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If any? Are there any evil team bosses you struggled with, either recently or when you were younger?
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While it wasn't specifically me, friends at school at the time apparently had a hard time with Ghetsis in BW. Apparently his Cohagrigus was too defensive and got away with double protect pretty often and their teams went down to Toxic.

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+1 for Ghetsis, but i'll also chip in the double battle with Mars and Jupiter on Spear Pillar. as a 10 year old i had a poor choice of pokemon for my team and with my boi Barry literally sending out a Munchlax versus a Purugly and Skuntank, i knew i was in trouble.
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I had a hard time against Cyrus back in the day! Ghetsis was decently strong too, but mannn Cyrus demolished me on the first and second battles at least lol.
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Definitely Ghetsis, took me several tries to beat him the first time I played through Pokémon Black/White, though he was a lot easier in the second Gen 5 games


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ghetsis, there is no competition lol like i've had points where other team leaders are difficult (maxie/archie when i was a kid, i had trouble w cyrus in pearl a while back, i remember lusamine posing a problem) but i dread ghetsis in any playthrough of BW, idc HOW good i think my team is lmfao. that's a hard ass fight man.

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oh ghetsis hands down. I remember raging inwardly so many times. my poor ds and its a button :<
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BW Ghetsis for me. I would say Mother Beast Lusamine would be in contention, but I haven’t played Sun/Moon with the exact same ruleset that I used with Black/White (the most notable difference between the rulesets being the fact that Revive Spam was a legal strategy in Moon)