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Chapter 6: Shine and Glow

Mauville Metropolitan Area



The Mauville Metropolitan Area is the largest city in Hoenn by population and hosts the most bustling night life in the region. Its expansion has been severely limited by several of its governing bodies in an attempt to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment, but it still manages to pack people together in the small units of towering high-rises. The use of vertical space is Mauville's most successful attempt at limiting its footprint, but it came with its own problems- how can people enjoy Hoenn's famous weather and carefully protected environment if their city is primarily indoors? Open skyways, wide bridges between buildings, entire levels that are open to the elements, patios and garden balconies, public parks high in the sky, plants growing everywhere they can- nature is invited into the cramped personal spaces and many public spaces all over the city.

Mauville has been built with very regular measurements as a collective project to build a cohesive city. To this end, they have agreed upon a floor numbering system that visitors would do well to remember. For the majority of the city, the ground floor is Level 1. Everything is then measured in relation to that level, which means that as you go east to the beach and the land is lower, the ground floor will become labelled as B2. In the northern foothills, the level approachable from the ground is usually 4 or 5. All this means is that if you look at a vertical cross-section of Mauville, each floor labelled 15 is on the same line. And that is incredibly important- Level 15 houses the most business, the most public spaces, the most skyways out of any of the levels. It even houses the central tram station, situated in several open floors of the centermost tower in Mauville.

At ground level, you won't see many vehicles beyond delivery trucks- even the trams are on elevated rails, winding between the various business-oriented levels. The ground level is oft-ignored and the streets are rough- they are shadowed even in daylight, so most people and businesses keep above the fourth floor and ignore the poorly-lit streets and alleys below. Considering the lack of importance set on the streets themselves, addresses in Mauville are in reference to their building: the official address of SkyPark, for instance, would be 33-082 Gateway Tower- “33” referring to the level, and "082" referring to the suite in the building. Visitors and residents alike are advised to stay on or above level 5 once inside the city, lest they find themselves mixed up in something… unsavory.

Regardless of amount of use, each building in Mauville is required to have public access to stairs and elevators at ground level plus floors 5, 15, 25, 35, and roof access. Many buildings are taller, and have public access at other levels, but those are the only required ones. Tram station floors will always be public access, even if on a non-required access level.

Tram Stations
Trams are ubiquitous to Mauville. A person will never find themselves more than a ten-minute walk from a tram station, nor will they wait more than ten minutes at any given station for a tram to arrive, even in the dead of night. Journeying trainers ride trams for free- just scan your license at the station. There are more stops than these along every tram route, but the major hubs for trainers and the levels they coincide with are the following:

Mauport Station (1)
Mauport Station sits on the first level of Gateway Tower at the very edge of Mauville, directly accessible from the north end of Mauport Bridge. Travellers are strongly advised to use this station to access Central Hub as opposed to walking through the streets of Mauville.

Central Hub (15-21)
Central Hub is exactly what its name dictates- the very heart of Mauville, the exact center, occupying seven floors in the tallest building around. Every tram line crosses through Central Hub (with the sole exception of the Ring Line, which circles the outskirts of Mauville). Trams criss-cross their way through dizzying architecture, with platforms and vendors at half-levels and stairways all through the six undivided stories.

Beach Station (B2)
Beach Station is a ground-level junction of one- story buildings and kiosks all geared toward serving those who wander out onto Mauville's only sand beach. Said beach is perpetually packed, even at night.

PROMPT: cleanup crew 2

IC: People in Hoenn are fairly conscientious about their impact on the environment, but that doesn't mean trash and debris doesn't accumulate in busy areas. The beach especially is a hotspot of forgotten or buried items! Canvas bags are offered to anyone willing to help clean up and should be returned to the Beach Station Sanitation Office.
OOC: Go out of your way to pick up trash. Yeah, you do have to write about it.
Reward: ₽1000 per bag returned, 1 treasure roll per hour spent.

Parkway Station (2)
At ground level on the west central edge of Mauville, travellers can access Verdanturf Parkway. Don’t be fooled by the name, however- heading west would bring nearly three days of travel along gently populated, gently rolling grassy hills rather than just a short jaunt down a street. Feel free to hang out at the ground-level parks and trails just on the outskirts of the city, though, if you need a break from urban life!

Hill Station (10)
The city backs up against the north bluffs and that is where Hill Station sits- a simple one-level tram station, sitting parallel to the tenth levels of neighboring skyscrapers. The wide, well-kept road from the station rises uphill until it terminates at the grounds of a beautiful mansion on a lake.

Contest Hall
Mauville's Contest Hall is on the 25th level and occupies the northeast corner of a tower near Hill Station. There are three main stages here- one behind windows and walls, fully sheltered from the elements, one sheltered only by the tower above, open to the air, and one on a platform jutting out towards the east, bringing in the backdrops of sun and sea and mountains. The stages are in a fickle rotation based on weather, attendance, time of day- so Coordinators really don't know which stage they will be using at any given show.

D-Rank Singles and Doubles: 3:30pm Monday - Friday
C-Rank Singles and Doubles: 5:30pm Friday - Sunday
B-Rank Singles and Doubles: 8pm Saturdays

Stages are available for practise and lessons from 12pm to 7pm outside of showtimes.

Welcome to the Mauville Branch of the Pokémon Fanclub! Just take the elevator up from Mauport Station to level 33 and you'll find the entry to SkyPark- a Pokémon paradise that juts out from the 32nd, 33rd, and 34th levels of Gateway Tower. It features small copies of a variety of ecosystems and is filled with structures for all shapes and sizes of Pokémon to play in, under, and on- but its most visible and stunning feature is the 34th-level "river" that drops into a running rocky waterfall to end in a pool on the 32nd-level terrace. This luxury facility is only accessible to Fanclub members- but don't worry! Non-members may sign up for a membership at this location and immediately gain access to all amenities. The monthly fee is ₽3000, but you will save money over time if you cough up the ₽30,000 annual fee all at once.

Either way, you will be issued a membership card and offered the complimentary gift from this location- a one-on-one PokéPuff-making lesson with Kalosian Master Pokémon Chef Ophelia la Cour. She will provide materials for this session. After taking this lesson, medicinal berries are cheaper and easier to source, thanks to Ophelia's connections. One berry will make six PokéPuffs. PokéPuffs may be made in any kitchen with an oven. They can then either be sold or used as a nutritional supplement to improve a Pokémon's visual condition, giving them an edge in Contest performance rounds.
OOC: First to write this opportunity gets to develop Ophelia as a character; others must follow in their footsteps. Let people know when you start writing her so that nobody trips over each other!

Game Corner
In amongst the dingy warehouses and storage facilities of the lower four, the largest arcade in the region has its home. It spans the entirety of floors B2 through 4 of TVH Tower and houses everything you can imagine- VR experiences, laser tag, go-karts, mini-golf, bumper cars, bowling... and all throughout the place all kinds of ₽100 games- pinball and old arcade cabinets and themed gashapons. The aesthetics are glowing neon muted by midnight-blue backdrops, with blacklights casting everything in glowing purple. Except for B1 and B2, which are done up in a very fancy casino-lounge aesthetic. Go ahead, have a cocktail and play for real money while listening to live music- if you're 18 or older. But don't worry if you're not; you can still play for tickets upstairs and exchange them for prizes at the various ticket counters! They also sell soft drinks, snacks, horrible greasy food, and Amulet Coins. The latter costs ₽6000, which for those that believe in its magic is probably a good investment.
OOC: An Amulet Coin will increase your luck on treasure rolls and similar only if your character is superstitious in that way. If they are not, or end up not believing in it at some point along the way, they will not get bonuses.

The Game Corner is open from 4pm to 4am every day of the week.

Mauville Gym
There's an official gym space staffed by a few trainers and marked on Mauville maps, on a rooftop somewhere in the north, but that's not where you'll find gym leader Eiddon Roth. You'll be able to catch him in his small office and personal VR space on the Level 4 of the Game Corner, tinkering with new experiments and programming whatever ideas pop into his head. Eiddon does in fact manage the entirety of the VR systems for the arcade, but his tiny personal room is much more experimental and strange. He even takes battles here! But not in the way trainers are used to. Keep your Pokémon in your PokéBalls and slot three of them into the machine alongside Eiddon's three, then put on the offered VR goggles and sensory gloves and stand with Eiddon on the full-room motion capture platform. Choose from hundreds of maps featuring all kinds of terrain and feel free to ruin them- Eiddon's physics mechanics are well ahead of anything else on the market. Of course, doing anything in the virtual world takes energy- your Pokémon are going to be very tired after this, but they won't get physically hurt the way they might in the real world.

The VR world also has another surprise for those who don't follow certain celebrity circles. Instead of a perfect mirror image of the wiry, scruffy, hoodie-and-high-tops-favoring gym leader, challengers pop into the simulation face-to-face with a curvy, glammed-up woman in whatever sparkly fashion best suits the chosen map. This is Miss Virtua: a DJ, an artist, a dancer, a professional improvisator, and the only drag queen to exclusively perform in a fully digital space! She is a peppy whirlwind of energy and glitter- quite the contrast to Eiddon's laid-back and casual attitude. Her heels are high, her lashes are long, her contour is sharp and so are her skills, because of course she and Eiddon are one and the same- you can tell if you look closely! And they're crazy smart- but also a little bit crazy.

Miss Virtua uses three Porygon for every battle. Each of these Porygon can and will shift their forms between Porygon, Porygon-2, and Porygon-Z at Miss Virtua's discretion. Of course, that's just the beginning of a wild ride! All three Porygon, at the beginning of the match, have their movesets completely randomized using a program that mimics the randomization of Metronome. Not even Miss Virtua knows what they will be! Their abilities are also randomized. Miss Virtua thrives on chaos, really. Good luck!

