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Old July 27th, 2013 (1:30 PM).
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    PMD: Team gemstone!

    In the beginning Arceus created the world. He then created Dialge, Palkia, and Giratina, to control out the dimensions that supported the world. Having done so, he then created Kyogre, Groudon, and Raquaza whom created the land the sea and stars. He then filled the world with Mew, who transformed into other pokemon. Then, he taught the pokemon how to build, and created the first civilization. With this done, he then retreated to his dimension to rest. All has been well for thousands of years... Until recently strange anomalies within the realms of Time, Space, and Antimatter have occurred. These have caused mass outbreaks of Mystery dungeons and confusion amongst pokemon... As well as the pokemon controlling these dimensions to awaken from their slumber.

    In the small mountainside town of Oaken falls, every year a festival is held in order to bring Exploration teams together. You have decided to go and see the festival. After a day of fireworks, candies, and seeing the famous waterfall. You notice a sign saying that team gemstone was recruiting. Reading further you realize that while team gemstone is relatively new, it has good reputation and this may be your chance to finally join an exploration team! You then rush to the team headquarters where you speak with the team leader, A dragonite named Max. After a quick test, he says that you are now a member of Team gemstone, and that you should prepare for there was to be an expedition to the Viridion jungles. After leaving the tent you rush off to prepare...

    Notes describing things:

    Oaken falls is a small forested town in the mountainous region of Cornas. There is a storage, a bank, A market, Link shop, Egg hatchery, and training dojo. Compared to the games this is treasure town. Many pokemon gather here, mainly because of its famous waterfall and the pleasant aura that the town produces.

    The Viridion jungle is a recently discovered mystery dungeon full of grass type pokemon. It has many large trees and some small Oasis. In the center there are some strange ruins, however they are currently locked up by the Exploration Federation.

    Team gemstone:
    Lead and created by Max the dragonite. They are just a freindly group of treasure hunters hoping to make it big. Other members include Max’s sidekick Dru the shiny Drudgion and a Sylveon known as Sylvia. She never leaves the Headquarters and always is working at her Swap-shop.

    1) Basic RP rules
    2) If you do not add anything for around a week, we will bunny you around so you aren’t killed off.
    3) Do not try and control important Npcs. Legendarys and team leaders will be controlled by me only, however small things such as Grunts and shopkeepers are fine.
    4) I consider moves such as Scratch and Bite general moves so you always know them.
    5) No pictures, Except in the OOC
    6) Evolution is not possible. This is most likely because of the distortions.

    My example SU

    IGN: Jake Kemon

    Species: Zorua

    -Fury swipes
    -Fake tears
    -Dark pulse

    Teal eyes, and has a wears a small necklace with a Diamond inside.

    He is very brave, but isn’t used to being around people. He sometimes doesn’t understand the concept of other peoples feelings. He also has an incredible fondness of Black Gummies and the word Indeed.

    When he was younger he lived with his Mi-ma Zoroark in a forested mountain near Shadow vale. He recently left home to become the worlds greatest adventurer. He has not had any luck so far, and hopes that in Oaken falls he will find his big break.

    Writing sample:
    Jake closed his eyes. The wind rippled through the tens pitched not far from team gemstone’s headquarters. He laughed happily as he walked through the grass towards the Kecleon market. He then realized he had very little money left. He prayed that his Mi-ma had left some in the bank. Rushing over to Duskull’s bank, he breathed a sigh of relief as the Duskull mentioned that his mi-ma had indeed left a small sum in the bank. After saying thank you, and taking one hundred Poke out of the bank, Jake then bought two apples and two oran berries. Feeling that this would be plenty to hold him through the expedition, he then proudly marched towards the team gemstone headquarters.

    Jake Kemon (Oddball20007)

    Blank SU:







    Writing sample:

    Skype: Oddball20007

    PARTY: Lucario LV100, Altaria LV100, Zoroark LV 58, Gyrados LV30
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