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Pokémon FULL Tales of Sinnoh: Dimensions (M) (IC) Page 2

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A Plan in Ruins!
- Part 1 -

Current Location : Sandgem Town
- Joint post: Jay & Nagi -

"You know aside from the gym challenge... already catching a pokémon before even leaving Sandgem is a pretty solid start. Grandfather will be pleased to hear it no doubt." Soren mused, gazing at the pokéball now sitting in his hand. Pokémon were digitzed in pokéballs so having one inside didn't affect the structure whatsoever, yet still it felt a lot heavier than it had before. "Swabluuu!" Ciel chirped happily from Soren's shoulder, still filled with pride from her near perfect battling earlier. The pair certainly had a knack for battling, a spark that could take them far, but Soren wasn't sure at all if that was the path he would take just yet. Yes, he planned to undertake the gym challenge, but such a thing was a means to an end. It was an excuse to travel and encounter all sorts of people and pokémon... not to mention to benefits to status that came with more gym badges. After all, gym badges were a sign of a trainers prowess and having them inferred a certain level of respect was due.

"Come to think of it... he wasn't even present for the passing of the pokédexes, honestly he bites off more than he can chew I think... a pokémon professor giving out dexes and starters, but not doing so in person? It's unheard of right?" Soren continued to speak to Ciel, even though he knew the little pokémon probably didn't care much. He had never really had anyone to talk to in his earlier years... or well he had, but he hadn't wanted them then. It was nice that if nothing else, Ciel was a good listener. "Blu...?" Ciel shuffled her way down Soren's arm and gently tapped her beak to the pokéball containing the teams newly caught phanpy, before looking up at Soren with a quizzical expression. "Oh...? Hm, you're right, we haven't actually released Gaia since we caught her... I've heard pokémon are still somewhat aware while in their balls... and that the capsules themselves have a means of, I don't know, better expressing their trainers intentions?" Soren shrugged, before rubbing his chin slightly. "Well, I suppose we'd best test the theorem... Gaia, come out!"

With a flick of his wrist, Soren tossed the pokéball in his hand upwards, the small hinge hidden within the ball clicked open and as the two sides parted they let out resplendent, prismatic light. The light bounced outwards in an arc and struck the ground, quickly reforming into its physical form... a small blue and red pokémon who trumpeted her trunk in surprise and stumbled back onto her rear. "P-Phan!"

Gaia squinted in the light of the new day sun and quickly pulled herself to her feet, taking a forward facing and combative stance, she quickly faced multiple directions to get her bearings, before turning around and near falling over in surprirse again as she came face to face with Soren and Ciel. "P-Py!" Soren smiled a little awkwardly and Ciel hopped down onto the ground in front of Gaia, waving her cotton wing in an excited greeting. For all of five years, she had been Ciel's only pokémon, she hadn't realized how interesting it would be to have another member of the family. Gaia was... confused by the sudden friendliness to Ciel's demeaor, however she lightly flopped her trunk in greeting all the same. With a slightly squinted gaze, the Phanpy glanced up at Soren, her eyes narrowed with trepedation, as if she were awaiting a command or question... to which Soren stared at her blankly before finally reading the situation.

"Oh! Oh, no, no nothing, I mean, I didn't need you to do anything... I just wanted to say hello properly... and apologize for, ehm, attacking you like that?" Soren laughed awkwardly and scratched the back of his head, causing Gaia's eyes to squint more, genuinely confused, but not altogether upset with the apology. "I... saw you practicing rollout before our battle! It was impressive so I thought we'd be a good fit! After all, Ciel and I are trying to get stronger too... we plan to take on the gyms of Sinnoh." At the mention of gyms and battle,Gaia suddenly changed her whole disposition, as if viewing her situation in a whole different light. Her eyes began to widen and a goofy grin came across her face as she curled into a ball and began rolling around in circles to express her excitement. "Aha, looks like I managed to say the right thing after all..." Soren chuckled and attached Gaia's ball to his belt with a small smile. "Well, I'm glad to see your eager, I don't really like keeping my pokémon locked in pokéballs while in the wild so, what do you say to walking towards Jubilife together?" To which, Gaia seemed even more amazed. She had seen posters and heard other humans talking about Jubilife City before, but to have the chance to see it herself? She'd never have dared dream of it. With a trumpet of approval, she rolled a few circles around Soren in her ball form, before darting ahead, haphazardly wheeling her way down Route 202 with reckless abandon. "G-Gaia! Wait! You're going to hit something again!"


Elsewhere, Emmy had scarcely started her foray into the next route. Crossing through Sandgem after receiving her Pokédex, she'd been timidly watching all the other trainers fighting and catching Pokémon, even in the middle of town... it seemed her rivals wasted no time. Emmy didn't feel that strong a necessity to start catching Pokémon at all - and when everyone else seemed to be trying so hard already, it just seemed excessive that she would too.

Except, the little Pokémon walking beside her seemed to think much differently. Torchic had only really seen the outside world since the day before, so everything to it was new and exciting. It kept running ahead to look around corners, or stray from the path to peck at plants beside the road. It was kind of like babysitting Lia when she was younger, Emmy thought to herself. She was about to take off on a jog to catch up when Torchic again turned a corner--- but she stopped in her tracks when Torchic collided with something head-on, and was thrown back onto the path before her.

Emmy gasped and ran up to help, but Torchic immediately shrugged it off and returned to its feet, ready to face the threat… or rather, the blue ball that had apparently managed to knock itself over too.

Gaia lazily wobbled her head in a circular motion, stars dancing around her head as she had, in fact, collided with something head on. However, as the small ground type came to, she realized it was not, in fact, something... but someone. A small Torchic who was accompanied by another human. Wait, was this a trainer and pokémon? Had she... had she just initiated a battle? Had she just broken the social norms? Oh Arceus, oh no, oh gosh, this had been a mistake. "P-Phanpy! Phanpy!" Gaia quickly began bowing her head rapidly to the trainer and pokémon both, her trunk flailing in the wind awkwardly as she did so. The Pokémon in front of her didn't let down its guard just yet, but even to the young Torchic, the clumsy apology of the seemingly even younger Phanpy had something endearing.

A few moments later, gasping and out of breath, a red faced Soren came lightly jogging towards the group, he had been sprinting, but Arceus knows he couldn't keep that up for long. "G-Gaia wait! You're going to... Going... to... Oh." It took him a few moments to come to grips with what had happened, Gaia with a bump on her head, a rather annoyed looking Torchic and... "Emmy? Er, that is to say, you're Emmy right? You were on the registration list for receiving a new pokémon..."