Information: Porygon are kept at their base forms for challengers who have fewer than two total badges. Porygon-2 has higher Defense and Special Defense than Porygon-Z. Porygon-2 is the smallest and lightest of all three forms, while Porygon-Z is the largest. Porygon is heaviest, though not by much.
When you are ready to write your gym battle, ask Anna to randomize you 18 moves and 3 abilities.

Anyone that defeats Miss Virtua receives an appropriate amount of prize money and the Glitter Dynamo Badge, which will indeed shed bright glitter on all of your things for ever and ever. Prizes specific to this gym are twofold: an Ability Capsule, one per victor, and the offer of a Porygon to keep.

This Porygon is not nearly as versatile as those Miss Virtua uses in digital space- those are fairly unstable, really- but they are able to be programmed with the ability of any non-legendary Pokémon and any one move that is not signature to a legendary Pokémon. It is also not just a simple gift- Eiddon wants to see how these altered Porygon do in the real world, so you must also take his phone number and update him regularly on its progress. If you revisit Mauville later, you may request Eiddon evolve your Porygon, but its ability must be changed upon evolution and you may not evolve it twice within a week. Something about letting the programming settle.

Eiddon is at the Game Corner from 6pm to 2am every day except Saturdays.

Mauville Sports Dome
A 23rd-level rooftop in the southeast corner of the city is topped with a retractable dome covering thousands of spectator seats circling a (usually) grassy field. This is Mauville Sports Dome, home to any number of local, regional, and international teams of all kinds of sports! Feel free to buy a ticket to a game- or try to watch from one of the taller towers nearby if you can't afford it.

1-372 Spark Tower
In the south of the city, in the deeply shadowed ground level, a heavy metal door with a faded address squeaks open far more frequently than one would expect. Nobody should have business down here, not besides the delivery trucks and warehouse workers, and especially not in the dead of night. But for some reason, jumpy individuals have begun to frequent this address and the streets around, carrying strange packages as they hurry away.

PROMPT: investigate

IC: Somehow, you've caught wind of strange dealings centered around 1-372 Spark Tower. For whatever reason you have, you choose to involve yourself.
OOC: Hey, this is crime! It's very dangerous to get involved! If you choose to take this on, you better write it good and scary! Maybe even give your character(s) lasting consequences! Only one person or team may do this. You get to make up what the criminal activity is, and what you do about it.
Reward: Check with Anna once you've established an outline. You'll get something cool and relevant to what you wrote. Requests taken into consideration.

get your game on! go play!

BONUS: meet miss virtua

The wall-mounted monitors and foldaway workstations disappeared at the press of a button. Mihira stood stock-still as her senses grew accustomed to the bright light and the perfumed scent of Verdanturf Parkway filling the air.

"You can move around!" Miss Virtua laughed, voice light and cheery. A gesture summoned a hologram of a keyboard and her shimmering evening gown pixelated before shifting into a strappy, flowing summer dress. Her stage makeup toned itself down slightly, but the illusion of glittery body oil spread across the entirety of her pale, olive-toned skin. A floppy sunhat slid into existence atop her head, and her heels lifted, giving her another few inches of height over Mihira. Mihira glanced down at herself- she looked the same as she had walking into the dark office. She touched the VR goggles, heavy on her head yet invisible inside this digital world. Miss Virtua scrunched her square-jawed face in Mihira's periphery. "Ooh, I should have brought chairs- we can't sit on digital chairs, we'd fall through. I've done it before, very embarrassing!"

She didn't seem particularly embarrassed as she recounted the tale; definitely the type of person to laugh things off rather than dwell. Something was contradictory, though- "And yet you are fully dressed in clothes completely different to those you wore in the real world. Not to mention makeup… and heels?"

"Of course!" Miss Virtua twirled, dress spinning out. A breeze gusted through the grassy field, and it was only by watching very carefully that Mihira could see the fizzling pixelation where the digital models corrected their trajectory upon interacting with Eiddon's- Miss Virtua's- physical form. "The heels are real- extendable platforms built into my shoes, engineered by a friend- but the rest is my own art! I've designed hundreds of costumes for myself, and they each go through specific tweaking each time I put them on! For a show, at least. This dress is so simple, one of my first ones, and I don't wear it much anymore. You can see the problem points- even though I've uploaded my clothes so that the computer knows not to interpret them, I'm not wearing the real-world padding that goes with this outfit, and that shifts everything just a little to the left, like-"

Mihira pulled her tiny notebook and pen out of their holster on her belt. The ink, normally dark blue, came out iridescent pink as she began to take notes. Miss Virtua was clearly incredibly detail-oriented- small imperfections were pointed out to her untrained eyes, and if she was honest, she could barely see what the woman was talking about. Perhaps her eyes were getting old.

"It takes so long, you know? To get everything right? Like, that's why I can't make these things for anyone who walks in the door, even though it would be so much fun to dress you up! Accessories are usually okay, and re-skinning with patterns and colors tends to work pretty well. I could put a hat on you!" The afternoon sun vanished as a wide-brimmed hat shaded Mihira's eyes. "Ooh, no, it's warping, I can't look at that. I'm picky, you know. I let challengers play a little with pre-loaded costumes on the consoles outside before they come in, but they're not perfect and it does make me itch- though I never tell them that! Glasses?" The sun came back but for a moment before the green field turned shades of pink, tinted heart-shaped glasses settling on Mihira's nose. "Oh, yes, that's better!"

Mihira reached up to touch them, but her hand tapped instead the invisible VR goggles. "Thank you…?"

"You're welcome!" Miss Virtua's smile was just as blinding as the virtual sun itself. "Pokémon are easier to model for, honestly. Like… you know how you can put on a knit shirt, and it stretches to fit?" Mihira nodded, unsure of the relevance. "Pokémon are like that."

A beat, and Mihira realized she was not going to elaborate. "Could you… run that by me again?"

"Hm… okay, like- a hat IRL compresses your hair? But a VR hat can't, so the hat model warps or the hair clips through. But Pokémon become energy, and energy can be converted to digital, so when they put on a VR hat, it interacts with their form. 'Cause, like, they are VR as well!"

"In that case, what are we, at the moment?"

"We're…" Miss Virtua tugged at her hair as she thought, and Mihira remembered the brief discussion about the sensor-filled gloves. "We're live video," she decided. And then immediately changed her mind. "Well, we're physical. But the room is basically taking live video as we move around and instantaneously uploading it to the simulation. So, I know where you are in space, and I can touch you-" Miss Virtua tapped her hand to Mihira's palm, and Mihira felt the texture of the gloves even as her eyes watched bare skin make contact. "-and you can touch my real body, but if you try to touch my hat…"

Mihira reached up, and Miss Virtua giggled before bowing down to accomodate for their height difference. Mihira swept her fingers through the alleged straw sunhat and felt nothing, not even a tingle, as her fingers cut straight through the illusion.

Something beeped insistently, and Miss Virtua summoned her keyboard again. "Oh dear."

"What does that mean?"

"Oh, nothing bad- well! Nothing terrible, just that we have to cut our time short." A few quick keystrokes and the simulation disappeared, leaving Mihira blinking in the dark room she had always been in, next to a tall, lanky man. Eiddon yanked off his goggles and stuffed them in the pocket of his ratty hoodie. "Mm, forgot I had a challenger, sorry," he said, gesturing for Mihira to place her own goggles on the tray for sanitizing as his enunciation slowed and voice deepened back to its normal tone. "This one actually scheduled too, unlike most. He's here all the way from Kanto and here I am forgetting. Bit rude of me." Eiddon laughed ruefully. "I'll be done in about half an hour, unless he's fascinated with the simulation. Some people stay longer than others. You could stick around?"

Mihira agreed, but something about the immediate cheer and chattiness of the challenger- a bulky man passing her in the doorway- told her she'd be waiting far longer than thirty minutes. "Mr. Roth?" Eiddon glanced toward her, pausing in his explanation of his gym challenge. "On second thought- I do need to retrieve my daughter from the casino. I will email you later."

"Sure thing." Eiddon nodded and went back to a rather more technical explanation than she herself had received. Mihira flipped through her notebook, only a few pages filled with blue ink.

Next time.


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3-6: The Bear and the Maiden Fair

🌿 Petalburg Forest Outskirts 🕙 Sept. 22nd, Noon

"Here you are—area 5C. Stay on the trail if you can."

"If I can?"

"If you can't, give me a call. Later." And with that, Parker was off—no, he wheeled back around to say one more thing: "Also, we're having a bonfire here at sundown, it's kind of like a 'thank you' to our volunteers. See you then?"

🌳 Petalburg Forest Outskirts 🕙 Sept. 22nd, Late Noon

Marcella had been hiking before, that wasn't the issue. It was in her top five favourite fitness activities, actually. But carrying around a clipboard while balancing her phone on top of it with the Pokédex app open, wearing those god-awful goggles and being stealthy enough so that the Pokémon didn't scatter off the moment they sensed her presence definitely made the experience a lot less enjoyable.

There was a soft rustling sound, and she caught a glimpse of orange in the bushes nearby—having been at this task for a while now, Marcella instinctively turned and crept behind a tree.

"Quick, Bijou—where are you?"

She scanned the area around for her Purrloin, but a soft, panting noise directly under the clipboard she was holding alerted her to Bijou's presence. Marcella was pleasantly surprised. Although there was no noticeable difference in her shape and size, she seemed to move slightly quicker than she did at the start of their journey already. All the walking they'd done the past few days seemed to be doing her some good. "Hey, look at you, keeping up the pace!" She gave Bijou a quick scratch behind the ears—even through the ridiculous, tinted eyewear, she could see the pleased look on the Pokémon's face.

She turned her attention back towards the rustling bushes, phone in hand with anticipation, ready to scan. And it was... Wurmple. Again. Three of them, but Wurmple. Marcella sighed softly, putting down her Rotom Phone to jot down the new tally for the bugs. She was well familiar with these creatures by this point. This wasn't the most exciting task in the world to begin with, and it was made worse by how often she was running into the same orange bugs over and over. If she had to count Pokémon for at least four hours, she wanted to see some variety.

