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Pokémon The Great Adventure: Kanto Region

Started by xFireEagle13 April 4th, 2018 12:05 PM
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Chapter 1: Pallet Town - The Beginning

Raphael woke up in the morning as his alarm clock woke him up. He was an eighteen-year-old kid that still had a dream of being a child again and this was his time to be a Pokémon trainer. When his phone woke him up he looked at the time and he saw that it was time to get going as it was opening time. He went to the bathroom to take a shower, getting ready for the big and wonderful eventful day. When he got done showering he went back into his bedroom to change into something more appropriate, which was a red hat, a white t-shirt, and black pants.

Raphael grabbed his red and white backpack and put his phone away in his pants pocket, quickly walking downstairs to see his mother drinking coffee on the living room table.

“Good morning, mom,” Raphael said.
“Good morning, son,” Raphael’s mom said. “Are you excited for today?”
“Yeah, I’m ready for today,” Raphael said. “Professor Oak’s laboratory opened up just a couple minutes ago, so I think I should go soon.”
“Oh, that’s great!” Raphael’s mom exclaimed. “If so, you should have a poffin or something so you can have a good breakfast.”
“Okay, well, that sounds great,” Raphael said. “I’ll grab one on my way out or when I come back to check on you.”
“Okay, son, I’ll be waiting for your goodbye,” Raphael’s mom said.

Raphael went over to his mom and gave her a hug before he walked out of the house. After the hug, he walked out of the house and walked towards Professor Oak’s laboratory. As he was walking the streets to Professor Oak’s laboratory, he was wondering what kind of Pokémon he would want as a starter. When he was thinking of the starter Pokémon he would be choosing, he first thought of Bulbasaur, which was the Grass-type Seed Pokémon. As he was thinking of Bulbasaur, he was wondering if anyone else would be joining him.

He went further into his eighteen-year-old brain and thought of the next starter Pokémon which was Charmander, the Fire-type Lizard Pokémon. When he was thinking more of it, he thought that Charmander would be a great choice for him. He wanted to know if it was a good choice though since he found out that Brock was back in town. When he was close to Professor Oak’s laboratory he found out that there was another person that wanted to become a Pokémon trainer. He walked closer to the other trainer and saw that he pretty much wore basic clothes like him; a black t-shirt and blue pants.

“Hello, welcome to the front of my Pokémon laboratory!” Professor Oak exclaimed. “In here this is the place where you can get your first starter Pokémon, which is only three choices. It will only be three choices of Pokémon, which are Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle!”
“Can I just choose my Pokémon already?” the second Pokemon trainer asked.
“Not yet because before you do, you better choose wisely because I want you two to be a part of my research! I’ll be giving you each a Pokédex to collect data from every single Pokémon you find!”
“Oh wow! So, this isn’t going to be an adventure after all, but a science project?” the Pokémon trainer asked.
“No, not quite, but as a Pokémon professor and being old as a I am, I also told a couple others to collect data, too,” Professor Oak said. “With any ado, the first one to choose his Pokémon would be the anxious one, which is you, young man.”

Raphael was chosen to be second to choose his starter Pokémon and while he was waiting for the other Pokémon trainer to choose, he quickly read the title of a book. When the other Pokémon trainer got done choosing, he put the book back on the bookshelf and walked towards the table. He was standing in front of the oak table and looked at the two pokéball's closely. As he carefully chose a pokéball, he looked back at his supposed rival and smiled. He was hoping that his rival chose Bulbasaur as he chose Charmander, so he gripped the pokéball and walked towards his rival.

“Hey, before we leave our separate ways we should have a Pokémon battle!” Red’s rival exclaimed. “My name is Gabriel, by the way.”
“Okay, that sounds great,” Raphael said. “Let’s bring it on!”

Gabriel threw out his pokéball first and it appeared to be Squirtle, which was Raphael’s chosen weakness. Raphael got bummed when Gabriel threw out Squirtle, the Water-type Tiny Turtle Pokémon. Raphael threw out Charmander and as soon as Professor Oak saw that Gabriel chose the correct type over Raphael, he got more bummed.

“Okay, let’s begin with the Pokémon types you chose,” Professor Oak said.
“No need,” Gabriel said. “I’m planning on becoming a Professor or a scientist like you. So, I already know the outcome of this Pokémon battle and the two types. There’s the Fire-type Lizard Pokémon against my Water-type Tiny Turtle Pokémon.”
“Okay, we’ll see,” Professor Oak said. “Go on then, battle and we’ll see who wins.”

Gabriel put his hands in his pants pocket and grinned while Raphael pulled his hat backward and put on black and red finger-less gloves. Since Gabriel was now known as someone who was going to become a Pokémon professor Raphael was also an adult like him, knowing the same amount of Pokemon he does.

“Let’s go, Charmander! Use Scratch!” Raphael commanded.
“Okay, Squirtle! Use Tackle!” Gabriel commanded.

Charmander used Scratch, running up to his rival’s Squirtle and scratching its face. Three red thin lines went across Squirtle's face and then quickly disappeared. Squirtle shook its head and ran towards Charmander as fast as it could, quickly lowering its head and gave Charmander a blow in the body. Charmander was hurt as bad as Squirtle, but Raphael didn’t back down. Raphael saw that Gabriel was looking through his pokédex and had a confused look on his face.

“Wow, this Squirtle doesn’t even have a Water-type move yet,” Gabriel said. “However, in this first Pokémon battle it’s going to be a close one.”
“Okay, well let’s go Charmander! Use Scratch!” Raphael commanded.
“Let’s go, Squirtle! Use Tackle!” Gabriel commanded.

Charmander scratched Squirtle on the face a second time, making it hurt even more than the first. Squirtle shook its head quickly and tackled Charmander with all it got, making it an even match-up again. When Raphael saw that both Charmander and Squirtle were evenly hurt, he wanted to make sure that types didn’t mean a thing in a Pokémon battle.

“Okay Charmander, let’s use Scratch!” Raphael commanded.
“Let’s go, Squirtle! Let’s use Tackle!” Gabriel commanded.

Raphael saw the final blow Squirtle done to Charmander, making it look so weak that Professor Oak called off the Pokémon battle.

“Okay, we have a winner! The winner is Gabriel!” Professor Oak announced. “In every Pokémon battle, Pokémon types matter and the strongest will always win!”
“Yes! That’s right!” Gabriel exclaimed. “I win and you lose, so cough it up!”
“Cough what up, Gabriel?” Raphael asked.

Both Raphael and Gabriel looked at Proféssor Oak in a confused way, wanting him to cough up what Gabriel meant.

“Well, in most cases Pokémon trainers can bet money on who wins,” Professor Oak said. “However, in this case, we didn’t bet anything as it was just a training exercise. So, no wins or loses, no one wins money or loses money.”
“That’s not fair, professor,” Gabriel said.
“I think that’s fair, but anyway, I’m on my way because my mom is worried about me,” Raphael said.

Raphael waved a goodbye to Professor Oak and Gabriel, leaving the Pokémon laboratory. When he was walking back to his house, he noticed that his neighbor, Gabriel’s sister, was out on the steps. He walked over to her and introduced himself, soon making her feel odd.

“Hi, my name is Raphael,” Raphael said. “What’s your name?”
“Hi Raphael, my name is Barbara,” Gabriel’s sister said. “What made you want to come here before your Pokémon adventure?”
“I came here before I left to check on my mom and to see what you’re doing,” Raphael said. “So, what are you doing?”
“I’m looking at the map of the Kanto region,” Barbara said. “I’m also trying to get familiar with the map before I go on my own adventure.”
“Oh really?” Raphael asked. “What kind of adventure are you going on?”
“I’m going to start my adventure with the remaining starter Pokémon in Professor Oak’s laboratory and doing Pokémon contests,” Barbara said.
“Oh wow, that’s cool!” Raphael exclaimed.
“Yeah, but anyways, I’m about done, so we’ll see each other in Pewter City, okay?” Barbara asked.
“Okay, that’s a good idea,” Raphael said. “I’m going to check on my mom before I go, so see you around.”

Raphael walked away from Barbara and walked into his own house, seeing his mom sipping on some tea. He sat down and poured a glass of his own, smiling at his mom because he was officially a Pokémon trainer.

“Well mom, I would want to check on you before I go,” Raphael said. “My starter Pokémon is Charmander and I noticed that there’s going to be two more Pokémon trainers going on the same adventure as me.”
“Okay, that’s cool,” Raphael’s mom said. “That’ll be good for you, getting you out of the house and talk to people.”
“Yeah, also my favorite thing to do which is seeing what kind of Pokémon there are in the world,” Raphael said. “Well, while I’m thinking of it and getting me anxious, I’m going to go now.”
“Okay, son,” Raphael’s mom said. “We’ll see you when you get back, I’ll be calling you every now and then.”

Raphael kissed his mom on the cheek and hugged her before he walked out of the house to leave. He walked out of the property lines and saw a wooden sign that said, “Route 1.” As he walked through the wild grasses and on the dirt path, he saw many wild Pokémon to catch. Taking out his pokédex to record the only two Pokemon he found so far, he noticed only one Pokémon worth catching. The first Pokémon he recorded was Pidgey, the Normal-type Tiny Bird Pokémon and the second was Rattata, the Normal-type Mouse Pokémon.

Raphael thought about catching both of the Pokémon instead of just one, looking down at his Pokémon belt and seeing five empty slots. Now as he thought of only catching one Pokémon, he looked around for a wild Pidgey, the Tiny Bird. When he found a wild Pidgey he saw that it looked strong, taking out Charmander to attack it.

“Okay Charmander, let’s use Scratch!” Raphael commanded.

Charmander ran up towards the wild Pidgey and scratched it, battling and weakening it for the first time. Charmander looked back at its trainer, Raphael and smiled wanting it to keep battling. The wild Pidgey was hurt but it was still able to stay in the battle, flapping its wings and launching sand at Charmander. Charmander got sand in its face but it quickly shook it off, waiting for Red to give it another command.

“Let’s use Scratch, Charmander!” Raphael commanded.

Charmander ran up towards the wild Pidgey a second time and weakened it more, but the Pokémon was still in the battle. Raphael didn’t know that the wild Pidgey was this strong so he took out a pokéball out of his backpack and waited.

“Okay Charmander, let’s use Scratch one more time!” Raphael commanded.

Charmander’s little flame on the tip of its tail grew bigger, making Raphael wonder what was going on. Charmander ran its fastest towards the wild Pidgey and with all it got, Charmander raised its little arm and scratched the wild Pidgey. Raphael saw the power Charmander had and wanted to know what was happening, going through his pokédex to find out. When he looked it up he noticed that his Charmander had the Blaze and Solar Power ability, which made him wonder. Also, when he looked further into the statistics of Charmander, he saw that it was also Rash.

“Okay Charmander, that’s it, please come back!” Raphael commanded.

Raphael tightly gripped the empty pokeball and threw it at the wild Pidgey as fast as he could. The pokéball gave out a smacking noise damaging the wild Pidgey even more, but it was successfully transferred inside the pokéball. When the pokéball landed on the soft grass and started to move back and forth, making Red anxious. The pokéball kept going back and forth numerous times, soon stopping as Raphael watched a wild Rattata. The wild Pidgey was successfully caught and making Raphael happy and excited for his first caught Pokémon.

“Alright! We got a Pidgey!” Raphael exclaimed.

Both Raphael and Charmander was excited, jumping up and down raising their hands in the air. When they were whipped out from their excitement Raphael made Charmander return into its pokéball and continued his way down Route 1. When he started to continue walking down the route he was stopped by someone that looked like a store clerk, making him stop to wonder what was going on.

“Oh, hello there, I’m one of the store clerks of the Viridian City pokémart!” the store clerk exclaimed. “I’m also giving out samples to upcoming Pokémon trainers, so are you one?”
“Yeah, I’m currently a Pokémon trainer from Pallet Town, but I love samples,” Raphael said. “What kind of samples do you have?”
“I have medication samples, but since I can’t just give out a drop of medication, I’m going to give you a full bottle of Potion for your Pokémon,” the store clerk said. “It’s also free, so no cost whatsoever!”
“Oh cool! That’s awesome, thank you!” Raphael exclaimed.

Raphael grabbed the bottle of potion and put it in his backpack, thanking the store clerk again. Continuing down the route he suddenly saw a bush of berries that would make his Pokemon happy, but according to his pokédex Charmander loved dry berries. However, when he was going to take a couple bitter berries from the bush, he suddenly saw apricorns. Trying to remember was apricorns were used for, he only grabbed one and surprisingly it was a black one. Wanting to remember what apricorns were used for he continued his way down the path, looking at the big city of Viridian ahead of him.

To Be Continued...


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Chapter 2: Viridian City - Three's A Crowd

Raphael entered the city limits of Viridian City and walked into the pokécenter to heal his two Pokémon which were Charmander and Pidgey. He walked towards the nurse and saw that it wasn’t really busy. Wondering why it wasn’t so busy at this time, he looked at the clock and saw that it was around noon. He grabbed the two pokéball's from his black belt and set them on the counter in front of the nurse.

“Welcome to the Viridian City pokécenter, how may I help you?” the nurse asked.
“Hi, I would want to heal my Pokémon, please,” Raphael said.
“Okay, just hold on just a couple minutes,” the nurse said. “I would have to put them in the back room so they can heal.”
“Okay, that’s fine,” Raphael said.

Raphael walked back to sit on the bench and saw that the nurse was taking her time. When he was getting anxious from the time he looked around and saw Barbara and Gabriel walking in. Getting up to greet them with a smile they quickly sat down in a booth together.

“Hey Raphael, how’s it going?” Barbara asked.
“Hi Barbara, it’s going pretty good,” Raphael said. “However, it’s taking a long time that my Pokémon to heal.”
“Really? That’s strange, they would usually take about five minutes for them to heal,” Barbara said. “I wonder what’s going on.”

Barbara and Gabriel got up off the booth and walked towards the nurse's counter, soon ringing the bell for service. However, the nurse took a long time to get back to the counter, making Gabriel have a confused look.

“Hi, what’s taking so long for my friends Pokémon to heal?” Gabriel asked. “I thought this pokécenter took only five minutes to heal Pokémon?”
“It does take five minutes to heal Pokémon, but we’re having trouble in the back,” the nurse said. “We’re having difficulty with the healing process.”
“Okay, so what’s going on with the healing process?” Gabriel asked. “I’ve been taught how to heal Pokémon, so I think I can fix it.”
“Well, I hope you can, sir,” the nurse said. “Please, come with me and you’ll find out for yourself.”

Gabriel and the nurse went back into the back room where they heal the hurt Pokémon which made Raphael and Barbara wait. Immediately as soon as they walked back the nurse was screaming making both Raphael and Barbara run into the back room. They saw that there were three suspicious Pokémon trainers wearing black trying to take the Pokémon.

“Hey! What’s going on here?!” Gabriel yelled.
“Oh shoot! Let’s go!” one of the Pokémon trainers yelled.

Both Raphael and Gabriel didn’t want the three suspicious trainers get away with the stolen Pokémon, running as fast as they could to catch up with them. Quickly tackling two of them down only leaving them one get away.

“Get them back!” Gabriel yelled. “Give these Pokémon back, now!”
“No way! These Pokémon are prized possessions!” one of the trainers yelled.
“No, they’re not! So, give them back or else!” Gabriel yelled.

Gabriel started to beat the suspicious trainer, trying to force him to give up the stolen Pokémon. Raphael wanted to find out an easier way to free the stolen Pokémon, but he wanted to know how he could get his Pokémon back.

“Okay, we’ll battle for them!” Raphael exclaimed.
“Battle? What do you mean by battling?” one of the suspicious trainers asked.
“We battle for the stolen Pokémon! If we win the battle we get the Pokémon back, but if you win the stolen Pokémon are forever yours,” Raphael said.
“Okay, that’s a good deal,” the suspicious trainer said. “Harry ran his fastest so I guess it’s just Kaylin and me! So, let’s go!”

The two suspicious trainers named Kaylin and Ramona quickly got up and grabbed a pokéball each, waiting for Raphael and Gabriel. However, since Raphael didn’t have his Pokémon Gabriel had to wait for Barbara. When she arrived, Gabriel took out Bulbasaur and Barbara took out Squirtle as the two suspicious trainers sent out Abra and Weedle.

“Oh wow, what kind of Pokémon is that?” Raphael asked.
“It’s an Abra the Psi Pokémon,” Gabriel said. “I heard that many trainers want this Pokémon but with their minds so bothered it’s hard to catch it, so I’m assuming that this Abra was stolen.”
“Oh wow, that’s cool. I hope I can catch one,” Raphael said.

The Pokémon battle was an average battle for both Gabriel and Barbara as they were known as elite trainers. However, with them being elite trainers and older than any other Pokémon trainer out in the Pokémon world Raphael was also a part of those elite trainers. With them winning the battle the two suspicious trainers had to give up the stolen Pokémon which were quickly brought back to the Viridian City pokécenter. The suspicious Pokémon trainers ran their fastest dropping a piece of paper and when Raphael went to pick it up he read that the piece of paper was titled, “Team Rocket’s Capture List.”

“Wow, look at this, guys,” Raphael said. “Those two people were apart of Team Rocket, the prestigious group that steals Pokémon from other Pokémon trainers.”
“Oh really? That’s not good,” Barbara said. “We need to get those crooks!”
“No, not now,” Gabriel interrupted. “We need to band up and find their headquarters. Find the leader and take them out!”

As what they don’t know, the Viridian City gym was where the leader was placed, but as of what the townsfolk say, the gym was closed for months. Also, what the three Pokémon trainers don’t know yet is that the actual headquarters is located in Mahogany Town.

“Well, we should find the leader and ask him to not do these kind of things,” Raphael said. “We need to cover more ground, finding the headquarters and confront him.”
“What are you trying to say?” Gabriel asked. “Ask Team Rocket members where their boss is located, ask them where their headquarters are located?”
“I’m not saying that, I’m saying that we need to separate and find these guys and ask them where their leader is, doesn’t matter what it takes,” Raphael said.

Gabriel looked at Raphael’s eyes and saw a burning sensation in them, wondering if he was going to join Team Rocket. However, with Barbara thinking the same, she was wondering if her friend would do the right thing and take the leader down from the inside. With Barbara wanting Raphael to join Team Rocket and her brother Gabriel not wanting him to, it was hard to decide who was right.

“I want them to be taken down and for good,” Gabriel said. “However, we need to gather together, find them, and take them out one by one before getting to the leader.”
“Yes, but how are we going to do that since all three of us are experienced in different ways and might be in separate locations any time soon?” Barbara asked.
“I don’t know, but I want to take them out, sooner or later Barbara,” Gabriel said. “I got to go and head to Pewter City, meet me there you two and we’ll talk more.”

Raphael was thinking of joining this suspicious team known as Team Rocket, wondering what kind of things they do other than stealing Pokémon. When he saw Gabriel leave the area he turned to look at Barbara and looked at her in a confused look.

"So, what do you think of Team Rocket and my plan?" Raphael asked.
"Your plan is a good idea, but it can be dangerous, too," Barbara said. "However, if you do finally decide to join Team Rocket, who knows what kind of Pokémon you'll see. Yeah, basic and common Pokémon, but who knows what other Pokémon are out there."
"I'm only planning on joining Team Rocket to take them down from the inside," Raphael said. "Yes, I would like to know what kind of things they do other than steal Pokémon from other Pokémon trainers, but I need to see how they work and take that advantage to take them out."
"Okay, well, we'll see about this in the future," Barbara said. "I just hope you join Team Rocket for the goodness of the trainers and Pokémon instead of for the money and opportunity to get powerful Pokémon."
"I know, I'm still thinking of joining Team Rocket and hopefully this will make me think of joining for the right thing instead of the bad thing," Raphael said. "I'll see you in Pewter City, Barbara, we'll see you around."
"Okay, Raphael, we'll see you around," Barbara said.

Raphael started to walk north towards Pewter City but as he was walking on a dirt path, he read a sign saying, "Route 2". He noticed that the route wasn't much of a route as it led straight into a forested area. While he was walking the route he saw that there were many items hidden in bushes, soon walking over and finding a Moon Stone. The stone he found was an evolution stone that is minimal to specific types and the certain range of Pokémon. Continuing to walk around to find more items, he found a Pink Apricorn, which he thought would be an interesting bundle of food.

Continuing his way down the path and towards the forested area, he saw a house that looked peaceful. Walking towards the house, he thought it was abandoned so he opened the door and walked inside, seeing that there was someone playing with a Pokémon.

"Hi there, what are you doing?" Raphael asked.
"Oh, hi there! I'm trying to train my Mr. Mime, so please, leave me be," the trainer said.
"No, wait, I didn't mean to intervene," Raphael said. "What's a Mr. Mime?"
"Mr. Mime is a Mime Psychic-type Pokémon," the trainer said. "I've been having a lot of trouble trying to train it, so I'll give it to you for an easier Pokémon to train."

Raphael wondered what to do, thinking of what kind of Pokémon would be easier than a Mr. Mime. As he sat down and looked through his pokédex to find out what kind of Pokémon would be easy for the Pokémon trainer, he wondered if he could just catch a wild Pokémon for him.

"I know what kind of Pokémon would be easier to train for you," Raphael said. "However, it might make you actually leave the house some because you need to be outside and battle another Pokémon in order to train it and make it stronger."
"Okay, so what kind of Pokémon are you thinking?" the Pokémon trainer asked.
"I'm talking about either Weedle or Caterpie," Raphael said. "However, you can only find them near trees and probably multiple in that forest up ahead."
"Okay, well, that sounds great!" the Pokemon trainer exclaimed. "However, I would want to give you this Mr. Mime for a pokéball or two?"
"Okay, that sounds like a good deal," Raphael said.

Raphael went into his backpack and grabbed two pokéball's which he traded for a Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime was known as the dual type Psychic-Fairy type Barrier Pokémon, which made Raphael wonder how much the Pokémon would be. Already thinking like a member of Team Rocket he was curious about even having the Pokémon in his team, wondering if he would be able to trade for it. Although he was happy to trade a Pokémon for an item, he also thought if he ripped off the Pokémon trainer or not. He ignored the fact and walked out of the Pokémon trainer's house, waving him a goodbye.

Raphael kept walking towards the forest, watching the Pokémon trainer trying to catch the wild Pokémon he suggested. Laughing and wondering if a Weedle or Caterpie would really be easy and weak or easy to catch and be strong. When he walked over to observe the Pokémon trainer's progress he saw that he only used one of the two pokéball's he gave him. When he continued his way to the forest he read the sign, reading, "Viridian Forest", making him wonder how long it would take. However, before he entered the forest, he looked up at the sky and saw that there was a mysterious Pokémon that flew over him, making him wonder what kind of Pokémon it was.

To Be Continued...


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Chapter 3: Viridian Forest - Buzzing Away

Raphael started to walk into the Viridian Forest, seeing all of the tall trees and multiple Bug-type Pokemon squirming around the grassy floor. As he was continuing his way through the forest, he saw many Caterpie, many Weedle, however, he saw a ton of nests, too. Instead of seeing Rattata on the ground floor he kept seeing the weak looking Bug-type, wondering if the manifestation would end. It took him multiple steps to end up going towards another direction, soon finding a lone pokeball on the ground. As he picked up the pokeball he raised stretching his long legs and saw a wild Weedle in front of him.

Walking up and down the forest path looking at all the wild Weedle and Caterpie nests, thinking of the Pokemon trainer he traded Mr. Mime with. As he was wondering about it, he walked over to one of the Weedle nests he saw a giant bee looking Pokemon. Quickly being scared jumping up in the air he noticed that he startled the small Weedle on the ground floor. Suddenly trying his best to keep calm, trying to not move or anything. However, wanting to know what kind of Pokemon the bee was, he pulled out his pokedex and it came up to a wild Beedrill, the Poison Bee Pokemon.

As he was looking further into the Poison Bee Pokemon, he noticed that the wild Beedrill could evolve into something else, making him want to catch a Weedle. However, with the reading and loud voice of the pokedex, the wild Beedrill was alerted and started to chase him. Scared and running as fast as he could up and down the forest path, he accidentally ran into a person. Suddenly being plunged on the floor by the person, he looked up at the person and saw that he had a bug catching net.

"Hold there! Don't move!" the person said. "My name is Samuel, who may you be?"
"My name's Raphael, what kind of trainer are you?" Raphael asked.
"I'm a Bug catcher," Samuel said. "I catch Bug Pokemon and study them, as my only Pokemon is Kakuna."
"A Kakuna? That’s the evolved form of a Weedle, right?" Raphael asked
"Yes, that's correct," Samuel said. "Professor Oak gave it to me as my starter Pokemon and now it's a Kakuna. I want it to become stronger and hope that it evolves into that Pokemon there, a Beedrill."
"Oh, that's cool!" Raphael exclaimed. "I would so want a Weedle right now."
"That's awesome! Well, anyway, how about a Pokemon battle to train my Kakuna?" Samuel asked.
"That's awesome, I would love to have a Pokemon battle with you!" Raphael exclaimed.

