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General 4 & 5 IV Pokemon for Trade!

Started by shanemaniak 4 Weeks Ago 8:44 AM
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Hi everyone,

I'm new here! Been doing some breeding recently preparing for VGC and trading. I would love to share with you all.

I have 4 and 5 IV's on all of my pokemon for trade. Not all are optimal IVs, but very close. Let me know what combination you would like. I will also include a list of pokemon I would like to trade for. Please take a look at the following list of pokemon I have available:

- Sap Sipper
- Modest

-Storm Drain
-Egg moves
• Stockpile
• Swallow
• Spit Up
• Clear Smog
• Mist
• Yawn

- Swift Swim (Intimidate)
- Jolly

- Water Bubble
- Adamant
- Egg Moves
• Sticky Web
• Stockpile
• Spit Up

- Lightning Rod
- Jolly
- Egg Moves
• Fake Out

- Shield Dust
- Timid
- Egg Moves
• Sticky Web
• Moonblast

- Inner Focus
- Adamant
- Egg Moves
• Icicle Crash
• Ice Shard
• Fake Out
• Feint

I have more in the works such as Conkeldurr, Boltund, Arcanine, Centiskorch, Togekiss, Mudsdale, Aromatisse, Drapion, Whimsicott, Jellicent, Mandibuzz, Pangoro, Oranguru, and Noivern. I will post them once they are available.

Here is a list of Pokemon I am looking to trade for. Mostly Pokemon with hidden abilities or egg moves I cant access in Shield. Please help me out!!

- Grookey
- Scrafty
- Kommo-o
- Hydreigon
- Galar Farfetch'd
- Eevee (Hidden Ability)
- Sableye (Hidden ability)
- Gardevoir (Hidden ability)
- Excadrill (Hidden ability)
- Corviknight (Hidden ability)
- Clefable (Hidden ability)
- Hatterene (Hidden ability)
- Gothitelle (Hidden ability)
- Orbeetle (Hidden ability)
- Good IV Ditto's

Thank you everyone!
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