As she shifted her foot back, she could feel something brushing up against her heel. Peering down at the small pile of leaves that had formed under the tree, she could see that she had disturbed something.

A muted-pink Pokémon with green spots rolled out, smiling at her. Nope- no, it wasn't—she was looking at it upside down. It was frowning at her.

"Oh! Hello," It did not look like the most interesting find, but it was something new. Marcella scanned the creature.

Shroomish live in damp soil in the dark depths of forests. They are often found keeping still under fallen leaves. This Pokémon feeds on compost that is made up of fallen, rotted leaves.

"Oh." She said again, with much less enthusiasm. She wrinkled her nose and lightly kicked it back under the pile of leaves with the toe of her shoe. "Sorry about that. As you were."

If Shroomish senses danger, it shakes its body and scatters spores from the top of its head. This Pokémon's spores are so toxic, they make trees and weeds wilt.

She froze, hoping the Pokémon was not slighted or threatened enough to do that. She looked down. Is that the 'shaking'? She tilted her head. Whatever. They did have the goggles, but she still didn't want to stick around to find out.

"Bijou, come—now."

🐻 Petalburg Forest Outskirts 🕙 Sept. 22nd, Evening

Aside from the occasional moss-covered Slakoth, the rest of her census-taking exercise was more of the same.

She contemplated stopping a little earlier and getting 'creative' with some of the data—part of these censuses involve a bit of guesswork and calculation based on existing data anyway, right? By five-thirty, she was bored enough, and felt like she had enough data to guess there were mainly going to be more bugs and some Skwovet on the trail.

Just as she was about to call it a day, she spotted Bijou playing with something in the clearing—something she had not seen yet today. She didn't need to consult her app this time; her friend Jasmine had one back home. It was a Teddiursa in the wild. Cute! She watched it with fascination for a few moments, and another one scurried into the clearing. Marcella crouched down and crept closer without thinking.

"Hello, sweeties," she crooned, stretching her clipboard-free hand out. One of the Teddiursa bounded towards her curiously, and the other retreated into the thick brush nearby.

She spent a few minutes playing with the cub—it warmed up to both of them fairly quickly, unlike its shyer sibling. She hoped the other Teddiursa was okay, but didn't have to wait to long to find out where it had gone.

A low growl, and crunching of twigs announced the arrival of much larger version of the bears. It loomed over her, the other Teddiursa clinging to its leg. Mama bear.

Her first instinct was to run, but she knew better than that.

"Woah, okay—I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean any harm," She did her best to keep a steady voice even as the sweat rolled down her back. She ignored the pounding in her ears as she tried to recall what the best course of action was in this scenario. Marcella slowly got to her feet without making eye contact, almost tripping over Bijou as she stepped backwards. "Going now. See? No harm done. Just gonna grab my things, and—"

Mama bear wasn't placated. She stepped forward with a snarl as Marcella stepped back, and her instincts finally got the better of her. With her free hand, she snatched up Bijou and ran, silently cursing herself for wanting more excitement on this expedition.

No, no! What an awful way to die! My body's going to be a mangled mess! She ducked and weaved under lower hanging branches, hoping that would throw the bear off, and didn't turn to see if it was even following her or not—she was pretty sure if it wanted to catch her, it would have, but that didn't stop her from running until the lights of the Ranger Station were in view.

A long, drawn-out 'meow' from the heavy Purrloin draped over her left shoulder told her that it was safe to stop, and she would like to be placed down now, please. She was not held in the most comfortable position. Marcella's heart was still racing as she set the Purrloin down. She slumped against a tree and took deep breaths.

That was stupid. That was so stupid. You don't run. Everyone knows that. But she did, and it was fine. As soon as she caught her breath, she started laughing at how dumb and lucky she was.

She glanced down her clipboard to fill out the last of her findings. "Okay, so. A family of three, yes?"

🏘️ Petalburg Ranger Station 🕙 Sept. 22nd, Evening

"What happened to you, got chased by an Ursaring?"

Marcella was taken aback. "How'd you know?" Oh my god, do I look that disheveled? She worriedly turned to the glass doors—against the dimming light on the other side, she could see her reflection. Her hair was a nest of twigs and debris from running under all those branches, and she needed to wash her face. Hell, she could use a whole shower, really.

Parker looked a little surprised. "Oh. Oh, I was kidding, but I guess that's not the most uncommon thing to happen out there." He scratched his head. "So, how close did you get? They're pretty cool, right?"

"I thought the danger was in the forest!"

Parker shrugged nonchalantly. "They're not that dangerous, really. Just leave their babies alone."


"Anyway, ready for some weenies?"

"Excuse me?"

"The bonfire." He pointed through the glass doors at a few other rangers stacking some logs, surrounded by people she assumed were other volunteers. It seemed like it could be fun, but it wasn't a small group of people. She wasn't looking her best, and, consequently, not feeling her best.

"Oh. I don't know." She pulled a leaf out of her hair. "I'm kind of a mess. I should probably go back."

"It's really not that bad."

"Thanks, that's what every girl wants to hear."

"You look fine. Beautiful, even. The most fair maiden these forests have seen in-"

"Oh my god, okay, I'm coming."


Purrloin ♀ // Bijou
Level 24 (+2 from Census-Taker)

Fake Out
Sand Attack
Play Rough


Clamperl ♀ // Pearly
Level 13

Water Gun
Iron Defense


Wooloo ♀ // Opal
Level 20

Double Kick


Meowth ♂ // Midas
Level 15

Pay Day

Dear Diary


2-1: M.I.A.
2-2: Footwear Filchers
2-3: Cut Off
2-4: Bijou Bootcamp
2-5: Beached
2-6: Pearly
2-7: Showtime - ft. Avril, June, Tsu, Robynn, Shuna
2-8: Natsuko vs. Marcella - ft. Tsu
2-9: The Three C's
2-10: In/Dependent
2-11: Connections - ft. Avril, Hikaru


3-1: Fiancé
3-2: Promise
3-3: Roughing It
3-4: Feline Friends
3-5: For Tuna
3-6: The Bear and the Maiden Fair


₱31,000, more or less

Medium-sized leather suitcase of clothes
Rotom Phone (Sky Blue)
Fanclub Membership Card (Annual)
Luxury Balls x 3
Silk Scarf
Contest Pass
Safety Goggles (Bijou-sized)

Trainer Info


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Junko "June" Enomoto
Sunday, September 27th
Oldale-Littleroot Township
Two days of hiking through Route 102 alone went about as expected. June made it through safely without any serious hiccups, which honestly might have been less possible were she with Avril- she’s aware Avril isn’t the most graceful person- but any element of something resembling chaos would have been preferable to the loneliness that was these past two days. There’s just something about sleeping in a tent big enough for two people when you’ve packed a spare sleeping bag that she’d like to not experience again. But she’s out of that now- similarly to Petalburg, she just so happens to have family in the Oldale-Littleroot Township, a small farming town with lots of open space. And through the Pokemon Center and the available internet, it doesn’t take long for her to track down Aunt Akira's farm.

It’s strange to June how there’s been a farm with her last name in the title that she didn’t know about until a few days ago. She may not closely follow what goes on in Littledale, but the fact that her aunt got married, started a farm and only shared this knowledge to those who follow an inactive Facebook page doesn’t feel right. Her family has always been pretty close, so why didn’t she tell anyone else? As a matter of fact, June hasn’t heard anything from her Aunt Akira since her grandma’s funeral when Tetsuo involuntarily inherited the-

Oh right. That’s why. Spending time with her Uncle Tetsuo back in Petalburg almost made her forget how distant her family had grown since then. It’s sad to think about it, but she can’t dwell on that. Her grandma would always make it clear how nothing good can come from that. Instead she’s going to focus on what’s in-front of her: Enomoto Farms, where she’ll reunite with another family member.

Walking to the nearest house June can spot on the farm, she notices her aunt must be practicing some sort of mixed farming as sees both crops and livestock. The livestock she keeps are Miltank and the crops are… well June isn’t actually sure what they are. They’re grown in the ground so the most she knows is that they’re some kind of vegetable. Maybe she can have a nice conversation with her aunt about what she grows when they meet!

She walks a bit further, getting closer to the house she had seen, and can’t help but notice another person weeding the crops. One glance at the person is enough for June to know they aren’t Akira, and it takes a bit longer to figure out they aren’t Gino either. She might as well ask them some questions.

“Um- excuse me.” She speaks up, grabbing the stranger’s attention. They stand-up straight and face June, revealing themselves to be a short woman in her thirties or forties.

“Hello there!” She greets with a smile. The woman wears a bandana over her curly blonde locks and dons typical farmer getup. Her skin is a bit tan, although it looks like it’s because of exposure from the sun instead of a natural color. “I don’t think I’ve seen you around here. How can I help you?”

“I’m looking for-” How odd. Despite how just a second ago June was sure the person she laid eyes on wasn’t Gino, she really can’t help but think something about this woman reminds her of him. Everything from her mannerisms, to her slight accent, and even her physical appearance in some regards. Maybe he has a sister who decided to help out? It’s the only explanation she can think of. “Um- I’m looking for Akira Enomoto.”

“Ah! Of course!” She says, looking excited just from hearing the name. “Unfortunately she isn’t here right now, but she should be back in a moment- oh, nevermind! She’s here already!”

June looks behind her to see an old blue truck driving down a dirt road leading to the house. The second it pulls up, the doors open and out hops a Machamp and an almost inhumanly tall woman wearing a straw hat and overalls over a flannel. No doubt the oldest child of Sachiko Enomoto. “Giorgia, I’m home!”