Both Raphael and Samuel took a couple big steps away from each other to create a battle area, making Raphael wonder how strong that Kakuna Samuel had was. However, looking down at his belt he noticed that he had his Pidgey which was strong against Bug-type Pokemon. Smiling down at the forest floor grabbing Pidgey's pokeball, he wished that it would easily take down the Kakuna.

"Okay, the battle is a one on one Pokemon battle! The winner will proceed out of the Viridian Forest! The loser will stay in the forest forever!" Samuel announced.
"Okay, let's go! I'll bring out my Pidgey!" Raphael commanded.

Samuel sent out his Kakuna which stood perfectly upward and straight on its bottom tip, making Raphael wonder how shiny it is. As the Kakuna just stood there the Pidgey looked at it like it was prey, opening its beak and flapping its wings.

"Okay, Pidgey! Let's use Tackle!" Raphael commanded.
"Let's use Harden, Kakuna!" Samuel commanded.

Kakuna didn’t move at all but stood there without any hesitation, making Pidgey fly towards it with its fast speed. Tackling the Kakuna with all it got, the Pidgey didn't get any effect at all, making Raphael wonder why it wasn't an easy hit.

"Ah! Tackle is a Normal-type Pokemon move, making it have a normal effect on my Kakuna!" Samuel exclaimed. "However, I would only be worried about my Kakuna if it had Gust which is a Flying-type Pokemon move!"

Raphael went into his pokedex and looked at the moves his Pidgey currently had which wasn't much, only Tackle the Normal-type move and Sand Attack, the Ground-type move. Making him look at Charmander's moves, it had Scratch and Growl which were both Normal-type moves. Being bummed about both his Pokemon's moves, he scratched his head, curiously looking at Mr. Mime's stats. Mr. Mime was a Psychic-type Pokemon which was Kakuna's weakness, making him switch out.

"Okay, let's give it a break Pidgey! Let's go Mr. Mime!" Raphael commanded. "Let's use Confusion!"
"Oh no! Kakuna, use Harden, now!" Samuel commanded.

Mr. Mime was oddly faster than Samuel's Kakuna making it use its Confusion attack first. Mr. Mime raised its right hand making Kakuna get surrounded by a mysterious purple aura, soon using its other hand to point towards the tree behind its trainer. Quickly and suddenly, Kakuna flew straight back towards the tree Mr. Mime pointed at, making it have a loud crash. Oddly enough Raphael saw that the Mr. Mime was stronger than he thought, making him wonder how strong it'll be with its full potential.

"No! This isn't good!" Samuel yelled. "Let's use Harden, Kakuna!"
"Let's use Confusion again, Mr. Mime!" Raphael commanded.

Mr. Mime did the same actions before making the same strange purple aura surround Kakuna, slinging it back towards the tree. This time, it had such a loud crash that Samuel was worried about his Kakuna, thinking that it crashed and died. Making Mr. Mime return to its pokeball and running as fast as he could to see if Samuel's Pokemon died, they noticed that it was still intact.

"You win the battle, now go!" Samuel yelled. "After this, you win nothing from me! So, go now or else!"
"I didn't mean to hurt Kakuna that bad, I'm sorry," Raphael said. "I really didn't mean to."
"Yes, I know, but I didn't know you had such a strong Mr. Mime in your Pokemon party," Samuel said. "Now, with all respect, I need you to go. However, I'm heading towards Pewter City to heal my Kakuna."
"I'm heading to Pewter City, too," Raphael said. "Do you want to walk with me?"
"No thanks, I'll go on my own," Samuel said. "I would want to examine what'll happen to Kakuna after this much damage."
"Okay, well I'll see you around, Samuel," Raphael said. "Goodbye now!"

Raphael started to walk towards the end of the Viridian Forest, soon finding out that there was a Leaf Stone in the middle of the floor. Picking it up quickly and putting it in his backpack, he continued to see multiple Weedle and Caterpie swarming around the forest floor. With his new attempt to catch a wild Weedle, he took out a pokeball and viciously threw it at the wild Weedle. The pokeball was smacked directly at Weedle's little body. The pokeball moved back and forth numerous times, suddenly stopping in mid-movement.

Raphael stood there on the forest floor to see if the wild Weedle was caught, wondering if Mr. Mime would find out for him since it was a Psychic-type.

"Okay Mr. Mime, let's find out if there's a Weedle in this pokeball!" Raphael commanded.

When Mr. Mime came out, it used Confusion to bring back the pokeball into Raphael's hand, shrugging its shoulders up in the air. Looking at the gesture Mr. Mime gave to him, Raphael thought it would know if a Pokemon would be in a pokeball or not, but it didn't. As the pokeball didn't move an inch on the forest floor for a long time until it was brought to his hand, he really wondered if it was inside the ball. Finalizing his thought, he made Mr. Mime return to its pokeball and walked out of the Viridian Forest. Now walking towards the rocky city of Pewter, he wondered how strong the gym leader was as he knew that his name was Brock.

To Be Continued...


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Chapter 4: Pewter City - The Great Forrest

Raphael was walking out of the Viridian Forest and re-entered Route 2, looking back at his progress as he continued his journey. When he entered Pewter City, he saw how amazed the city was; surrounding by a mountain range. However, as he was walking passed the pokecenter and straight to the Pewter City gym, he saw that it wasn't a Rock-type gym anymore. Wondering what kind of types the gym is now, he walked around the gym and saw many trees and leaves, thinking that it was Grass-type or Bug-type. Seeing that he had a Charmander which was a Fire-type Pokemon he thought that he would win the gym badge.

"Are you a Pokemon trainer?" a man wearing a black and white shirt asked.
"Yes, I'm a Pokemon trainer," Raphael said. "Why are you asking?"
"I'm asking because this gym specializes in Rock-type and Ground-type Pokemon," the person said. "However, instead of Brock the original Pokemon gym leader, it is now controlled by Forrest, his brother."
"So, is Forrest in the gym now?" Raphael asked.
"I'm sorry, but he's out training his Pokemon up in the mountaintop," the person said. "I'm the gym announcer here, I'll make sure to tell him when he returns so you can challenge him."
"Okay, that's great," Raphael said. "I'll return later than."

Raphael was bummed thinking that he'll lose the gym battle since he doesn't have a Water-type or a Grass-type Pokemon. Wondering if he could find a good Grass-type or Water-type Pokemon, he thought of what Pokemon the cruel and mysterious Team Rocket had. Walking away from the Pewter City gym and into the pokecenter, he walked towards the computer. On the computer he looked up Team Rocket and requested a visit from one of the recruiters, however, he didn't know who they were. After he requested a visit from someone who would potentially recruit him into Team Rocket, he looked up the location of their headquarters, seeing that it was located in Mohagany Town in Johto.

Logging off the computer, Raphael walked out of the pokecenter and looked at the time, wondering if Forrest was back at the gym. He walked back towards the Pewter City gym and saw that it wasn't unlocked yet, walking passed it seeing a museum. Wondering what kind of Pokemon he would find there, walking into the museum. As he was inside he saw that it looked amazing, seeing multiple kinds of rocks, boulders, and stones. Remembering that he looked up that a Beedrill can evolve into another kind of Pokemon with a stone.

"Do you have evolutionary stones here?" Raphael asked.
"Of course, we do, we have multiple evolution stones," the museum guide said. "We have Moon Stones, Water Stones, Fire Stone, and many more."
"That's awesome! How much are they?" Raphael asked.
"Evolution stones are worth one-hundred coins," the announcer said. "However, we do have a research recovery system where you can restore the health of fossilized Pokemon."
"How much are these fossils or where can I find them?" Raphael asked.
"You can find these fossils on top of the mountain range, inside the mountain range, and other regions," the announcer said. "When you want any other services, please go to the scientists or the store clerks at the pokemart."
"Okay, thank you so much," Raphael said. "However, I would really want these fossils."

The announcer laughed out loud as Raphael walked away, walking towards the scientists. Looking at multiple fossils and seeing a sculpture of what Pokemon it can turn into, his first was Omanyte which was a Water-type and a Rock-type Pokemon. Omanyte came from the Helix Fossil and it was Spiral Pokemon. The next fossil he looked at was the Dome Fossil and it was known to have a Kabuto if you recovered it. His third fossil, however, wasn't a fossil at all but an amber nugget.

Looking up at the sculpture it was he awed in shock, seeing that wingspan of the Pokemon. He looked at the fossil named Old Amber, wanting to take it and recover it at another recovery site. The Pokemon was named Aerodactyl, the original Fossil Pokemon. Wanting the Old Amber so bad, he looked left and right slowly going towards the Old Amber. Suddenly, being stopped by a mysterious white glove, he looked back and saw that it was a mysterious man wearing a black uniform.

"Welcome to the Pewter City museum, how may I help you?" the mysterious man asked.
"Uh, I don't know," Raphael said confusedly. "What do you mean?"
"Come with me and I'll tell you," the mysterious man said. "I can tell you about the assignments of our organization and others you may have any questions."

Raphael wanted to know what kind of person it was, only seeing them wearing a black uniform, white boots, and white gloves. Following the mysterious man out of the museum and on the side of it, the man revealed a bag that was filled to the top.

"Here I have what you need, Raphael," the mysterious man said. "There's a Pokemon that can easily destroy this cities gym leader and a couple fossils for you, too."
"What do you mean there's a Pokemon that can defeat the Pewter City gym leader?" Raphael asked. "Also, what do you mean by fossils, too?"
"I mean that there's a strong Pokemon in the bag for you, it can take out the Pokemon the gym leader has with ease," the mysterious man said. "There's also a fossil or two for you, Pokemon fossils that you can recover from the museum."

Raphael was still confused and wondering what or who the mysterious man was, opening the big brown bag of items and finding that he was true. There were two Pokemon fossils and one pokeball that was colored blue having black net looking shapes on it. Grabbing the special looking pokeball and taking it out of the bag he looked at the mysterious man in a confused look, wondering what kind of ball it was.

"That special kind of pokeball is known as the Net Ball, a pokeball that's more successful catching Water-type and Bug-type Pokemon," the mysterious man said. "If you want to know what kind of Pokemon it is, it's a Gyarados, one of the strongest Water-type Pokemon known throughout the world."
"Wow, that's awesome! Thank you, sir!" Raphael exclaimed. "However, I do want to keep my other Pokemon."
"That's okay, you can keep your current Pokemon because it only looks like you have room for one more Pokemon," the mysterious man said. "However, when you recover both the Aerodactyl and Kabuto, you would have to transfer one in the pokecenter."
"Okay, well, which Pokemon should I transfer to make room?" Raphael asked.
"I would say Weedle, the Pokemon you just caught," the mysterious man said. "However, it's all up to you. I'm just here to congratulate you on joining Team Rocket. So, you're welcome."
"Wait, what?" Raphael asked confusedly.

Before Raphael was able to talk and catch up with the mysterious man he was gone, soon looking down at the Net Ball, the pokeball that held a strong Gyarados. Grabbing the two Pokemon fossils and walking back to the Pewter City museum, he walked towards the scientists that held the recovery station.

"Hi, is this computer hooked to the pokecenter nearby?" Raphael asked.
"Yes, it is, sir," one scientist said. "Would you like to transfer a Pokemon before you recover those two fossils you found?"
"Yes, that's right," Raphael said.

Raphael was obviously lying to the scientist because he didn't find them, but he got them from someone that looked like he was a part of Team Rocket. Thinking that the two fossils were stolen by someone or some other museum, he handed over the two fossils to the scientist. As the scientist went off to the station Raphael went onto the computer nearby and transferred his newly caught Weedle. When he logged off the computer and saw that the scientists were studying and continuing to recover the two fossils he had, he looked down and saw his new Pokemon team. Now, his strongest was the possibly stolen Gyarados and possibly the two Pokemon that would be recovered.

It took a couple more minutes to successfully recover and study the two Pokemon fossils, handing them back over to Raphael and leaving quickly. With the thought of the Gyarados and two fossils being stolen he quickly ran out of the Pewter City museum, running as fast as he could to the Pewter City gym. Before he walked into the gym, he settled down taking a deep breath and shaking off his anxiety. He opened the door of the Pokemon gym and inside he saw that it was very distinct; trees all over the place, rocks all over the place, and ponds here and there. He continued walking further in the gym and suddenly, he saw the supposed gym leader named Forrest.

"Welcome to the Pewter City gym! I'm Forrest, the gym leader! Who are you?" Forrest exclaimed.
"I'm Raphael of Pallet Town! I'm here to challenge the gym leader!" Raphael exclaimed.
"So, of course, a Pokemon trainer from Pallet Town as always! The rules will be a two on two battle! The challenger will go first!"

Raphael looked down at the Net Ball that was the first slot on his belt, thinking how strong the Gyarados really was. Grabbing the Net Ball and throwing it in front of him, he called out his first Pokemon.

"Go, Gyarados!" Raphael commanded.

When Raphael commanded Gyarados to come out a section of the gym floor separated, revealing a section of a pool when his mother Lola was in charge of the gym, having it be a Water-type Pokemon gym. Gyarados was a giant of a Pokemon making Raphael use his pokedex to read the details

of his new Pokemon. It was known as the Atrocious Pokemon calculating at the height of twenty-one feet, four inches smaller than its average height. Both Raphael and Forrest looked at the giant Pokemon, wondering if he can even tame the beast. Before he commanded it to attack, Raphael looked at the possible moves it had, seeing that there was a Water-type attack.

"Okay, Gyarados! Let's use Surf!" Raphael commanded.
"Let's go, Steelix! Let's use Rage!" Forrest commanded.

When Forrest threw out Steelix, it outmatched Raphael's Gyarados in height having a calculation of thirty-five feet. With the two giant Pokemon, the gym announcer had to de-attach the roof of the gym in order for them to even fit. Steelix roared its loudest and started to slither towards Gyarados in a rage. Gyarados roared its loudest too, creating a stir in the pool, suddenly making it rise like a wave. The wave quickly roared towards the raging Steelix, making it the first move to crash within' the gym.

Both Raphael and Forrest started out with Pokemon that were beasts that could easily take out anything, but the only difference between them is that Steelix was successfully tamed. With the crash of the enormous wave, Steelix was slowly pushed back towards Forrest. It was a successful attack Gyarados done, but Forrest knew deep inside that many trainers that even caught a Magikarp wasn't able to tame a Gyarados successfully. He was normally a Rock-type, Steel-type, Rock-type, and Ground-type Pokemon trainer but he did know that other trainers would take years to successfully tame Gyarados.

"Okay Steelix, let's use Slam!" Forrest commanded.
"Let's use Surf again, Gyarados!" Raphael commanded.

This time with the great speed Gyarados had against Steelix, it didn't listen to Raphael, letting Steelix have a successful attack. Steelix' great steel tail smashed hard against Gyarados' great body, Raphael wondering why it didn't listen to him.

"Okay, let's go Steelix! Let's use Slam again!" Forrest commanded.
"Come on, Gyarados! Let's use Hydro Pump!" Raphael commanded.

A second time Gyarados didn't listen to Raphael, making Steelix hit it for a second time. Wondering if Gyarados would ever listen to him, he started to get irritated.

"Gyarados, listen to me now!" Raphael yelled. "Let's use Hydro Pump!"
"Steelix, let's use Iron Tail!" Forrest commanded.

Gyarados sensed the irritation within' Raphael, finally listening to him. As Gyarados inhaled a large amount of breath, it sent out a massive amount of water like a fire hose. The massive amount of water sprayed fast towards Steelix, making it quicker than Steelix' third attack. When Steelix got pushed back this time, Raphael saw that it was weak, putting his hand into a fist.

"Yes! That's it Gyarados! Let's use Surf, now!" Raphael yelled.
"No, Steelix! Let's use Harden!" Forrest commanded.

Raphael yelled at Gyarados with anger and excitement this time making the giant beast of a Pokemon listen to him successfully. A giant wave was formed beneath it, starting to roar. The wave started to go towards the giant steel like building known as Steelix, suddenly weakening it to the point where Forrest was concerned. If Gyarados wasn't going to listen to Raphael in a calm commanding

manner, he might just try to continue to command it aggressively. As Steelix barely moved back against the Surf attack, Raphael wondered if one more attack would do it.

"Let's go, Gyarados! Let's use Hyper Beam!" Raphael yelled.
"Steelix! Let's use Harden, now!" Forrest commanded. "Let's try to resist its power!"

Gyarados raised its body up in the air and stretched its neck back, filling its mouth with all its power. Steelix embraced Gyarados' powerful attack as it used its Harden move, but with Raphael's new outlook on Gyarados, he knew that Steelix' Harden wasn't going to do anything. After Steelix done its move, Gyarados released all power, Raphael watching in awe at the giant beam it released. The beam of power splashed directly at Steelix, making Forrest brace himself even if the Hyper Beam was strong enough to take down the gym. However, when Gyarados was finished with its attack, Forrest knew that it wasn't done.

"A good battle it's starting to be!" Forrest exclaimed. "So, let's go Golem!"

Golem came out of its pokeball and as it slammed its body towards the ground floor, Gyarados was tired and weak, unable to move at all.

"Okay Golem, let's use Roll Out!" Forrest commanded.

Raphael wondered if Gyarados was tired out from the Hyper Beam it used before, feeling bad that he made it use the powerful attack. Golem tucked its head, arms, and legs into its boulder-like body and spun towards Gyarados. Crashing its body onto Gyarados', Raphael wondered if Golem was going to get hurt as well, but when it rolled back towards Forrest, it wasn't hurt at all. There wasn't a scratch on Golem at all at it looked like it was strong enough to resist any kind of attack. However, Raphael saw that with Gyarados becoming weaker, it was going to be a harsh landing if it fell.

"Let's get going, Gyarados! Let's use Hydro Pump!" Raphael commanded.

This time Golem didn't listen to Forrest, but however, it tucked its body into its hard boulder like shell a second time. It was Golem's Roll Out attack against Gyarados' Hydro Pump, making either last attacks determine the match. With its sudden speed, Gyarados shot out its attack first, making Golem shoot directly back at Forrest, being slammed against the gym wall. The gym announcer ran towards the gym wall to check on Golem, seeing if it fainted or not. When the announcer declared that Gyarados was the winner, Raphael looked up at the sky with happiness.

"That was an amazing battle, Raphael!" Forrest exclaimed. "With that, I announce you the winner of the Pewter City gym's, Boulder Badge!"
"That's awesome! Thank you!" Raphael exclaimed in excitement.
"However, a Pokemon that doesn't listen to you is a Pokemon that isn't really yours," Forrest said. "Gyarados did listen to you when you were aggressive with it, though. Gyarados is a tough Pokemon to tame however, making fisherman and sailors find it hard and tough to tame such a large Pokemon successfully."
"I know, I didn't know that a Gyarados like this would be so tough to train and tame," Raphael said. "I wish you a farewell and long journey, hopefully training your Gyarados successfully."

Raphael knew that Gyarados wasn't his, wondering why or wondering if it would be like this all the time in battles. When he waved a goodbye to Forrest walking out of the Pewter City gym, re-entering the streets of Pewter City. He started to walk around the gym and continued towards the pokemart, walking inside to find the evolution stones he was heard of. As he walked up and down the numerous aisles, he gathered a lot of supplies to buy. Not having any evolution stones in his cart yet as he didn't have any Pokemon that could evolve with a stone.

After he bought some items for his Pokemon and for himself, he walked out of the pokemart and saw that there was a special type of fossil nearby. Walking towards the house that displayed the artwork of the stone the museum displayed in real life, he wondered if he missed it. Now running his fastest back to the Pewter City museum and walking inside, he saw that the stone he missed was in the dead center of the museum. Walking slowly towards the Enigma Stone, he saw that it was glorious and beautiful looking, wondering where they found it. A security guard was blocking people from getting too far from the Enigma Stone, wondering if he could even touch it.

"This Enigma Stone is known as a Soul Dew," a mysterious voice said. "With it being able to finally settle here in the Pewter City museum, Latias and Latios can finally be at peace."
"Latias and Latios?" Raphael asked. "Who are those Pokemon?"

Raphael turned around and saw that there was a man wearing a black and silver suit, wondering if he was the mysterious man he encountered earlier.

"Hi, my name is Steven Stone, I am the rightful protector of the Enigma Stone," the mysterious man said. "If you want, you can take the stone and let the police find you or leave it be."
"What happens if I take it?" Raphael asked. "Will I find Latias and Latios?"
"Yes and no," Steven said. "Yes, you'll be able to find Latias and Latios, and no you won't be able to steal them like you've done with that Gyarados and those two fossils."
"Well, we'll see," Raphael said. "I just wanted to look at the stone to see if it was real, not to steal it or anything."
"Okay, good," Steven said. "Now leave this museum and never come back. However, we'll be waiting for you when you arrive on Hoenn. So, we'll see you later."

Raphael wasn't hesitant in the unknown man's words, wondering what he was actually talking about. He walked out of the museum and started to walk out of Pewter City, but suddenly he was stopped as he saw something in the sky. He saw two giant airplane like Pokemon in the sky right above him colored red and blue, finally thinking if they were Latias and Latios. With the thought of him seeing two legendary Pokemon he smiled, not having a second thought of stealing the Enigma Stone. He continued his way out of Pewter City, still wondering if the Gyarados would finally listen to him, hoping and praying that the strong Gyarados would.

To Be Continued...


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Chapter 5: Mt. Moon - The Difference Between Me & You

Raphael was walking on the short grassy path looking at all the wild Spearow flying in the air, the Pidgey chirping in the trees, and surprisingly wild Mankey's swinging on branches. When he was surprised by the wild Mankey, he thought of how bashful a Mankey would become. Going closer to one of the wild Mankey's, he observed the pig nose wondering how amazing it looked. He put down his backpack and took out his pokedex, reading that it was known as the Pig Monkey Pokemon, also it was a Fighting-type. Noticing that it had an Adamant nature as it forced itself through the branches of the tree, he wanted to know if he could catch it.

Looking down to see that he had six Pokemon already on his belt, he focused his attention on Gyarados. When he examined the Gyarados through the pokedex, he noticed that it had a diversity of attacks; a Fire-type move, an Electric-type move, a Water-type move, and the dangerous Hyper Beam. With the diversity of attack's it had, Raphael wondered if any Pokemon the mysterious man he met back in Pewter City would give him more Pokemon like that. Along with the thought of a Mankey learning such amazing attacks like Gyarados, he wanted to catch it. Before he took out his weakest Pokemon to be able to catch a wild Mankey, he went on his gear, located the phone, and called Professor Oak.

"Hi, is this Professor Oak?" Raphael asked.
"Yes, it is, who is this?" Professor Oak asked.
"Hi, this is Raphael, the trainer who lost the battle in your laboratory," Raphael said. "Can a Pokemon learn multiple moves?"
"Oh yes, it can learn multiple moves!" Professor Oak exclaimed. "However, when a Pokemon learns a move from naturality or a trainer teaching them it never forgets a move. So, let's see your Gyarados here... It knows Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, and a lot more. So, with that said, a Pokemon never forgets a move when it's been taught a move."
"Okay, that's awesome, Professor Oak," Raphael said. "I was traded this powerful Gyarados before I was challenging Forrest back in Pewter City."
"Oh wow, so you traded a Pokemon for the Gyarados? I would think that you caught a Magikarp and trained it to become a Gyarados," Professor Oak said. "That's a good thinking to do so, but it is known that trade or personally trained, it is a difficult Pokemon to tame."
"Yes, I know, professor, I've been hearing that a lot and I've been thinking of releasing Gyarados, especially to make room," Raphael said.
"That's not a good idea as for how strong it is and when you catch more Pokemon it'll be transferred right away to my laboratory," Professor Oak said. "However, it looks like I can only view a little of the Gyarados you've been traded. So, how did you really get the Gyarados, Raphael?"

Raphael was scared to tell Professor Oak to tell him the truth on the Gyarados, trying to make a diversion on his question but suddenly he had another call. When he made the call to Professor Oak into a three-way call, he noticed that there was another professor on the other screen.

