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Draconius GO
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    I am also looking for a lileep or cradily with its hidden ability "Storm Drain". If you can trade, let me know what you would like in return.
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      I'm looking for a Marshadow because I didn't get the Event here.

      I've got many other pokemons and with special ability too or some shinies too offer. Just PM me to discuss further details. :)
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      King Vivi
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        Looking to trade my shiny torchic 4 Perfect IVS. Hit me up
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          looking for a smeargle with a meteor mash ( male)

          I would like meteor mash lucario but I need smeargle with that move.
          please PM me if you can trade one!
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            LF: Porygon2 tradeback for its dex entry.
            FT: Kartana, Electabuzz (w/ Electrizer), dex entries for US exclusives
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              Could anyone help me evolve my Swirlix in Omega Ruby?
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