Emmy had knelt down beside Torchic, intending to de-escalate the situation, but was caught off guard when the approaching boy spoke her name. She looked up wide-eyed, and tried to scan the other trainer's face, but didn't recognize him beyond a vague familiarity. And what list was he talking about? Was that something she was supposed to have been aware of?
When she finally managed to shake off her look of confusion, Emmy carefully uttered: "Er, um, yes! I'm Emmy. And you are?"

"Ahh ehm... that is..." Soren had spoken too soon, the registration list was supposed to be private to the professor, a record of trainer cards to be printed, pokédexes to be registered and pokémon to potentially be received. Soren had seen Emmy a few times around Sandgem before, the girl had been living there for at least a little longer than he had, from what he could remember anyway. Antisocial as he was however, he had never bothered to ask her or anyone elses name, making his sudden knowledge of it a little offputting. "That is to say, my grandfather mentioned you were! Yes..." He chuckled a little awkwardly and rubbed the back of his head as Gaia swiftly shuffled behind her trainer's legs to hide her shame.

"Oh ehm... of course, I'm really sorry about her, I just caught her and she seems overeager. Are you and your pokémon alright?"

The other trainer glanced at her Torchic once more, but it was much more preoccupied with examining - and teasing - the Phanpy already. Emmy then slowly got up, still processing everything Soren said. "Yeah, we're fine... but you didn't answer my question. Who are you?'' she questioned, before pausing for a moment. "And why does your grandfather know me?"

"Eh?... Oh! Of course, I'm sorry I suppose I didn't... I'm Soren, Soren Estinien." He smiled warmly, best as he could, though the whole scenario had him rather embarrassed, at least as much as his Phanpy was below him. Gaia herself was watching the Torchic from behind her trainer's legs, squinting a little at its attempts to ease her but otherwise deigning to stay exactly where she was. "My grandfather...? Gah, yes, I suppose it isn't really obvious who that is..." Sore mumbled, annoyed at himself for his vaguness. "I'm the grandson of Professor Rowan of Sandgem town... he was the one who decided what pokémon should go to what trainer and more importantly, who should receive a pokédex to begin with!"

"What?!" Emmy raised her voice unintentionally, and quickly looked around her in case anyone else heard. "Professor Rowan is your grandpa?" she continued in a hushed tone. She wasn't sure if she believed him yet. The famous professor Rowan had a grandchild? And an awkward one like this?
"Of course I know Professor Rowan arranged our Pokémon and 'dexes! And I'm also 'of Sandgem Town'... Hm." She paused once more, and eyed Soren suspiciously. "If you're Professor Rowan's grandchild, then what's his favourite Pokémon?!"

Soren blinked a few times in confusion at this. He had never thought it to be hard to believe, or odd at all that his grandfather was Professor Rowan... though in retrospect perhaps it was a little bit special at least. After all his grandfather was a famous man in the field of science, someone trainers and researchers alike looked up to for his prowess and intelligence. Maybe it was odd for... someone like him to be related after all. "Oh? His favourite pokémon? Haha." Soren chuckled lightly at the question he was asked, especially when he had the answer. "He made me promise never to tell, but I suppose that was a long time ago..." He snickered. "It's actually Pachirisu."

Emmy crossed her arms triumphantly. "Wrong! It's Munchlax!" she spoke, but as she did, she suddenly started to doubt herself. When she first met Professor Rowan, he'd shown her his Munchlax... but that didn't technically mean it was his favourite. Still, it was too late to back down now!
"Y-You shouldn't be lying about being related to Professor Rowan, you know! He might take that Pokémon right away from you!"

"That's right... it really isn't a good idea to lie about such things, but I'm not." He smiles brightly, oblivious to Emmy's stutter or her flustered state. "I know the Munchlax you're thinking of, its name if Garbon and he used to eat my lunch when I was a child, haha." He nodded a little at the memory, before waving his hand lightly as he continued to speak, a habit he formed when trying to help people understand his meaning. "Garbon, well Munchlax in general, are energetic but very friendly pokémon. Grandfather uses him to introduce new trainers to a captured pokémon, since he;s easy to work with."

"... A likely story!" Emmy retorted. She didn't remember the Munchlax's name at all, so there was no way to tell if he was telling the truth... but she had to admit, if he was lying, he was eerily good at it. Emmy averted her eyes before continuing. "I guess we'll have to ask him next time we see him!"

Meanwhile, Emmy's Torchic had been slowly circling around Soren's legs, trying to get close to the Phanpy without scaring it off immediately. It looked determined, like a predator circling its prey - and that, combined with the embarrassment Emmy felt with this random trainer, was enough to make her want to get out. With a short "No!", Emmy picked up Torchic in her arms. "Sorry about the collission, but we should... be on our way. It's still quite a ways to Jubilife." She muttered, and stepped back to leave.

"O-oh... I see, well it was nice to- eh?!" As Soren moved to take a step forward after Emmy, a large grey maw burst forth from the shrubbery beside of him, an intimidating, gaping jaw filled with teeth suddenly appeared, poised to tear into him at that very moment. "W-Wait!" Soren cried out, Ciel and Gaia quickly rushing out to defend him... but the attack never connected. Instead the teeth found themselves sinking into Soren's pack, gripping the small bag with his possessions tightly. With a swift tug, the strap around Soren's shoulder snapped and the jaw, along with the bag itself were taken roughly into the grass, only a single empty pokéball falling out. "What... I'm...?" Soren began, still shocked from the sudden attack, but looking down to the empty ball, his perception caught up with what had just happened.

"H-Hey! Get back here! That's mine!" Without hesitation, Soren grabbed the pokéball from the floor and rushed forward, gripping it tightly in his hand as he followed a patch of rustling grass that hid the supposed pokémon that had just robbed him of his only supplies for the journey ahead. Gaia and Ciel looked at each other in a panic, then to Torchic, then to Emmy, then to each other again... only to suddenly cry out in panic and give chase after their reckless trainer as he pursued the thief in the direction it was running.

"Wha--?" was all Emmy could utter, before clutching Torchic tight and dashing off after Soren and his Pokémon.


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Emmy Markab
& Soren Garreth

A Plan in Ruins! Part 2

Soren started to pant with exhaustion as he continued to chase after the small pokémon through the grass in front of him. The large jaw was bobbing up and down with his bag just out of reach, but Soren couldn't see what it was connected to just yet. Though it didn't matter, his notebook was in there... and that was too important to lose, even if Arceus himself had descended to steal it from him. Ciel and Gaia finally started to catch up at this point, the small bird flapping her wings as hard as she could to just barely out-pace her trainer... and the newly caught Phanpy haphazardly rolling in serpentine, somehow managing to keep pace with raw speed despite her less than accurate maneuvering. And then, further behind still was fellow trainer Emmy, companion Torchic held to her chest, giving chase as quickly as her legs could carry.

