rare Pokémon.

              *When going to Viridian City for the first time, (when I first got that game), I couldn't figure out what, if anything, needed to be done in order for the Gym to open (thinking it was the first gym).

              *I tried to capture many other trainer's Pokémon (especially those that cannot be found in the wild, such as Weedle and Meowth), which was really stupid and ignorant of me since the sign in Viridian Forest and the game manual specifically warning not to do this.

              *When I got to Saffron City for the first time, I couldn't figure out how I would ever be able to get in the Saffron Gym (NOT the Fighting Dojo), which was always blocked by a Rocket Grunt until you defeated them in the Silph Building. When I did beat Team Rocket in the aforementioned building, I then entered the official Gym to battle Sabrina, even though I had not made it to Fuchsia City yet, thinking this gym was the 5th (not the 6th, as it actually is).

              *I really spoiled my Pikachu the first time I played through it, even though NPCs and the game manual tell you to raise your team evenly. I abandoned this practice when my save file I made this mistake on (and other mistakes, including the others I mentioned above) got wiped.

              Finally, as I have brought up a few times here in the past, all of this ended on Labor Day 2000, when early in the evening, I turned on Yellow, only to get an error message saying that my save file data had been "destroyed". Everything I had accomplished, as well as all the mistakes I made, in that save file were wiped out. I had that file since early 2000 (when it was still winter) at the latest.
              I don't know what I did to cause this, as I was unaware of any glitches to exploit at the time. (Now that I think about it, maybe the clock/odometer ran over.)
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                Been playing Pokémon Crystal lately - and spotted Raikou - for the FIRST TIME EVER in all my years of playing :) Had him on my Pokédex so I hunted him down and caught him with my Masterball :D I'm still in shock lol :)
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                I don't have a lot of memories of playing Red. I was pretty young. I think one of my cousins showed me the Mew glitch and Missingno one day but at the time I just thought he found it in the game. I ended up losing my Red and found it in the grass one day and it would not work. :(
                I have a lot of memories from playing Gold. I played it alot cause when RS came out I didn't have a GBA. My teams were pretty bad. Mostly legendaries I think. My friend discovered the clone glitch and would clone his Lugia and lend them to me lol. That's how I would beat the Elite Four most the time.
                I remembered I burrow a friends Cyrstal version. He wanted me to get through the Burned Tower cause he hated the music. I did that for him and he said I could finish the whole game after that. I kept it for four years and ended up ruining the clock. Now it's always 12:37 pm on Wednesday. XD
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                  Journal Entry I:

                  Just beat Morty, hiking over to Olivine.

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                    Oh the memories of playing Pokemon Yellow are too nostalgic. I faintly remember playing Gold and having a Quilava. A couple years ago me and my brother tried to fit a Pokemon Gold cartridge in a DS Lite, it did not go well.

                    - Pokemon Trainer R3d
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                      Oh nose; the nostalgia when I was still playing pokemon with my dad :(

                      I was sad cause I remembered how my dad truly enjoyed pokemon games, well, me too of course. I was only 12 years old when I have it. He will get angry on me when I forgot to charge the rechargeable batteries, I too of course get angry at him when he forgot it too.

                      Pokemon Red and Blue was my first GBC cartridges. I remember when I was stuck at Brock cause my first pokemon was Charmander I thought that picking who's in the cartridge's sticker is the strongest pokemon on the game lol. My dad picked up Bulbasaur and asked for a trade if I want Bulbasaur instead of my Charmander I declined of course.

                      My team on my very first playthrough is only my Charizard which is level 87 who has the HM 02 Fly. I was shocked that I need to battle my rival before I can enter Indigo Plateau. I was confident at first cause I pawned his 5 pokemons at that time then his Blastoise came! And then my poor Charizard lost in just 1 hit.

                      I restarted my Journey with Charmander but this time I raised 5 more pokemon. With knowledge of weaknesses.

                      They are; Victreebel, Alakazam, Gengar, Charizard, NidoKing, and Aerodactyl.