June tries greeting her aunt, but flinches when the woman likely named Giorgia runs to the giant woman and enthusiastically cries ”OH AKIRA, HOW I MISSED YOU!!”

“Aw c’mon, darlin’! We do this every week!” Akira chuckles while kneeling and swinging her arms outwards. That dialect is unmistakable- she lived in Petalburg until her twenties but anyone who talks with her would think she was raised in the countryside. “But it don’t get old, so I ain’t complaining.”

Whoever this Giorgia person is, she seems to be very good friends with her aunt. It must be a nice thing to have, June thinks. But now that Giorgia has quieted down, this might be a good time to say hello. “Aunt Akira, hello! It’s me, Jun-”

June stops herself again as she’s taken aback by the sight of Giorgia running into Akira’s muscular arms, which are used to lift up the shorter woman and give her a welcoming smooch on the lips.

“W-w-wait, wh-wha…” June blushes at what just took place. This certainly wasn’t something she expected. “What’s going on!?!”

The two older women break up their activity to pay mind to June. “Well I’ll be!” Akira exclaims. “If it ain’t lil’ Junko! Howdy! You’re all grown-up now!”

Giorgia squints at June for a second before her face lights up. “Wait, Junko?? I don’t believe it, you’re so tall now!”

“Wh- who are you? How do you know me? What…” June can feel her head spin as she fails to put the pieces together. ”What’s happening!?!”

“Oh right, I haven’t told you what’s happened lately. This here is my wife, Giorgia, and this is my Machamp who helps around the farm, Betsy!” Betsy flexes after she’s introduced while Giorgia waves and smiles.

“...wife?? What happened to Gin-”

”Ah-hem!” Giorgia forcibly clears her throat while making eye-contact with her wife, which she takes as a signal to lower her to the ground. “I guess now’s a good time to explain everything that’s happened lately?”

“It’s kind of a long story.” Akira laughs. “But I reckon it ain’t nothing we can’t talk about over some refreshments! Whaddya say lil’ Junko?”

🐞 June's Party 🐞

  • Einstein (Dottler) lv. 29 M|Telepathy
    Struggle Bug|Super Sonic|Confusion|Light Screen|Reflect|Ally Switch
  • Chip (Wimpod) lv. 22 M|Wimp Out
    Struggle Bug|Sand Attack|Defense Curl|Aqua Jet
  • Sting (Beautifly) lv. 27 M|Swarm
    Attract|Silver Wind|Poison Sting|Bug Bite|Electroweb|Air Cutter
  • Kit (Surskit) lv. 24 F|Swift Swim
    Bubble|Quick Attack|Sweet Scent|Water Sport|Bubble Beam|Agility

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Natsuko Soyokaze
Friday, September 25th, morning
Route 102

With her first Contest victory under her belt, Tsu had said goodbye to Petalburg and set off on the road for Littledale. Some of her friends had already left, while others hadn't left yet, but going at it alone is more Tsu’s style. The freedom and flexibility just feel better to her, and with her Pokémon, she's not truly alone. Shiny walks beside her, enjoying the morning breeze, while Totodile runs from one bush to another, probably looking for Pokémon to play with.

"Totodile! Don't get too far ahead!" Tsu calls out, afraid she'll lose sight of him if he chases after some wild Pokémon. Totodile scowls at her, as if he'd intended to do just that.

"Aw, don't be grumpy! Look at how beautiful it is out here! The sun is shining, the trees are so bright and colorful, and there are even little ponds and marshes further down the road! Don't those sound fun?" She reaches out to Totodile, but he snaps at her fingers.

"Hey!" She quickly withdraws her hand. "I need that hand! Why are you so nasty all the time?" She's not mad at him, but his standoffish behavior hurts.

Totodile growls a little, then ignores Tsu in favor of another bush up ahead. Shiny pushes her head against Tsu’s side, nuzzling her hand when she absent-mindedly strokes the Ponyta’s face. "Is it just me? Am I a bad trainer?"

Shiny snorts and shakes her head, letting out a gentle whinny. Tsu smiles at the reassurance, leaning in to kiss Shiny's forehead. "You've known me longer than anyone. You'd have told me if I wasn't good at this."

The moment is interrupted by a sharp yelp. Tsu looks around, but doesn't see Totodile. A bush further down the road rustles violently, and Tsu puts two and two together, figuring he must have picked a fight with something. "Let's go, Shiny!"

The pair run forward, but Shiny stops as a loud howl cuts through the trees. Her ears twitch at the sound, her tail flicking nervously. Tsu goes back, rubbing Shiny's neck as she looks around. "Hey, come on! Totodile is out there, we gotta find him!" Shiny snorts at that, still refusing to move.

"Shiny, please! If not for him, for me!" Tsu pleads, and after a moment Shiny relents, following Tsu off the path and into the trees. Another howl rings out, sounding closer. Tsu considers moving away from it, until she hears another sound. A high-pitched, strained chirp. The sound of a young crocodilian calling for help.

"Totodile!" Tsu pushes through the brush, Shiny at her heels. She finds herself in a small glade, spotting Totodile in the center. A Poochyena stands near him, looking hurt as it holds one foot off the ground. The two behind it look ready to fight.

Totodile fires a Water Gun into the lead Poochyena's face, earning an angry growl from it and whooping, hyena-like laughter from the others.

"Hey!" Tsu rushes over to Totodile, Shiny right beside her. Totodile looks relieved to see her. "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" Not the best one-liner, considering Totodile is slightly larger than the Poochyena, but it gets the message across. Or maybe the arrival of two more creatures just puts the Poochyena off balance.

"Are you okay?" Tsu leans in to check on Totodile, who looks away from her and tries to play it cool. The Poochyena growl again, returning their focus to the little croc. "Shiny, use Stomp!"

Shiny leaps in, trampling the lead Poochyena under her hooves. The other two snarl and snap at her, forcing her to step back. The leader lies dazed and stunned on the ground, while Totodile cries out in frustration. He actually runs over to Shiny, growling and chirping furiously at her.

Shiny is not amused, but doesn't back down from Totodile's tirade. Tsu grabs him from behind, picking him up. "We're here to help you, what’s the big idea?"

One of the Poochyena growls at them, not appreciating being ignored. "Shut up!" Tsu snaps, and Poochyena cowers under her glare.

"I told you not to run off. I told you not to pick fights. And what did you do? You antagonized the locals and got in over your head! I heard you calling for help. We came running, and you yell at Shiny? You can't have it both ways! Either you don’t need us and you go off on your own, or you stop being so rude! No more biting me, no more yelling at us, no more... this!"

Totodile can't look Tsu in the eye, but he does stop struggling. He gestures to the Poochyena, to himself, then to Shiny and the unconscious Poochyena on the ground.

"I don't know what that means!" Tsu looks at Totodile in confusion. "Help me understand, what do you want?"

Totodile struggles, trying to get out of her grip. Tsu sets him down, and Totodile looks over at the Poochyena (who have been very patient and understanding through all of this). He growls at them, looking over to Tsu expectantly.

"You want to fight?" Totodile nods. "Okay, you can fight. Shiny, you take the one-"

Totodile cries out angrily, hopping up and down in front of Tsu. "What?!" Totodile spits water at Shiny's hooves, making her take a step back. She snorts at him angrily, but he just turns back to the Poochyena.

"Totodile! That's enough! What, you wanna fight them by yourself?" Totodile nods, staring the wild dogs down.

"Oh. Are you sure? Okay... Shiny, stay back. Just... be ready." Shiny snorts, not needing to be told twice.

As Totodile squares off, Tsu can't help but feel nervous. In the little time she's spent with him, Totodile has been fairly tough, but also reckless. He has power, but so does Stacy, and her battle with Brawly showed her that you can't win every fight with just brute force. "Can I make a suggestion?"

Totodile glances back at her, confused.

"There are two of them and only one of you. You'll need something to even those odds. Do that Rage thing, get mad. Should give you an edge."

Totodile thinks it over, then nods. He turns back to the Poochyena, who have dragged their downed friend to the edge of the clearing. They return, ready to fight, and Totodile lets out a war cry as he charges forward, clawing at them in a frenzy.

Caught off guard, the Poochyena strike back on instinct. The one he attacked shoves him away, while the other pushes him down. With each hit, a red aura starts glowing around him.

"Is that all they got? Show 'em who's boss, use Leer!" Tsu cheers from the side, Pokédex in hand. Totodile glares at the two, baring his teeth in a cocky grin. The two falter, but rush him again, stomping on him and making his anger grow.

"Okay, more Rage! I believe in you!" Totodile leaps to his feet, clawing and slashing at the closest Poochyena. It tackles him to try and push him away, but he refuses to get knocked down, even as the other hits him from behind.

"Okay, use your teeth! Bite the one behind you!" Totodile whips around, grabbing Poochyena by the neck and dragging it to the ground. He rolls over, dragging Poochyena with him as he gets his feet under him and stands back up. The sheer force and brutality of the attack knocks the wild dog out immediately, and the other, already hurt Poochyena turns to run.

"Okay, you won! Good job!" Tsu herself is surprised at Totodile's strength, but Totodile isn't done. Seeing the other Poochyena try to run, he fires off a Water Gun at its legs, tripping it and making it fall. He chases after it, jaws open wide, but Tsu is faster, grabbing him and shoving a sandwich into his mouth.

"You won! Good job, that was amazing! And scary... But you won, yay!" She hugs him close, rocking him gently. Totodile's jaws aren't designed for chewing, so the sandwich effectively shuts down his ability to bite or shoot water. But the praise is nice, and he nuzzles into Tsu’s chest happily as his rage subsides. He doesn't even notice as Tsu carries him away from the glade, Shiny tentatively following.

Tsu makes her way back to the road, holding Totodile delicately. Water types were something of a joke back in Celadon, but she's gaining a newfound respect for them. It's easy to see why Avril is so afraid of Stacy, too. She vows to work closer with Totodile from now on, and to never use Rage unless it's absolutely necessary. "We'll find some kind of outlet for you that doesn't make you lose control, I promise."