Soren's eyes widened as he glanced ahead, just now noticing what the thief was heading for. An open patch of shorter grass stood before them, a small clearing in the otherwise thicker shrubbery... and in the center was a massive stone wall, connected to the large ruinic pyramid that stood on the outskirts of the route itself. At the center of this wall was a broken patch of stone, a hole just large enough for a person to fit through into the halls beyond... and the pursued pokémon was heading directly for it. Speaking of which, as the small thief burst forth from the thicker grass Soren got his first good luck at it in full, a small beige body accented by patches of deep silver, all connected to the massive jaw that hinged from its small head like a ponytail. "Mawile!" It cried triumphantly as it quickly rushed into the hole in the wall.
"No! Get back here!" Soren protested, rushing towards the opening without hesitation, his only thought being to retrieve his book, no matter where that pursuit lead him. Once the cave came into view, Emmy's pace behind him slowed with hesitation, but seeing Soren jump inside and his Pokémon following without delay made her grit her teeth and dash in as well.

Another five minutes of running had passed, Soren skirted down dark corridors and forgotten passageways, panting lightly as he began to slow. The mawile had already slipped from his sight, down a corridor he had followed but now, in this maze like expanse of stone... he had to admit defeat.
"No... my... my book..."
He took a few ragged breaths and stood up straight, keeping his hand on the wall for support as the realization crept in that he might have it again. Ciel perched on his shoulder and Gaia awkwardly rubbed up against his leg, until he regained his composure somewhat. "Well, I suppose we'll just have to- AAH!" Soren nearly jumped out of his skin as he turned around and saw Emmy behind him... he hadn't even realized she had been following him, so focussed was he on the task before him. Emmy jumped a little too at his sudden outburst, but quickly regained her composure.

"Geez, be quiet! Do you want to alarm every wild Pokémon in here?!" she whispered nervously, setting Torchic down on the ground and carefully peering around the closest corner. "Where did it go? Did you see?"

"What are you...? Did you follow me in here? Do you know how dangerous that is?!" Soren scolded in a hushed tone, his brow furrowing, completely unaware of his own hypocrisy. Taking a deep breath, he corrected himself somewhat, no longer winded... and significantly less spooked, "It went further inside but I think I lost track of it... I don't know how I'd be able to find it now."

"Well then, it's a good thing I followed you, since alone you would've had no chance!" Emmy retorted. "Together at least... we can try. Right?" She exchanged glances with her Torchic before looking at Soren for a moment… then promptly turning the corner and sneaking further down the corridor.

"Emmy... h-hang on wait!" Soren quickly snuck up a little more and grasped Emmy's sleeve, holding her back a little from going too far. "Look, I can barely remember the way out of here as is, if we keep going we could get lost in here for, well, forever!" Soren gulped a little at the thought, but shook his head as thinking deeper on such things would be, to put it lightly, bad for his mental health. "You should go back, this is my problem and if anyone gets hurt for it, it should be me. You don't need to be a part of... a part of this... this... what...?"
Soren felt, what he could only describe as a dull ringing in the back of his head. The sensation dizzied him somewhat and he felt his vision go dark for a brief moment. Very... very dark. He felt something tugging at the edge of his memory, something pulling him away from reality, until with a snap a blinding light pierced into his vision, illuminating the surroundings.

"W-what?" The walls of the hallway that Emmy and Soren stood in were alight with a gentle blue and purple light. The source? Symbols in the unown language that were embedded into the wall, previously discernible in the dark upon the worn stone, now they were clear as day. "These are... Unown...?"

Emmy's eyes had to readjust to the sudden brightness for a moment, but when they did, she was amazed. The cave before them had been - quite beautifully - illuminated by purplish Unown letters, stretching all over the cavern, floor to ceiling, in systematic, sequential lines. The script was unfamiliar to Emmy, and the way the glyphs were spaced out made it nigh impossible to find where each word began or ended - if they were even in a language she could understand.

"I studied some of these symbols with grandfather, these glyphs are the birth of language for us humans... each one translating to a letter, each letter forming a word..." Soren looked on at the glyphs with great interest, as Emmy touched her hand to one of them, sensing the embossment when she hadn't noticed it before. "I think I can recognize a few of the words..." Soren continued. "This one here is 'black'... 'forgotten'... 'shadow'... and 'dragon'?"

A quiet "wow" escaped Emmy's lips, and she gazed down the hallway, forgetting all about the situation they were in for a moment. That is, until a rustle from one side of the hallway snapped her right back into gear.

"W-what was...?" Soren startled from the sudden noise as well, and as he turned to face the end of the hallway he noticed the shadow of a Mawile against the corner at the end of the hallway. It wore a bag around its neck.
"You!" Completely forgetting about the mysterious characters, Soren's gaze focused on the thief, once more in his sights. Gritting his teeth in frustration he quickly moved into a sprint, his gaze narrowing along with his perception as only the task at hand mattered once more. He rushed down the hallways, footsteps echoing across the stone. He had to get it back, no matter what he had to get it back.

Emmy jumped out of the way as Soren dashed past her, but quickly followed after him as the Mawile was back in their sights. "W-Wait, you might just scare it off!" she yelled, covering her mouth immediately after, realising her volume was much too high. Torchic was following right behind her feet, ready to strike at the thief, but Emmy didn't want to risk burning the bag with one of its fiery moves. Biting her lip in doubt for a moment, she finally decided on a strategy. "Torchic, quickly, Sand Attack!"

Torchic dashed forward, jumping past Soren with surprising speed, trying to catch the Mawile as it turned another corner. Digging its claws into the dirt, it whipped up a bunch into the air, trying to throw it in Mawile's face to disorient it. The sand blocked Mawile's vision for a moment, but it shrugged it off easily, dashing off into the corridor again.

Soren watched as the Mawile's disorientation opened a momentary opportunity. With such a small, narrow path... there was far less chance of this course of action going wrong. "Gaia now! Use Rollout!" The Phanpy trumpeted a little in surprise, but her desire to prove herself quickly took over, throwing herself forward and curling into a sphere she barreled down the hallway like a ball down a bowling alley. Confused at the approaching rumble that was Gaia's form, the Mawile turned its head just in time to squeak in surprise. Gaia crashed into the Mawile hard, knocking both of them through a door at the hallways end, the stone entrance bursting open as the pair of pokémon were sent sprawling into a large, diamond shaped chamber.