                      Then the e4 battle come. the average level of my pokemons was only 45. But still managed to beat the e4 then, the awesome battle theme came. I was shocked that I need to beat again my rival. I restarted the battle cause I was nearly ran out of PP and thinking that I need to heal all of my pokemon cause this battle will be intense. I was right. He killed 4 of my pokemon when he used Alakazam. My pokemon left was Nidoking and Charizard. Then pawned him back with my Nidoking, then his Blastoise pawned my Nidoking. Finally its my last chance to beat him. My Charizard was Critical only when his Blastoise used Hydro Pump. Then I don't know but his Blastoise kept using Seismic Toss I know that it will take 2 turns to launch his attack so I used Fly everytime I saw the message " Blastoise is blahblah" then I won I nearly threw my gameboy that time lol. Dad even bought me my 1st mountain bike cause he promised it to me that he will buy me one when I finished pokemon.

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                        i remember getting yellow and silver together and playing silver 1st and not knowing how to get out of the house... and here i am what like 11/12 ears later and im still playing these games.... although silver,gold and crystals batteries are dead yellow and blue are still going strong and im currently replaying yellow :) its been great!

                        And ya sort of know your getting old when you go on Amazon only to find that a brand new version of pokemon yellow is worth £200 "/ ahh the good old days :)
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                          My most memorable time of RGB is when I first got Pokemon blue from an older guy (said he didn't want to play anymore......And now I'm probably bout the same age as him back then). When I put the power on, the screen of my purple GBC blew my mind. My Pkmn team was already lvl 100s, and it was sth like: Pidgeot, Exeggutor, Dugtrio, Raichu, and two more. Also, my pack was filled w/ master balls, so, of course, I went to the nearest tall-grass area and started throwing master balls everywhere ^^;;

                          Then, I went to a shop in......some random city, and they were actually selling master balls!!! (He probably cheated -_-) So I used up all my money to buy about 5 master balls and used them all again. Repeat *10, then reset my game to begin my real adventure.

                          I think that's why I loved Pokemon blue the most; MASTER BALLS......

                          ......What are you staring at?
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                            I remember my 1st ever legit lv.100!!!! ho-oh in pokemon silver... it was an epic moment of triumph for me.... then my cousin who was really jealous of me done the copy glitch while i wasnt looking and traded the copy to him.... was not pleased at all! but now the battery is dead and that ho-oh is long gone.... RIP HO-OH!
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                            Originally Posted by Tee519 View Post
                            i remember getting yellow and silver together and playing silver 1st and not knowing how to get out of the house...
                            OMG ME TOO!

                            I seriously thought I was the only one... when I got my Red the first day it came out all those years ago, it took me like an hour to figure out that the carpet was the way to exit your house... lmao
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                              I still have a very painful memory, one that wll never fade away... I remember back in the day when I was playing my pokemon Gold, something strange appeared. As I was just a kid and had no internet I couldn't know what that was. I still recall the glimmer, those unreachable stars, the strange purple tone on an otherwise green spinarak... oh boy, it was the first shiny pokemon i encountered. Why is it so painful? well... I HAD NO FREAKING POKEBALLS T_T so yeah...ended up killing it... *sob*
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                                I remember the first time playing through Pokemon Gold, I got up to the part where I had to surf east from New Bark Town to get to the Pokemon league and the fat guy stops you and says "Do you know what you just did? You just took your first step into Kanto!" and tells you to check your Pokegear map.

                                I almost shed a tear to see that all of Kanto was available in the game and I had no idea it was even in there up until he told me.
                                I don't think I got Pokemon Gold until years after it was released so seeing Kanto again was just awesome.

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                                  The first Pokemon game I played was Pokemon Silver.
                                  I got it one Christmas, My brother got Gold.
                                  We went around to our Grandparents (Like every Christmas the whole family goes there.) and there two of my cousins were opening some presents and they got Gold and Silver aswell. (We were all very young around 5-6)
                                  We started at the same time and adventured together. In the first few hours we all had 4 gym badges and decided to battle each other.
                                  My brother had the highest level Pokemon, it was Charizard.
                                  I Remember he took out Me and My two cousins using only Charizard.