"Well, hello there Samuel, it is a surprise to see you talking to one of the Team Rockets recruits," the mysterious professor said.
"A recruit of Team Rocket? Is that true, Raphael?" Professor Oak asked. "No wonder how you got a Gyarados with such a high level and strong moves."
"Yes, indeed he did get a Gyarados with such high prestige," the mysterious professor said. "He got it from me, Blaine. With such a strong Gyarados we had here in my laboratory, I just thought that I give it to him as a welcoming gift for joining."
"Well, now I see who you've become, Raphael," Professor Oak said. "Now, with that said, I should be leaving now."

Professor Oak hung up and it was Raphael and the mysterious professor named Blaine talking, wondering who the professor really was. Raphael saw that the professor Blaine was old, soon seeing that another old man coming up behind him.

"Well hello there, Raphael! I'm Professor Namba and here is the legendary Professor Blaine!" The second professor introduced. "I'm coming from the Hoenn region where our headquarters are located. Soon, when you arrive on Hoenn you'll be able to meet me in person."
"Oh wow, I've been wondering where the headquarters were, I wanted to see the leader in person, too," Raphael said.
"Yes, the leader Giovanni is hard at work," Professor Namba said. "However, I've heard that you finally have the powerful Gyarados in your party? If so, I would want to tell you that if any kind of Pokemon you want to transfer over we'll take care of it and raise it to a powerful and strong competitor."
"Well, thank you, professor, that's awesome," Raphael said. "With a strong Gyarados it's hard to tame it, so is there any other way to tame it?"
"Yes, there is a good way to tame it and that's with aggression," Professor Namba said. "If you have an aggressive command it'll listen to you with ease, making sure you can tame it easily. We tame and raise Pokemon with aggression and force, making their trainer care for it when we finally get done with our job in raising it."
"Okay, so that's why?" Raphael asked. "So, when I get to a pokecenter I can transfer over all of my Pokemon to you and you'll train it?"
"Of course, we will, Raphael," Professor Namba said. "However, it'll take a long time to tame it and train it for you as we have many rookies and elites wanting their Pokemon strong."
"Okay, that's fine," Raphael said. "So, with this being said I'm glad that I'll get my Pokemon strong and powerful like the Gyarados you sent me."
"Okay well, we got work to do, so we'll talk to you later," Professor Namba said.
"Okay thank you, professor," Raphael said. "We'll talk to you later."

Raphael got a lot of questions answered finally, finally sending out Pidgey to battle the long waiting Mankey. When the Pidgey came out, it flew up in the air showing its speed and landing on top of Raphael's shoulder. The wild Mankey stepped down from the tree it was swinging on soon glaring at the Pidgey forcefully.

"Let's go Pidgey, let's use Gust!" Raphael commanded.

Pidgey went up in the sky and flapped its wings as fast as it can, making a gust of wind to blow the wild Mankey in the air. As the wild Mankey crashed hard onto the ground floor, it started to get irritated, it started to attack. It started to attack Pidgey with Fury Swipes, but it wasn't going to stop for anything as it was still irritated.

"Fly up in the air to get it off you, Pidgey! Use Wing Attack when it lands!" Raphael commanded.

Pidgey flew up in the air and tried to get the wild Mankey off its tail, trying its best with its talons. When Mankey let go it landed on its feet and suddenly, Pidgey flew as fast as it could, blindsiding Mankey. Mankey landed on its feet a second time in a row, but it was getting more irritated yet weak. Raphael took this opportunity to throw a pokeball at the weak Mankey, watching the pokeball open to transport the Pokemon inside. It moved multiple times having the center button glow red over and over again, soon stopping.

"Okay, yes! We've caught a Mankey!" Raphael exclaimed. "However, I'm sad that I can only have six Pokemon with me."

After Raphael watched the pokeball disappear as it wasn't able to be on his pokebelt, he continued his way through Route 3. Walking through the short grass and through the trees, he wondered how his newly caught Mankey was feeling. As he kept thinking of the Mankey, he wondered if he was close to a pokecenter as he thought it was cool to have a Pokemon like Mankey on his team. As the trail turned north he saw a cave nearby, thinking if it would get mighty dark through the cave. However, when he got closer to the cave he saw a pokecenter, quickly walking into it.

When he walked inside he saw a man selling Magikarp and multiple Pokemon trainers healing their Pokemon. He walked over to the computer and called Professor Namba, making sure if his Mankey was okay.

"Well, we meet again, Raphael," Professor Namba said. "What brings you to call us in such an urgency."
"I just wanted to see if my newly caught Mankey was okay," Raphael said. "So, how is he?"
"Your Mankey is doing fine," Professor Namba said. "However, this Mankey is adamant, having a temper that not many Mankey or Primeape have. It's wondering."
"How is that so? Will he be okay?" Raphael asked.
"He'll be okay, Raphael, it'll just take a little more time to train him to your liking," Professor Namba said. "However, it has such wonderful energy, it tends to ignore sleeping or taking a rest."
"Okay, that's cool in some ways, but terrible in others," Raphael said. "Anyways though, I would want to transfer all of my Pokemon to you, only having Gyarados in my party."
"Why do you want to do that?" Professor Namba asked. "It's strategically impossible to keep only one Pokemon in your party, especially if the Gyarados isn't familiar with you yet."
"Okay, so what Pokemon do you prefer keeping, professor?" Raphael asked.
"I would want to transfer over a Pokemon for you as coming up is the Cerulean City gym," Professor Namba said. "Cerulean City is known to have a Water-type specialist, which is Misty. So, instead of having Gyarados' Thunderbolt to take care of her, I would want you to be smart and use other Pokemon."
"Okay, so what kind of Pokemon are you transferring over since I have to face against a Water-type gym leader?" Raphael asked.
"Well, it's hard to say as I want to keep it a secret, but it is one of the best starters between Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle." Professor Namba said. "I think they do consider Pikachu as a starter Pokemon still."
"Okay, well, I hope it's a Venasaur because it's the only starter that I know of that's strong against Water-type," Raphael said.

Professor Namba cleared his throat and put a pokeball on the table, making Raphael wonder what it was. He was thinking in his head of what kind of Pokemon was in the pokeball, but suddenly the professor took it away.

"I think you're not ready for this Pokemon yet, so I think when you arrive in Cerulean City I'll think about it more," Professor Namba said. "However, we still have more things to do on this side, so we'll talk to you later. Make sure to decide if you want to keep the Gyarados in your team, we'll be waiting for the amount of Pokemon you transfer over. Goodbye."

When Professor Namba logged out, Raphael looked down at his pokebelt and detached five out of six pokeballs. He wanted to see how long he can go without switching any Pokemon, only keeping the strong Gyarados in his party. However, he kept thinking if it was a good idea to only keep one Pokemon. When he logged out of the computer after transferring nearly all of his Pokemon, he walked out of the pokecenter with hesitation. After thinking of what he did, he finally entered the dark cave known as, "Mount Moon."
Raphael started to walk into the cave seeing that Mount Moon wasn't that bad at all, being able to see and walk around without being able to trip or stumble. Carrying only a few supplies because there wasn't a pokemart around, he walked around to see if there were anything on the floor. Looking around numerous times, he found many Moon Stone's. Wondering what kind of other kinds of stones the mountain had, he kept digging in the same areas. However, as he only saw the same kind of stones, he continued his way further into Mount Moon.

When he walked further into the mountain, he heard a lot of digging noises, soon running towards the sound. As he the sound kept getting close, he stopped to see that it was scientists studying the Moon Stone. Not wanting to disturb the scientists working, he looked around him to see if there was any other way through. Since there was only one way through the mountain path and it was going through the working scientists, he tried to mind his own business. Looking at every scientist that was studying the stones, he heard a louder noise nearby.

As he kept hearing the noise getting louder and louder, he saw that there were a Rhydon and a Rhyhorn drilling and pounding the rocky terrain from the mountain. Wondering what they were doing, he walked closer to them but suddenly a man that looked like a Team Rocket member was walking back to them.

"Hey, what are you doing here?!" the Team Rocket member yelled.
"I'm only passing through here, trying to get to Cerulean City," Raphael said. "What are you doing here?"
"I'm a part of Team Rocket, trying to get as much Moon Stone as possible," the Rocket member said. "I'm working solo, so if you're a part of Team Rocket join me and we'll split the profit in half, or scram!"

Raphael laughed a little trying the figure out why Team Rocket needed more Moon Stone, walking up the member to tell him that it wasn't needed. However, the member sounded like he needed help, soon grabbing one of the shovels on the ground. Before he revealed the four Moon Stone's he found before he walked this far into the mountain to the Team Rocket member, he dug and dug. Soon, he dug so much and so far into the mountain that it sounded like it was going to crash down on them.

"Hurry! Grab all the Moon Stone you can and run!" Raphael yelled.
"No! We need to keep going!" the Rocket member yelled. "We need to get as much as we can!"
"It's not worth it! I already got four back near the entrance and now we have a little more! So, let's go and get out of here!" Raphael yelled.

Raphael saw that the Team Rocket member was ignoring him as the mountain was about to cave-in on them. Jumping in front of him and knocking the shovel out of his hands, he forcefully grabbed the members shoulders and pushed him. When the mountain pass was starting to collapse and cave-in, both of them ran as fast as they could. They ran and ran, running into more scientists that were studying the mountain pass. Ignoring the fact that they should be stealing the Moon Stone's that were in the scientist's possession, Raphael kept running making sure both of them were safe.

"Hold on, hold on a moment," the Rocket member said. "I think we're safe now, besides my Pokemon look weak and tired."
"Oh really? That's not surprising since they're one of the reasons why the mountain pass crumbled behind us," Raphael said jokingly. "I'm kidding though, I have a couple potions in my backpack."

Raphael and the Rocket member walked a little further before stopping to restore Rhyhorn and Rhydon, seeing that they were in the middle of the center of the mountain. Raphael looked around the center of the mountain, seeing that there were a lot of stones surrounding one gigantic stone.

"Okay, hold on here," the Rocket member said as he was still catching his breath. "We need to take these."
"What do you mean?" Raphael asked. "We don't really need to steal or take every Moon Stone we find, especially this giant one in the middle of the ground floor."
"I'm a part of Team Rocket, our entire business is about stealing things," the Rocket member said. "I'm Aaron of Team Rocket and I need this money to survive."
"Okay, Aaron, to survive what?" Raphael asked.
"I need money to survive since my house I'm about to get booted," Aaron said. "I'm from the Hoenn region and sadly I'm here to find a place to live."
"Wow, I didn't know that," Raphael said. "So, if you're here in Kanto to find a new place to live, why not come on this adventure with me? It might change your output on Team Rocket."
"Yeah, I think it is time to change my ways since I'm about to get booted out of my own house," Aaron said. "These Pokemon, Rhyhorn and Rhydon, aren't mine but Team Rocket's. These Pokemon are the Pokemon that use Dig, Horn Drill, and others that deal with construction."
"Well, why not use them to build a house of your own? Have your own property?" Raphael asked. "So, come with me on this journey and we'll see where it takes you."

Raphael saw Aaron shrug his shoulders without a doubt, letting them continue their way through Mount Moon. When they walked through the mountainous terrain, they saw wild Zubat flying around, wild Geodude making jokes on other trainers walking the pass, and many Jigglypuff and Clefairy singing together. Aaron wanted to steal the many Moon Stone's that were embedded into the mountain pass, but Raphael didn't let him, making them continue through the mountain. As they were continued, Raphael looked at Aaron and saw that he looked different than any regular Team Rocket member; wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, and a black jacket. Finally coming out of the mountain they saw that the sun departed, walking through the night.

As it was night time there were many Zubat coming out of the mountains and into the night sky, making Raphael see how much would come out. A swarm of wild Zubat came out of the mountain making it look like it was pitch-black out as they were blocking the moon. Reading a wooden sign that read, "Route 4," making Aaron feel exhausted.

"Wow, isn't this wonderful," Aaron said. "We're only on Route 4?!"
"Yeah, what it seems like," Raphael said. "What I heard is that Cerulean City is up ahead, so maybe the city has a bench or something to let us take a break."
"Well, anyways, I hope it has a big bench that I can relax my entire body," Aaron said. "They need a bigger bench to let you relax, too."

Raphael laughed at the thought of an enormous bench in the center of Cerulean City, making him suddenly run along Route 4. However, since Aaron had to catch up with him, he didn't run far. While Aaron was catching up, Raphael saw bushes that were filled with berries; Persim berries and Razz berries.

"Oh cool! There are Persim and Razz berries here!" Aaron shouted. "If you have a Pokemon that loves spicy foods, you should pick them. Also, the Razz berries are for Pokemon that love dry foods as well."
"Wow, how did you know what berries are for which Pokemon?" Raphael asked.
"I know a lot of these things because I've been all around the region of Hoenn," Aaron said. "I also make poffins and pokeblock's, so when we enter Cerulean City I can show you."
"Okay, that's cool," Raphael said. "I wonder what kind of berries my Gyarados likes. Maybe if it eats some it'll like me a little better."
"Really? Does it like dry berries or what?" Aaron asked. "You can just look in your pokedex and it'll show you its personality, nature, and all of that fun stuff."

Raphael looked on his pokedex and saw that Gyarados liked spicy foods and disliked dry foods, making him wonder who would love to eat the berries he picked.

"My Gyarados loves spicy foods but dislikes dry foods," Raphael said. "So, there it goes. I don't have a Pokemon that loves the berries I picked."
"Okay, so when we enter Cerulean City we have to find which ones that love these dry foods," Aaron said. "However, I doubt that this Rhyhorn or Rhydon would love dry foods either. So, let's get a move on."

Raphael and Aaron continued down their way towards Cerulean City, passing a mysterious cave that looked mythical. However, as Raphael wanted to stop by to adventure inside, Aaron had a different plan. Taking the lead, they finally entered Cerulean City, the beautiful blue city. Raphael looked back at the mysterious cave and saw a blackened figure on top of it, wondering who or what it was. As Aaron kept walking, however, he had to follow along with him. It took them a long time since they saw the mysterious cave and still, Raphael wondered what it was... Hopefully thinking it was another legendary Pokemon. [/FONT]


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Chapter 6: Cerulean City - The Calm Before The Storm

Raphael and Aaron was sitting down in the pokecenter talking about the different kind of berries you could feed Pokemon. They were dividing up what leftover berries Aaron had in his backpack, seeing that there were only a small pouch. Despite only having Gyarados in his team they went back and forth from the computer to the bags of berries. When the last time Raphael walked to the computer to transfer take back a full team of Pokemon, he was surprised that he got the pokeball he saw on Professor Nambas hand. As he transferred the pokeball from Professor Nambas laboratory, he was shocked on what it was.

I dont know if this Pokemon is accurate to my need, Raphael said.
What do you mean, Raphael? Aaron asked.
I mean, the Pokemon Professor Namba wanted to send me is a Charizard? Raphael questioned.
A Charizard? Thats awesome! Aaron exclaimed. I know the training back at the headquarters is awesome and welcoming, but I didnt know they would give you a Pokemon back. Besides, a Charizard is always a top ten in my book.
Yes, but I need a Pokemon that can defeat a Water-type gym leader, Raphael said.
Well, do you know what kind of moves it has? As of what I know the team invests in powerful Pokemon, like the Gyarados you have.
Yeah, thats true, Raphael said.

When Raphael looked on the pokedex to see what moves it knows and surprisingly, it knew the Grass-type attack Solar Beam. He wondered how Team Rockets mind really worked on raising a Pokemon; a Gyarados knowing a move thats known to its weakness or even having an Arcanine knowing a Ground-type or Water-type move.

Its all good though, right? It could be worse like a Magikarp you would need to train by yourself, Aaron said.
Yeah, thats for sure, Raphael said. So, what kind of berries this Charizard would love?
Well, it looks like it would love dry berries, Aaron said. Like the berries we picked back before we arrived in Cerulean City.
Oh, thats cool, Raphael said. So, how much would you say I give Charizard and Gyarados?
Im thinking about ten berries of Razz to Charizard and the rest of these spicy ones to Gyarados, Aaron said. I think the two Pokemon would like you more if you feed them, especially since theyre strong enough to ignore every command you tell them.

Raphael and Aaron fed both of their Pokemon the perspective berries and walked out of the pokecenter. They were near the Cerulean City gym which made Raphael want to go inside to check it out, but it was probably closed since it was night out. Going back into the pokecenter to check in for a room so they can sleep for the night, Raphael saw that there were many beautiful women gathered. Trying to keep himself sane and not get bothered by the beautiful women, he tried to get the room keys quickly.

Can I please get the room keys now? Raphael asked.
Im sorry sir, but with the swimsuit competition is going on the rooms and service are behind, the nurse said. So, with that being said you might not be able to get your rooms until later on tonight.
Okay, thats fine, Raphael said. Well be back later tonight then.

Raphael and Aaron walked out of the pokecenter again but this time they walked around the city to find any other way to sleep. When they kept walking around, they saw that there was a woman with a Poliwhirl. Aaron wanted to know what the woman was doing to the Poliwhirl, walking up to her house and suddenly seeing that she was trying to evolve it.

So, youre trying to evolve your Poliwhirl? Thats interesting, Aaron said. What Im seeing here though, youre trying to decide to evolve it into a Poliwrath or Politoed. What trouble are you trying to solve?
Well, Im trying to figure out what kind of Pokemon is cuter, Poliwrath or Politoed, the woman said.
If I were a woman, Id choose Politoed, Aaron said. However, if you want strength Id choose Poliwrath. It is also known to teach young swimmers how to swim. Politoed are cute, but they do have a sense of cries and singing that are horrifying.

While Aaron was helping out the woman figure out what kind of evolution she wanted, Raphael took out his only Water Stone from his backpack and gave it to her. Thinking of what Aaron was saying about Poliwrath being an amazing swimmer and the possibility of teaching others to swim, he looked around her house. He saw that there were a lot of people in swimsuits standing beside her, wondering if Poliwrath would be the best evolution.

Hey maam, are you a swim instructor? Raphael asked.
Yes, Im a swim instructor for the Cerulean City aquarium, the woman said. Why do you ask?
I ask because I think it would be wise to evolve your Poliwhirl into a Poliwrath with the Water Stone I gave you, Raphael said. It can easily help you teach a variety of swimmers.
Yeah, thats true, the woman said. Okay, so Poliwhirl? Lets evolve you into a Poliwrath!

The woman evolved Poliwhirl into a Poliwrath after setting up her living room into a bedroom, making either one of them sleep on the floor and one of them sleep on the couch. Raphael was laying on the floor restless because he thought of the mysterious Pokemon he saw on top of the cave entrance. Looking through his pokedex he looked at all of the Pokemon he already encountered, only hearing of the many legendary Pokemon out there. When he was about to fall asleep, he slowly thought of how amazing it would be to swim with the women he saw back in the pokecenter. Before he got comfortable enough to fall asleep, he saw many stars going through his eyes, a quiet and soft tone, making him suddenly crash asleep.

When the next day arrived, Raphael woke up having the feeling to challenge the Cerulean City gym leader. He looked around the house they were staying at and didnt see any of the woman or Aaron, wondering if they left without him. However, he did take the time to go out on an adventure on his own, which was to go into the mysterious cave right outside Cerulean City. Before he walked out of the home, he gathered the extra supplies that was on the floor where they were sleeping. When he did leave the house he turned to see if the woman or Aaron were around and when he saw a big crowd near the gym, he ran as fast as he could.

Raphael went back to Route 4, quickly turning towards the entrance of the cave and walking inside. Instantly walking inside the mysterious cave he saw multiple types of Pokemon, one of them being wild Primeape. Wanting to catch every new Pokemon he spotted, he looked into his backpack and only saw that he had a few pokeballs left, remembering if he even restocked back at the pokemart. When he saw that there were only a few Electric-type Pokemon, a wild Magneton and a wild Electrode, he saw that there were more Magneton. Deciding to use one of his two pokeballs on a wild Magneton, he didnt see any other Pokemon to use his last one on.

Wow, this cave is amazing, Raphael said to himself. Aarons sure missing out on all of these Pokemon to catch.

He walked a little further into the mysterious cave and saw a wild Magneton by itself, hoping that any one of his Pokemon make it faint. When he thought of which Pokemon would be a better fit for a wild Magneton, he grabbed the blackish-gold pokeball known as the Luxury Ball and threw it.

Go, Charizard! Lets use Earthquake! Raphael exclaimed.

Charizard roared its loudest and pounded its large tail on the ground, creating an earthquake that was quickly going towards the wild Magneton. A large spike came out of the ground after it split into two, soon seeing Raphael see that the wild Magneton was still standing. However, since it looked like it was nearly fainted, Raphael took out his second to last pokeball and threw it at the wild Pokemon. When the wild Magneton was captured, Raphael returned Charizard and suddenly heard a mysterious voice.

Whos there? Aaron is that you? Raphael asked.
No, I am not Aaron, the mysterious voice said. Leave this place at once, these Pokemon are freely here for their own safety from trainers like you.
What do you mean? Im only here to walk around, see whats in this cave, Raphael said. So, who are you?
You will find out soon enough, the mysterious voice said. Leave now or else Ill challenge you to a battle thatll be your last.
No! Im here to catch Pokemon! Raphael yelled. Ill find you and defeat you!
If youre destined to be defeated, so be it, the mysterious voice said.

Raphael sought that what the mysterious voice said like a challenge, but he was wondering who that was. When he going further into the mysterious cave still being excited that he caught his first legitimate strong and wild Pokemon, he saw multiple items of the floor; Rare Candy and Ultra Balls. Finally replenishing his stock of balls so he could catch more wild Pokemon he thought were awesome, he saw a wild Pokemon in a mysterious purple aura. When he walked further towards the mysterious Pokemon, he saw that it held a spoon. Wondering what kind of Pokemon it was, he looked it up on his pokedex and saw that it was the evolved form of Abra, the Pokemon he wanted.

Okay, now lets try to catch it, Raphael said to himself.
Good luck, trainer, the mysterious voice said. Im still going to defeat you.

Raphael grabbed an Ultra Ball out of his backpack, quickly seeing that the silver spoon was slowly bending. When he was about to throw the first Ultra Ball he picked up throughout the cave, the wild Kadabra opened its eyes, revealing a mystical purple aura. It was using its Confusion move on Raphael, lifting him up in the air and suddenly putting him upside down. His two pokeballs detached from his pokebelt and both of his Pokemon came out, making the wild Kadabra teleport. As his Gyarados and Charizard scared off the wild Kadabra, a giant wave from the water nearby gave out a giant splash.

Gyarados made the giant splash and suddenly a Golduck and a Slowbro came out of the water. However, with such strong Pokemon he had they both went back deep underwater, making Raphael bummed. Before his Gyarados made a tantrum on the two Pokemon it found in its territory, Raphael made it return to its pokeball. He continued further into the mysterious cave and suddenly saw the mysterious wild Pokemon that held the spoon.

Hey, its you! Raphael yelled. Get back here, now!
No, you cannot have Kadabra, but however you can win it, the mysterious voice said. Only if you win the battle.

Raphael looked up at the shadow that was standing on top of a boulder, making him wonder if thats where the mysterious voice was coming from. When the mysterious figure jumped off the boulder Raphael was shocked that the mysterious voice was Mewtwo.

Mewtwo? I thought you were captured by Team Rocket? Raphael asked.
I was, but I am now free from the Pokemon trainer that told me the true meaning of conflict and the true meaning of battling, Mewtwo said. However, it is still possible that I can return to the form I once was, destroying the Pokemon world all over again since Im still a clone

Raphael felt the sadness Mewtwo had but at the same time it had another plan other than just cloning other Pokemon and dealing with conflict with anger and hatred.

After that day Ive fled to this cave and built the strongest Pokemon team with my Psychic power, making me be like the Pokemon trainers that I saw before, Mewtwo said. Now, do you wish to challenge me for the capture of Kadabra and fleeing this cave?
Yeah, I wish to challenge you! Raphael exclaimed. So bring it your best!
This battle will be your last, Mewtwo said.

Raphael looked down at his pokebelt and remembered that he only had two Pokemon with him, rolling his eyes in disbelief.

I only have two Pokemon, so how are we going to battle with two Pokemon? Raphael asked.
We can battle with two Pokemon, only wishing that you had a full team, Mewtwo said. So, I will only use two of the six Pokemon I have behind me.

Raphael first sent out Charizard which made Mewtwo shrug its rocky shoulders, sending out the same kind of Pokemon. However, when Mewtwos Charizard came out of its pokeball, it looked different. It was a black Charizard that instead of having two points it had three, also having two flaps like a bat. Raphael was in awe that the size of the Charizard was bigger than his own, but however he also remembered that his Charizard could barely listen to him.

Charizard, use Flamethrower! Raphael commanded.
Okay Charizard, you know what to do, Mewtwo said.