The walls of the chamber were ensorcelled with the myriad unown symbols of before, each glowing purple as the chambers four walls each began a set of stairs moving downwards towards a center piece. Upon a lowered floor in the center of the room, was a massive, glowing black crystal, it thummed with energy and malice, an intimidating presence that dominated the chamber entirely.

And Gaia and the Mawile rolled down the steps, only to crash, hard, directly into the side of the massive gem.

As the two pokémon came to a rough stop, Soren's bag was sent flying haphazardly away from the pair, to which he quickly rushed to reclaim. "Oh my bag! Thank goodness, thank goodness..." He exclaimed happily, mumbling to himself as he searched all the contents, before sighing with relief upon realizing they were all present and accounted for. "I was so worried... thank Arceus everything is here."

Emmy quickly caught up, stopping beside Soren to check on him, before turning her gaze to the crashed Pokémon. Torchic, too, was fixed upon the thieving Mawile, nervously awaiting its next move, and preparing to counter if necessary... but it seemed the impending threat was not that, but the eerily-glowing dark crystal it had been slammed against.


The Mawile, who had been prepping itself to face off against the other pokémon in the room, suddenly went pale. It turned to look at the large crystal in the center of the room, now vibrating lightly as a large crack streaked upwards from the point of impact. Small chips and pieces of gemstone fell away and a shadow inside the crystal itself appeared to be... moving?
"W-what on Earth is... Gaia, return." Before the little Phanpy could protest, it was drawn back into its pokéball with a beam of red light. Ciel let out a small chirp of worry from Soren's shoulder, synchronizing with a gulp from her trainer. The ruinic unown symbols in the room began to shift, flowing from the wall and floating as symbols of deep purple light, dancing around the room.

The crystal cracked again... and from within, a low rumbling growl could be heard. In a panic the Mawile yelped and sprinted through Soren's legs, almost knocking him over as it made its way out through the ruined door. "H-Hey! Get back-"



The room was deathly silent following the crystal shattering. A thick cloud of purple smog hung to the air and three sets of deep breathing emanated from a massive shape that pierced the quiet. A few second passed, each one feeling like an eternity, before a deafening cry cut away at the groups ears, its volume threatening to break the smaller shards of gemstone remaining with sheer volume alone.


Rushing forward, Soren grabbed Emmy's arm and attempted to drag her with him. Without a word he made a break for the door, his heart a burden in his chest with the weight of fear. Emmy made no attempt to resist and ran with him, shouting for Torchic to run as well. Her Pokémon followed immediately, but stopped itself in the entrance of the larger room for a moment, turning to face the Hydreigon. Emmy panicked and screamed, trying to free herself from Soren's grasp, but Torchic made a running slide back into the room - throwing a Sand Attack right in the disoriented dragon's face - before bolting off after its trainer after all.

As Emmy pulled, Soren looked back momentarily, his eyes widening as he bore witness to the creature that had been unleashed. It was no ordinary Hydreigon, it was massive, its form black head to toe... and its eyes, they shone a deep red as they locked on to the two trainers once the sand was cleared from its eyes. "G-gah...!" Soren tore his eyes away as Torchic ran passed them and without hesitation he continued to run. His grip on Emmy was stronger than he expected and Soren's eyes were focused while he ran, as if in that moment he forgot about his fear and emotion - as if all that mattered was the task ahead.

"I don't know the way..." Soren muttered, a hint of worry creeping back into his voice as he roughly turned a corner, the cries and thrashing of the pokémon pursuing them were getting louder. It struggled to fly in the hallways due to its size, but Hydreigon was undoubtedly still moving at least apace with them. This was his fault, Emmy had followed him over a stupid bag and now she might... they both might... "...ah." Soren slowed for a brief moment and considered. If he stopped here, gave Emmy his pokéballs and turned around. He could buy them all a little time, enough time to at least disappear into the ruins. If he just-

Emmy noticed Soren slowing down, but whatever he was considering, she wasn't about to let it get them caught. Pulling ahead of him instead, she kept up their speed, following her Torchic running in front.

"MAW!" The cry of a familiar pokémon sounded from further in the cave. Looking up and regaining his previous speed, they saw the Mawile who had robbed them. There were tears in its eyes and it was shaking horribly with fear, but with its tiny hands it beckoned them down a different passageway, one not illuminated with the symbols of the Unown.
"C-Can we even trust-!" began Soren, but Torchic nor Emmy hesitated, and ran at full speed to reach the corridor Mawile had indicated.


Behind them, Hydreigon rounded a corner, crushing parts of the stone floor and wall as it forced itself through the hallways despite its size, the stone not enough to contain its power any longer. Furious as its prey widened the gap between them, the dragon opened its maw and charged an attack: launching a Dragon Pulse straight ahead. Mawile ducked into the side passage, but before Emmy realised what was going on, the beam was rushing up the ground about to hit - until Soren suddenly and forcefully pulled her to the side, the Dragon Pulse narrowly missing them as it crashed into the wall beyond. Gripping Emmy's sleeve a little tighter, he quickly rounded the corner and followed the Mawile, the Hydreigon still in hot pursuit.

Tears sprung in Emmy's eyes, panicking completely after what felt like a near-death experience there... Her legs carried her forward, but her mind had blanked out. It was all she could do to keep running. She was trying her hardest to keep up with Soren and the others - but if it wasn't for him pulling her along, she would've frozen in fear by now.

Soren could feel Emmy lagging slightly as he did his best to keep her running as quickly as possible. He looked back over his shoulder and saw tears in her eyes, her face blank of any emotion but fear. He had to... do something! Thoughts of dying or stupid sacrifices weren't going to cut it, he had to do something to save her that still let him get her out of here! He scrunched his features up gently and thought, letting everything go, he had to focus, only logic could be left. He had to focus on this task above all else, to think tactically on it. Now! He had to do it now!

When Soren opened his eyes they were eerily calm, his face was lacking any and all feeling, but he was thinking. Gears turning in his head, calculations rushing back and forth until he saw it. Fifteen feet ahead, barely illuminated by the light of another charging dragon pulse. A fault in the stonework on the ceiling. "Emmy... I promise. I won't let you get hurt. Now, don't stop running." Soren's voice was quiet but intense, there was a seriousness about his tone that held confidence he hadn't shown preciously.

And then as they passed the spot Soren had seen, he pushed Emmy ahead of him and turned around.

