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Pokémon Trivia Rules & Guidelines

Hi there everyone, and welcome to the Pokémon Trivia section! If you're looking for a place to relax and have fun with your fellow members, then this place might just be for you! Before you begin to venture around this section, please take the time to read through the following guidelines and familiarize yourself with them. Thanks a lot! ^^

Keep all games Pokémon-related!

Since this is the Pokémon Trivia section, every game must be related to Pokémon in some way or form. This may include the characters, the actual Pokémon themselves, or anything from the Pokémon franchise — even the items! That being said, try to keep your individual posts related to Pokémon as well!

If a game is NOT related to Pokémon, it belongs in The Playground.

Follow each game's formula!

Most games here have their own special formula which must be followed at all times (though there are some exceptions). Just follow the game's instructions/examples and you should be fine! Please do not make posts that only contain side-comments. These posts are considered "off-topic." If you wish to make a side-comment, then please include it with a post that still follows the game's formula.

This rule does not apply to certain games which allow comments/discussion, such as Pokémon Choice Quest and Who's That Pokémon.

In addition, please refrain from double-posting (making multiple posts in a row within a thread). If you were the last person to post in a thread, please wait for another person to post there before you can post in that same thread again! There are very few exceptions to this rule, which may be evaluated in a case-by-case scenario.


Treat everyone around you with respect — we're all here to have fun, after all! Please don't argue or pick fights with each other in the games. If you don't like the way someone posts, do NOT call them out for it! If they aren't misbehaving or breaking any rules, then you'll just have to be patient with them. (If you really need to talk to someone about their posts, you should contact them in private instead. Just remember to stay polite and civil when doing so!)

If you see someone being rude or breaking the rules, then just use the Report Button at the top corner of their post. Again, please don't call them out for it.

On another note, do NOT use any of the games as an outlet for conflict! That being said, please don't add other forum users as "characters" or "objects" in any of the games (unless you actually have their permission). Doing so can make other people feel uncomfortable, which we should try to avoid here.

Thread Revival

UPDATE: The thread revival rule will no longer be enforced, but we still encourage you to post in more recent threads (if possible) rather than digging up extensively old threads.

If a game has been inactive for one month (30 days), then you have a choice to either revive it by posting there (if you were NOT the last poster), or you can create a new version of the thread.


If a game is currently existing and the last post was less than 30 days ago, please do not make a new thread for it until 30 days (or more) have passed since the last post. Also, try not to create games that are TOO similar to games that are currently active. Before creating a thread, please search for existing and active threads.

Thread Creation Guidelines

When creating a thread, please make sure to ask yourself the following questions.

"Are the instructions clear? Do they make sense?"
Having clear, easy-to-follow instructions is one of the most important parts to creating a game. If people can't understand your instructions, then they will be less likely to play. Please be sure to elaborate on how the game is supposed to work, and try to organize the first post so that it makes sense. It's also highly recommended that you include a few examples that accurately reflect how the game should look. In many cases, seeing accurate examples can help people understand the game's formula a lot faster!

(Thread creators have the right to clarify the instructions of their thread, as well as the right to manage that game's rules. This does NOT give thread creators the right to "mini-mod," so please do not attempt to handle rule-breakers yourself. Again, just report rule-breaking posts instead! Any abuse to the management of a thread's rules may be overturned by a moderator.)

"Is this game playable? Is there a formula to keep this game running?"
When creating a game, take into consideration if the game can be easily kept alive by the players themselves. If players can keep the game alive by posting back and forth, then great! However, if a game is overly restrictive, then it probably won't last for a very long time. Also, while this is a rare case, if you are planning to start a host-based game where you are the host, be prepared that the game's lifespan will depend on your commitment as the host.

"Is there sufficient content to the game?"
Games in this section should have the right amount of content to keep them fun! However, they shouldn't be too difficult or complex, as they could become tedious over time. Likewise, simple games are fine, but they also shouldn't be too simple. For example, if there was a game where you only needed to make one-word posts (or number-only posts) with little significance, then it would be more like a boring postcount booster rather than an actual game.

Please try to refrain from creating too many "PokéChain" games, especially when there are other active PokéChain games. A "PokéChain" game is a game where the players simply name a Pokémon based on the Pokémon posted above them (though the gimmicks and criteria may vary). There are currently three active PokéChain games right now, including Last Letter, The Type Game, and Super Effective. There may be exceptions to this limitation (such as Pokémon Alphabet and The Relation Game), but any exceptions should contain noticeably more content than just posting a Pokémon's name.

Chit-Chat Threads

There may only be two active chit-chat threads at a time. At the moment, the two current chatting threads are The Bulbasaur Race and Watch out for Ghosts. If a chit-chat thread (other than "Watch out for Ghosts") dies due to inactivity, then a new chatting thread may be created, and the rules of that thread can be changed as well.

Games such as You're Banned (Pokémon Style) are not official chit-chat threads, but you may use them as a place to chat if you follow the respective gimmicks of those games.


Remember, try not to make your posts too violent, gruesome, or inappropriate.

All of the global PokéCommunity rules (found here) also apply to this section, so please read through them thoroughly.

If you have any questions, or if you need any help/advice for creating a game, feel free to contact Epilogue and they'll be happy to help you!

Enjoy yourselves, and be sure to have an awesome time hanging around this section! ^^

Rules written and "revised" by Revise Librarian (lame pun intended), based on the previous rules used by Franceschi and Ash.
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