Raphael noticed that Mewtwo never gave Charizard a command, making it go off to battle by itself. As his Charizard hurled a large burst of fire aiming directly at Mewtwos Charizard, Mewtwos Charizard roared its loudest making a strange and powerful move. As it roared, the ceiling shook like it was going to collapse, making Raphael and Charizard cover themselves. The roar kept going and suddenly Mewtwos Charizard created an earthquake, splitting the battle arena into two. Raphael tried to figure out the move through his Pokedex but it couldnt read it.

The move Charizard is doing is a move called Continental Crush, Mewtwo said. A more powerful Charizard unlike yours will know it in dues time. However, as it is a Rock-type move, I wont be surprised that your Charizard didnt make it out alive.
What do you mean? Is it dead? Raphael asked. How could you?
No, its not dead, but it fainted, Mewtwo said. Itll take a lot more powerful and human ability to kill a Pokemon.
Okay, as it cant get up, Ill let it return for now, Raphael said. So, here it goes Gyarados!

Raphael threw out his last and final Pokemon in his team which was his mighty Gyarados, but however, he saw Mewtwo sent out a Gyarados as well. Mewtwo stood there in front of its Gyarados and waited for Raphael to make a command, like it was going to attack with it.

Okay Gyarados, lets use Hyper Beam! Raphael commanded.
Okay Gyarados, lets use Continental Crush! Mewtwo commanded. Ill use Shattered Psyche!

Raphael was worried what would happen to both him and his Gyarados after how three powerful attacks would blend. When Gyarados launched its Hyper Beam, Mewtwos Gyarados roared, creating the same earthquake and rocky collapse as the Charizard. However, with Mewtwos Shattered Psyche, a strange and mysterious thing happened. The rocks that were falling right on top of Raphaels and Gyarados body, they disappeared and reappeared behind them. The falling rocks were coming from both angles, making Raphael worry than soon frightened.

Gyarados launched itself out of the water and into Raphaels way, curling around him like a snake. As Raphael was protected from the rocks coming down and sideways, Gyarados roared its loudest as it was feared for its life. Soon, the wild Kadabra nearby saw what was happening, going into the battlefield and using its Confusion. As it used its powers to lure every rock that was coming down on top of Raphael and Gyarados, it lured them back at Mewtwo. With Mewtwo soon being hurt, the wild Kadabra used its Disable attack, disabling Mewtwos Shattered Psyche attack.

No, how can this be? Mewtwo asked. My attack, the force vanished.
It was do to Kadabras Disable move, Raphael said. Obviously it wants the battle to end, Mewtwo!
This battle isnt over until I say its over, Mewtwo said.

Mewtwo made Gyarados stop but it kept using its own attacks, this time using Confusion. With the wild Kadabra attacking Mewtwo Raphael had a chance to run, giving his all to keep running. However, with the wild Kadabra liking Raphael, the battle quickly followed them, making them try to block every move Mewtwo was giving them. Running his fastest, Raphael looked back and saw that the wild Kadabra kept blocking Mewtwos attacks with its Barrier attack. The light from the entrance was coming quick making Raphael happy, but suddenly a white flash came from behind him making him stop.

As he turned his body to face the flash, he saw that Kadabra was evolving. The wild Kadabra evolved into Alakazam, the final evolved form of its species. This time, Mewtwos Confusion attack wasnt hurting the wild Alakazam or him, wondering what was happening. He was confused, walking up to the wild Alakazam and then at the running Mewtwo.

Capture me with a pokeball and command me to use Teleport, Alakazam said.
How can I hear you like Mewtwo? Raphael asked.
Theres no time to explain, Alakazam said. Capture me now and command me to use Teleport, its the only way I can save you.

Raphael hesitated on why the wild Alakazam wanted from him, quickly going into his backpack to throw his only pokeball he had left. However, when the pokeball was thrown, it took some time for Alakazam to be transferred into it, then making Mewtwo stop attacking. When the wild Alakazam was caught it released itself back out into the cave and used Teleport, making them vanish in mid-air. Mewtwo stopped and wondered how the Alakazam was able to evolve without a trainer trading it, wondering if it was destined for the Alakazam to be with the trainer. When the teleportation ended, Raphael and Alakazam was back in Cerulean City, making Raphael dizzy while he spun around.

Were safe now, Raphael, Alakazam said. You can now challenge Misty, the Cerulean City gym leader.
Yeah, I can, but back there, how could and how can you speak? Raphael asked. Youre a Pokemon, I thought only Mewtwo could speak?
Thats not correct, there are multiple Pokemon that can talk like the Meowth, Mewtwo, and even the legendary Pokemon, Alakazam said. However, Mewtwo and I can talk between others through telepathy, not through our mouths. Many Pokemon can talk to one another through telepathy like Psychic-type Pokemon and Ghost-type Pokemon.
So what youre saying is that not just one or two Pokemon can talk through telepathy or speech, but many Pokemon can? Thats awesome! Raphael shouted. Now I wont be bored and Ill have someone else to talk to.
Thats correct, Raphael, Alakazam said. What does your friend Aaron think about this?
Aaron? I dont know, the last time I saw him was last night when we were at the ladys house next door, Raphael said.
Okay, well, I think hes in the Cerulean City gym aquarium, Alakazam said. We should go there so you can defeat her. First, however, you should heal me and your other Pokemon through the nurses and Chansey back there.

Raphael was wondering how smart his newly caught Alakazam was, thinking of multiple questions in his head, but however, every question he thought of was already answered. When he put his two pokeballs on the counter for the nurse to pick them up, she opened the counter flap so Alakazam could go through. When Raphael thanked the nurse, he went back to sit down, quickly spotting Barbara and Gerald.

Well, its good to see you, Raphael, Barbara shouted. How have you been?
Its been good, how are you and Gerald? Raphael asked.
Ive been doing wonderful, Barbara said. My Pokemon and I need a break from the competition they have in the Cerulean City gym aquarium, so we decided to come here.
Oh, wow, thats cool, Raphael said. Are you in the competition?
Yeah, Im in the competition, Barbara said. Do you have any new Pokemon with you?
I do, but theyre being healed by the nurse, Raphael said. I have a Gyarados, a Charizard, and an Alakazam.
Wow! You have three fully evolved Pokemon already?! Barbara shouted. Thats so cool!

Gerald heard that Raphael had three fully evolved Pokemon already, wondering if he got them from the Team Rocket he secretly joined, remembering that Professor Oak did say something about it. He walked over to sit with Raphael and his sister, soon looking at Raphael like he was a bad guy.

So, how did you get three fully evolved Pokemon, Raphael? Gerald asked. Did you get it from Team Rocket or trained them like everyone else?
Gyarados and Charizard I got from Team Rocket, but Alakazam I caught by myself, Raphael said. However, I got multiple of other Pokemon back at Team Rockets lab since Professor Oak said that he wasnt working with me anymore.
Good! Professor Oak doesnt need anyone like you, Gerald said. He needs Pokemon trainers that are loyal to him and not anyone whos loyal to scum like Team Rocket!

Raphael didnt want to hear it from Gerald, quickly getting up from the table and walking back to the front counter to retrieve his Pokemon. When Alakazam came out of the backroom, it walked and stood side by side with Raphael.

I hear that theres a Pokemon trainer named Gerald picking on you? Alakazam asked. Dont listen to him as I already saw your full potential. Yes, a member of Team Rocket you are now, but later your adventure will turn you into someone else. Something better than him, as hes just going to be a Pokemon scientist.
How do you know that? Raphael asked.
Im smarter than the artificial intelligence, Alakazam said. With one glance I can see someones entire future in front of them. Youre going to become someone better and bigger than Gerald, maybe take his sister along with you, too. Well see though.
Okay, thats cool, Raphael said. We should get going, its nearly dinner time.

Raphael and Alakazam started to walk out of the Cerulean City pokecenter, but got interrupted by Gerald as he was tapping him in the shoulder. When they turned around and faced Gerald, Alakazam saw that he was holding a pokeball that held a Pokemon that was no match for him.

I can see that youll lose your battle with Raphael if you insist on proceeding, Alakazam said. However, Id advise on using an open field instead of a pokecenter.
What do you mean? How can you talk? Gerald asked.
Ive already mentioned this to my trainer here, Raphael, Alakazam said. I can speak to people through telepathy, so if you want to throw down an Ivysaur, his Charizard will take it down with one move. So, its your choice.
"Okay, well see about that! Gerald exclaimed.

Alakazam teleported both Gerald and Raphael out of the pokecenter and into the Cerulean Citys training gym which was nearby the real gym. Gerald was confused and wondering what happened as Raphael thought it was cool, wanting to do it again. However, instead of having an empty gym, it consisted of Misty, the Cerulean City gym leader and Aaron, Raphaels friend.

Oh hey, guys! Hi, Raphael! Aaron shouted. Finally you want to challenge the gym leader!
Yeah, finally! Raphael shouted back. I was trying to catch new Pokemon, so I can defeat the gym leader with ease!
Wow, Im wondering what kind of new Pokemon you have then! Aaron shouted. Im sorry, but I think youre going to be last since Im here battling her first!

Raphael didnt know that Aaron wasnt just a member of Team Rocket, seeing that he had a Magneton out on the field and the gym leader had a Starmie. As Alakazam already knew the outcome of both Raphaels and his friends match with the gym leader, it closed its eyes and meditated. Raphael saw the awesome match that his new friend Aaron was pulling, using Electric-type attacks on a Water-type Pokemon. When Raphael was being amazed and watching his friends Pokemon battle, Gerald left the gym without notice. When he saw the outcome of the match coming close as Mistys Starmie was weaker than it was before, Raphael shut his eyes.

Misty commanded her Starmie to use Hydro Pump as Aarons Magneton was using its Zap Cannon move. As the water shot out of Starmies top and launched directly at Magneton, seismic waves of electricity went through the massive amount of sprayed water. Instantly, the electricity carried itself back and forth through the bed of water beneath them. When both attacks hit both Magneton and Starmie were badly hurt. However, with the static electricity still going through the air, a white flash surrounded Magneton.

The same white flash surrounded Kadabra when it evolved into Alakazam, making Magneton evolve into Magnezone. Aaron was surprised that his Magneton evolved into Magnezone, making Raphael wonder what it was. His pokedex wasnt able to read what it was, but Alakazam opened its eyes and told him.

Magnezone, the final evolve form of Magnemite, Alakazam said. It is known to be spotted as a U.F.O. in the night sky and intruders will be vaporized by a Hyper Beam when alerted and spotted.
Okay, so thats a good watch dog, right? Raphael asked.
Yes, it is, Alakazam said. Its now your turn to battle, Raphael. However, Misty will take out new Pokemon as she has a complete team of six Pokemon.
Okay, Ill watch out then, Raphael said.

Raphael jumped over the barricade and landed on the hard surface of the gym, running up towards Aaron and giving him a high-five. Since he only had three Pokemon on his team, he wanted to make sure that Misty declares the rule of two instead of six Pokemon. He looked at her orange hair wave up and dazzle as the water splashed through her face, she got up and instantly got excited.

Okay Raphael, are you ready?! Misty exclaimed.
Im ready, I hope you are! Raphael shouted.
I sure am! Go, Lapras! Misty commanded.
Okay, here we go Charizard! Raphael commanded.

Raphael sent out his firestarter of a Pokemon Charizard, making Misty wonder what the challengers strategy was as it was facing both a Water-type and an Ice-type Pokemon. She thought the Charizards Fire-type attacks would be strong and powerful against Lapras, but she never saw a trainer with a Charizard at this time.

Okay Charizard, lets use Flamethrower! Raphael commanded.
Lapras, dive into the water and use Body Slam! Misty commanded.

Charizard hurled out a giant line of fire aiming directly at Lapras, but it moved out of the way and into the pool. Raphael looked down into the pool and wondered where Lapras was, but he couldnt find it anywhere. When it was too late to spot the Lapras, it came out of the pool and slammed its body right on top of Charizard. It wasnt a powerful attack but a decent one as it was hit, knocking back towards Raphael. When Raphael saw that the Lapras looked healthier since it was in the pool of water, he wondered.

Okay Charizard, lets use Sunny Day! Raphael commanded.
Lets use Safeguard, Lapras! Misty commanded.

Charizard roared up in the sky making the clouds disappear, forcing the sun to shine bright on top of them. As Misty was wondering what kind of move Raphael was going to call out next, she wanted Lapras to protect itself. Raphael wanted to use the powerful move Solar Beam but he knew that it was going to take a risk as it was a move like Gyarados Hyper Beam. However, when he looked at Alakazam and smiled, he called it.

Okay Charizard, lets use Solar Beam! Raphael commanded.
Dive in the pool and use Ice Beam! Misty commanded.

Not knowing what to expect from both Pokemon, Charizard raised its head up in the sky as far as it could. Lapras Ice Beam attack hit it directly but it didnt do what Misty wanted it to do which was freeze it. When the attack was ready to launch, Charizard burst out its large burst of solar power. When the attack hit Lapras directly, it didnt take enough damage to faint it. With the move so powerful Charizard had to take a break as it stood there resting, Lapras being unable to move its body from the powerful attack.

Okay Lapras, lets use Brine! Misty commanded.

With Raphael nearly down to only two Pokemon now which included Alakazam, it still foresaw the outcome of the battle. Raphael made Charizard return to its pokeball so it can rest from its powerful attack, quickly sending out Gyarados. When Gyarados roared out of its pokeball, Gyarados faced against Lapras powerful Water-type attack. With Gyarados barely able to fit in the pool, its body rose higher than before, reaching the glass ceiling. Roaring about to attack, it looked down at its trainer unable to recognize him.

Gyarados kept looking down at the unrecognizable Raphael as he was wearing a different outfit, Raphael was worried that this is what Alakazam foresaw. It was too late for Raphael to do anything now, making Gyarados roar about on its own.

Lets use Ice Beam, Lapras! Misty commanded.

Raphael saw that Gyarados was still roaring about, slowly creating waves throughout the pool. When the beam of ice attacked and hit Gyarados body, it ignored the fact and kept roaring about. Raphael looked at Alakazam trying to figure out what his Gyarados was doing, soon making Alakazam let him know.

Gyarados ignored you and started to do its Dragon Dance, Alakazam said. When it used its Dragon Dance move it becomes more irritable and vicious.
Okay, so itll be now to attack! So, lets use Hyper B-

Raphael got interrupted by Gyarados sudden movements, inhaling a massive amount of power and storing it inside its throat. As it didnt really listen to Raphael again, it knew what it was doing.

Use Perish Song, Lapras! Misty commanded.

It was the time Alakazam foresaw, it quickly getting off the bench and running its fastest towards Misty. Gyarados launched its powerful attack, launching all of its energy out of its body and directly at Lapras. With the gym leader Misty in the way, Alakazam foresaw that it was coming for her end. Wanting to stop it, he already foresaw it coming, making the hyper beam launch directly at them. However, it used its telekinesis to create a barrier around the gym leader.

The side of the gym aquarium shattered to pieces as Gyarados Hyper Beam launched, fainting Mistys Lapras in the meantime. Both Misty and Raphael looked at the giant hole in the wall in shock and awe, but it didnt stop them from finishing the battle.

Okay Gyarados, lets go! Misty commanded. Lets use Hydro Pump!
I know you got to rest, Gyarados, so Ill rest with you, Raphael said.

Raphael didnt stop the battle, but he stopped and looked in his backpack, quickly taking off his Team Rocket outfit. Wanting his Gyarados to listen to him, he put back on his fingerless gloves, turned his hat backwards, and took off his jacket. Mistys Gyarados launched a powerful Hydro Pump at his Gyarados, but at the same time, his Gyarados looked down at his trustworthy trainer with a smile.

Okay Gyarados, lets use Rain Dance! Raphael commanded.
Use Crunch, Gyarados! Misty commanded.

Gyarados did a mystical dance in the pool and suddenly the clouds from earlier came back, making it rain. When it rained the gym aquarium opened its ceiling doors and made both Gyarados happy. However, with Alakazams psychic ability and Raphael knowing what move to make next, it was over for Misty.

Okay Gyarados, lets use Thunder! Raphael commanded.
Gyarados, use Twister! Misty commanded.

Gyarados rose its head up at the sky and roared as loud as it could sending down a giant bolt of lightning down. Mistys Gyarados spun as fast as it could forming a twister that quickly went towards Raphaels Gyarados. When the thunder and lightning hit Mistys Gyarados, it was obviously louder and more powerful with its Dragon Dance move. Mistys Gyarados roared its loudest as its move was still directed towards the other, fainting in front of the gym leader. When the Twister attacked Raphaels Gyarados, it got hurt badly, too.
However, with Raphaels Gyarados hanging in there by its fin, it was declared the winner.

That was one heck of a splash, Raphael! Congratulations on winning this Cascade Badge! Misty exclaimed. Now, where did you make your Gyarados that powerful?
I traded a Pokemon for this Gyarados, Raphael said. However, it has been with me since we battled Pewter City gym.
Oh wow, thats awesome, Misty said. One heck of a Pokemon trainer thats for sure! Well see you later though, I got to fix up this gym, maybe close it for a while.
Okay, well see you later than, Raphael said. Im sorry for the mess you have to pick up!

Raphael returned the beast of a Pokemon he calls Gyarados back into its pokeball and walked back towards Aaron and Alakazam. Walking through the big gaping hole Gyarados created, they decided to go through it instead of going through the entrance. When they walked out of the gym both having the Cascade Badge, Raphael wondered how Aaron became a Pokemon trainer. Instead of asking him questions, he learned them from Alakazam, which knew practically everything about everyone. As they were walking out of Cerulean City, the went down the steep hill of Route 5.

To Be Continued...[/FONT]


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Chapter 7: Saffron City - Team Rocket & You

Raphael, Aaron, and Alakazam was walking down the steep hill, jumping through the many wooden fences that were in their path. As they were having fun jumping through the fences, Alakazam was able to use its Teleport move to declare the winner of the race. They laughed having fun in racing, but suddenly Raphael was tripped on a vine. Calling off the race, he stopped and ducked to see what it was. When he looked, it was a wild Bellsprout, the Flower Pokemon.

Oh, thats awesome, its a wild Bellsprout, Aaron said. I wonder if theres anymore Grass-type Pokemon here, too.
Well, all I can see is Bellsprout, Raphael said.
If so, then we should both catch one, Aaron said. If you dont have anymore pokeballs, Ill lend you some.
Okay, thats good, Raphael said. I used my last pokeball on Alakazam when it was a wild Kadabra.
Okay, well well turn it into a race, Aaron said. The first one to catch a Bellsprout wins, okay?
Yeah, thatll be okay, Raphael said. Ready?
Set, go! Aaron exclaimed.

Raphael used Alakazams intelligence to immediately find a wild Bellsprout, but with his strong Gyarados and Charizard, it was hard to catch one. When he continued his search, he suddenly went over another fence finding a wild Meowth.

Well, isnt this ironic, Raphael said.
Yes, it is ironic, Alakazam said. However, do you really want to catch the obvious Meowth? Many people will see you as a cat person or see you as a Giovanni wannabe.

Alakazam laughed as it was primarily joking with Raphael as he was walking up to the wild Meowth. When he was walking, Raphael went on his pokedex to find out that wild Meowth loves shiny things, especially coins. Looking inside his backpack, he suddenly had a shiny object, which was a big pearl. Remembering that he grabbed the big pearl back on Mount Moon he grabbed it and showed it to the wild Meowth. The wild Meowth saw the big shiny pearl and purs, showing Raphael a slight friendship.

Raphael made sure that the wild Meowth was distracted, suddenly pointing at Alakazam to help him out.

Okay Alakazam, lets use Hidden Power! Raphael commanded.

Alakazam focused closing its eyes and five magical orbs came out of its body, soon quickly launching directly at the wild Meowth. When the five orbs hit the wild Meowth, Raphael hoped that Alakazam didnt faint it. Before the orbs finally disappeared, the orbs glowed a mysterious purplish-black color. Raphael looked at Alakazam wondering what kind of form of Hidden Power it used, making Alakazam turn its head. When the wild Meowth wasnt able to move it dropped the big pearl and shattered.

Raphael took this chance to catch the wild Meowth, grabbing a pokeball from his backpack and throwing it at the wild Meowth. Alakazam used its Psychic move to grab the pokeball off the ground putting it on Raphaels hand. When he put the pokeball on his fourth slot of his pokebelt, he went back to find Aaron. Not finding him, he started to walk by himself heading towards what it looked like was a house. Wondering if Aaron was inside the house, he knocked on the front door and peeked through the window.

Hello, anyone home? Raphael asked.

When the front door opened, it was Aaron and when the door widened Raphael saw a computer. Rushing inside the empty house, he suddenly stopped to see green, blue, and red rugs on the floor. When he looked some more, he saw old Pokemon toys like a bicycle, a few balls, and even some blocks. Ironically they thought that Pokemon that just came out of their eggs were like baby humans, soon wondering who ran the home.

This daycare was once a Pokemon daycare, Alakazam said. Since its an old daycare, anyone can rebuild it and run it again.
Well, it looks like since theres a computer here, the place might still be in perfect condition, Aaron said. So, why not try it out.

Raphael thought that it was a good idea but since Aaron was on the computer first, he walked around the other rooms. Instead of a daycare it was also a home; having three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a laundry room. Walking around with Alakazam in the home, he thought of many people who could easily take care of this daycare. Going through his pokegear to see what people he has on his contact list, the only person he thought of was his mom. Calling his mom and talking to her about the daycare center on Route 5, hearing that she would gladly take it.

However with his mom taking the daycare center she would have to come to Cerulean City to talk to the nurse and police officer. With that, Raphael and Alakazam went back to the main room and saw six Pokemon standing behind Aaron.

Wow, those are cool Pokemon, Aaron! Raphael exclaimed. What kind of Pokemon are they?
Well, if you notice the two Pokemon I had with me before, I never had any of those Pokemon, Aaron said. So, here is Magnezone, Steelix, Scizor, Lairon, Metang, and Empoleon.
Wow, so much Steel-type Pokemon in one room, Raphael said. Sounds like youre a gym leader or something.
I wish I was a gym leader, but Im more of a Pokemon trainer that specializes on Steel-type Pokemon, Aaron said. I went on from being a Pokemon trainer into becoming a part of Team Rocket for the wrong reason and now with the Thunder Badge nearing, Im thinking of using Steelix or Lairon.

Raphael wanted to use his pokedex to register all of the Pokemon Aaron had but it couldnt work, quickly shutting it off and putting it away in his backpack. Instead of the pokedex finding out what Pokemon it is, he looked at Alakazam.

Okay Alakazam, tell me what kind of Pokemon these are, Raphael said.

Before Alakazam spoke it rolled its eyes at Raphael, snorting and then suddenly laughing.

Magnezone is the Magnet Area Pokemon and evolved form of Magneton, it uses a radar to monitor its territory, disposing intruders away with Hyper Beam. It is also still believable that people will mistaking it as a U.F.O, Alakazam stated.
Wait, what? So if it doesnt recognize anyone itll shoot them with a Hyper Beam?! Raphael shouted. Thats not good!
Steelix is the Iron Snake Pokemon and the evolved form of Onix, as it is tempered underground its body is harder than any metal. It also lives more underground than Onix at the Earths core, recording that this Pokemon reaches the depth of sixth-tenths of a mile underground, Alakazam stated.
Uhm, thats not a cool entry, you know, Raphael said. Lets go to Scizor.
Scizor is the Pincor Pokemon and the evolved form of Scyther, once it identifies its enemy, this Pokemon smashes it mercilessly with pincers hard as steel. It will also beats their enemy until theres nothing but scraps, Alakazam scraps.
Wait, what? So what the entry is saying, is that we should run away as fast as we can? Raphael asked. Thats crazy!
Lairon is the Iron Armor Pokemon and evolved form of Aron. It tempers its steel body by drinking high nutritional mineral spring water until it is bloated. It also feeds on iron contained in rocks and water, nesting on mountains where ore is buried, and as a result, the Pokemon clashes with humans that mine the ore, Alakazam stated.
Wow, thats amazing, Raphael said. I just wonder how more amazing your Metang and Empoleon is!

As Raphael was making Alakazam use its intelligence as a secondary Pokedex, Aaron was feeding his Pokemon berries. When Alakazam got to the last two Pokemon, Raphael was so amazed that he forgot to bring out some of the Pokemon Professor Namba mightve trained until it evolved. Before Alakazam was able to think of Metangs and Empoleons Pokedex entries, Raphael went on to the computer to transfer his Meowth. Looking through all of the Pokemon he caught he noticed a huge difference in his Pokemon. As he already had three Pokemon out on his team, he took out three more of his strongest Pokemon; taking out Beedrill, Primeape, and Aerodactyl.