                                  Now 11 years later I can beat him no problem... unless he uses that Charizard :')
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                                  POKeMON Chapter 1; Kanto Travels

                                  POKeMON: 2 (1 in box)
                                  Badges: 0/8
                                  Rank: POKeMON Trainer

                                  El Team

                                  SQUIRTLE | Level: 10
                                  Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble


                                  Part 1 | The Legend Begins

                                  TIM born in PALLET TOWN use to play with his child hood friend BEN all the time, unfortunately, BEN became born with TIM and began seeking no adventurous activities.

                                  7 Years later, TIM is now eleven, he decides to leave home and head out of town for a moment. He is suddenly stopped though by PROFESSOR OAK, the town's local scientist. He brings in TIM and offers him and BEN, his grandson, a POKeMON. TIM, always fascinated by the water that PALLET TOWN rested next too, decided on the water-type, SQUIRTLE.

                                  Just as TIM is about to leave, BEN stops TIM and challenges him to a POKeMON battle. TIM narrowly escapes defeat but comes out victorious. Distraught, BEN leaves the lab and TIM heads out of town like he decided to in the beginning.

                                  Part 2 | POKeMON Enthusiast, Not Quite Trainer

                                  TIM sets out of PALLET TOWN into ROUTE 1 where he meets a POKeMART sales representative and hands him a POTION for free. TIM thanks him and then continues to head north.

                                  The winding trail to the next city was dotted with Wild POKeMON, all equally dangerous. However SQUIRTLE proves more then a match for them. Finally TIM sees a sign that says "VIRIDIAN CITY", This is TIM's first time in this city, being a bumpkin from PALLET TOWN, his mother usually retrieved things from this town whilst TIM played his SNES in his room.

                                  TIM entered the town and conversed with the locals. As the tried to pass further north from the town he was angrily stopped and redirected by an old-man blocking the path from the city to ROUTE 2. TIM instead though it would be better to stock up on provisions anyway. As he entered the POKeMART the clerk calls him over, TIM nervously steps forward. The clerk hands him a box and asks him to deliver it to PROFESSOR OAK. TIM agrees and leaves the store.

                                  He heads down the same path he started from and returns to PROFESSOR OAK's Lab. PROFESSOR OAK thanks TIM for delivering his mail and asks him for a favor, but not before BEN re-enters the lab.

                                  PROFESSOR OAK then becomes serious. He asks that TIM and BEN take a device known as "a POKeDEX" and would record data of all the POKeMON species around the world. TIM and BEN agree. And they both set out.

                                  Part 3 | POKeMON Trainer, Not Quite Master

                                  Before TIM sets out once and for all, he stops at BEN's sister and grabs a Regional Map to help him stay his course. TIM then backtracked to VIRIDIAN CITY and continued to head north, after buying POKeBALLS, ANTIDOTES and other assorted sundries. Before heading to ROUTE 2, TIM spoke with the cranky old man who stopped him earlier, the man apologizes and shows TIM how to catch POKeMON. After that TIM moves forward but spots a sparkle in a nearby bush. As he draws closer he realizes it's a POTION stuck in a flimsy, old tree.

                                  He then headed north past ROUTE 2. After crossing a check point, TIM entered the dark and maze-like VIRIDIAN FOREST. Distantly TIM heard the cries of a POKeMON, almost sounding like "Pika!" Whilst searching for any unusual POKeMON he came across a small bug POKeMON. The DEX asserted it was called CATERPIE and TIM, with help from SQUIRTLE caught his very first POKeMON.

                                  TIM now continues to search for the Pika-Sounding-POKeMON, so he keeps his eyes open for any non-bug-type POKeMON.