Swiftly he threw a pokéball from his hand, releasing Gaia to the floor and wasting no time in calling out orders to his pokémon. "Ciel grab Gaia and throw her upwards now!" A little surprised but having no time to hesitate, Ciel darted off Soren's shoulders and grabbed Gaia by the rump, using all her might she flung the small ground type upwards towards the roof, much to the Phanpy's surprise... but as she saw the faults in the roof above. "Gaia! Use Rollout!" Understanding suddenly, Gaia curled into a ball and steeled herself, rolling with the momentum of the throw she collided with the roof, sending cracks spiralling through the stonework, before she dizzily fell into Soren's arms. Carrying the small pokémon he turned and began to run again but Hydreigon was right upon him, its main head charging another Dragon Pulse. Soren closed his eyes and braced himself as he ran, ready to protect gaia with his body if need be... but the hit never came.


When he opened his eyes, he saw Emmy standing a little further ahead, her voice breaking with fear and her arm outstretched towards him, as Torchic leapt up into the air and released a flurry of embers from its beak. As before, it struck Hydreigon right in the face, stunning it momentarily and causing its Dragon Pulse to shoot off-target. Just then, with a loud crash, the roof finally gave in, sending large chunks of rock and stone tumbling down onto the Hydreigon. As it cried out in surprise and pain, the stone blocked the passageway behind them, but Soren could already hear the beast, thrashing and angrier than ever, attempting to force its way free.

Dropping Gaia to run alongside him, he sprinted forward with renewed vigor towards Emmy and Torchic, Ciel once again on his shoulder. "Hurry! It won't hold for long!" Emmy nodded, wiping her tears and waiting for Torchic to jump back into her arms, before taking off running with Soren once more.

After following the Mawile down a few more tunnels, an exit finally came into sight. Not the one they'd entered through, but the top, the altar at the very tip of the pyramid. Soren had noticed they had been moving upwards but just how long had they been running. One thing caught his eye however, as they entered into the final hallways, with a light at the end of the tunnel. This hallways was much wider, wide enough to fly through... and he could still hear the Hydreigon rushing behind them.

"H-Hurry!" He moved into a full charge, recalling both Ciel and Gaia to their pokéballs before they could complain, panting and aching all over frome exhaustion Soren forced himself to move faster than he ever had before, half dragging Emmy alongside him as he pushed himself passed his limits.


Only a few more feet to the exit but that horrifying call forced Soren to look back. The black Hydreigon had found them... and it was already airborn. "Faster! We have to go faster!" Soren picked up the pace even more, he could feel his muscles screaming at him as he finally dragged Emmy into the light of day and around a corner from the entrance... but just as he was about to run away fully he heard something that gave him reaosn to pause.


Looking back into the entryway, Soren saw the Mawile: an injury from a falling stone on its left leg, collapsed and with the Hydreigon moving directly towards it. A single second of thought was all it took before Soren's body began moving on its own. Before Emmy even had time to protest, he ran full throttle back down the tunnel towards the Hydreigon. He had seconds left of life and he was putting them on fast forward, but this pokémon had helped them survive, even if it had gotten them into this mess. He wouldn't leave it behind.

With only a few precious moments left, Soren scooped the injured Mawile into his arms and did a 180. The small pokémon looked up at him with tears in its eyes, terrified and injured... she had tried to take from him but here he was risking himself for her? Why? She didn't understand, but Soren had no time to explain. Running at full sprint once again, almost falling over as he sacrificed balance for speed, he could almost feel the Hydreigon's breath on his neck as he leaped forward, sprawling to the ground in the sunlight beyond, just outside the cave entrance as the dark Hydreigon...

Completely ignored him.

With a triumphant roar the massive pokémon flew from the top of the temple into the new day, shooting a Dragon Pulse into the air as its roar echoed over all of Sinnoh below it. It had been rushing to freedom, they had just been idle distractions in its way. Now this incredibly dangerous pokémon was free, ready to bring chaos and havoc in its wake. Sitting stunned with the Mawile in his arms, Soren watched with eyes wide and mouth agape, Emmy similarly watching, still clutching her Torchic just a few feet away.

"What... what have we done..?"


Countless crossroads

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Brendan Caulfield
Route 202
Chapter 1 - 4
It was noon and Brendan still was not in Jubilife City.
In a perfect world, he would arrive there at about this time, have lunch, explore the city, then stay at the Pokémon Center for the night (now that he was a trainer, he had access to Pokémon Centers! So interesting), and be ready for that ceremony that Professor Rowan mentioned. But this was not his perfect world: if anything, it was someone else's. These thoughts still occupied the trainer's mind, fuelling his embarrassment and frustration - in a moment when these feelings would do more harm than good.

The chase that got Brendan in the middle of the woods in the first place was actually quite long, more than he'd expected. While at first he was able to pinpoint where he came from, by looking at the root's placement, every tree eventually started to look the same to him. The forest around Jubilife was actually not a bad place to lose yourself in: it was full with wild Pokémon, berry bushes, flowers; the trees were still spaced out enough not to block all the sunlight and a nice breeze flowed through the branches. But Brendan had a celebration to attend - or, at least, that was what Professor Rowan (not anyone, but Professor Rowan) told him. After all, it was just like being the waiter when a well known food expert and reviewer came into the restaurant.

I... I just need to calm down.

He stopped for a moment, laying his bag on the ground and sitting down next to it, on the grass. These wounds are not getting better... I should really use some disinfectant. My own though - no need to use Meiko's products now! he thought as he opened his bag, cleaned his hands, and applied one or two bandaids on the biggest cuts. The trainer then tried to dust off his clothes with underwhelming results, attempted to massage his hurt ankle, and munched some of the food he carried with him (mostly berries, of course).
About half an hour passed before Brendan would grab his compass from his backpack and would slowly start walking north - where Jubilife City was supposed to be. There was no use in standing there any longer - his ankle was slowly healing and he felt confident enough that he could reach his destination.
Not long after that, a creek flowing through the forest caught his attention. If I remember correctly, along the way to Jubilife City there is a small bridge over a stream like this one. So, if I follow it, I'll get back on the main route!