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AGE: 17 ⟡ PRONOUNS: she/her ⟡ HOME REGION: Johto
DATE: Friday/Saturday, September 25/26 ⟡ TIME: Passes
LOCATION: Route 102

Chapter 4 #01 - Reality Check

Marie is exhausted.

Petalburg is about six hours behind her. She'd had lunch and set out with a rented tent on her back with all the enthusiasm in the world, even after losing to Wally.

But now.

The hair at the back of her neck is drenched with sweat, her calves ache, she's so so tired and that sucks, because the surrounding landscape is varied and interesting and she can't even enjoy it properly. It's also getting dark- she won't be able to see anything soon anyway, even if she was in a mind to enjoy the sights.

Muk, it's getting dark.

The tent goes up with far more struggle than she expected, and by the time she can collapse inside, it's pitch-black in the rural forest.

The whole experience is, frankly, awful.

The morning comes too early, with the sun rather than with an alarm, and Marie flops around for a while before giving up on sleeping. Dressing in a tent is hard, but she's unwilling to risk someone walking to work on the farms seeing her naked ass in the middle of the dells. She still feels gross, even in fresh clothes, but drags her stiff limbs out to pack up camp. That's almost harder than getting the damn tent up, getting it to pack down back into its little bag. And she was told she's not supposed to pack it wet, but the morning dew isn't going to dry for a while and she doesn't want to be here anymore.

But she finds out quickly that her legs don't want to walk any further, either.

"This sucks," she grumbles, ineffectually, especially since nobody is around to hear or offer assistance. If only she had a car, or a bike, or something else to ride. A Pokémon, even. People do that, too. All her Pokémon are small, though.

Cutie's not.

Marie lets him out and he cheerfully stretches toward the morning sun. "Good morning!" she calls, and Cutie hums happily. "I can't walk anymore. Give me a ride, will you?"

Cutie tilts his head and hums quizzically. "I can just sit on your…. shoulders? I think. Let me try."

Marie clambers up, finding enough grip on his bark-like body to perch herself at the base of Cutie's long… neck, or whatever. It's not supremely comfortable and does take her ankles and arms locked around him to maintain her position, but she's there- and Cutie plods forward, slower than Marie would usually walk but faster than she can go right now.

It'll work.

The overly-detailed map she consults at their lunch break tells her to stay on the main path, because there's no way she can handle walking in and out of the rolling dells she's starting to see. It also tells her she has about another day's walk if she maintains this pace. Not good, she thinks, surveying her food supply. Cutie can photosynthesize, but the rest will have to stay in their PokéBalls. They'll only need one meal a day if she does that. Hopefully. They're small, the few cans she has should be enough. Her own food doesn't look great, but she'll get there.

She hopes.

All four get put away and Marie trudges on, bored and lonely and cursing herself for not having a portable phone charger. If she gets in trouble out here, there's no help for her- what was she thinking? Why did she come out here so unprepared? Did she really think this would be a leisurely walk? This is foot travel, and it sucks, and this is only the first leg of what is going to be a lot of the same.

She should have gone to Kanto, or somewhere else where cities are close together.

This time she makes sure to keep an eye on the sun- she makes camp while it's still light, but still struggles. She wants to call her dad, to shout and complain and talk and be talked to- but her phone's been dead for hours, and won't be charged until she gets to Littledale. It's barely past sunset when she curls up in her sleeping bag and cries out her frustration, lonliness, fear, and exhaustion.

Spoiler: Team
Pokémon On Hand
Tuie ⟡ Natu ⟡ Female ⟡ LV 23 ⟡ Magic Bounce ⟡
Peck // Teleport // Stored Power // Cosmic Power // Ominous Wind // Confuse Ray
Stunnie ⟡ Stunfisk ⟡ Male ⟡ LV 29 ⟡ Static ⟡
Sucker Punch // Mud Shot // Thundershock // Discharge // Water Gun // Mud Sport // Charge
Cutie ⟡ Alolan Exeggutor ⟡ Male ⟡ LV 25 ⟡ Frisk ⟡
Bullet Seed // Hypnosis // Reflect // Leech Seed // Dragon Hammer // Barrage
Pokie ⟡ Slowpoke ⟡ Male ⟡ LV 15 ⟡ Own Tempo ⟡
Disable // Confusion // Yawn // Water Gun // Growl // Curse
Spoiler: Inventory
Trainers' License [registered in Johto and Hoenn] ⟡
$12,000 ⟡
Knuckle Badge ⟡
Empty PokéBalls x 3 ⟡

Sunscreen ⟡
Berry-Print Bikini ⟡
Beach Towel ⟡
Oversized Sunglasses ⟡
Large But Lightweight Backpack ⟡
Rechargeable Battery ⟡
Variety Of Necessary But Uninteresting Things ⟡
Variety Of Interesting But Unnecessary Things ⟡
A Gift ⟡
Rental Tent [paid for 2 days] ⟡
Spoiler: Contacts
Dad ⟡
Mom ⟡
Brothers #1, #2, and #3 ⟡
Brawly ⟡
Edison ⟡
Natsuko (via insta) ⟡
Sunny (via twitter) ⟡
Van ⟡
Wally ⟡

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Name: Kira Wolf || Day: Wendsday, September 23 || Time: Late Night
Location: Petalburg City


“No way! I didn’t know they made waterproof bags like this!” Kira excitedly exclaimed, examining the exterior with extra care. “It seems a bit small thou… Is that a light!?”

“Yeah, that's a popular one for those of us stationed out at Route 103.” A blond man who appeared to be in his mid thirties explained, taking the bag from Kira. “It’s roomier than it looks, plus it’s solar charged. You spotted the light but did you see this?” Inverting the bag, the man showed off a small, electric port hidden on the inside of the bag. “It also acts as a charger! It’s perfect if you plan to be out and about for longer than a couple days.”

Quietly, Aaron pulled the man to the side as Kira snatched the bag back from his grip, staring at it starry eyed. “Hey, Derrick, are you sure this will be fine? We can always spend a bit more if it means we won’t get chewed out by the Foreman…”

Derrick scoffed “It’ll be fine, you’re hardly the first person to buy this stuff for personal use. Nobody cares assuming you don't do it at the beginning of the season, pain in the ass to restock by then.”

“Hey, are there any pokeballs here?” Kira asked as she played around with the bag’s light settings.

“Yeah, just a few though. We generally don’t find a use for them unless there’s a specific pokemon in the area we’d like to study more carefully.”

Kira shook her head “That’s fine, I don’t really plan on catching too many pokemon. It always seemed rather slimy to me when people catch more than they can tend to.”

“Guess that makes sense, Aaron mentioned that pokemon are more protected where you two are from. Anyway, they’re back there near the repels if you’d like to pick them up.”

Aaron watched as Kira nodded, quickly running towards the back of the storage room. “Alright well I’ve kept Marie waiting for long enough, I’m headed out to the forest’s edge to meet up with her. Derrick, let me know whatever I owe ya and I’ll get you the money by tonight.

“Alright, I’ll hold you to that.” He called out to Aaron before turning his attention back to Kira who was wandering back up towards the front of the warehouse. “You find them?”

“Yeah, you weren't kidding about only having a few of them. I grabbed three of them if that's cool.”

“Yeah, we don’t use that many so we only keep a few in supply.” Derrick explained as he wrote in a small notebook. “Is that everything you need?”

“Yeah, I think so. Do you need to look it over?”

“Nah, I’ve been keeping notes on it, you’re good on that front.” Derrick explained as he flashed his notebook. “Aaron mentioned you were just passing through, Is this all you got planned for today then?”

Kira flashed him a suspicious look before speaking “No, I’m planning to prepare for my gym challenge tomorrow. Why?”

“Gotcha, was hoping you’d say something like that. Wanna help us out a bit on the field, kill two birds with one stone?”

“What do you have in mind?”

After tearing out the top page of the notebook, he nonchalantly tossed it to Kira. “The rangers nearby keep a census on Pokemon near the outskirts of the forest and we use that census to help keep track of population numbers over time. Occasionally a Pokemon can get territorial so they like to ask trainers for help on this, mind lending them a hand?”

“I dunno dude, I haven't had to do math since I’ve graduated. It’s been kinda nice…”

“The job comes with a bit of money and a swanky pair of goggles.”:

“That’s what I wanted to hear!” Kira said as she made her way towards the door. “Oh! Also thanks for all the help!”

“Don’t mention it, your brother knows I’ll hound him down if he leaves that tab for too long.”

“It’s our dad’s money, I doubt it’ll be too hard to get out of him.” With a small wave, Kira rushed out the door.