Wow, those are strong looking Pokemon, Raphael, Aaron said. It makes me want to go into the computer again and outmatch you, but I wont.
What does that mean? Raphael asked. Do you have better Pokemon than me?
I have Pokemon from Hoenn only, so not really, Aaron said. However, we should have a Pokemon battle some day.
Yeah, I would like that, Raphael said.

Raphael and Aaron walked out of the Pokemon daycare after they got done messing around with the computer, continuing down the Route 5 trail. Before they even walked out of the daycare Aaron had to change his Pokemon team so Raphael wont know what he had. He was able to catch up to Raphael before they entered the vicinity of Saffron City, making him start to gasp for air. When they entered Saffron City they immediately saw the Pokemon gym, making Raphael run over to it to see what type the leader had. When he noticed that it was closed he was bummed out, walking over to a bench to sit down.

Dont worry, Raphael, itll be open soon, Aaron said.
How do you know? Raphael asked. Is this where I get the third gym badge?
No, but this is the fourth gym if you want to go in order, Aaron said. If you want to go in order, you would have to go to Vermilion City. However, we should go to the pokemart to restock on our supplies.
Okay, that sounds fun, Raphael said. Lets go then.

Raphael got up from the bench and walked with Aaron to the pokemart that was in the middle of Saffron City. When they walked inside they bought some supplies to restock their backpacks, finding only great balls, hyper potions, and an escape rope. Before they walked out of the pokemart Aaron found a random Oval Stone on the floor, wondering if there were a Chansey around. However, instead of walking around the pokemart to find such a big Pokemon like Chansey, he kept it inside his backpack. Outside of the pokemart, they walked around the multiple blocks of the city, soon finding a fighting dojo.

Oh wow! Lets test our fighting skills, Aaron! Raphael exclaimed.
Okay, if you say so, Aaron said. I heard about this gym, this isnt your regular fighting dojo.
What do you mean? Raphael asked.
This is a Fighting-type dojo, Aaron said. You can test out your Fighting-type Pokemon here.

When Raphael and Aaron walked inside the fighting dojo they surprisingly saw a Pokemon trainer that looked like Forrest standing on one side of the dojo gym.

Hey, Forrest, what are you doing here?! Raphael shouted.
Im not my brother, Forrest, but his older brother, Brock, the Pokemon trainer said. Ive heard that you were the trainer that defeated him with a strong Gyarados. If you challenge the elite four up in the Indigo Plateau well see how strong you really are.
Okay, but how strong are you? Raphael asked.
Im stronger than you ever will be, Brock said. Ive went through a lot of different regions throughout the world and collected a lot of different types of Pokemon, so when we battle you better be having your Gyarados.
I just want to know your best Pokemon, thats all, Raphael said.
Okay, but youll be shocked when you find out how really strong it is, Brock said.

Raphael walked to the other side of the dojo and grabbed the first Pokemon on his team, holding its pokeball tightly. Looking straight at Brock, Forrests brother, he threw out his supposed strongest Pokemon. When the white flash appeared when pokeball opened, Raphael was worried that it was one of the strongest Pokemon he ever seen, but it ended up being a Steelix. When he threw out Charizard, he was getting bummed that the Charizard was obviously shorter than Brocks Steelix.

Ah, so you already got a Charizard, huh? Brock asked. I hope its stronger than my Steelix.
Its stronger than your Steelix, Ive defeated your brothers, Raphael said. So, if you want to battle now we can and well prove to you that we can defeat your Steelix, too.
No thanks, we can when you defeat the elite four, Brock said. When you defeat the elite four well be waiting for you to come back here to challenge us all.
What do you mean by challenge us all? Raphael asked.
I mean after the elite four you can come back to Saffron City to challenge all eight of the gym leaders youve previously challenged, Brock said. So, come back later on to battle me. Ill be waiting.

Raphael and Aaron walked out of the dojo and when they were walking they both saw Misty, the Cerulean City gym leader. Aaron slowed down to watch Misty walk by, soon stopping to go back inside the dojo again. Raphael continued to walk the street and suddenly saw a giant building, walking inside to find a large lobby area. He saw that it was filled with Team Rocket members, wondering what was going on. When he walked a little further through the lobby, he saw two of the three Team Rocket members he saw before in Viridian City.

Welcome to the Silph Company, the original creator of the Master Ball, a woman said. Im sorry we cant give tours today, were having a surprise visit by Giovanni, the Team Rocket leader.
Are you okay? Raphael asked. If so, what is it?
Well, Im curious on what Giovanni wants from the Silph Company again, the woman said. I want to find out, but I cant since theres so many members of the Team Rocket in the way and all the floors.
Okay, Ill figure out whats wrong, Raphael said. Ill be right back.

Raphael walked away from the curious woman, starting to walk up the many stairs level by level. When he got to the eighth floor, he saw that the floor was empty like it was about to close or out of business. He continued his way through the building, soon finding a tall man that was wearing pants that military soldiers wore. The tall man came up to him and as Raphael saw, the man was way taller than him.

Hey! Who are you?! the man yelled.
Who are you? Raphael asked. Im Raphael, a member of Team Rocket.
Oh, okay, thats cool then, the man said. Im Surge, the Vermilion City gym leader and executive of Team Rocket.
An executive of Team Rocket? Raphael asked. How did you become an executive?
Ive been a member of Team Rocket for years, ever since since I was a kid like you, Surge said. How did you become a member, huh? So many questions you have.
Ive been a member since I was in Viridian City, Raphael said. I decided to join ever since I started my Pokemon journey.
Viridian City is only a couple days from here, Surge said. So, you havent been a member for an entire year yet.
So, I can still be a member of Team Rocket, Raphael said. I can even be a better member than you even.
Okay pal, whatever you say, Surge said. Well see when you get to my gym in Vermillion City, okay?
So you didnt lie about you being the Vermilion City gym leader? Raphael asked. If so, we can battle right now.
No can do pal, Surge said. The leader is trying to make a deal since were about to disband the team, making business somewhere else. So, if you want, go up to him on the top floor and speak to him yourself, see if youre actually worthy of being a part of Team Rocket.

Raphael walked passed Surge, the first of three Team Rocket executives, going into an elevator to the top floor of the company building. When the tone rang and the doors opened, he walked out and saw an old man talking to a man wearing a black suit. Walking closer to the two people that were talking, he was stopped by a Persian hissing at him.

Whos there? the man in the suit asked. Who is it, Persian?

The man wearing the black suit turned around to face Raphael, seeing that he was a Pokemon trainer.

Im sorry to say, but Im no longer taking requests, the suited man said. However, if you came here to speak to the old man, you would have to wait your turn kid.
Im not here to talk to the old man, but you, Raphael said. Im Raphael from Pallet Town and Ive come to talk to you about your evil organization!
An evil organization? How can that be? the suited man asked. Well, anyways, Im Giovanni the Viridian City gym leader and owner of Team Rocket.
Here it goes, Giovanni! Give up your organization and I wont have to take it down from the inside! Raphael exclaimed.
You can take down my organization from the inside? Giovanni asked. I thought you were already a member of the team?
I am a member of the team, but Im here to stop the evilness of the team! Raphael yelled. So, give it up or else!
Dont speak to me like that boy! If you want to be the hero and stop me, go ahead! Lets battle!

Raphael was about to take out his Charizard which was his favorite Pokemon, but the old man walked in front of both of them to stop the battle before it started.

Wait! Please, dont battle here in the middle of my company! the old man yelled. If you want to battle, take it up on top of the roof.
Its fine, I have somewhere else to be anyway, Giovanni said. It was good to see you again.

Raphael saw the old man and Giovanni walk into the elevator together, making Raphael wonder what kind of plan the leader of Team Rocket was doing. However, as he didnt find anything within the room he took the staircase to figure out his next plan. The plan didnt work for him as he wanted to take down Giovanni and the Team Rocket, but what Giovanni say was the truth; he does sign his paychecks, if he even did work. When he was taking the steps down to the main floor, he thought of what he could possibly do, wanting to talk to Gerald and Barbara. With Gerald knowing that his best friend was a part of Team Rocket, however, he didnt want anything to do with him.

Its going to be okay, Raphael said to himself. Youre a Pokemon trainer, not a thief. Youre a Pokemon trainer, not a thief.

Raphael kept saying those words to himself over and over again until he went to the main floor of the Silph Company building. When he opened the door to the outside he looked left and right to find Aaron so they could keep going, but was never found. He continued to walk through the city of Saffron finding his friend and as he stopped to see that there was a train station he thought of Aarons birthplace. Trying to remember something about Hoenn he thought the train would lead him their, but when he walked closer to the train station he found out that it was leading to Johto. Wondering where he wouldve gone to he stopped and took a breather, sitting on the nearby bench.

Waiting for his friend to show up he suddenly got bored and headed out of the city, Raphael took out his Alakazam so he could have someone to talk to. It was starting to get dark out, wanting to find a place to rest, but he was too worried about Aaron. As they were about to head out of the cities vicinity, Aaron finally caught up with them holding two tickets to the S.S. Anne. Raphael never knew about the S.S. Anne taking a full round trip of the world, making him feel really intrigued.

So, other than taking the S.S. Anne all over the world what else does it offer? Raphael asked.
It offers a lot of things like games, beds, girls, and Pokemon battles for fun, Aaron said. The S.S. Anne also stops at the region I grew up on and thats Hoenn. We can stop there and hang out or something.
Thats cool, I always wanted to go and venture off to the different regions, Raphael said. However, I dont know if I would want to yet.
Oh come on now, Raphael! Aaron exclaimed. You need this, we need this, especially when we havent taken the actually Rocket plunge. We need this break to think of what were going to do for the rest of our lives, were becoming the age of adulthood, were eighteen for goodness sakes!
Yeah, youre right, Raphael said. Were going on the S.S. Anne and taking the trip around the world. When it the ship leaving?
The ship is leaving in a couple days and were just a couple hours away, Aaron said. Its in Vermilion City and thats just south of here.
Okay, cool, Raphael said. We should head over there then.

Raphael, Aaron, and Alakazam started to head out of Saffron City in order to catch the S.S. Anne. Not knowing that the ship was able to travel across the ocean visiting the many regions of the world, Raphael was pretty excited, trying to speed up his step. However, as they were trying their fastest in walking south to Vermilion City, Aaron stopped. Raphael rolled his eyes when he looked back at Aaron picking the Sitris Berries that were planted on bushes nearby. As he waited for Aaron to stock up on as much berries he needed, Raphael looked up at the night sky and smiled.

To Be Continued...


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Chapter 8: Vermilion City - Sailing Through The Winds

Raphael and Aaron walked into Vermilion City happy as they could be hoping that they were the first ones to dock the S.S. Anne. However, when they arrived at Vermilion City and looked over at the docks, they saw two familiar faces that were bunched in a crowd of people. With it being a popular cruise ship they didnt expect it to be small, walking over to the crowd of people.

Well, hello there stranger, Barbara said. What brings you here?
My friend Aaron came by with two tickets to sail the S.S. Anne, Raphael said. What brings you and your brother here?
Gerald talked to some guy named Bill and he gave two tickets to him, Barbara said. So, are you excited for the awesome cruise were going to be on?
Yes! Of course I am! Raphael shouted. I would want to discover the multiple regions around the world!
Okay, slow down there cowboy, Barbara said. Gerald and I would join you two, but I dont know how hell feel about you and your friend being a part of Team Rocket.
Its okay, Im just here on the cruise like everyone else, Raphael said. Im going to enjoy the cruise through every region or island we come across.
Okay, well, well see you on board, Barbara said. I have to find Gerald before the crowd gets bigger.

Raphael and Aaron waited moved up ahead taking Barbaras place in the line, making sure they get inside the cruise ship before anymore people show up. When they went through the ticket booth and walked into the ship, they saw that it was a large one; a ship that has two levels. Raphael first noticed the battle arena they had that was in the middle of the ship while Aaron noticed the crowd of girls. When they were walking around the ship to see what was what, they went in the back of the ship to notice that Surge was taking the cruise as well.

So, the little one shows up on my cruise ship huh? Surge asked. Thats a good sign to see.
What do you mean by that, Surge? Raphael asked.
I mean by that as in its best for you to be on this cruise ship with everyone else, Surge said. I say that because it looks like you need some thinking to do instead of rattling yourself up.
Yeah, I think that, too, Raphael said. However, were going to go through a lot of thinking as were going to take the entire cruise around the world.
Thats a good thing to do, Surge said. Well see you later because I got some work to do.
Okay, well see you later then, Raphael said.

Raphael and Aaron stayed in the back deck taking their Pokemon out of their pokeballs, first taking out Gyarados. As the beast of a Pokemon came out of its pokeball it immediately went into the ocean. When Raphael took out Charizard and Aerodactyl they started to soar in the sky and circle around the ship. Many people saw the Charizard and Aerodactyl fly around the ship, being amazed and shocked. When Raphael released his other Pokemon, Alakazam and Primeape stood there in place as Beedrill hovered around him.

Okay guys, relax because its going to be a long trip! Raphael said. Were going to another region to find new friends!

All of his Pokemon including Gyarados and Charizard who were on their own doing their own thing. Raphael and Aaron made sure that the Pokemon were having fun before they went on their own, soon finding Gerald and Barbara walking towards them.

Well hello there, you two, Barbara said. Im happy that weve met each other just in time because the cruise ship is about to leave.
Really? Is anything else that needs to be done? Raphael asked. Did you forget anything?
No, but I was thinking of having a Pokemon battle to calm down our Pokemon so we wont have to worry about them, Barbara said. Are you and your friend ready for one?
Yeah, we can have a Pokemon battle, Raphael said. However, I doubt that you two would win.
Well, its just a friendly Pokemon battle, thats all, Barbara said. So bring out your best.
Okay, fair enough then, Raphael said.

Raphael and Aaron stood side by side between each other and hoped that they win the friendly battle as it would be a great accolade for Team Rocket. Trying to be in sync with each other, Raphael was trying to get Aarons attention. It took him a couple minutes to get his friend off the beautiful girls that were wearing bikinis, making Barbara roll her eyes and snear.

Okay, lets go! Aerodactyl, come on down! Raphael commanded.
Lets go, Magnezone! Aaron commanded.

Raphael knew that since they were on a ship that they had to make the battle quick because he only had a strong sense that Aaron had Pokemon that could easily tilt the ship. When Magnezone came out of its pokeball it was hovering around, preparing itself to attack.

Okay, lets come on out, Beedrill! Gerald commanded.
Lets go, Ninetales! Barbara commanded.

When Beedrill came out of its pokeball Barbara was screaming a little since it was a Bug-type Pokemon and she didnt like them. As it buzzed around Gerald and as Ninetales was lifting its tails up and down, Gerald started to battle.

Okay Beedrill, lets use Aerial Ace! Gerald commanded.
Lets use Attract, Ninetales! Barbara commanded.

Before Beedrill and Ninetales was able to attack Raphael and Aaron commanded their Pokemon to attack, too.

Lets go Aerodactyl! Lets use, Scary Face! Raphael commanded.
Lets use Discharge, Magnezone! Aaron commanded.

Aerodactyls amazing speed made it attack first, glaring at the two Pokemon like it was mean and scary. As the two other Pokemon didnt want to attack Aerodactyl they aimed both of their attacks at Magnezone. Ninetales, however, started to wink at both Magnezone and Aerodactyl, but it somehow only effected Aerodactyl. Beedrill flew towards Aerodactyl as fast as it could, stabbing Aerodactyl with its drill like arms. Magnezone was the final Pokemon to attack, making it discharge a large amount of electricity coming out of its magnets, shocking both Ninetales and Beedrill.

Yes, lets go Magnezone! Aaron exclaimed.

Aerodactyl was immune to Magnezones electric attack and since Beedrill was also a Flying-type Pokemon Geralds Beedrill was fainted with ease. Gerald made Beedrill return to its pokeball and sent out another Flying-type Pokemon which was Pidgeotto. It was a good battle but with them having a double battle, the rules were that each trainer had to use three Pokemon each.

Lets use Featherdance, Pidgeotto! Gerald commanded.
Ninetales, use Sunny Day! Barbara commanded.

Aerodactyl was unable to attack as it was hypnotized by Ninetales attract attack it previously used, making Pidgeotto fly up in the air starting to use a mystical dance. Raphael and Aaron saw that it looked faster, reminding themselves that they need to make their Pokemon attack.

Lets use Discharge, Magnezone! Aaron commanded.

Magnezone waited for Aerodactyl to stop being around Ninetales but however, it just discharged anyways, making both of the three Pokemon shocked. Raphael was wondering how Aerodactyl was able to get hit with it being a Rock-type Pokemon, but remembered the attract move Ninetales done. Pidgeotto was shocked to the point that it was barely moving, making Gerald wonder how powerful Magnezone was.

Lets snap out of it Aerodactyl! Lets use Steel Wing! Raphael commanded.
Lets use Discharge again, Magnezone! Aaron commanded.

Aaron was distracted again as a woman wearing a bikini walking by them, making Barbara think that Ninetales used Attract on Aaron instead. Barbara got easily annoyed of how distracted Raphaels new friend was and how bothered she was with him, making him feel the heat his heart felt towards other women.

Lets use Overheat, Ninetales! Barbara commanded.
Okay Pidgeotto, lets use Swift! Gerald commanded.

With its mystical dance it used before Pidgeotto was surprisingly faster than Aerodactyl, flapping out mystical stars out of its wings. As the stars hit on both Aerodactyl and Magnezone, Ninetales exhaled a large breath of fire directing it at Magnezone. With Magnezone being Steel-type, Ninetales attack was greatly effective on Magnezone, but it wasnt enough power to take it down. Aerodactyl took its chance to actually attack for the first time, stretching its wings out as far as it can and diving down towards Ninetales. When it attacked Ninetales successfully, Ninetales was easily fainted, making the two siblings wonder.

The battle at the time was exciting for everyone that was watching, making them bring up streamers and balloons to celebrate the first battle of the cruise. The cruise was just getting out of the vicinity of Vermilion City, having the announcer call out that their first location was Knot Island, the first of seven islands. Both of the four trainers didnt know what type of location Knot Island was other than it was an island, making them feel tensed and excited.

Okay, we should prepare for our first destination, Barbara said. So, you two win for now. Lets get going, Gerald.
Yes, please lets go, Gerald said annoyingly.

Raphael and Aaron looked at each other and smiled, making them feel like their one of the best teams on the cruise. When they made all of their Pokemon return to their pokeballs they walked to their rooms to prepare for Knot Island. Raphael was wondering what kind of location Knot Island was, quickly looking it up. When he looked it up, it looked like it had a beach which made him dig for his swimming trunks, a small town, and a mountain called Mount Ember. As he looked further more into the mountain, he read that there was a mysterious Pokemon that ruled the skies of it, making him find it as soon as they anchor on Knot Island.

To Be Continued...


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Chapter 9: Knot Island - Every Tower Has A Weak Point

Raphael, Aaron, and the others were waiting in front of the ship as Surge was anchoring it as they finally made it to Knot Island. Knot Island is the first island of the Sevii Islands, stretching from west to east of the Kanto region. As they heard the anchor plunge into the deep waters of Kanto, Raphael and company ran to the side of the ship, quickly running to be the first to step foot on the beach.

Our first location on this tour is Knot Island, the first of seven islands! Surge announced. Here we set foot on Treasure Beach, the first place on Knot Island! Here, you can find many treasures like pearls! You can even find other treasures like Pokemon! Water-type specialists like fishermen would prefer to fish for other Water-type Pokemon! So, if you want you can go back on the ship to grab a fishing rod!
Wow, thats cool! Raphael exclaimed. We should try to find as many pearls we can!

Raphael, Aaron, and company ran towards the beach and started to collect as many pearls they could. While they were finding pearls Raphael looked over and saw many Water-type Pokemon come out of the ocean like wild Krabby, wild Psyduck, and wild Slowpoke. Wanting to catch a wild Krabby, he dug into his backpack and found that he had a couple of pokeballs left and a few ultra balls left. Grabbing an Ultra Ball, he took it out of the backpack and threw it without battling it, hoping that it would be caught. The ball transported the wild Krabby into it and started to move back and forth multiple times, making Raphael worry.

The Ultra Ball kept moving back and forth many more times and suddenly stopped in place, making Raphael wonder if it was caught. He walked over to the Ultra Ball and picked it up not knowing if the Krabby was successfully caught, suddenly being bumped into a Pokemon trainer. Looking at the mysterious Pokemon trainer it looked like he had a backwards hat on, glasses over them, a red t-shirt, and black shorts.

What a good catch, the Pokemon trainer said. That Krabby of yours would turn out to be a great Kingler one day.
Thanks, Raphael said. I dont know you, did you come on the cruise, too?
Yes, we did go on the cruise ship, too, the Pokemon trainer said. My names David, whats your name?
My names Raphael, from Pallet Town, Raphael said.
Pallet Town, huh? David asked. Im from Snowbelle City, a city far from here located on the Kalos region.
The Kalos region, what kind of region is that? Raphael asked.
The Kalos region is the sixth region, David said. Im here with my wife Julie on this trip, seeing what kind of mischief we can get into.
Oh, thats cool, Raphael said. I now want to know what Kalos is like, sadly were not going to be there for quite some time.

Both Raphael and David laughed and soon stopped, being interrupted by Julie. David introduced his wife to Raphael and Raphael introduced them to his friends Aaron, Gerald, and Barbara. When they were just starting to become friends, David recognized the logo on Aarons jacket, identifying it as the Team Rocket logo. Seeing that he was a member of Team Rocket he also thought Raphael was a member of the team as well, making him remember a time when he was a member of Team Rocket. He was a member of Team Rocket before he traveled to Hoenn to become an executive of Team Aqua, he still remembers the headquarters of Team Rocket as well.

I see that you two are members of my old team, Team Rocket? David asked. Its a shame that you two are still recruits, grunts that do the hard work.
How did you know that were members of Team Rocket? Raphael asked.
Your partners jacket shows the symbol, the R for Team Rocket, David said. If you want we can join up in town during the Friendship Festival to talk some more.
Yeah, that sounds fun, Raphael said. Thats awesome we found some more members of Team Rocket.
Im no longer a part of Team Rocket, but an executive of Team Aqua, David said. Remember that information because I might come after you if you decide to leave Team Rocket.

David and Julie left Treasure Beach making Raphael wonder if they really was on S.S. Anne the entire time and he never knew about it. He also wondered if Surge was a good friend of David, making him turn over and wave at him.

What is it, kid? Surge asked.
Do you know David of Kalos? Raphael asked. I met up with him and he said that he was a part of Team Rocket before?
Yeah, I know him, Surge said. Hes a volcano thats getting ready to interrupt, a guy thats hard-headed. Why do you ask?
I just wondered because hes heading towards the town, Raphael said.
Oh, okay, the Friendship Festival is coming up, Surge said. Everyone is welcome there, doesnt matter if youre a part of an evil organization either. Thats our next stop, so lets move on!

Raphael and company moved forth with Surge in front of them walking towards the small town on Knot Island. Raphael was still wondering about David and his wife as they just mysteriously showed up, wondering if he was watching him or something. When they entered the town he saw many people gathered around and setting up for the Friendship Festival. Slowly becoming interested in the festival that was coming up, he shrugged off the thoughts in his head and participated in the gathering. Having fun, drinking, and eating the local food, Raphael and company started to have a blast.

Well, hello there, Raphael, David said. We meet again. Hows the festival so far?
Its going good, Raphael said. How are you handling the festival?
Its doing a wonderful job, David said. My wife and I want to show you something. Its called the Network Center, inside the pokecenter nearby.
Okay, well, lets go then, Raphael said.

Raphael and Aaron walked with David and his wife to the pokecenter nearby, walking inside and seeing that there was a giant machine in the corner of the building. The machine looked like it was a trading machine, a machine that you could trade with people throughout the world. This amazed Raphael which made him run up to the machine with excitement.

So, Im assuming this is a machine where you can trade people? Raphael asked.
Yes, its a trading machine, just like the Global Trade Station, David said. Here you can trade with numerous amount of people throughout the world, so try it out.

Raphael started the Network Machine and as he was on the computer multiple of Pokemon appeared on the screen, making him wish for all of them. He first logged into the Johto region going through all of the numerous Pokemon he could trade for, first looking at Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil is a good Fire-type Pokemon, Julie said. I have a Typhlosion, the final evolution of him.
Yes, I love Typhlosion, one of my favorite Pokemon in the Johto region, David said.

Raphael made it seem like Cyndaquil was the best Pokemon in the region, quickly choosing the Cyndaquil as the first Pokemon he wanted to trade for. After he made the Cyndaquil his first Pokemon to trade for, he looked at his own Pokemon, trying to carefully choose a good Pokemon to trade. Regardless of trading for a Cyndaquil David saw that he favored Fire-type Pokemon over anything else.