Brendan kept walking in the opposite direction of the creek's current; the stream always on his left. He'd picked that direction because, according to his compass, he was going north-east - therefore, closer to Jubilife. But just after a couple of steps the creek turned, and turned again. The trainer continued to follow the river for what felt like hours; the only noises he'd hear were the chirping of wild Pokémon and the water. At one moment, Brendan seemed to notice a strong roar - but the trees muffled the sound and limited his sightlines. Whatever it is, there's nothing I can do about it. he thought, as he kept moving forward. But after growing increasingly doubious over his decision, Brendan was very relieved when an old stone bridge appeared in the distance and the trees started to become less frequent.
That was the Route 202 he knew! A large, albeit curvy path making its way through a gently inclined meadow, filled with wild Pokémon, trainers of all ages, and ordinary people alike. Some people were standing near the stream - fishing, perhaps - while others were heading for the bridge. Brendan could already taste victory, now that he was back on track. Finally walking in the clear again, Brendan aimed for the bridge. Just some more steps... and I'll get to Jubilife.

"Hey... are you alright?" A man and a woman approached Brendan from the meadow.
"Yes... I just need to get to Jubilife" the trainer replied.
"Mmh... but you look a bit worn down and came from the forest. Do you have something to do with... that dragon?" asked the woman.
"What?" the boy gasped. Those two had definitely grabbed his attention, and Brendan looked at them more carefully. The man was blonde, and only wore white clothes. He was collected and calm, apparently, but his eyes gave away a sense of uneasiness. The woman had ginger hair but still wore a completely white outfit, that gave off a sense of dignity. "N-no, I got lost after chasing a Pokémon, and I've found the main path again just now." Brendan tried to explain, as the two individuals nodded at each other.

"Some time ago, while we were staying in this area, we heard a loud roar. But we don't know just who or what made that noise." the woman explained. "All I could see from here was a giant, flying dragon. I don't know if that was a real Pokémon, nor pinpoint which Pokémon it was... but I saw it come from this side of the forest." She pointed west - the direction Brendan actually came from.
"We tried to ask some of the trainers here if they'd know more, but no one did. Then we saw you coming from the forest, and thought you were involved. Do you know what that is?"
So, out of all the places I could find to step out of the forest and into the light, I find the one that is beind patrolled by these two? This time, I guess I was lucky. I get to be up to date with the latest news! Brendan thought, before mumbling something that could resemble an answer. "Not at all... I've just been walking for a while, but I've never been attacked." He then asked: "Do you two think that it could actually attack people like this?"
"I hope not. I will pray for it not to happen." the man replied. "The Maiden of Light will protect us." they added, speaking together almost in unison.

The situation was becoming more and more strange. "The Maiden of Light?" Brendan couldn't help but stop and stare at the two, bewildered. He'd never heard of a Maiden of Light: was that a new religion or something that he didn't know about? Brendan's prayers were already for the spirit of Lake Verity, the Pokémon Mesprit. He'd never seen it despite staying in Twinleaf very often - probably no one in that town had seen it anyway - but it was a family tradition that he didn't want to break.
"Confused? I will show you how strong She can be. Please, accept my challenge!" the woman broke the silence. "One versus one, alright?"
Brendan let out Kelpsy, who had enough time to recover in his Pokéball after his previous fight. The seahorse Pokémon let out a battle cry, as his trainer exclaimed: "Alright, bring it on!"
"Bronzor, come out!" the woman commanded, as the bronze Pokémon materialized in front of them.

Like before, Kelpsy started things off with a Rain Dance, but this gave Bronzor enough time to land an Hypnosis attack. So focused on executing well his move, the Horsea was almost caught by surprise and began to sleep, his body falling down on the grass. The woman ordered Bronzor to use Confuse Ray as well, as Brendan visibly panicked. "Kelpsy! Wake up!".
The Steel type attacked with Psywave two times before Kelpsy could stand up again, now fairly weakened. To make things worse, Horsea was still confused, and wasn't able to attack Bronzor.
By the time the clouds over the battleground had faded away, Kelpsy was only able to miss his opponent twice with Bubble: it was still unscathed. The only positive that the rain brought was that, by moving more quickly than normal, the Horsea was able to avoid another Hypnosis despite his confusion. It was easy to see that Brendan was still fighting his first Pokémon battles, and that his opponent had more experience. Accepting the challenge was not really a smart thing to do, in hindsight. But there must be something about these two people that overruns my reason and goes straight for my instinct. Right? he thought, almost zoning out during the battle.

Brendan didn't command anything until Horsea, noticing that the rain had stopped falling, tried to use Rain Dance again. "No, stop, Kelpsy!" he said, fearing that what happened at the beginning would repeat. "Now, Smoke Screen!". The Horsea created a cloud of smoke that prevented Bronzor from using Hypnosis again, only to see his opponent pierce through it by quickly spinning on its axis. Nice move, but we have to win anyway. From below it, Horsea hit Bronzor with Icy Wind. That attack was resisted by Steel types, but at least it was enough to slow down the bronze Pokémon and its spinning. At that point, Kelpsy fired off a Bubble attack, which hit Bronzor in mid air and finally put a dent in it.
"Good comeback!" the woman smiled, as the two Pokémon continued to trade attacks. Bronzong seemed healthier than Horsea, but the Water type was not out of the battle yet and could hit harder than his opponent.
"Show me, where is your faith?" the woman in white finally asked. A well-placed Tackle dissipated Kelpsy's Smoke Screen and hit him from above, almost sealing the outcome of the battle. "B-but... Mesprit! I believe in Mesprit and in our emotions!" Brendan couldn't help but mention the Lake guardian. "Alright, use Rain Dance!" Horsea, who was now allowed to use Rain Dance again, happily executed the move, and playfully moved around the battleground. The Hypnosis attack did not come this time... somehow. From that far away, and after an intense battle, Bronzor couldn't land the attack.
Kelpsy fired off Bubble one last time, hitting his levitating opponent and knocking it out at last.

"That was a fantastic battle!" shouted the woman's partner, as the two opponents called their own Pokémon back. "Now, this is a gift for you. Any trainer who defeats one of us should keep it!" added the woman, giving Brendan what looked like a star-shaped badge with eight spikes. It was similar to the official Pokémon League badges, but made with a different material.
"Many new trainers don't seem to believe in anything... but you seem to be different." added the man before healing Kelpsy and saying goodbye to his trainer.

With the stone bridge behind him, Brendan walked towards Jubilife. It was late afternoon, almost, but the city was closer than ever, and it seemed that, at last, nothing else was in the way.

Kelpsy ♂
Icy Wind, Bubble, Smoke Screen, Leer, Rain Dance
Razz ♀
Growth, Water Sport, Mega Drain, Stun Spore


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Name: Sora Tadokoro
Location: Route 202


It took a while for Sora to make it back to the main path, before heading to the ruins. He kinda wanted to dry off as much as possible before he re entered the main route and headed to the ruins. He didn't want anyone to see him soaked and then have to explain what he had been doing. We was certain Flamebe's glow had dried him, but where the heat couldn't reach, he was still damp.