Pokemon on Hand


[B]Azure the Spheal
Male / Calm / Thick Fat
Level: 26
- Brine
- Aurora Beam
- Aqua Ring
- Body Slam
- Defense Curl
- Ice Ball

[B]Nyx the Zorua
Level: 22
- Pursuit
- Feint Attack
- Fury Swipes
- Hone Claws
- Fling
- Snatch



1 Burn Heal

3 Pokeballs

9 Oran Berry
5 Chesto Berry
4 Leppa Berry
5 Cheri Berry
2 Pecha Berry
3 Rawst Berry
3 Aspear Berry
1 Persim Berry

Trainer items:
Ability Capsule
Rocky Helmet
Eviolite Collar
Eviolite Broach
Silk Scarf

TM56 Fling

One Piece Swimsuit
Pokemon Fan Club Membership (Expires: October 17th)
Mysterious Stone
Waterproof Bag
Extra set of clothes
Mess kit
Small Tent and Bed roll

Gym Badges:
Cloak Badge
Knuckle Badge

Julius Caesar

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Clint Shaw

Thursday, September 18th @ 1530 - Slateport City
The moment was finally here. Clint was in Hoenn. Everything he had been looking forward to was about to be realized, the sky truly is the limit now. He stepped out of the ferry terminal, and took in a breath of that ocean air. He had been given directions to uncle Darryl's house, which is where he was going to stay tonight. Clint headed north into town, reading every street sign for fifth street, where his uncle's townhouse was located. Slateport was like a maze to Clint, certainly had a lot more going on than the Shaw family ranch ever did. Eventually, Clint found the street sign for fifth street, and turned onto it, heading west.
Clint was greeted with a row of nearly identical townhouses, a never ending line of overpriced living quarters, not even beachfront either. After a few more minutes of walking, Clint found what he assumed was the right place, 640 fifth street. How uncle Darryl could handle city life was confusing to Clint, who wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

Clint walked up to the door and knocked on it. The door was opened for him, and there was uncle Darryl. Darryl was a big man, about six feet five inches tall, and had packed a bit of fat on him as well.
"Clint my boy, how was the trip," Darryl welcomed his guest, waving him in.
"Rather boring uncle, how have you been," Clint replied, taking his cowboy hat off as he stepped inside the house. Darryl's house was neatly decorated, most likely by Aunt Sharon, and was painted a very nice sky blue. Clint hung his hat on the coat rack by the door, and noticing Darryl was not wearing shoes, sat down on the bench right by the door and started to take off his boots.
"Everything has been all good here, work has kept me busy, a little quieter now with Ruby gone for a while. But once you catch up with her, I'm sure she'll tell you all about her travels," Darryl went on. Clint didn't need to be reminded yet again his younger cousin was ahead of him, but Darryl likely meant nothing by it.
"I'll catch her at some point," Clint muttered out. He thought he left being compared to family members behind when he left the farm, but it seems as if he simply switched one annoying sibling for one annoying cousin. Nothing against Ruby, she was probably only six years old when Clint last saw her, but coming from being in Junior's shadow back home to now being behind the eight ball compared to his younger cousin was enough to bug Clint already. Clint followed Darryl up the stairs to the guest room, and Darryl opened the door up for Clint.
"Make yourself at home for tonight kid, and then come on downstairs when you're ready, we have some catching up to do," Darryl noted, as he left to go back down stairs. Clint placed his bags down on the floor in the middle of the room, and looked around. The guest room was very plain, white sheets, a small wooden bedside table, and a closet. Clint had brought two bags with him, his field bag that was going wherever he went, and an extra suitcase that was going to be staying in Darryl's guest room. Clint turned around and walked back downstairs. He walked down a hallway, through the kitchen and out into the backyard, where Darryl was standing outside watching his Dustox hovering around in his backyard.
"Fantastic aren't they," Darryl posed a question, looking over at his Dustox.
"Yes," Clint gave a quick answer.
"Now I never had the gift for training like your father, or even Ruby yet I've always wondered how far I could have taken battling if I was more serious about it," Darryl monologued,
"If I could go back over and do it all again, I would have been all over the world battling. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy everything I have in my life now, Sharon and Ruby are the best things that ever happened to me. Yet that competitive fire still burns in me deep down. You have a great opportunity ahead of you kid, don't let it go to waste. If you've listened to your father at all, I bet you will become one heck of a trainer."
"Thank you uncle Darryl, I won't let you down." said Clint.
"How about you and I have a quick battle here in the backyard, nothing crazy just let this old man live vicariously through you youngsters," Darryl offered.
"For sure, I can tell Charmander has been getting antsy sitting in his pokeball," Clint confirmed. Clint and Darryl walked to opposite ends of the backyard, Clint with his right hand hovering over his holster, Darryl and Dustox not breaking eye contact.

Darryl's Team:


Shield Dust
Poison Sting-Gust
Poison Powder-String Shot

Clint and Darryl stood about fifty feet apart from each other, their makeshift battlefield spanning Darryl's backyard, with turf instead of real grass below their feet. Dustox was already out of it's pokeball, and then Clint grabbed the pokeball at his waist and threw it out in front of him, letting Charmander out. Clint knew he was at an advantage right away, his Charmander's Fire typing the perfect counter for Dustox's Bug type.
"Charmander, let's start off with an ember," Clint was making the first move. Charmander let out a quick burst of fire, aimed right at Dustox. Direct hit, Dustox staggered back, flapping its wings intensely in an attempt to shake the embers off.
"Dustox, let's go with a string shot," Darryl plotted his next move. Dustox aimed its lower body at Charmander, and started to spray out a string of web.
"Charmander another ember," Clint couldn't let up now. Charmander conjured up another burst. Flames shot towards Dustox, burning up the string shot sent out and further damaging Dustox. After the first hit, Dustox tried flapping its wings faster, but now it simply couldn't, simply mustering a slower pace movement, trying to keep itself in the fight.
"Dustox, hit him with a Gust," Darryl instructed, he wasn't giving up yet. Dustox flapped its wings as hard as it could, sweeping up a strong wind, knocking Charmander back onto Clint's feet. Charmander picked himself up off of the ground, shaking its head as it walked back into battle.
"Let's finish this Charmander, go with a Bite," Clint said. Charmander rushed towards Dustox, and leaped into the air, jaws wide open. Charmander managed to clamp onto Dustox's left wing with his teeth, and the two fell to the ground. Charmander pushed himself off of Dustox, and took a few steps back from his foe. Dustox laid on the ground, clearly roughed up from the fight. Charmander too was breathing heavily, feeling tired from the battle. Darryl returned Dustox to its pokeball, and then put his hands on his hips.
"Looks like you won this one Clint, I'll have to tell Ruby to watch out for you," Darryl conceded. Clint nodded his head, and was blinded by a bright yellow light coming from where Charmander was standing. Clint realized what was happening, his first Pokemon was evolving! Not a bad start to his journey. Sure enough, after nearly a minute of the brightness, it subsided and a new Pokemon was standing where Charmander just stood. Clint pulled out his PokeNav, and used the Pokedex feature.

"Charmeleon, Tough fights could excite this Pokémon. When excited, it may breathe out bluish-white flames." the machine blurted out.
"Well would you look at that," Darryl exclaimed,
"Already evolving Pokemon, someone's got a bright future ahead of him."
Clint stared at Charmeleon, dumbfounded by what had happened. So amazing, Clint thought to himself, how they can change so much, so quickly. Clint returned Charmeleon to his pokeball, and him and Darryl went back inside. They had a nice dinner and chat, but it was early to bed, for Clint had to catch a ferry to Dewford tomorrow, where he was going to challenge his first Gym.

- Charmander grew to Lv.16!
- Charmander evolved into Charmeleon!


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Jordie "Jo" Hughes
Monday, September 21st
Chapter 2: Part 6 - Bane
08:00 am to 10:30 am - Granite Cave
Jordie still can’t believe they are stuck with a kid in Granite Cave and their pokémon forced them to take them with them. It's been almost an hour since they picked up the kid.

They haven't found a key stone yet, their X-Transceiver lost its signal too, and baby Boo has been chanting happily as he walks for a while now. It was cute at first, but it's starting to get on their nerves. This is why they don't want kids.

Has Jordie already thought about how much of a disaster this is? Not enough, apparently.

Gabby! Oh, Gabby! She's the first one to notice how Jordie is feeling, of course, and after staring at her trainer for a while, she hovers to Boo's side to ask him with her chirping voice to stay quiet.

"Boo…?" He asks at first, and then nods at the Solosis, but that's everything. When Gabby goes back to Jordie under the thought that she accomplished something, baby Boo starts singing again.

"Why is an actual toddler more polite than a pokémon?" Jordie asks themselves in a quiet voice and sighs together with Gabby.

Aside from the Clobbopus, the cave is quiet for minutes as they keep walking, until suddenly Boo stops and looks backwards. But before celebrating, they hear it too; the steps of a wild pokémon approaching. This can't be good.

"Kid, come here," the trainer calls the child, extending an arm while on their knees. The toddler follows, breathing heavily and Jordie realizes they’re sweating too. They must be really scared, or just tired; probably both.

The trainer aims their flashlight wherever they hear the sound coming from, and the silhouette of a small pokémon appears walking towards the group, sniffing the ground as it walks as if looking for something.

“It’s just an Aron,” Jordie whispers. The Aron stops in front of the trainer and the kid and keeps sniffing at the floor, moving its head from one side to the other one, but then the Clobbopus interrupts by jumping in front of the pokémon with a cheery “Boo!”

The wild pokémon backs off with a single jump and starts growling at the Clobbopus, to which the fighting type doesn’t react to well. Boo frowns and violently swings an arm, hitting the iron armor pokémon, which just startled it even more.

“Hey, stop it!” Jordie orders, trying to push their pokémon away, but the Aron pounces at Boo first. The Clobbopus tries to protect himself with his arm and moves sideways, but the wild pokémon bites his arm off, pushing Boo sideways and causing him to fall. The kid screams, scared and almost starts crying, hiding their face on Jordie’s shoulders, while they also stare with shock at how the Aron shakes Boo’s tentacle violently between its teeth.

Boo gets up from the ground and starts pulling his tentacle back with his only arm, while the wild pokémon does the same while growling at the Clobbopus. In the end, the iron armor pokémon gives up, and Boo angrily starts running at it to beat it up with his torn off limb.

“Stop fighting you two!” Jordie yells, leaving the kid behind and already on their nerves, pushing both pokémon away from each other and Boo happily cheers at them completely unaware that he is being yelled at. The trainer looks at their pokémon (at his shoulder, to be more specific), and notices there’s no trace of blood for some reason. “Does it hurt?”

Boo looks at his shoulder and then shows it to their trainer with its eyes closed like it was smiling and starts cheering once again jumping from side to side, swinging his torn tentacle. Jordie finds themselves unable to understand what Boo is trying to tell them, but their patience is running out. Boo seems to not care, in any case.