Ill tell you what, Raphael, David said. Ill test your strength in a one versus one Pokemon battle, my Feraligatr against your Charizard. If you beat my Feraligatr, you can have my Typhlosion.
That sounds like a good idea, Raphael said. So lets do it!

Totodile, the Water-type starter Pokemon David chose when entering Johto evolved into a Feraligatr and wanted to test out its skills, but however, it was trained by Team Rockets scientists. It was going to be a good battle, an excelled Charizard against an excelled Feraligatr, but the difference was that David had confidence and a feeling that Charizard would lose.

Are you ready? David asked.
Yeah! Im ready! Raphael shouted.
Okay, lets battle! David said. Lets go, Feraligatr!
Come on out, Charizard! Raphael commanded.

Feraligatr came out of its pokeball and opened it mouth like it was going to eat Charizard for lunch, having a big and powerful jaw. Charizard came out of its pokeball roaring at the top of its lungs, making sure that it can defeat its archetype, a Water-type Pokemon.

Lets use Ancient Power, Feraligatr! David commanded.
Lets use Dragon Rage, Charizard! Raphael commanded.

Charizard hurled a large amount of purple fire directly at Davids Feraligatr but it didnt do much since it would consistently do the same amount of damage each time. Feraligatr lifted its arms in the air and magically threw a giant boulder at Charizard, making it already weak. The battle just begun and the battle was already in Davids favor. Raphael looked at David and saw that he was confident in the choice he made with Feraligatr, even though it was a Water-type. Soon glaring at him, Raphael started to get worried about his Charizard, making the battle go outside.

An outside battle would be better indeed, David said. How thoughtful of the sunny day and power your Charizard could have now.

When the battle continued outside of the pokecenter it was the sunny day against the amount of water that was behind David. Charizard looked like it was already weak as Feraligatr looked like it didnt have a scratch on it.

Okay now Feraligatr, lets use Surf! David commanded.
Lets use Solar Beam, Charizard! Raphael commanded.

Both Raphael and David was confident that Charizards Solar Beam would instantly defeat Feraligatr if it was stronger than it, but David however had confidence that he would still win. Feraligatr roared up a massive amount of water that was roaring towards Charizard, regardless if it was going to fly. Both attacks hit at the same time and with the massive power coming from Charizards Solar Beam and Feraligatrs Surf, a magical rainbow appeared. When the water went back into the ocean Raphael saw that Davids Feraligatr took a massive hit but still stood while Charizard was down. Now being irritated and bummed at the loss he got, Raphael nodded at David.

That was a great battle, Raphael, David said. Unfortunately Ive won the battle. So, train your Charizard more, unless its you that needs some work.
Okay, I will, Raphael said. We should battle again because I want that Typhlosion.
Next time we will, David said. Now, we should have fun at this festival of friendship, make new friends and have a great time!

Raphael was still bummed as David and Julie walked out of the pokecenter, slowly walking towards the computer to continue looking. However, with the multiple choices he has with the network, he wasnt done looking for the best team that could beat David. He took a couple hours on the computer searching for a good amount of Pokemon to trade for, first finding a Cyndaquil. Trading a random Pokemon he caught before for the Cyndaquil, he was happy, soon sending it over to Professor Namba for training. However, it wasnt a good thing to trade since it was a Johto exclusive Pokemon, but he felt happy with it after he got defeated.

Okay Raphael, lets continue on, Raphael said to himself. Lets go and find Aaron.

Raphael walked out of the pokecenter to look for Aaron, easily finding him around a group of girls, one of them being Barbara. Walking over to them he saw Barbara grabbing Aaron by the arm and pulling him away from the crowd of girls. When the three were alone together, Raphael wondered where Gerald was.

So, who was that guy you fought? Barbara asked.
His names David, a former Team Rocket executive now a member of Team Aqua, Raphael said. He was tough, he knew what to use against Charizard.
Thats not good, are you okay? Barbara asked.
Yeah, Im okay, Raphael said. I want to battle him again, but I dont know when.
Well, the Friendship Festival is almost over, Barbara said. So, lets go back to the ship and freshen up for the final parade.
Okay, youre right, Raphael said. I should just ignore it and relax a little, enjoy the rest of the festival.

When Raphael, Aaron, and Barbara walked back to the S.S. Anne to freshen up for the final parade of the festival, they bumped into David and Julie again. Ignoring the looks they gave each other, Raphael and David continued to walk away from each other. They went inside the ship and went into each others separate rooms, cleaning up for the final parade. When they got done cleaning up, Raphael and Aaron looked spiffy wearing a suit while Barbara looked beautiful in her dress. The final parade was a ball-like parade, making everyone dress up formally in suits and dresses, making each other give out shocking compliments to each other.

Well, dont you look beautiful, Aaron said to Barbara.
Well thank you, you look handsome, Barbara said.

Raphael, Aaron, and Barbara walked towards the center of town where everyone else was dancing and having fun. Since he didnt have a date or a partner to dance with Raphael stood there watching his friends have fun, soon finding Gerald watch the two next to him. It was a good night for everyone; dancing, partying, and having fun. Both Raphael and Gerald walked over to the food stand to grab some more food but suddenly they ran into David again.

Whats your deal with me? Raphael asked. Are you watching me or something?
No, but Im examining you, David said. Im watching you and trying to figure you out.
How are you trying to figure me out? Raphael asked. Thats weird and creepy.
By the look of you I can tell that you favor Fire-type Pokemon instead of having a multiple type team. I beat you at a one versus one battle and my Feraligatr won.
Yeah, okay and? Raphael questioned.
Instead of having a monotype team, be aware of your opponents team and switch out time to time with your other Pokemon, David said. Well battle again, but not now. Goodbye, you two, well be leaving now.

Raphael wondered what was with David, finding him to be creepy and weird. However, with the two mysterious trainers gone for now, he was able to enjoy the festival without being interrupted. It as now the time of the festival where it was crowded and loud, but instead of watching the festival, he looked at David and Julie getting on a Pokemon instead of going back to S.S. Anne. He saw David and Julie getting on a red Gyarados that looked meaner and more aggressive than his own Gyarados. Watching them leave Knot Island on a Pokemon was cool and interesting, soon making him wonder about his own Gyarados.

It was time to rest as the night was over making Raphael and his friends leave the island and back on S.S. Anne. With the tour on Knot Island only lasting for a day, it was a good day that was filled with fun and exciting new friends like David and Julie. When he got back to S.S. Anne and before he entered his room, he heard a mystical call, wondering what kind of Pokemon it was. He quickly ran out to the front deck of S.S. Anne and saw that the call was coming from a Moltres, one of the three legendary birds of the Kanto region. Raphael remembered that it was rare to see a Moltres out of nowhere, also remembering it that it was a sign of the beginning of the Indigo League competitions where Pokemon trainers battle the Elite Four Soon, making him wonder if hell be able to challenge the Elite Four himself one day.

To Be Continued...


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Chapter 10: Boon Island - Getting Fire'd Up

It took the S.S. Anne a couple days to enter the vicinity of the next island on their cruise which was called Boon Island, the second island of the seven. Raphael and his friends were getting tired of seeing nothing but ocean currents, quickly running out to the land when the ship anchored. However, when they ran their fastest to the town of Boon Island, they saw merely anything but a pokecenter, a market stall, and a game corner. Raphael and Aaron walked over to the market stall and stocked up on supplies like pokeballs, great balls, and drinks. It wasnt much to do on Boon Island which is why everyone else stayed on the ship to relax and enjoy their boredom.

They took their time at the market stall as they were thirsty, buying nearly every drink the market clerk had. While they were drinking lemonade, soda pop, and water, they saw a giant muscular man without a shirt on walking towards them. Being worried that they would get beat up, Raphael stood in front of Aaron and put his hand into a fist, getting ready to punch the shirtless guy.

Get out the way, the shirtless man said. I hope you two didnt take any cookies.
No, we didnt, Raphael said. We didnt take any cookies, they look gross anyways.
What did you say about my lava cookies? the shirtless man asked.

Raphael and Aaron were shocked, trying to come up with words and trying not to offend the tall shirtless man again.

Im kidding, but however, these cookies are actually good, the shirtless man said. Im Bruno of the Elite Four. You two look well-trained enough to participate in the competition, so why arent you two attending?
Bruno of the Elite Four?! Raphael asked shockingly. Thats awesome! You must be really good if youre a part of the Elite Four!
Im good, but Im slowly losing my grip, Bruno said. So many people attend and Im the first one to get challenged, so its hard. I specialize in Rock-type Pokemon, which is weak against so many other types of Pokemon.
Thats not good at all, Raphael said. I can help you train for your next competition, though if you want.
No, thats okay, Bruno said. I should get back though, they must be looking for me, wondering where I am. Bye for now, and make sure you two enter the Indigo League competition, Ill be waiting.

Raphael walked inside the pokecenter and read on the rules and regulations of the Indigo Plateau, making sure that each competitor has all eight of the gym badges. Wanting to get his third badge he would have to face Surge, the gym leader from Vermilion City. However, the competitors only get to use three Pokemon out of their full team of six Pokemon. Wanting to find Surge right away so he could have his third badge, he ran out of the pokecenter and searched for him. After a couple minutes of searching for the gym leader he finally found Surge outside of the game corner where he also found his friends Gerald, Barbara, and Aaron.

Surge was already in a Pokemon battle with Barbara and she was winning with a Nidoqueen using Earthquake, a Ground-type move. When Barbara won making Surge give her the Thunder Badge, Raphael walked over to them, insisting on having a battle with Surge too.

Come with me, kid, Surge said. I got something to tell you.

Raphael didnt know what to say or expect, making him wonder what was going on. When he was following Surge back to the cruise ship, they went into a private room that had Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. In the room also consist of Koga, Sabrina, and Blaine, four of the eight gym leaders he read upon for the Indigo League.

I see that youve made it this far, Giovanni said. I still see that youre a Team Rocket member?
Surprisingly yes, I like the organization, Raphael said. This organization suits me well.
Thats good to hear, Giovanni said. However, Im leaving Kanto and going to Johto on other business matters, so Im disbanding Team Rocket.
How come? Why disband it now when I just arrived? Raphael asked. I just joined and you want to shut down the organization?
Yes, I want to shut down the organization, Giovanni said. Ive already set up a new leader for Viridian City to test your strength when you arrive back in Viridian City. Hell give you the Earth Badge when you defeat him, but here and now youll be receiving the Thunder Badge, the Soul Badge, the Marsh Badge and the Volcano Badge.
Oh, thats cool! Raphael shouted. So, that just means I would only be able to battle two more gym leaders?
Of course, Giovanni said. That just leaves you with Erika in the Celadon City gym and Gary, my old friend Samuels grandson.
Wait, Professor Oak has a grandson? Raphael asked. I didnt know that, thats interesting.
It is, but any who, I may be going now, Giovanni said. Farewell, Ill be waiting for you in Johto and good luck attending the Indigo Plateau. I hope you succeed in everything you do, including defeating the Elite Four.

Raphael and Surge walked out of the private room and when they got back up to the upper deck of the cruise ship, Surge looked at him and saluted him.

Thank you for joining Team Rocket, kid, Surge said. As an executive of Team Rocket, youre on leave until you arrive on Johto. From now on youre just a regular Pokemon trainer, but however, you may have to start all over again.

Surge started to laugh as it was just a joke to him, but Raphael didnt get it, making him wonder if he really meant that he had to start his Pokemon adventure again. Surge made him walk over to the portable computer that was synced and controlled by satellite from the sky, making Raphael rethink of his Pokemon team.

Okay kid, this is your chance to restart your adventure, Surge said. With your starter Pokemon Charmander, which you chose in the beginning evolved into a Charmeleon by this time, but however, you would have to train hard and wise.
Wait, what? Raphael asked. What do you mean? I dont have a powerful Charizard anymore?
You still do, but the Kanto league doesnt like it when you use Pokemon that have been enhanced by others, Surge said. You can train with one of the Team Rocket grunts and just in case you get stuck, use these Rare Candys, theyll help you alot.
Whats a Rare Candy? Raphael asked.
A Rare Candy is a special type of treat for Pokemon, itll make them stronger from natural substances you find throughout the Pokemon world, Surge said. Now, after you look through this list of Pokemon, you can request them from the computer and someone will send them over to you, okay?
I got it now, Raphael said. Im going to be sad when I have to say goodbye to Charizard, though.
Itll be okay, kid, Surge said. You can go to Cinnabar Island to train your newly hatched Charmander with Blaine, too, but I would prefer to train your Pokemon here on the ship because we still have a ton of regions and islands to tour.
Yes sir, I got it sir, Raphael said.

Raphael and Surge walked into another private room where a portable computer was located, Raphael logging into it and looking at all the different Charmander on the screen.

What Charmander is a good Charmander to choose, Surge? Raphael asked.
I dont know, Im an Electric-type specialist, not a Fire-type, Surge said. The only one thats close to call is Blaine, the Fire-type gym leader of Cinnabar Island.
Okay, so call Blaine and ask him which Charmander to choose, Raphael said.

Surge laughed which made him wonder if Raphael really knew where the old scientist really was, which was really on the S.S. Anne. The old scientist prefered to stay in his laboratory or out in the field on research for his dying wish, but everyone pitched in and made him go on the cruise. Raphael looked back and saw that there were no one in the room with him and when he kept searching for the right Charmander, he saw a finger pointing at a shiny Charmander.

The old man said that this one is the one for you, Surge said. Blaine stated that Charizard has a high attack using special moves, so that one would be the best one. A Modest Charmander that has the Solar Power ability will be greatly useful in the sun.
Okay, so Ill choose this shiny Charmander, Raphael said. I would like to only train with this Pokemon over having a full team of six, if thats okay with you.
Yeah, go ahead, Surge said. Id prefer to train one Pokemon at a time myself.
Okay, so whenever they send me the Charmander Ill take care of it like I took care of my original starter, Raphael said.

Raphael waited for his new Charmander to arrive through the transfer desk, wondering where he would train it to be the best as it could be. When his newly arrived Charmander cried, he grabbed it and put the Charizard back to transfer over.

Okay, theres a man on top of Cape Brink thatll turn your Charmander into a spit image of the Charizard you previously had, Surge said. However, since you only have two badges originally, hes only allowed to help you train it into a strong Charmeleon.
Okay, I got it, Raphael said. Im listening with all ears, making sure what to do and how to do it right for the Kanto League.
Thats the spirit! Surge exclaimed. Now, get out there and train hard!

Raphael sadly had to give the rest of his Pokemon team to Surge, forcing himself to start all over from the beginning with Charmander. With Surge still having the cruise ship anchored at Boon Island he had the opportunity to stay on the island to train with the mysterious man Surge mentioned that lived on Cape Brink. Instead of having a grim and noble nature he had when he had the mindset of a member of Team Rocket, he had a jolly one, a true nature of himself. When he climbed on top of Cape Brink, he saw a large waterfall, wondering how deep it was. Walking over to the building that was long enough and big enough to fit a Steelix, a young man came out.

Well hello there! the man shouted. So, you wish to train your Pokemon and teach them the best moves?!
Yes, sir, Raphael said. Ive come to train my Charmander! I want to train it and evolve it into a Charmeleon!

The young man came closer to Raphael so they wont have to speak out loud anymore, watching the man quickly take out a pokeball.

So, a Charmander has come here to train? the young man asked. How interesting that a trainer with such a starter like Charmander to come here.
Yes, I came from Pallet Town and Ive journeyed this far but with stronger Pokemon, Raphael said. However, Surge wants me to train for the Kanto League, so Im starting over with a Charmander.
Oh, okay, that makes sense, the young man said. Here youll be able to train your Charmander any way you want and thats even with Rare Candy. Inside we got every training station lined up ready to be put to use, unless you want the long and extensive way which is the Bellsprout right over there?
I would like to train my Charmander with the wild Bellsprout, Raphael said. When it becomes strong enough Ill use the stations inside the building.
Okay, thats fine too, the young man said. I always knew that my fathers building would still be able to function, not many people come around here anymore.
Im sorry to hear, Raphael said. Now, Ill get to training now. Wish me luck.
Okay, come inside to take a rest if you want, the young man said. Youre free to come inside whenever.

Raphael took out Charmander and when he looked at the it, he saw the potential that the Charmander will have. He gave Charmander a thumbs up and it cried, getting ready to battle any wild Pokemon that came their way. While they waited for a wild Pokemon to appear they practiced and trained without defeating a Pokemon, going after tree bark and tall grass.

Okay Charmander, lets use Scratch! Raphael commanded.

Charmander ran as fast as it could towards the tall grass, raising its claws in the air and swiping it down with force. It was confident and modest enough to believe in its own strength, making Raphael happy and excited for more training. He made Charmander scratch so many times on the tall grass that they would be able to see the waterfall. They trained for hours clearing the tall grass with Charmanders claws, making Raphael see if was ready to learn a new move. The move he wanted to teach Charmander was Ember, the Fire-type move, the first Fire-type move itll learn.

Okay Charmander, I think youre ready for a new move, Raphael said. This attack will be called Ember. So lets see if you got it. So Charmander, use Ember! Point it up in the air!

Charmander raised its head and looked up in the sky, spitting out five little balls of fire. Raphael saw that Charmander learned the attack by itself, but suddenly, the fireballs quickly went on his jacket. Quickly putting out the small balls of fire, Raphael took off his Team Rocket jacket and threw it in the air, making him get rid of it as a sign of a new beginning. While they were training how to properly use Ember, he made sure that they found wild Bellsprout, just so they wont cause a wildfire. With Charmander attacking a Pokemon that was a disadvantage to it, it became happier and prouder, making it get stronger each minute.

Okay Charmander, lets take a rest, Raphael said. You did a good job battling all of those Bellsprout.

Raphael looked inside his backpack to find a treat for Charmander, only finding the Rare Candy Surge gave him back on S.S. Anne. Hesitating to give Charmander a piece of Rare Candy, he thought of a good idea and walked, trying to find dry berries it would love. It took him a couple minutes to find Apicot Berries grown nearby, making some Pokemon food for Charmander. When break time was over after they ate some lunch together, Raphael looked at Charmander and saw that it looked stronger. Finding out how strong Charmander really was he took a look at his pokedex and found out that it was a female Charmander.

Okay girl, lets go out and find some more Bellsprout, Raphael said. I see that after your Apicot meal you look stronger and more beautiful, Charmander.

Charmander cried out in happiness making it like its trainer more, making Raphael smile and seem more confident in their training together. While they walked around in search for wild Bellsprout, they practiced their new move Ember in the sky some more, making it look like small bits of fire falling from the sky. When it was time to train on actual Pokemon some more, Raphael pointed over at a crowd of Bellsprout.

Okay Charmander, lets use Ember! Raphael commanded.

Charmander spat out five successful fireballs directing towards a wild Bellsprout, quickly making the same Bellsprout get a burn. Raphael put his hand into a fist and pumped it up, cheering on for Charmander as it made its first Pokemon burn. With the wild Bellsprout burned, Charmander started to get a smart look on its face, closing its eyes and looking away like it was getting cute and prissy. Raphael smirked and laughed a little, rolling his eyes like he knew that all girls acted like that.

Okay Charmander, lets use Ember again! Raphael commanded.

Charmander spat out a second wave of fireballs at the wild Bellsprout but this time it made the wild Bellsprout faint. Quickly aiming another Ember attack at another wild Bellsprout, Charmander started to look stronger. Within the hour of successfully training Charmander to use Ember and Scratch, Raphaels friend Aaron came up with a big basket of Apicots.

Oh hi there, Aaron, Raphael said. How are you?
Im doing great, Raph, Aaron said. How are you coming along with your new Charmander?
Its going awesome! Raphael exclaimed. Ive made Charmander learn Ember!
Thats awesome, good to hear, Aaron said. Are you ready for another break or no?
I dont know about me, but I think Charmander wants a break, Raphael said. Isnt that right, Charmander?

Charmander was staring at the big basket of Apicot Berries, making it hungry after only an hour of training. When they took a break, Raphael crushed another Rare Candy with Pokemon food made from the Apicots, making it look stronger even more.

Giving Apicot Berries to Charmander is a good berry, Aaron said. Itll oddly increase its beauty and also giving it a power boost in its special moves like Ember.
Thats good because I heard word from Blaine, the Fire-type gym leader that this very exact Charmander is the best out there, Raphael said.
Thats good, Raph, Aaron said. After its snack you should make it learn a new move, like Dragon Rage.
Dragon Rage? Whats that move? Raphael asked.
Dragon Rage is another special move like Ember, but a Dragon-type instead of Fire-type, Aaron said. A Pokemon focuses its energy inside the mouth and launched a powerful attack at the opponent, giving out massive damage to it. However, you would have to make it learn it yourself.
Okay, that sounds like a good idea, Raphael said. Well make it learn Dragon Rage!

After Charmanders snack both of them got up and instead of walking to find wild Pokemon, Raphael made it stay put and practice the move first. With its head tilted up to the sky it was ready for the command like it was listening and wanting to learn a new move after it learned Ember.

Okay Charmander, focus your energy gathering it within your mouth and then when its too much for you, release it up in the sky, Raphael said.

Charmander nodded as a sign that it listened and when it closed its eyes and focused all of its energy within itself, it pictured it being a Charizard. A powerful flame rose from its tail and its mouth became engulfed with flames, soon forcing the Charmander to release its energy. As the energy came out of its mouth, instead of Dragon Rage it spat out bigger balls of fire. Raphael and Aaron looked at Charmander with a smile, seeing that it would take time to succeed at the Dragon-type move.

Okay Charmander, thats a good try, Raphael said. Lets practice it some more okay? Again, focus your energy and release it when it becomes too much for you.

Charmander repeated its same movements and stance, but this time instead of balls of fire or an orange glowing ball like other Charizards used, smoke came out of its nose and mouth. All of a sudden the move it was using was Smoke Screen, making both Raphael and Aaron cough and choke. The young man came out with a Pidgeotto to use Gust, an attack that quickly cleared the air from the thick black smoke.

I think thats enough training for today you three, the young man said. Charmander looks really good and strong, stronger than I expected even.
Well thank you, sir, Raphael said. Ive been working Charmander hard, hoping that shell become a Charmeleon soon.
Only time will tell, the young man said. Many Charmander trained here years ago and only time will tell. However, it has been told that if a trainer is motivated enough to train their Pokemon even more, the Pokemon by default would have to evolve.
Thats cool, Raphael said. However, I would want my Charmander to take its time, let it ease into the thought of evolving.

The young man led Raphael and Aaron into a dining room that was filled with a table of food including Charmanders favorite which was Apicot Berries. Before letting Charmander munch on its dinner, Raphael crushed two Rare Candys into its bowl, hoping that it will take its time in evolving. After they ate Raphael made Charmander roam around a little while he talked to the young man that looked to be around his own age.

So, who are you anyways? Raphael asked. Surge said that there was an old man here, not a young man that looks like the same age as me.
Oh yes, youre talking about my father, Ultima, the young man said. My name is Uri, Im the new caretaker of this building. People call me a tutor, which is someone that teaches a Pokemon a special move.
Oh, okay, Raphael said. That sounds awesome. What move are you going to teach Charmander?
I was thinking of Hyper Beam, a very powerful attack that may even send your little one flying in the air, Uri said. I also have two choices though, Hyper Beam or Fire Blast, which is better sounding to you?
Well, I like the sound of Hyper Beam, but at the same time I dont want it making my Charmander fly into the air backward after its strong attack, Raphael said.
Thats okay, I can teach it myself and teach it right, Uri said. Well start right away in the morning.

Raphael was excited to see his Charmander in action learning the powerful move Uri would teach it, making him soon restless and anxious. However with all of the excitement he quickly fell asleep, especially after the big meal he had during dinner. When the next day arrived and the sun blazed through the window, he looked out and saw that his Charmander evolved into a Charmeleon. Quickly running out to the field to examine it up close, Raphael was excited with his new Charmeleon.

Alright! You evolved into a Charmeleon! Raphael exclaimed. Thats awesome! Just a few more training and itll look like youll be good to go!
With it being modest, it loves facing against stronger Pokemon, Uri said. Being a modest type makes it feel achieved in its training, only listening and following orders from its trainer. Also, with Charizard coming appraise, you should work on its speed.
Okay, well work on its speed today, Raphael said. So, lets go inside and take a rest Charmeleon. Than later we can go on the treadmill to train your speed.