However, he encountered something rather unexpected.

"Now girly, give us all your money and pokemon and we will leave you and your little brother alone!"

"Please just leave us alone! You already beat us in battle! What more do you want!?" A female cried.

Sora lurked behind a tree and looked out in a small opening. Two bald men in all black and a green dragon on the back of their clothing. They had two Poochyena growling at teen girl and a younger boy, probably around the ages of 15 and 8 or so.

"Sissy... I'm scared." The boy sniffled.

"Don't worry little brother, I want let these men harm you." The girl said as she stood her ground against the two men.

"Lass, do you really think you can take on our pokemon without your own. Just give us everything you got and we leave. Simple as that." One of the men said.

"I told you, we don't have anything to give!" The girl yelled.

The other man sighed, "You see, it hurts to lie. If you don't hand over what you have. Then I guess we take your pokemon by force."

Sora watched the girls eyes widen as she started to shake, "No you can't! Our parents gave us those pokemon before they passed! Please just go!"

"Very well. Poochyena!"

The Poochyena changed their stance that would allow them to pounce.

"Flambe! Stark! Go! Tackle!" Sora yelled, throwing both ball in the air.

"Bite!" Both men yelled.

The girl was prepared to be bitten, but when the two dog like pokemon were in mid air, the bird pokemon collided with them, sending them flying away from the girl and boy.


"Who do you think you are!? Show yourself!"

Sora stepped out from behind the tree and walked toward the girl and the boy, placing himself, between them and the two thugs, "I think I am Sora." Sora said in a tone he didn't use much.

"This is none of your business."

"He became my business when you tried to attack two defenseless people and I saw it. You are both cowards and your new opponent..... Is me." Sora announced, but his pokemon flapping beside him.

"Why you..."

"Flambe. Stark. I know you two didn't have the greatest meeting, but its time to work together." Sora said, the two pokemon at his sides nodding.

Sora looked back at the teen and child, "Don't worry. I'll take care of this."


"Fly up out of reach!" Sora called, both pokemon flying up out of reach of the Poochyena.

"Flambe, quick attack! Stark, Wing Attack!" Sora commanded his two pokemon to attack.

Both of their attacks landed on target as both pokemon, but it didn't at the same time, the two dog like pokemon used sand-attack and blinded their targets for a second, second, allowing them to get a double tackle in. Sora yelled a command to fly into the bushes to both of his pokemon, causing the two thugs to laugh, but Sora smiled as both pokemon flew back into the clearing, the sand cleared from their eyes.

"Water still remains on the bushes and trees, and even though a lot of sand just mushes together, when there is only some on the pokemon, it can easily be washed away." Sora said, only knowing that because he had been crawling in the bushes and knew it was still wet. Sora had never really seen sand much. Every now and then he went to the beach with his cousin, aunt, and uncle, but it was on the complete opposite side of Kalos from where they lived. He may have went earlier with his parents, but he couldn't really remember it.

"Your pokemon are at a disadvantage, especially if their only attacks are Bite, Tackle and Sand-Attack. Your pokemon are both already warn out from your previous battle. You won't win." Sora said.

Sora was superior when it came to survival tactics and can easily call on them in battles, especially when it came to environmental battles.

"Do you think you have beaten us?" One of the men asked.

"Yes, but I don't think. I know I have beaten you. Now stop this and leave to heal your pokemon." Sora said.

One of the men faltered and backed away, "It isn't worth it. Come on. Poochyena, return." One of the thug backed away and ran through the woods.

"What a coward!" The other thug yelled, "Poochyena, Bite"

"Overheat!" Sora yelled.

Flambe began to glow a bright red, flames spitting out from the aura surrounding him. The Poochyena leaped and Flambe charged at the dog and they both collided, Flambe easily overpowering the worn out Poochyeana. The thug returned is Poochyena, "This isn't over!" He spat running away from the fight.

Sora took in a deep breath and then let it out, "Good job Stark and Flambe." Sora looked at his pokemon and even though Flambe was excited, Stark wasn't. The pokemon had landed on a rock and looked around. Sora returned Flambe to its ball and looked at Stark.

"Stark. Come on." Sora said, the pokemon looked at him and nodded, returning to its poke ball.

"That was awesome mister! I want to be just like you when I grow up!" The young boy's voice chirped.

Sora looked at Stark's poke ball for a second and then turned his attention to the girl and boy and smiled.

"It was nothing." Sora said, scratching his head.

"Thank you so much. Here take this. It was what they were trying to steal." The girl said, handing a blue and red poke ball out. It was a great ball.

"Thank you, but you don't have to give it to me." Sora said.

"Please take it, if not for you, they would have taken out pokemon. Our parents gave them to us before they died. I couldn't bare to lose them." The girl said.

Sora knew all too well how it was to lose parents, especially at the little boys age. Finally he nodded, "Ok. Thank you. And stay strong. I know how it feels to lose both parents as well." Sora said, taking the great ball.

He said his good byes to the brother and sister and continued to the path. Overhead he heard a large roar. He quickly grabbed his camera and located the sound, snapping the photo before he could even think. He watched as the dragon pokemon flew away from the route and was surprised to find out that it was a Hydreigon when looking at the picture. It seem to have come from the ruins, which is was now even more pumped to explore.


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Violetta Marseille
Current Location: Route 202

Violetta proudly marched through Sandgem town, her black painted nails coiled around Cleo’s pokeball, as if to display her trainer status. Violetta turned around, observing the small but lively town, taking in the view of the place in which her journey began. “Well, Sandgem, it was nice knowing you.” She started, a gleam in her deep purple eyes. “Buuut it’s time for us to continue on! Route 202 awaits us!” She enthusiastically declared, motioning toward the expansive stretch of road that lay north of the town.

“Misdreeeavus!” Sabrina seemed to be nearly as excited as Violetta was to adventure onwards.

As the pair stepped onto the route, Violetta paused momentarily, inhaling a sharp breath while studying her surroundings and viewing the plethora of trainers that lingered about. The yellow sun shone high in the sky, illuminating the cloudless pale azure sky.

“Jublife City is our next destination.” Violetta said aloud, attempting to make conversation in order to distract herself from the sweltering heat of the day.

“Dreeeavus!” Mis!”

Violetta had never travelled to Jublife before, although she knew that it was the commercial capital of the Sinnoh region. Her mother had been there a multitude of times and growing up she had detailed stories about the metropolis and the many contests that she competed in there. Violetta had dreamed of arriving in the shining city and winning her first contest ribbon.