Before they can move on, Maroon slaps off Jordie’s PokéDex. At first, the trainer protests, but then thinks if maybe the pokémon tries to tell them something. Jordie scans the Clobbopus with the PokéDex, in case it has an answer about the fighting type’s strange behaviour.

“Clobbopus, the Tantrum Pokémon. It’s about as smart as a three-year-old —ooh, I bet. Its tentacles tear off easily, but it isn’t alarmed when that happens, it knows they’ll grow back.” Jordie rolls their eyes, and puts the PokéDex back on their belt.

When they go get their bag back, they see the wild Aron trying to make its way inside it while scratching it with its front paws. Jordie tries to put the pokémon away to lift their bag, but it jumps at their bag and tries to attack the trainer, so they put the bag back on the ground.

“What do you want?” They ask. The pokémon ignores them and tries making its way inside the bag once more, but the trainer moves it away from and opens it themselves, taking out a pokémon snackbar from it. “Food?”

The Aron walks closer and sniffs the snackbar’s wrapper and jumps to take a bite at it, yet Jordie moves it away from the pokémon.

“You can’t eat the paper, silly,” they laugh at it. “Sorry, but this is for my pokémon.” The wild pokémon starts growling and barking at them, still trying to jump high enough to get Jordie’s snackbar from their hands. “We can make a deal, though. How familiar are you with this cave?”
The wild Aron had the team running for a while. Jordie is completely worn out, because at some point they had to carry the kid as well. They didn’t know Aron could be that fast for food.

The wild pokémon stopped running now at least, and while Jordie, the kid and their pokémon take a breath, it starts digging something out of the ground. It grabs it with its teeth and then turns back to Jordie to put it on the ground.

It’s not the keystone they were hoping for, more like the second step.

“Is this yours?” Jordie asks, to which the pokémon replies with a bark. “An Aggronite, huh? You can’t put it to good use without a trainer though. What do you say, help me find the keystone I asked for and I’ll turn you into a really strong Aggron in return. Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?”
- Jordie got an Aggronite!

- Boo grew to Lvl. 11!
Jordie caught Bane the Aron!

Male - Lvl. 20 - Rock Head - Curse/Metal Claw/Headbutt/Protect/Mud Slap/Rock Tomb

Jordie's Party:

- 25 Dusk Balls
- 10 Potions
- X-transceiver
- ₽2500
- Eviolite
- Aggronite
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Team & inventory:

Lv.16 - Blaze - Ember/Dragon Breath/Bite/Smokescreen


Extra set of clothes
foldable saw

Saturday, September 19 @ 0900 - Slateport City

Clint was on his own now, leaving uncle Darryl's house this morning. He had to go pickup his Hoenn license, which should be a relatively painless process with him starting the transfer in Kanto before he left. Clint approached the red-roofed building, a Pokemon center which were very important places to be for any trainer. Clint entered into a pristine building, with a reception desk right in the middle. That's where I need to go, Clint reassured himself, and walked up to the desk, where an elderly lady was working.
"Good morning ma'am, I'm here to pick up a license card for Clint Shaw," said Clint. The lady typed into the computer, at a very slow pace, and looked on the screen for a few minutes.
"Ah yes Mr. Shaw," the lady began,
" We got you here in the system, allow me a few minutes to find your trainer card."

Clint nodded his head, and went to go sit down on one of the chairs in the main lobby. He took off his backpack and set it down in the chair next to where he was going to sit, and then sat down in the chair. Clint leaned down in the chair, and tugged down his hat to where he could barely see over the front of the brim. He waited patiently for a few minutes, before the old lady's voice called out,

"Mr. Shaw, we have your license here."

Clint got back up and picked up his backpack, and walked back up to the desk. The lady placed the card on the counter of the desk, Clint picked it up and examined it. It had his name, age and trainer number on it, and 14 empty spaces on the back for the gyms he had to beat.

"Thank you ma'am, you have a nice day," Clint replied, as he shoved the card into his shirt pocket.

"You too, best of luck young man."

Clint left the Pokemon center, and made his way further south over to the ferry terminal. He had a eleven o-clock ferry to catch over to Dewford, where the fun really began. Uncle Darryl had recommended going to Dewford's Gym first, as apparently the Slateport Gym Leader was much tougher. Fair enough, Clint reasoned with himself, need to get away from this big city anyways. He found himself on a cobblestone walkway heading past the beach and towards the terminal. The Dewford ferry terminal was smaller and separated from Slateport's main harbor, where Clint had arrived yesterday.

Clint walked into the terminal, where there was one person in line at the front desk. They handled their business, and then it was Clint's turn.

"Passage for one to Dewford please." Clint placed his trainer's card to the attendant, who then scanned it.

"No charge for you today," the attendant replied, giving Clint his card back. Clint passed through the turnstile, and picked out a seat at the front of the ferry. Very small ferry, Clint noted, hopefully this thing doesn't tip over. Clint took his spot, stretched out, and pulled his hat brim back down over his eyes. Was gonna be a little while before he got to Dewford...

Saturday, September 19th @ 1330 - Dewford Town

The sun was shining bright as the small ferry rolled into to the docks of Dewford Town, a small island village southwest of Slateport. Clint got up, and dusted himself off in order to get ready to get off the boat. Clint surveyed the town from the deck of the ferry, it was rather quaint and refreshing compared to the hustle and bustle of Slateport. The ferry was tied up on the dock, and once given the all-clear Clint hopped off the boat, tipping his hat at the ferry operator. Clint began to make his way towards the Pokemon center, uncle Darryl said they hosted rooms for trainers for free. It was still early to think about sleeping, but it would be good have a place to put his head at the end of the day.

Clint walked into the building, which looked very similar to the one he encountered in Slateport. Clint approached a desk identical to the one he approached in Slateport, but had a much younger man running the desk.

"Good afternoon, Going to need a room for the next couple of days, here's my trainer's license," Clint asked, placing his ID card on the counter. The receptionist looked at the card, scanned it then gave it back to Clint.

"We have one available for you, Room 207, here's your key," the attendant explains,

"Up those stairs in the back, keep going down the hallway."

Clint took the key, and headed up into the room. It was nothing fancy, which suited Clint who could be called a minimalist. He had a chair, a desk, and a bed, might not even need the desk. He threw his bag onto the chair, and then fell back on to the bed, arms spread open wide. He wasn't sure what to do next, as he needed to do a lot. He came here to battle the Gym Leader, but he needed to train, couldn't just barge in all willy nilly. He could also use some cash flow, as even though the room was free, food as well as other supplies he needed wouldn't be. With that, Clint decided to head back down to the lobby, see if he could see or hear anything that would take him in the right direction.

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Junko "June" Enomoto
Sunday, September 27th
Oldale-Littleroot Township
“...and that’s how everything got to be the way it is.” Giorgia, sitting on an old floral print couch, finishes her long personal story and tightens her grip on Akira’s hand.

“I never really did fancy men, ‘cept for Giorgia… but turned out she wasn’t one all along.” Akira giggles.

“That’s… very fascinating, actually.” June responds. Giorgia had just wrapped up her explanation about how, in her words, she was Gino but over the past few years she, through a long process, became Girogia. She gave the comparison of her process to that of a Butterfree’s life cycle- a comparison June takes at face-value, but out of her usual politeness, she says nothing. Flawed analogies aside, June has definitely noticed Giorgia has grown visibly more happy since the last time she saw her, and that has her feeling good for her new aunt.

“So lil’ Junko, what are you up to these days?” Akira asks.

“...and what are you doing in Hoenn?” Giorgia adds, looking concerned. “I thought you lived in Goldrenrod? Where are your parents? Do they know you’re here?”

“Err, what she said.”

“As a matter of fact, I do indeed have the permission of my parents to travel through Hoenn.” June states. “I’m… I’m traveling as a Pokemon trainer.”

Akira’s face goes stern. “Mmm. I see.”

“Oh my, how exciting!” Giorgia cheers, jamming her elbow into her wife. Akira doesn’t budge. “Why don’t you tell us more about that?”

“It certainly has been exhilarating…” June nervously laughs. “But I’ve received two badges and captured four Pokemon along my way. I arrived at Hoenn with Einstein, a Dottler, and during my time here I caught Chip, a Wimpod, Sting, a Beautifly, and Kit, a Surskit.”

Giorgia giggles. “All bug-types, how adorable! I remember when you were little that you loved bugs. That doesn’t seem like it’s changed one bit. That’s cute!”

June blushes a little. “Well, bugs are indeed adorable. I find my own Pokemon to be cute on-top of being interesting. Chip, my Wimpod, is very shy, although that applies to the species in general. It makes sense though, because their habit for scavenging makes them targets of interest for Meowth and Murkrow, so-”

She stops when she hears Akira laugh out loud, to Giorgia’s delight. “By golly, you’re startin’ to sound like ma. ‘Course, she was never this science-y about bugs, but well… It's nice to see a chip off the ol’ block.” She lifts herself from the couch, which comes as a surprise to her wife, and walks over to a coat hanger near the exit to grab her straw hat. “I enjoyed spendin’ time with ya, but I got some more work to do ‘round the farm. We can talk more at dinner.”

“O-oh, would you like any assistance from me?”

Akira shakes her head. “Me and Betsy can handle this on our own.” She then leaves the house, ducking so she could fit through the door-frame and closes the screen door behind her. Giorgia sighs.

“I’m so sorry Junko,” Giorgia apologizes. “She cares for you, she really does! She’s just… very stubborn.”

“I never thought she didn’t care.” June taps her chin. “What are you referring to?”

“When she heard you were a Pokemon Trainer, she…” Giorgia groans. “I’m not supposed to tell you this, but I think I need to in order for this to make sense: When your grandma was young, she…”

“Oh… I, um, I actually have heard that already… I also heard how my dad ran away to journey through the region against my grandma’s wishes…”

“Oh. Two less things to explain.” Giorgia giggles. “But in all seriousness, I’m sure you understand why your aunt might have such a reaction to your news. She’s never forgotten the pain your grandma had when seeing her son run away to repeat her mistake… and because of all the grief it’s caused your grandma, Akira is just convinced nothing good can come from Pokemon battles. Knowing her, she’s probably worried you’ll walk down that same path.”