                                  To Be Continued.
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                                    Hmmm, my memory of my 1st blue version is that even though i got the Sliph Scope, THE GHOSTS WERNT IDENTIFYED!
                                    On Red Version, I beat the game and went into the Ceuralean (sorry if i mispelled it Cave, I was wandering around there for hours, then i finally made it to where mewtwo was, was thinking "What the--- what is this doing here?", and didnt even save, battled mewtwo (WITH NO POKEBALLS TO THROW) killed it, and the saved >.> never got out cause i traded my red for my friends fire red (worst plan ever)
                                    In my 1st silver version file, i wasted my master ball on a Donphan in Victory road, In my 2nd file, i decided to go check out the whirl islands more, and i have to say it was my best idea, for i located Lugia all on my own, when i saw it, (i had my master ball) i went up and talked to it, entered battle, saw lugia and fell in love with it and used my master ball.
                                    On my Yellow Version, i captured EVERY legendary pokemon except for mew
                                    On my Crystal Version, i transfered my legendarys from yellow to it, got all the way to Red, when i first battle him i was confused, the second time, i took a closer look at his sprite, then immediatly grabed Yellow and checked the trainer card, and realized it was the same character, that i was battleing myself (Paradox anyone?)
                                    Most of the gold versions i got had dead internal batteries, one of them died on me while i was in Team Rocket's hideout.
                                    Oh, Also, i forgot to mention that on my first silver version, i caught a shiny Arbok, and unfortunetly when i didnt have pokeballs, found shiny machop, sentrent, geodude, and some others :(

                                    *Edit* Almost forgot, in my 1st crystal version i had just captured entei, the last of the 3 beasts i needed to, and then my crystal version got washed and was unplayable >:(

                                    Originally Posted by Super-Mudkipz View Post
                                    I have begun playing Blue again and I am at Vermilion ( Haven't beat Lt.Surge yet) with this Team:

                                    Wartortle Lv.30
                                    Bubblebeam-Water Gun

                                    But since Lt. Surge is an electric leader and every time I try to catch a wild Pokemon I One-hit it, I am stuck.
                                    If your still stuck there, i have a suggestion, go into the diglet cave and hunt for a Dugtrio, it should be about lv 28 so bite or tackle wouldnt 1HKO it
                                    if this helps, your welcome :)
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                                    Hey everybody! I just restarted my pokemon yellow game and wanted to add my personal pokemon journal as it goes along, everyone is free to post and add their opinion on my pokemon journey.
                                    I will be adding character profiling every once and a while so you can see what the characters look like.

                                    One thing i will make sure not to do is make it bland, and i will mark the journal entry's by days.
                                    I will try to post as often as i can so keep up to date! (I will also be doing this with all of my other pokemon games but i decided to start with the classics)

                                    Day 1
                                    Cant fall asleep

                                    In the midst of the night with a cool spring breeze brushing by my face i couldn't happen to fall asleep. All i could do was daydream about the day to come and think about all the adventure that was yet to behold itself upon me. And i could only wonder about the first pokemon i would be getting. It was so tough to pick... The stern bulbasaur, the awesome squirtle, and the ferocious charmander. All of them are great, but which one to pick... I just don't know. I will have to find out tommorow
                                    (Character profile coming soon)

                                    3DS Name: Jericho 3DS Friend Code: 3995 - 6761 - 1080 Old Username: Jerichob10
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                                    Hun, you don't need your own thread to tell your story. There's already a journal journey. Merged.

                                    the fear has gripped me, but here i go.
                                    Old October 17th, 2012 (5:08 AM).
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                                      Yo guys. Since the gym leader challenge thread for red version is closed I figured I'd post here in the form of a journal update.
                                      *beat brock and headed to mount moon
                                      *caught a parasect
                                      *went through mount moon and grabbed the dome fossil.
                                      *now I'm about to do the mew glitch. Beat Gary (named john) and about to conquer nugget bridge.

                                      But yeah that's basically it. I'm having fun with this challenge, even though it's locked ;)
                                      Old November 8th, 2012 (4:43 PM). Edited November 8th, 2012 by Autophobic.
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                                        Hey everybody, this is where I will post the list of the pokemon that have hatched from eggs. The shinies will be bolded and in blue. I'll be breeding in Pokemon Crystal using a Shiny Ditto I've obtained with the Red Gyarados/Ditto trick.


                                        I've collected 7 eggs and hatched 0 shiny pokemon.
                                        ~ Pokemon Crystal Shiny Breeder ~

                                        I'm currently breeding for a Shiny Tauros.
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