Charmeleon cried in excitement, making it seem like it wanted to get faster too instead of working on its strength. After a breakfast meal that Uri cooked up, they went on the treadmill and trained, trying to run their fastest. While they were on the treadmill, Uri made Aaron train with an Onix, which would eventually evolve into a Steelix. Onix was a giant Pokemon for Aaron but he managed on keeping it sane with care and mud which was odd for Raphael.

Okay Charmeleon, are you ready to test out your strength and speed? Raphael asked.

When Charmeleon cried out in excitement, it jumped off the treadmill and pointed at the giant rock snake Onix. It seemed like it wanted to have a battle with Onix, so Raphael walked outside to the field to introduce Charmeleon to its new friend, Onix.

So, Team Rocket made you start all over too huh? Raphael asked. I see they even made you start out with a Kanto region Pokemon, Onix.
Yeah, they let me start over again, Aaron said. This time Ill have more experience in the different kinds of Steel-type Pokemon.
Thats awesome, Aaron, Raphael said. So, are you willing to have a Pokemon battle? Charmeleon saw Onixs height as a challenge.
Yeah, Im okay with a Pokemon battle, Aaron said. I hope you dont mind an impish Onix, I for sure mind because it tends to do mischievous things.
Thats okay, Charmeleon and I can work with any kind of nature, Raphael said. So lets bring it!

Charmeleon stood in front of Raphael as Onix slid towards it, being in front of Aaron. Both of them waited for a command, but however, Onix had a grin on its face.

Lets use Dragon Rage, Charmeleon! Raphael commanded.
Onix, lets use Harden! Aaron commanded.

Charmeleon inhaled all of its energy and spat out a successful beam of rage, making both Aaron and Raphael surprised. However, with Onix slower than Charmeleon, the move hit it first before it was able to use Harden. Aaron laughed out loud as it was slower than Charmeleon, but it made him snap out of it after Onix quickly rose up and roared. As the roar was for no reason, Charmeleon took it as a sign of power, making it look scary. As the challenge went on, Onix was getting scared of Charmeleons sudden Scary Look attack making Aaron think that Onix had a strange mischief behavior.

Okay Charmeleon, lets use Dragon Rage! Raphael commanded.
Lets use Harden, Onix! Aaron commanded.

Charmeleon burst out another successful Dragon Rage attack, making Onix go berserk because it was hit consistently. With Onixs impish nature strange mischief behavior continued, but it successfully used the move Harden. After, however, it roared about numerous times and as Raphael saw that Charmeleon got weaker, its tail bursted into a larger flame. He knew that this would be the end of Onixs first battle with an actual trained Pokemon, making Raphael hope that Aaron makes it do a better move.

Okay Charmeleon, lets finish it with another Dragon Rage! Raphael commanded.
Lets take this opportunity and use Rock Throw, Onix! Aaron commanded.

Onix had the Weak Armor ability which made Onix faster every successful hit it took, making it match the same speed as Charmeleon. However, with both Pokemon weak to the point where either defeat would determine the battle, Charmeleon hit Onix with Dragon Rage a third time. With Onixs strong defensive power it took the hit well, successfully having enough time to slither towards Charmeleon a little and slamming its rocky tail directly on it. Charmeleon was a Fire-type which is weak against Rock-type moves, which made Raphael lose the battle. However, when both Pokemon had time to recover, Charmeleon used Scary Look a second time at Onix, making it slither away.

Okay, I guess you and Onix win this one, Raphael said. It looked like both Charmeleon and Onix were a tie at speed at the end, however, its defense is amazing.
Well thank you, your Charmeleons ability takes a toll on itself, Aaron said. I saw that Dragon Rage was getting more powerful each time it got weaker.
Yeah, I did too, Raphael said. That was a good Pokemon battle though, we should get back so we can tour the next island.
Thats for sure, Aaron said. I hear the next island has a berry forest which would be ideal if we want to keep our training up to par.
Thats a good idea, Raphael said. Ill see you there whenever you catch your Onix.

Raphael started to walk down back to town so he can make it to Surge, telling him that hes ready to leave the island. When he got to the ship he saw that the tourists were getting anxious to leave Boon Island, hoping that all of the people came back. When Aaron finally came back just in time for Surge to de-anchor S.S. Anne, Aaron was forced to put Onix back in its pokeball for sinking purposes. It made everyone laugh and when they stopped Aaron laughed in embarrassment, making him scratch the back of his head. Raphael followed up on Kin Island which was the third of seven islands, wondering what kind of Pokemon the berry forest Aaron mentioned had.

To Be Continued...


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Chapter 11: Kin Island - A Vicious Training

The S.S. Anne took a couple days to reach the third island of the Sevii Islands, making them closer to the next region. Raphael and Aaron was walking alongside the port while the other tourists took their time getting to the docks, which was a bore to them now since theyre officially out of Team Rocket. While the others were taking their time Raphael and Aaron walked into the town, which was known for family. As far as he knew Raphael only knew his mother, which was now the owner of the Pokemon Daycare on Route 5 and she was now too busy to celebrate family. Aaron on the other hand was born and raised in Hoenn, a long ways away from Kanto.

This place bums me out now, Raphael said. It makes me want to be with my mom, back in Pallet Town.
I thought she was the new owner of the Pokemon Daycare back on Route 5? Aaron asked.
Oh yeah, thats right, Raphael said. I should call her to see if she has any new baby Pokemon or even better, if she has any Pokemon of her own.

Raphael and Aaron walked inside a pokecenter and used their computer to get in contact with Raphaels mom, which wasnt too busy to answer the phone.

Hello, mom? Raphael suggested.
Yes Raphael? This is your mom speaking, his mom said. How are you? Its been a long time since we spoke to each other.
Yeah, I know it has been a long time, Raphael said. Hows the Pokemon Daycare treating you?
Its doing wonderful, son, his mom said. Many Pokemon are being hatched by the day, even the Charmander you have now came from my daycare.
Wait, what? So, you mean the Charmeleon I have came from you? Raphael asked.
Yes, thats right, both the Charmander and Onix came from me, his mom said. I gave Onix away to your friend Aaron for being such a good friend and good supporter on your journey. So, I advise him to take care of Onix very nicely.
Oh yeah, hes taking care of it alright, Raphael said. However it likes to be mischievous, so it can be hard for him to handle.
When it came out of its egg I thought it was a massive piece of rock but the next day I was wrong, it ended up being an Onix, his mom said. So, how is your Charmander?
Its going great mom, the Charmander evolved into a Charmeleon and were training every day, Raphael said. Were on Kin Island and I just thought of you, so after we get done here I was thinking that you sending over a Water-type and Electric-type Pokemon so I can train them to be as strong as Charmander.
Okay son, Ill be able to do that, his mom said. Does your friend need another Pokemon, too?
No, thats okay, Raphael said. He already has a handful with Onix.
Okay son, well take care, his mom said. Im signing off.

It took awhile for Raphaels mom to send over two Pokemon so he can start training them, having one of them being a Pichu. As far as both him and Aaron knew that it was the first Pichu that anyone has in the Kanto region, making it special for Raphael. The second Pokemon his mom sent over to him was Magikarp and when both him and Aaron saw it, they instantly knew that she bought the original Magikarp for five-hundred dollars. However, with the limp look of Magikarp, Raphaels pokedex read that it was an adamant one which was good in every way for a Gyarados. It was now time for training, first making Pichu be the first one to train for the day.

Okay Pichu, lets come out and show us what you got, Raphael said.

When Pichu came out of its pokeball it looked at Raphael and gave out a big smile, soon walking out of the pokecenter on its own. The little Electric-type Pokemon didnt take its time to walk out of the pokecenter but took haste, making Raphael and Aaron jog out of the pokecenter. When they walked out of the center they saw Pichu looking at the a pond nearby, quickly running over to it. The pond and bridge they were on was called Bond Bridge, the bridge that connected the parent island to the child island. With the excitement of Pichu and the energy it had, it pointed directly at the pond, forcing Raphael to fish for its training partners.

Okay Pichu, your first catch of the day would be Raphael thought. A Magikarp!

Pichu jumped up and down in excitement, begging for Raphael to command it to attack the weakling of a Pokemon.

Okay Pichu, lets use Thunder Shock! Raphael commanded.

With its hasty speed Pichu quickly zapped the wild Magikarp with ease and as fast as it could, but before Pichu was able to attack, Magikarp flopped up in the air like it was faster.

Pichu, lets use Thunder Shock again! Raphael commanded.

This time Pichu was able to zap the wild Magikarp with ease as it was paralyzed, making it unable to flop around. When the wild Magikarp fainted the Pichu ran towards Raphael waiting for some kind of treat, making Raphael look into his backpack for a Rare Candy. When Pichu devoured the Rare Candy it wanted to battle again, making Raphael go into the pond to fish out more Magikarp. It took them a couple hours to get a hang of each other, switching from Thunder Shock to just messing around and whipping wild Magikarp with its tail. All three of them laughed as Pichu kept swinging its tail back and forth, giving it a cute look.

Okay Pichu, its lunch time, so that means more candy for you, including berries, Raphael said. You also have a couple new friends, which are Magikarp and Charmeleon. So, be friendly with them, especially this Magikarp, okay?

While Aaron was cooking lunch for him and Raphael, Raphael took out berries to feed all of their Pokemon. He took his time carefully choosing what berry would be best for each Pokemon, giving both Pokemon food from Leichi berries for Magikarp and Pichu, Apicot for Charmeleon, and Salac for Onix. While they were eating, Raphael wondered what kind of Pokemon he would train with Pichu and how he would train Magikarp other than giving it Rare Candy all of the time. With the Magikarp unable to breath on land Raphael was mostly in the pond with it, feeding it food. However, instead of just feeding it Pokemon food, he also gave it time to settle with a Rare Candy.

Okay there you go, Magikarp, Raphael said. In no time youll be able to evolve into a Gyarados. However, youll sadly be able to actually train being a Gyarados.
Thats for sure, Aaron said. When Magikarp evolves into Gyarados itll even be hard to control it, making it be like how Onix is already.
Okay, well lets make them a little more so they can stay energized until the night comes, Raphael said.
Itll hurt them though, so well just stick to lunch for now, Aaron said.

Raphael trusted in Aarons words as he was more talented in Pokemon care and health than what hes strong with and thats battling and opening up their potential. With Magikarp slowly eating Rare Candys and Pichu too excited with battling wild Magikarp, it took them the same amount of time to get stronger.

Okay Pichu, lets use Tail Whip! Raphael commanded.

Pichu ran as fast as it could towards the wild Magikarp that was flopping around and when it swung its tail as hard as it could, the wild Magikarp flew in the air. It them a couple more hours of exciting training to make Pichu learn its last move which was Sweet Kiss. With the exciting training it had, Pichu even evolved into Pikachu. The Pikachu looked more faster than it was when it was a Pichu and without a Thunder Stone, Raphael wanted it to evolve again.

Thats a good job, Raphael! Aaron exclaimed. The pokemart might have a Thunder Stone back in town, so if you want we could stop and shop.
No, thats okay, Raphael said. We should make sure were strong as we could be. We got be stronger each day.

Aaron laughed in confidence at Raphaels focus on training, making him look up at the sky to see the sun going down. It nearly took Raphael the entire day to get his Magikarp and newly evolved Pikachu to the way they are now, wondering how long hell take to even train them.

Its getting dark out, so what is your focus here now? Aaron asked.
I think we should keep going, but make sure the Rare Candy are being used wisely, Raphael said. However, it is getting dark out and we only had one break, so we can take a break for the night.

It was during the next day that Raphael wanted to evolve Magikarp into a Gyarados, seeing if Magikarp would train with Pikachu. With it being a disadvantage for Magikarp he was thinking of giving it Rare Candy as a treat like the day before. When he was dreaming of training his Magikarp into a Gyarados in his sleep during the night, he also thought of evolving Pikachu into a Raichu. With it still being not as powerful he wanted his Pikachu to be, he remembered what Surge said; with him only having two badges, he can only train his Pokemon to an extent.

Okay Pikachu, today well train with Magikarp, Raphael said. I know Magikarp isnt the ideal training partner because youll only be able to work your hardest, thats why Im giving both of you two a Rare Candy for doing your best, okay?

Pikachu cried out loud in excitement and gave its trainer a wink and Magikarp just flopped in the air.

Okay Pikachu, lets use Quick Attack! Raphael commanded. Magikarp, use Splash!

Pikachu sped as fast as it could towards Magikarp and with its hasty speed Magikarp wasnt fast enough to dodge it, making both Raphael and Aaron laugh it off. As soon as it was about to be a great sunny training day rain clouds came in fast, pouring down rain right on top of them. With Pikachu being confused on what to do now as it wanted a sunny day, Magikarp flipped and flopped around in excitement.

Wow, I guess your Magikarp has Swift Swim, Aaron said. Its the ability where in rain its speed is increased. So, this time Magikarp might be able to compete with Pikachus speed.
Okay, that sounds more like it, Raphael said. Okay, Pikachu lets use Thunder Shock! Magikarp, try to dodge every shock you see with Splash!

Pikachu used Thunder Shock on the flopping Magikarp, hoping that both of them get enough training done. Raphael commanded Pikachu to use Thunder Shock numerous times as making Magikarp try to dodge the shocks. With each successful session it came with a Rare Candy for each of them and with Magikarp strong enough, Raphael wanted it to learn at least one good move.

Okay Magikarp, this time I want you to learn Tackle, which is a move where you jump your highest and slam your entire body directly on Pikachu! Raphael commanded. So Pikachu, use Thunder Shock! Magikarp, use Tackle!

Pikachu successfully struck down a shock aiming for Magikarp but with its sudden fast speed it bounced up in the air and dove directly down at Pikachu. Aaron wondered what kind of Tackle move that was, trying to remember if it was Bounce that looked like or Tackle. However, he enjoyed watching Raphaels training sessions, despite the rain.

Okay Magikarp, this time I would want you to use the rain and your speed to launch yourself directly at Pikachu! Raphael commanded. Pikachu, I want you to use Thunder Shock!

Raphael saw Magikarp successfully landing a correct Tackle attack before Pikachu was able to attack with Thunder Shock, surprising both him and Aaron at how good Magikarps speed was in rain. After Pikachu got hit it took its move and shocked Magikarp, making it stronger than before.

Okay you two, its time to let it go, Raphael said. Here you two go, a Rare Candy for each of you. Another one for the hard work you two did in rain, which is getting me soaked.

After Raphael gave Magikarp the two Rare Candy it was so excited that it flipped and flopped its way back into the pond, making Raphael wonder what it was doing. However with Magikarp in the rain, he wanted to let them enjoy the rain, running back to the pokemart for shelter. When they stepped into the pokemart they saw all of the magnificent evolution stones they had on display, looking at the Thunder Stone. Pikachu was looking at it as well, picturing itself evolving into a strong Raichu, but however, it wanted to be already strong like what its trainer stated the day before.

So what do you think, Pikachu? Do you want to evolve into a Raichu now or later? Raphael asked.

Pikachu looked at Raphael in a confused look like it remembered the words he said the day before, wanting it to be a strong Pikachu first.

I know Ive said some things yesterday about you being a strong Pikachu, but look at you, you look cute in every way, Raphael said. Im not saying that because your a girl Pikachu, but lately your moves been nothing but cute to both Aaron and I.

Pikachu gave Raphael a wink and pointed at the Thunder Stone making Raphael buy it so it can evolve into Raichu. When he bought the evolution stone both him and Aaron were wondering how long its been since Magikarp stayed in the pond, quickly running out of the pokemart to examine it. When they got to the pond they saw that it was quiet, seeing nothing but raindrops bouncing off the pond.

I dont think raindrops bounce off ponds Raph, so I think you should check it out if Magikarp is okay, Aaron said.
Okay, yeah, lets check it out, Raphael said.

Raphael moved closer to the pond and as he moved the quietness of the pond moved as well making him wonder if it was Magikarp joking with him. When he got even closer to the pond a giant wave rose from the pond and a Gyarados roared throughout, scaring him into the pond. A giant splash came after when Raphael fell in the pond and when he was able to see that Magikarp wasnt around, he wondered if it evolved into the Gyarados. Gyarados rose out of the pond again and unlike other Gyarados it had the same cool sensation Magikarp had. As far as he knew Gyarados has a vicious temper but with his newly evolved Gyarados it had a strange and miraculously cool temper.

Wow Gyarados, you scared me alright! Raphael shouted. I think you had enough swimming time, so lets go back into your pokeball for now. Well go and find another pond, okay?

Gyarados roared out loud and gave out what looked like a smile, letting Raphael put it back into its pokeball.When Raphael put Gyarados back in it pokeball the rain suddenly stopped, wondering if Magikarp caused the rain clouds. Raphael took the time to check on Gyarados new ability and when he looked at his pokedex it said that his Gyarados now has the Moxie ability.

We should see if any berries grew in the Berry Forest, Raph, Aaron said. Stock up on berries while the Anne is still anchored here.
Okay Aaron, thats a good idea, Raphael said.

Raphael and Aaron walked straight into the Berry Forest, finding that there were numerous kinds of berries such as Razz, Oran, and Cheri. With Aaron being the expert at berries and finding what kinds are best for what Pokemon he picked the berries while Raphael walked around watching all of the Grass-type Pokemon. Wishing he could train some more he sighed, seeing that the Pokemon in the Berry Forest would be a good training area for Charmeleon. When Aaron was done picking berries, they walked out of the forest and back into town, seeing that Surge was waiting for them to arrive.

Were leaving now, the storm we had earlier gave everyone a scare, Surge said. So if youre ready Raphael, lets get a move on.
Okay, Surge, were ready, Raphael said.

Raphael had a good time on Kin Island especially when he trained both his Magikarp and Pichu into their next evolutions. When they got back onto the S.S. Anne, he showed his new Pikachu to Surge which made him suggest that his Raichu would be stronger making Raphael wait to evolve it. With both of them bummed out, they went back into their rooms but without a doubt Raphael asked Pikachu one more time. Regardless of what Surge told him, he thought that he could just go back to Uri to teach Raichu a special move like what he did to Charmeleon, giving Pikachu the Thunder Stone. When Pikachu held on tight the Thunder Stone gave a magical yellowish and white glow, making Pikachu evolve into its final evolution; Raichu.

To Be Continued...


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Chapter 12: Floe Island - A Friendly Gesture

It’s been weeks since Raphael left the S.S. Anne riding on top of Gyarados making his friends and Surge worried sick about him. He went back to Uri to train and let him teach Gyarados and Raichu special moves like he did to Charmeleon. With Raichu being taught two powerful moves from Uri like Thunder and Hyper Beam, the tough one to control was Gyarados as it didn’t want to listen. He was surfing on top of Gyarados for the entire time and when he finally saw the S.S. Anne docked on Floe Island which was the fourth of seven islands, he was happy to see everyone. Going underwater where Gyarados was the fastest at it took him half of the time to get there, stepping foot on sand for the first time in weeks.

“Oh wow, this is a beautiful looking place,” Raphael said. “What do you think Raichu?”

Raichu cried in excitement and followed Raphael as he walked up the steps and entered the nearby pokecenter. Both him and his Pokemon needed a rest, sitting down on a bench to cool off from the blazing sun and drinking soda pop. When his Pokemon were done healing, he noticed that David and Julie were in the pokecenter too. Walking up towards them to greet himself as he finally landed on Floe Island, he also saw an old woman with them.

“Hi guys, how are you doing?” Raphael asked.
“We’re doing fine,” David said. “How are you and your Team Rocket friend?”
“We’re okay, I guess,” Raphael said. “Team Rocket is no longer an organization because Giovanni moved on to Johto, so I’m just a regular Pokemon trainer now.”
“I heard that it shut down, that’s a good thing because I always wanted to become a Pokemon master,” David said. “I just never did anything else other than do the evilness Team Rocket does.”
“Wow, so you never really had the chance to become a trainer?” Raphael asked.
“No, I just started out in Viridian City north of Pallet Town, joined Team Rocket because I was a bad person to start out with,” David said. “Now with Team Rocket out of Kanto, I can restart my adventure, that’s why I came back here to show my mother what I got so far.”
“Your mother?” Raphael asked. “Who’s that?”

The woman that was sitting with them stood up off the chair she sat on and greeted herself to Raphael. Raphael looked at her face and couldn’t really read her eyes as her glasses were dark, but he could only remember the poster he saw when he was a kid.

“Hello, my name is Lorelei,” the woman said. “My son David told me a lot about you. He’s really looking forward to challenging you in the Kanto League conference to determine the next Pokemon League master.”
“Wait, you’re Lorelei and you’re his mother?!” Raphael asked shockingly.
“I am yes,” Lorelei said. “His father is out of the picture so Lapras and I raised him alone until now. Before you interrupted us he was about to show me the Pokemon he picked up. However, with just having Ice-type Pokemon or Water-type Pokemon he won’t make it far in the conference, that’s why I told him to go out and catch some new ones.”
“Oh, that’s cool,” Raphael said. “So what kind of new Pokemon did you get?”

David showed Raphael one of the Pokemon he caught which was a Shellder, the Water-type Bivalve Pokemon.

“Wow, that’s a nice looking Shellder,” Raphael said. “Is it a shiny?”
“No, I wish it was,” David said. “However, with Shellder being a part of my Water-type Pokemon team, I might use it in the conference when it evolves into a Cloyster.”
“That’s awesome,” Raphael said. “I had to start all over, too. I started over with a Charmander which is now a Charmeleon. I also got Gyarados and Raichu.”
“So you got a Gyarados again, huh?” David asked. “I got one that I still need to train, but now I only got Wartortle.”
“A Wartortle huh? That’s awesome,” Raphael said. “Do you mind having a Pokemon battle with me?”
“No, not yet, I’m sorry,” David said. “We’ll battle in the conference, both Julie and I will be attending. I hope I win because I’ll get to have that chance to face against my mother in the Elite Four.”
“Oh, okay, that’s fine,” Raphael said. “Next time for sure. I got to go find my friends, so I’ll see you at the conference then?”
“Yeah, I’ll see you at the conference,” David said. “See you there.”

Raphael wondered why David always refused to have a Pokemon battle with him always saying no when he asked. As he still wondered while trying to find Aaron he thought that David was that good at Pokemon battling; David being a competitor that trained his Pokemon to be their best, using special moves. When he was trying to find Aaron he suddenly heard his voice, looking around and finding a Pokemon Daycare nearby. Walking over to the daycare he saw Aaron playing with a Bug-type Pokemon.

“Hey, I didn’t know you liked Bug-type Pokemon, too?” Raphael asked confusedly.
“I don’t but this Bug-type Pokemon will make a great exception since it needs a Steel Coat to evolve it into a Scizor,” Aaron said. “If I were to enter the Kanto League I would only have to suit with Scyther since Scizor is a Johto Pokemon, not a Kanto Pokemon.”
“Wow, I didn’t know that,” Raphael said. “Probably that’s why David doesn’t want to battle me, he’s still trying to figure out what kind of Pokemon to use for the league.”
“That’s right,” Aaron said. “The Moltres we heard back on the first island is the call sign of the beginning of the Kanto League and it takes four days to finish. So, for the next conference I would only have to settle with Onix and Scyther.”
“So this Scyther is yours?” Raphael asked.
“Yeah, this Scyther is mine now,” Aaron said. “I adopted it since the daycare provider didn’t know who the real trainer was.”
“Wow, that’s sad,” Raphael said. “I also heard that David had to start over too, so I wonder what kind of Pokemon he’s going to use.”
“I don’t know Raph, but I shouldn’t wonder what kind of Pokemon your opponents are going to use because nearly three-hundred trainers will be at the conference and I’m one of them,” Aaron said.
“Oh wow, I didn’t know that,” Raphael said. “Since this is a Pokemon Daycare I’m going to see if it’s ran by my mom, so I’ll be right back.”

Raphael didn’t know much about the Kanto League other than what Aaron just said about having nearly three-hundred trainers and the finalist challenging the Elite Four. He walked to the front counter of the Pokemon Daycare and saw that a girl was the caretaker of it, wondering if his mom hired her.

“Hi, is this Pokemon Daycare ran by my mom?” Raphael asked.
“What do you mean by your mom? Who are you?” the girl asked.
“I’m Raphael from Pallet Town,” Raphael said.
“Oh! Yeah, this daycare is being ran by your mom for sure!” the girl exclaimed. “So what can I do for you?”
“Well, I was just wondering if you know anything about the Indigo League conference,” Raphael said.
“No I don’t, sorry,” the girl said. “However, you can ask the nurse at the pokecenter, she’s one of the officiates for the Indigo League. You can try talking to her.”
“Okay thank you,” Raphael said.

Raphael walked out of the Pokemon Daycare and walked over to the pokecenter to talk to the nurse inside. When he walked inside he saw that there were no sign of David or Julie, making himself feel eased as he walked up to the counter.

