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Old April 28th, 2017 (8:47 PM).
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    Originally Posted by Hikamaru View Post
    Well to be fair, this was a remake and we have been used to Brendan and May's established designs for over a decade so it made sense why Game Freak wouldn't want us to change their iconic image.
    Ehh I get what you're saying, but i find that to be a weak reason not to incorporate it. You could easily make the established designs the default and still have customization.
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      Definitely XY. ORAS bored me, tbh. The Delta Episode was good, but the game was way too easy. It was easier than XY! Hated that you're just handed [email protected] (and so early on - it could have been some post-game quest) and it was just never a challenge. I also didn't like the lack of customization or the lack of a Battle Frontier. So far it's the only game/set of games I haven't replayed in the whole series just because when I tried I was so bored. But I also played RSE so many times that there wasn't much left for me anyway.
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        ORAS with no contest. I don't like any of the new 3ds titles as much as ORAS, which to me are the best.

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