Stopping in the middle of the road, she had a realization. Turning swiftly on her heel to face her ghost-type companion she spluttered “We need to train!”

Glancing around, Violetta located a small pathway through the greenery, before heading towards it, wanting to develop combinations in private, away from the prying eyes of other trainers or coordinators. The pathway led to a clearing that was encompassed by thick-trunked verdant trees on all sides. It was perfect!

She tossed her pokeball into the air, Cleo bounding out of it gracefully, before landing on all fours.

“Mrrreow” She purred, curious as to why she had been awakened from her slumber inside the coziness of her pokeball.

“Mis! Dreavuuus!”

“Alright, you two! We need to begin some serious training for the upcoming contest that’s being held in Jublife City!” Violetta declared, glancing at her companions. “We need to come up with some combinations that will stun audiences.” She continued on, visualizing crowds of people cheering her on as her pokemon performed elaborate move combinations.

Meanwhile, Clara sat silently, concealed by the dense brush as she observed a lavender-haired trainer give her two pokemon an exuberant pep-talk. “This is perfect! Look, this young coordinator babbling about contests is just what we need in order to boost our ratings and save our network! I’ll conduct an interview and I’ll bombard her with questions, while you film her pokemon performing their combinations! IT’LL BE PERFECT!” she hollered excitedly, before Calvin, her cameraman, clamped a sturdy hand over her mouth. “Shhhh! Clara! She’ll hear you! We can’t have this trainer know we’re watching her. Besides, I don’t think this is the most interesting-” he was cut off by Clara, who removed his hand from her lips. “NONSENSE, Calvin! You negative ninny! The people of Jubilife are interested in trainers! What other idea do you purpose?! Filming a Snorlax while he sleeps?! Interviewing retirees about Pecha berry pie recipes!? BORING! NOBODY WANTS TO WATCH THAT GARBAGE, CAL! This is a golden opportunity and I’m taking it.” Just then, Clara flung herself out of the bushes, microphone in hand, leaving behind a bewildered Calvin.

Violetta turned suddenly, alerted by a young blue-haired female who was rushing towards her.

“Why hello darling! My name is Clara May O’Day and I’m with Jubilife City Television Network or JCTN for short!” She began, before turning back to her cameraman and giving him a glare.

“CALVIN! Get your booty over here and START RECORDING! Jeez! You’re slower than a slowpoke in JANUARY!”

Calvin reluctantly hobbled over, pointing the large, extravagant-looking camera at Violetta.

“Arceus.” Violetta whispered, dumbfounded by the situation that she had gotten herself in.

Clara, meanwhile, fluffed up her incredibly long, blue hair, before applying some high-shine lip gloss and fixing her floral blouse.

“In 3, 2, 1... and we’re live!”

“GOOD DAY, Jublife! My name is Clara May O’day, and today, yes, TODAY we are interviewing a young lady who is training with her pokemon. What is your name, hunny darling?” Clara then proceeded to shove her microphone in Violetta’s face, while starting into the camera and smiling intensely.

“Uh.. Um.. Violetta. But, you can call me Vi.” Violetta stumbled over her words, off-put by the reporter’s fast speech and her overthetop peppiness.

“VIOLETTA! Yes, a lovely name indeed! Now, miss Violetta, what has brought you to this clearing off of route 202 today!?” Again, Clara nearly shoved the microphone in Violetta’s mouth.

“Well, I’m hoping to be a coordinator you see and I was hoping to develop a strategy of some sort.”

“Oh, yeeeeees! Of course!”

“Calvin!” She harshly whispered. “Zoom into the pokemon!”

The burly cameraman did as he was instructed, closing in on Cleo before zooming in on Misdreavus.

“Now, how many ribbons do you have, Vivianne?”

“It’s Violetta and I have none so far.” Violetta grumbled, unamused.

“OH, how BORING!! LAME! None! Well, miss Valentina you better get one! How come you have none? How many contests have you competed in?! Do you have any gym badges!? What’s your middle name?!” The flury of questions that Clara threw at Violetta made her head spin and so she remained quiet. Her mood was turning increasingly sour. This reporter couldn’t even get her name right, talk about unprofessionalism!

Just then, Clara bounced away, standing over Cleo. “Well, GOOD DAY, kitty kitty! What a cutesy little Glameow you are! Now, what do you think of Vera, your trainer, who has NO CONTEST RIBBONS! Give us your thoughts.” Clara held the microphone to the feline-pokemon’s mouth. Cleo was not having it and so she jumped into the air, spinning.

“OOOOH! CALVIN, GET THIS! LOOK!” Clara hollered, excited by the Glameow’s beautiful movements.

Cleo then lept towards Clara before clawing the young woman’s microphone, destroying it entirely.

“WHAAAT!? OH NO! THAT’S LIVE TELEVISION FOR YOU FOLKS! AHA!” The reporter screamed, raising her tone in an attempt to make up for the lack of microphone. She backed away from Cleo, nervously. “THIS GLAMEOW HAS GONE ROGUE!” she declared, although her voice shook slightly.

Calvin nervously chuckled before Sabrina appeared in front of the camera, cutting off the view. “HEY! Move it ya good for nothin’ ghost.”

“Misdreavus!” The ghost-type proceeded to float into the camera, possessing it before causing it to explode.

“AIIIIEEEEEEEE!” Calvin hollered as he fell to the ground dramatically.

“My camera! OH! MY BEAUTIFUL CAMERA!” He sobbed.

Violetta stood there, cackling. It was just too hilarious! Of course, she felt bad for the destroyed equipment but the reporter was being too pushy! Served her right.

Clara hopped away, helping the stocky man up. The blue-haired woman was practically glowing with delight. “CAL, stop whining about your camera! That thing was old anyways! THINK ABOUT THE RATINGS! Oh yes! Our network will be saved! PEOPLE WILL EAT THIS STORY UP! We’ll call it “rogue pokemon on the attack,” IT’S BRILLIANT!”

Turning briskly to Violetta, Clara continued on, “THANK YOU, sugar muffins! I’ll send you a cheque! TOODLES!” and with that, Clara May O’day disappeared back into the bushes, dragging Calvin behind her.

“Well… that was eventful.” Violetta laughed so hard she nearly doubled over. What a character! When she regained her composure, she saw a small object on the ground. Picking it up she noticed that it was a VIP Ticket.

“Hmm. That wacky reporter must have dropped this by accident.” She observed aloud, before stuffing the ticket into her purse.

“Now, let’s continue where we left off.” Violetta murmured, gazing at her two pokemon who seemed delighted to have interrupted the interview that had just taken place.

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