“Hi, are you the officiate of the Indigo League?” Raphael asked.
“Yes I am, how may I help you?” the nurse asked.
“I would want to know anything about the Indigo League,” Raphael said. “I’m trying to build up my Pokemon team so I can compete and hopefully win, so I thought that you might have some advice for me.”
“Oh okay, well the preliminary rounds consists of all two-hundred and fifty six trainers battling on four elemental stages,” the nurse said. “With the first two days gone there will be only the top thirty-two contestants and with a two day grace period the final rounds would begin.”
“Okay, so how many Pokemon would I be able to have in the preliminary rounds?” Raphael asked.
“In the preliminary rounds you’re only allowed to have three Pokemon,” the nurse said. “When you reach the top eight however, you’ll be able to have full six on six Pokemon battles.”
“Okay, that’s cool,” Raphael said. “So, other than that is there any other advice like what kind of Pokemon I should use?”
“The first competitor in the Elite Four is Lorelei and she’s the Ice-type specialist, so a Fire-type Pokemon would go great against her,” the nurse said. “The second competitor is Bruno a Fighting-type specialist, Agatha the Ghost-type specialist, and Lance the Dragon-type specialist.”
“Okay, thank you,” Raphael said. “So, at the most I can only use three Pokemon but still have a full team of six Pokemon if I make it to the Elite Four.”
“That’s correct, I think you got it all down now,” the nurse said.
“Well thank you,” Raphael said. “I appreciate it.”

Raphael walked out of the pokecenter confident enough to pull off a win in the Indigo League, walking back to his mother’s Daycare in order to collect a Fire-type, a Flying-type, and a Psychic-type Pokemon. Before when he was a member of Team Rocket he had the team to take down the Elite Four, but now he had to retrain his Pokemon. While he was walking he found that there was a building just like Uri’s building nearby, making him feel stupid since he lost weeks of being with his friends.

“Hi miss, can you tell my mom to send me over a Flying-type and a Psychic-type Pokemon?” Raphael asked.
“I sure can,” the girl said. “Anything else you would like me to do for you?”

Raphael slowly processed the woman’s question in his brain and smirked, making him think of her beauty. When he waited for his new Pokemon to arrive, he looked over at Aaron still playing with his Scyther. As a new rival for him he thought that the rivalry would judge their friendship, making him walk over.

“Hey, with you competing in the Indigo League are you my rival or no?” Raphael asked.
“You can put it that way,” Aaron said. “However, we’re still friends regardless on who wins. Besides, isn’t your actual rival that David guy or Gerald?”
“If you put it that way you can say that both of them are my rivals,” Raphael said. “With David being in the picture I’ve asked him multiple times for a Pokemon battle but he keeps refusing.”
“Well you’ll find out his Pokemon team in no time,” Aaron said. “When we get our Pokemon up there in training I would want to battle you with my new team before we walk up to the conference.”
“Okay, that sounds like a good idea,” Raphael said.

After the talk Raphael walked back to the counter and saw that the girl gave him his pokeballs that consisted of the Pokemon that he asked for.

“Why thank you, I appreciate it,” Raphael said.
“You’re welcome,” the girl said. “However, you are missing one Pokemon to have an even match up and that’s a Dragon-type Pokemon.”
“Oh okay, but wouldn’t my Gyarados be considered as the Dragon-type Pokemon?” Raphael asked.
“Oops, okay then,” the girl said giggling. “My name is Rebecca, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“It’s nice to meet you too,” Raphael said. “Since you run this place, can you leave time to time? I know it may be a burden but I would want you to come with us.”
“Okay that’s great,” Rebecca said. “I’ve been wanting to ask you ever since you came here, but now you’re asking me which is great. So, I’ll just meet you outside, I’ll go get my things!”

Raphael had a sudden feeling of regret, regretting asking Rebecca to join them in their adventure. While Aaron and him waited for Rebecca standing outside of the Pokemon Daycare he used his pokedex to see what kind of Pokemon his mom gave him; which was an Abra and a Pidgey. With the other data from the pokedex it read that it was a mild natured Abra and a jolly natured Pidgey. With a team of five Pokemon he only needed one more Pokemon for a full team of six and with trouble finding one, he waited for Rebecca to suggest him his final Pokemon.

“So, what kind of Pokemon I should have next, Rebecca?” Raphael asked.
“If you have the correct advantage types for the Elite Four, I would still go with Ice-type Pokemon because Dragon-type Pokemon are weak against Ice-type Pokemon.”
“Okay, so which Pokemon would be a good Ice-type Pokemon though?” Raphael asked.
“If I were going to compete in the Indigo League, which I am obviously, I would choose Dewgong or Lapras,” Rebecca said. “However, I’m a girl and I don’t think a boy would even choose a Pokemon with a girly nature.”
“Okay, so I’ll pick Shellder,” Raphael said. “I heard that it evolves into an Ice-type Pokemon, Cloyster.”
“That’s a good choice,” Rebecca said. “I’ll be back outside, I forgot that I had to get my own Pokemon from the computer.”

Raphael and Aaron waited for Rebecca a second time and this time Raphael looked at his pokedex and saw that most of his Pokemon are female. Laughing and smirking at the thought of nearly his entire Pokemon team consists of females, he thought of being a breeder. Aaron looked at his pokedex too and saw that so far his Pokemon were male. When they finally hurried Rebecca from taking too long, Raphael walked inside the Pokemon Daycare and saw her on the computer talking to his mom. Waiting for the call to end he stood next to the door, soon watching Rebecca hang up to leave with them.

“I had to call your mom to let her know that the Pokemon Daycare here would be closed,” Rebecca said. “It’ll be closed until I return which would be undetermined since it’ll take long to get to the Indigo League.”
“Yeah, that’s true,” Raphael said. “We should get going though, we don’t want Aaron to wait any longer than he already waited.”
“That’s true,” Rebecca said. “It’s almost lunch time for me.”

Raphael and his friends started to walk back to the S.S. Anne but first they stopped by pokemart to look around since Rebecca absolutely loved shopping. When they were walking around the pokemart there was an announcer that declared the Johto regional Pokemon to enter the Indigo League, making Aaron gasp of enjoyment. Raphael saw him run over to the evolution items aisle and when he finally caught up to Aaron, he saw that he picked up a Steel Coat, a shiny cylinder box that could evolve Onix and Scyther by trade. Aaron picked up two of the same items he needed to train and evolve his Pokemon, reminding that he needed to pick up a Water Stone to evolve Shellder into a Cloyster. When all three of them were ready they left the pokemart with happiness, having the tools they needed to battle in the Indigo League.

“Okay, so we got everything?” Rebecca asked. “If so, I hear that the S.S. Anne has a great dining hall with a buffet.”
“Wait, what? A buffet?” Raphael asked. “We should go now before it’s all gone!”

Both Raphael and Aaron ran as fast as they could to the S.S. Anne while Rebecca stayed back and smiled, looking down at her pokebelt, eyeing her prized Pokemon which was Dragonair. With the new announcement of Johto Pokemon being qualified in the Indigo League, she ran back to the Pokemon Daycare. With Raphael being her newfound favorite person other than his mom giving her a job as a caretaker, she wanted to surprise him with a new team. When she logged into the computer and saw all of the new registered Pokemon, she gasped. The reason why Rebecca gasped was because one of her favorite Johto starter Pokemon was allowed in the Indigo League now and that was Chikorita, the Grass-type starter Pokemon that evolves into Meganium.

Out of all of the Pokemon types she could face against Lorelei she chose a jolly Hoppip which is a good combo since its also Flying-type and an lonely Eevee, which she would evolve into a Flareon. For Bruno, a Fighting-type specialist she chose Jynx and Sableye for Agatha, the Ghost-type specialist. For Lance the Dragon-type specialist she chose Dratini and Horsea, which she would evolve into Kingdra. With all of the Pokemon she chose she was confident that she’ll win the conference and make it to the Elite Four. Even though she chose those types of Pokemon for her Indigo League team, she preferred more cuter and beautiful Pokemon.

As Raphael’s new and profound fan she was thinking of getting him cool and strong looking Pokemon, trying to make him look awesome and exciting. The first Pokemon she chose for Raphael was Houndour, a dual Dark-type and Fire-type Pokemon and the second was Eevee which he would eventually evolve into Jolteon. The third Pokemon was Abra which was a Pokemon he had before when he was with Team Rocket and Gastly, a Ghost-type Pokemon. However, with only two slots remaining, she chose Bagon and his already evolved Gyarados. When she sent them from his mom’s Pokemon Daycare back on Route 5, she looked at the team through the computer one last time and smiled.

When Rebecca came out of the pokecenter and ran back to her new friends at the S.S. Anne, she held her hand open to show Raphael.

“What are these for?” Raphael asked.
“These are for you,” Rebecca said. “These four pokeball’s are for your new team for the Elite Four.”
“Okay, but I don’t think I would want to start training them all at once,” Raphael said. “So, what kind of Pokemon are they?”
“With the Indigo League accepting Pokemon from Johto now, I Houndour, Eevee, Abra, Gastly, and Bagon for you,” Rebecca said. “My skills in Pokemon type advantages are really good and with your skills at battling and training will make you the victor in the Indigo League for sure.”
“Okay, well, I guess we can go back and bring these Pokemon to the lab,” Raphael said. “After we really need to eat at the buffet you mentioned, I’m really hungry.”

Raphael and his friends ran back to the pokecenter of Floe Island and carefully transferred over the Pokemon he didn’t need for the ones he really needed. With this he transferred over Houndour the dual typed Dark and Fire Pokemon keeping Charmeleon which would be his prized Pokemon of all time. Rebecca was bummed since she thought of giving him a Pokemon through his mom’s work, but at the same time Charmeleon was his favorite. When they got back to the S.S. Anne they ate at the buffet with the rest of the tourists and slept through the entire night as they were heading to the fifth island; Chrono Island.

To Be Continued...


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Chapter 13: Chrono Island - A Shocking Twist

Raphael, Aaron, and Rebecca were standing in front of the deck waiting for the S.S. Anne to be docked on Chrono Island, the fifth out of seven islands. With them waiting so long for them to get there Surge came from behind and scared them.

“So, you finally show up huh?” Surge asked. “That must’ve been some training you did with your Pokemon with Uri.”
“How did you know that?” Raphael asked.
“I know my own instincts, Raph,” Surge said. “That Riachu of yours looks strong, but I don’t know if it’s strong enough to challenge my Raichu. With the Indigo League approving Johto Pokemon I bet your Pokemon have changed, I know mine has.”
“Wait, so gym leaders change their Pokemon, too?” Raphael asked. “What kind of Pokemon do you have?”
“I’m not going to show you yet, but when we get to Chrono Island we’ll have a Pokemon battle,” Surge said. “It’s been a while and I think instead of giving you a badge, I think you should earn it.”
“Yeah, that’s true,” Raphael said. “I think I should earn these badges, not just given to me.”
“So take a load off and study your Pokemon wisely before coming to me for a gym battle,” Surge said. “It’ll probably be best to use the Pokemon you’ve already trained, too. You won’t be able to beat me if you’re using Pokemon that just been hatched from eggs.”

Rebecca frowned and suddenly gave out a mean look at Surge as he was walking away from them. Even though she was sad she was just trying to help out her new friend in being a competitor instead of just being a normal Pokemon trainer. The anchor hit the bottom of the sea and the tourists started to form a line making all three of them run to the front of it. When they walked into the town that was perfectly right on the beachfront, they saw that it was nearly empty. Wondering where all the people went they walked around town finding at least someone to talk to, even finding out that Team Rocket had a warehouse near.

“I wonder how many people live here on this island,” Rebecca said.
“I know a long time ago many people used to come here, but now since it looks empty I wonder where those people go to now,” Aaron said.
“Well, despite the amount of people, I want to train my Pokemon here for the day,” Rebecca said. “So please mind me, I would go over by the beach to train.”
“Okay, Raphael and I would probably look around some more,” Aaron said.

As they were close to walking outside of town to check on the warehouse Team Rocket abandoned, they walked inside and saw that it was completely empty. Walking around further into the warehouse they saw cages and suddenly they saw a red haired kid.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” Raphael asked. “I thought Team Rocket was disband?”
“It is disbanded, retard,” the red haired kid said. “My father shut down the organization and settling down in Johto for a while.”
“Wow, an evil boss finally settling down, huh?” Raphael said. “So, what brings his son over here to Chrono Island?”

The red haired kid turned around and revealed her face to Raphael and Aaron, making them shocked that it wasn’t a boy after all, but a girl.

“I’m a girl, idiot,” the red haired kid said. “My name’s Silver, I’ve came here to see if I can salvage anything the grunts and scientists forgot.”
“So, if you’re his daughter than why did he make Gary Oak the leader of the Viridian City gym?” Raphael asked.
“I just told you retard, he’s settling down in Johto,” Silver said. “I thought I’d come here and find things the scientists could’ve forgotten but forget it. You two bother me already.”
“No, don’t go,” Raphael said.
“I said I’m going, so let me go or else,” Silver said. “If you want to talk to me more go and find me at the S.S. Anne, it’s nearing the Johto region anyways so I can just set up camp there.”

Raphael and Aaron watched Silver leave the Team Rocket warehouse thinking that Giovanni raised a brat of a child, but Aaron was thinking that she didn’t really look like one at all. They walked around the warehouse some more and saw nothing as the scientists and members of Team Rocket clean sweeped the place before leaving. When they started to walk out of the warehouse they saw a memorial pillar that looked like an Onix. Looking like it was too far for them to walk with the ocean in the way, they walked back to town. Aaron was thinking of if the memorial statue of the Onix was placed there because it passed away, thinking of his own Onix.

“Hey Raph, can I be alone for a minute?” Aaron asked. “Before that I thought that we could trade my Onix to you, trying to evolve it into a Steelix.”
“Yeah, we can trade so your Onix can evolve into a Steelix,” Raphael said. “We can trade anytime after, too.”
“Okay thank you,” Aaron said. “I appreciate it.”

Walking into the pokecenter and trading Aaron’s Onix so it could evolve into Steelix, soon making him go on his own way. Raphael understood that Aaron wanted to be left alone because they saw the Onix memorial. While he was on his own he took the time to walk back to the S.S. Anne to finally challenge Surge for the Thunder Badge. Walking passed the pokecenter however, he went back inside to observe his Pokemon and study on their moves they learned and their types; carefully looking at the Bagon Rebecca gave him. Trying to remember what Surge kept saying when he always said that his Pokemon were strong, it made him think of speed too.

Raphael took some more time thinking of his team he should be using against Surge who was an Electric-type specialist and his Elite Four team, making him finally choose which team would be best. Looking inside his backpack to look at his Rare Candy supplies, he saw plenty, soon making a smile on his face and walking out. Instead of walking back towards S.S. Anne Surge came to him and declared the front yard of the pokecenter as the battle arena.

“Okay Raphael, are you ready to earn your Thunder Badge?” Surge asked.
“I sure am,” Raphael said. “I got confidence in my Pokemon now.”
“That sounds good because instead of Electric-type Pokemon, I also specialize in speedy Pokemon, too,” Surge said. “Just like the electricity in my Raichu, speed is the best.”
“Okay, so let’s bring it,” Raphael said. “Let’s see your Pokemon!”
“Okay, this battle will be a three on three Pokemon battle,” Surge said. “The challenger goes first!”

Raphael looked down at his Elite Four team on his pokebelt and was confused, rethinking his strategy on what Pokemon to use. He always thought that strong Pokemon were always stronger in strength and attack, not speed.

“Okay Gyarados! Let’s go!” Raphael commanded. “Let’s use Dragon Rage!”
“Let’s go, Electrode!” Surge commanded. “Let’s use, Spark!”

Gyarados roared out of its pokeball and instantly used a successful Dragon Rage but before it was able to do so, Electrode gave out a spark that looked strong against Gyarados.

“So, you think this is your advantage?” Surge asked. “A Water-type Pokemon against an Electric-type?”
“No, but since you favor speed, I’d rather favor strength,” Raphael said.
“Okay, but let’s try something else instead of Dragon Rage,” Surge said.
“Okay, so let’s use Hydro Pump, Gyarados!” Raphael commanded.
“Let’s use Charge Beam, Electrode!” Surge commanded.

It was a second time that Electrode successfully attacked Gyarados before it was able to attack, making Raphael wonder how fast Surge’s Electric-type Pokemon really was. When Gyarados finally used Hydro Pump it burst out a massive amount of water directly at Electrode, making it fly all the way back at Surge. When it flew back at Surge and crashed on top of him, he got up and laughed off the pain of a nearly one-hundred and fifty pound ball coming at him.

“Okay that’s the spirit, Raphael,” Surge said. “However, let’s use Thunderbolt, Electrode!”
“Let’s use Hydro Pump, Gyarados!” Raphael commanded.

Gyarados was really weak and Raphael didn’t know that it would take another blow from Electrode, making him quince as Electrode took the hit with its Thunderbolt attack. When he was able to look at the damage Gyarados took it was fainted, making him return it to its pokeball. He was now down to two Pokemon left in his gym battle, sending out Bagon. When Bagon was sent out of its pokeball it looked like it was vicious and mean, but oddly jumping up in the air.

“Okay this one is a given,” Surge said. “Let’s use Thunderbolt, Electrode!”
“Okay Bagon, let’s try to dodge its attack and use Headbutt!” Raphael commanded.

Bagon was obviously slower than Electrode but when it attacked with Thunderbolt move instead of dodging it, Bagon lowered its head all the way. With its hard head it was able to take Electrode’s Electric-type attack, running as fast as it could towards the upside down pokeball and smacked it hard as it could. Raphael winced at the sight of Bagon smashing its head right on top of Electrode, but when he was able to look at its progress, the Electrode was weak.

“Okay Bagon, let’s use Rage!” Raphael commanded.
“Let’s use Sonic Boom, Electrode!” Surge commanded.

Sonic Boom was an attack that made Electrode sound off, having soundwaves coming from its body and directly being aimed at Bagon. However, with the soundwaves hitting Bagon, it roared as loud as it could and raged on forth, running towards Electrode. Attacking successfully the Bagon was able to take it down, fainting the Electrode. Surge was surprised on what power the little Bagon had, quickly sending out a Pokemon that had both power and speed; Jolteon.

“Let’s go Jolteon, let’s use Thunderbolt!” Surge commanded.

Bagon wasn’t able to listen to Raphael as its mighty rage was still going, taking Jolteon’s Thunderbolt attack but before doing so, it’s attack attack was stronger than Jolteons. It was amazing how Bagon was able to withstand Surge’s Electric-type attacks, but as its rage went on it started to tilt back and forth.

“Let’s finish it off with Thunder Fang, Jolteon!” Surge commanded.

It was Bagon’s second time it didn’t listen to Raphael as its rage went on, letting Jolteon’s speed jolt over towards it, but before it finished it off, its attack was so powerful now it was able to take Jolteon down with it. It was now up to Raphael’s last Pokemon and it was Charmeleon against Surge’s Raichu, which was going to determine the outcome of the battle. When both of their Pokemon were sent out of their pokeballs however, it was starting to rain which was bad for Charmeleon.

“Okay Charmeleon, let’s use Dragon Rage!” Raphael commanded.
“Okay Raichu, let’s use Hidden Power!” Surge commanded.

Charmeleon burst out a large beam directly aimed towards Raichu, but with Raichu’s speed its Hidden Power attack went first. The first time Raphael saw Hidden Power being hit it was when Kadabra used it and black orbs came out of it, but this time watery blue orbs came out of Raichu’s. Charmeleon was obviously weak against it since it had a watery sensation to it, but its bad temper stayed. Raichu took Charmeleon’s attack lightly as it was aimed at its gut.

“Okay Charmeleon this is what you came for, let’s try to dodge and use Dragon Rage!” Raphael commanded.
“Raichu, let’s dodge Charmeleon’s attack and use Thunderbolt!” Surge commanded.

Charmeleon waited for Raichu’s speed and waited more for its Thunderbolt to strike, but however it successfully dodged it and burst out another beam. Dragon Rage didn’t do its job as what Raphael hoped for and with the sun gone he wondered why Charmeleon wasn’t getting weak each move it used. Reading on its nature using the pokedex Solar Power wasn’t the only ability it had, but it also had Blaze.

“Okay Charmeleon, let’s use Ember!” Raphael commanded.
“Let’s use Focus Punch, Raichu!” Surge commanded.

Raphael wanted the Thunder Badge and reading on the Blaze ability, it was an ability that if the Fire-type Pokemon is weak enough its Fire-type attacks with be stronger. Charmeleon burst out a massive fireball aiming directly towards Raichu while it ran towards Charmeleon. Raichu took the hit Charmeleon gave it and it weakened it before it launched a massive punch to Charmeleon’s gut. However, with Charmeleon’s nature it swung its tail directly at Raichu to launch it back to Surge, quickly raising its head and blowing smoke out of its nose.

“So your Charmeleon is a female?” Sure asked. “That’s an interesting and rare gender to have for it.”
“It is an interesting gender,” Raphael said. “However, it can easily have this attack, too. Charmeleon, let’s use Attract now!”

Raichu had to take its time and rest from its massive punch it gave Charmeleon making Charmeleon have time to use its Attract move. Attract was a move that could easily turn the opposite gender Pokemon infatuated, making the Pokemon fall in love with it. It was a good move for Raphael to use and Charmeleon to learn as it was a female Pokemon. When Raichu started to fall for Charmeleon Surge saw that it didn’t even want to attack anymore, making it daydream.

“Okay Charmeleon, let’s use Ember!” Raphael commanded.
“Let’s move it Raichu, let’s use Hidden Power!” Surge commanded.

Raichu didn’t want to attack Charmeleon as it was in love with it, making Charmeleon burst out another massive fireball. It was a successful hit which made Raichu faint, making Raphael win the Pokemon battle.

“Okay Raphael, you got me good with the Attract,” Surge said. “Here’s the Thunder Badge, now all you have to do is wait to get back to Vermilion and walk to Celadon City.”
“Thanks, Surge, I appreciate the battle,” Raphael said. “I wanted to earn my badge instead of having Giovanni just give me the badges for free.”
“I know, it’s the dream of any Pokemon trainer to earn their upkeep,” Surge said. “Now, stick to your original strategy because having a team that’ll only beat the Elite Four instead of the eight gym leaders you need to face first is a bad step in becoming a Pokemon Master.”
“Okay, so we’ll just go back to the pokecenter fix it up a bit,” Raphael said.
“Good thinking, now I got a line of Pokemon trainers that want my Thunder Badge, so wish me luck,” Surge said. “My first competitor is your pal, Aaron.”

Instead of walking all the way back to the pokecenter to retrieve a Ground-type Pokemon which would’ve been great challenging Surge, he went into the private room on the S.S. Anne. When he was there he went on the computer and saw that there were multiple Ground-type Pokemon his mother raised and hatched, making him carefully choose which Ground-type would best fit him. When he finally chose a Ground-type Pokemon it was Rhyhorn, making himself feel stronger within’. Going back into having the team to face gym leaders, he looked at his new team which consisted of strong competitors; Gyarados, Raichu, Charmeleon, and now Rhyhorn. Transferring over all of his Pokemon and only keeping the four he wanted, he felt confident in his team rethinking of his friendship with Rebecca.

“I just want to keep you on your toes, Raphael,” Rebecca said. “I didn’t mean to let you lose confidence in your team or switch up your team. I thought you liked your team already?”
“I did like my team, Rebecca,” Raphael said. “I’m going to go with this team for now just so I can challenge all the gym leaders and win my eight badges.”
“Oh, okay,” Rebecca said. “If that’s all than I’m okay with that.”
“That’s good,” Raphael said. “Now, with three badges under my belt, I got to get ready for the fourth one, which Surge said is in Celadon City.”
“We’re getting further away from Kanto though, so you should just rest up for now and train when we get to the next island,” Rebecca said.
“Okay, but just in case Surge wants some cheering, let’s just watch the Pokemon battles,” Raphael said.

Raphael and Rebecca walked over to Surge and his makeshift gym in front of the pokecenter on Chrono Island, laughing as it looked like he was able to give out nearly every Pokemon trainer the Thunder Badge. Laughing away and drinking lemonade, the Pokemon battles lasted all day until the night sky arrived. When Raphael and Rebecca watched Aaron come back to them holding the Thunder Badge, Surge’s next opponent was David, Raphael’s rival. David gave out a good show and was a fierce competitor, winning the Thunder Badge with a Steelix just like Aaron. Both of them came out to be fierce competitor in their own way, but when it came out to be Rebecca’s turn, she gave the Pokemon battle a different look.

To Be Continued...
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