June reaches for her pendant before stopping herself midway. She puts her hand down and takes a deep breath. “I-” She pauses again and gulps. “I’d like to show her that she’s wrong! I actually used to feel the same way not too long ago, but during my last gym battle in Petalburg, I felt as if I was synchronized with my Pokemon in a way I hadn’t felt until that point. There was a connection I had with them that was unlike anything I’ve experienced and- I want her to see that there is good to come from Pokemon battles!”

Giorgia stares at June wide-eyed, taken aback by the confidence she had displayed. Even June herself was shocked by the way she delivered it! There’s a moment of silence between the two before it’s broken by a giggle from Giorgia. “Trust me when I say that won’t be easy, but I think if there’s anyone who can prove that, it’s you. You’re the only one in the family who battles Pokemon, except Junichi, who… well, to put it simply, has only deepened Akira’s conviction.”

“Oh, thank you! But although I’m aware of what I’ve said, my question is… how do I accomplish that?”

“You only have two badges, yes? With that many, I think it’ll be awhile before you can prove your point to her. There is a gym here in Littledale, and challenging it might help you grow as a trainer.”

“I’ll have to keep that in mind, however my Pokemon haven’t done much training lately.”

“That’s an easy fix.” Giorgia grins. “Just do some training!”

“Well… where should I do that?”

“I’m afraid I'm a farmer, not a Pokemon trainer. My knowledge of this is very limited. Fortunately however, to the south of town is a research institute that I’ve heard is run by a very kind man. Maybe you should visit and ask?”

June feels like she’d be a nuisance if she were to barge into a laboratory and interrupt somebody’s research, but if the person who runs it is kind as Giorgia claims, she might as well. Plus, going to a research institute sounds like something she’d be interested in anyways. “Yes, I think I will!”

🐞 June's Party 🐞

  • Einstein (Dottler) lv. 29 M|Telepathy
    Struggle Bug|Super Sonic|Confusion|Light Screen|Reflect|Ally Switch
  • Chip (Wimpod) lv. 22 M|Wimp Out
    Struggle Bug|Sand Attack|Defense Curl|Aqua Jet
  • Sting (Beautifly) lv. 27 M|Swarm
    Attract|Silver Wind|Poison Sting|Bug Bite|Electroweb|Air Cutter
  • Kit (Surskit) lv. 24 F|Swift Swim
    Bubble|Quick Attack|Sweet Scent|Water Sport|Bubble Beam|Agility

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3DS FC: 3050-8098-0622


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Avril Reese

16 - ♀ - Laverre City

Pokémon / Inventory:
AVRIL'S MONEY: $20 000

🌼 Poppy (Flabebe) -♀- lv. 33
Flower Veil
Synthesis, Fairy Wind, Grassy Terrain, Aromatherapy, Wish, Magical Leaf

🌼 Hydrangea (Shellos) -♀- lv. 27
Storm Drain
Water Pulse, Mud Bomb, Recover, Rain Dance, Mud Sport, Hidden Power (?)

🌼 Wisteria (Inkay) -♂- lv. 24
Night Slash, Hypnosis, Topsy-Turvy, Pluck, Reflect, Psybeam

🌼 Venus (Mawile) -♀- lv. 30
Fairy Wind, Crunch, Sucker Punch, Iron Defense, Taunt, Baton Pass

🌼 2 Empty Pokéballs
🌼 2 Potions
🌼 Eviolite
🌼 Silk Scarf
🌼 TM for Ally Switch

🌼 Holotch (phone version)
🌼 Fanclub Membership card - valid until October 17th
🌼 Various clothes and commodities

Jordie, Shuna, Natsuko, June, Marcella, Hikaru


🎀• 1

🌼 Character art made with https://picrew.me/image_maker/94097
Is this growing up?
Saturday, September 26th - night - Route 102
I’m too tired to dream about anything, but I can remember a few things. I can still picture in my mind some of those moments that were taken away from me, and I crave them, I miss them, I long for them. Why did it have to end this way?

Ever since Poppy started to hang around me more often and we started to play together, many eyes started to set on me. My family wanted me to become a trainer (which is why I’m here in Hoenn right now) and many other relatives and friends suggested things such as Pokémon breeder or Showcase performer. But those things never made it inside my mind! All I really wanted was to have some fun with Poppy. Like…

Show her around, taking her with me anywhere I’d go with my family and let her see the world beyond the Laverre countryside. Or play tag, set up flying courses, get excited anytime she’d learn a new move or skill. Even watch movies, read together, and try our best to talk with each other.

I treated her as a life companion but not as a Pokémon - in fact, I don’t think I could call myself “Poppy’s trainer” but only “Poppy’s friend”. But people wouldn’t believe it! People wouldn’t see the difference. Or maybe people wanted me to get certified and verified as “someone who is friends with Pokémon” but… what would I need that for? Friendship is something that cannot be measured.

Whose fault is it if I’m here though? My family? It could be: mom has always been keen on Pokémon battles, she’s pretty good at it herself and she’s good friends with Valerie, so it’s no wonder that she’d push me to follow her footsteps. She is also quite proud, or at least looking for something to be proud of… and seeing her cute daughter get a nice trainer’s license (after Luke had already decided that wasn’t for him, no less) would definitely bring up her spirit.

But at the same time, that is a very understandable feeling. I obviously don’t know what it’s like to feel proud of your daughter, but I know what it’s like to feel proud of Poppy’s accomplishments. You want people to recognize them too and appreciate her effort, and you feel so happy when it happens.

My friends who suggested Hoenn? They probably overestimated me and my family’s wealth, but I can’t really blame them because yes, the Hoenn League turned out to be a bit more forgiving than Kalos’s, at least with its requirements, and even despite all of the other problems I’ve encountered here, I know they meant well.

Venus and Angie? I had to catch them anyways, if I wanted to have any chance as a trainer! And they stayed true to themselves. What else could I have asked for? I don’t have the heart to blame them for this situation, honestly. I think the same applies for Poppy herself and her desire to get stronger.

The only thing that I can blame is… fate, then. If I never met a wounded Poppy and took care of her, this wouldn’t have happened. My life would’ve been different and definitely more tranquil, I’d still be at home and even if I would be just a little sadder for not having a Pokémon friend, I’d be able to make do and find more human friends instead.

Or I could blame myself for not being good enough, for being scared of battles, for not caring enough about trainers school or my future in general, for accepting that idea about going to Hoenn without second thoughts… the usual. But again, I’d rather not. I know now, I have proof - I can’t go that far. I can’t just be anything that others want me to be.

I was living just fine in Laverre, not worrying about all of these things. I was happy and carefree there. But as it turns out, getting back to that situation is a big strife… is this growing up?

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Junko "June" Enomoto
Sunday, September 27th
Oldale-Littleroot Township
From the outside, the Birch Research Institute is a very homely building, not looking at all out of place from any nearby houses. It makes her feel a lot more at ease about asking the people who work here about nearby Pokemon. Feeling confident enough to do as Giorgia suggested, June makes her way over to the building and knocks on the door.

“Ah, you must be looking for Brendan! Right this way please!” A lanky research aid that had greeted June at the lab entrance leads her further down the building until they come to a man sitting hunched over in-front of a computer monitor.

“Brendan!” The research aid speaks up, causing the man hunched over to spin around in his desk chair to face the two. He’s in the middle of slurping down noodles from an instant ramen package and for some very strange reason wears a propeller hat, despite how he looks like he’s in his late twenties or early thirties. He waits to swallow his food before saying anything.

“Oh, do we have a visitor?” Brendan sets his Cup Noodles aside and slowly gets up from his chair to do some stretches. “In that case, hello there! I’m Brendan Birch, a Pokemon researcher. Would you like to introduce yourself?”

“Oh, um, hello!” June has heard of Professor Birch during her studies on bug Pokemon and their habitats, but she’s pretty sure this isn’t the Professor Birch. Everything about this man conjures up an image so vastly different from what she knows about Daniel Birch, namely his bizarre hat. It looks so jarring and unprofessional, and she can’t help but stare. “My name is Junko Enomoto- but everyone calls me June. I’m a Pokemon Trainer, and I’m here because a family member suggested I train my Pokemon, but I was unsure where to start and- that’s how I’ve ended up here.”

“Is that all?” Brendan grins. “Of course I can help you with that!” June feels relieved about how willing Brendan is to stop his work for such a basic question. “There are a few spots where new trainers can spar with wild Pokemon. Wooloo and Lillipup wander around the town, and even make for good catches for trainers just starting out. To the east is Cottage Grove, where Geodude resides, and they’re good for testing the endurance of your Pokemon. And up north is Route 103, and… well, I’m not sure if I can recommend that depending on how experienced you are. While it’s safe for the most part, the Stantler that live there are known for using illusions on anything they feel is a threat, and then there’s the Heracross population, which while rare, can be scary for new-”

June’s heartbeat increases with excitement. “Did you just say Heracross?”

“Huh? Yeah, I was. Is… that something you want to hear more about?”

June furiously nods her head. Brendan laughs. “I take it you’re a Heracross fan, aren’t you?”

“I just absolutely adore Heracross! They’re some of the strongest bug-type Pokemon known to man. They use their horns to toss their foes at an incredible distance, and the way they’re able to do that is by planting their claws into the ground so that they maintain their balance. A Heracross’ horn is thought to be the pride and joy of the species, and in many civilizations it’s been sought after, which is actually how they are as uncommon as they are, and that’s such a shame how such a wonderful Pokemon can be hunted like that! Fortunately it was outlawed decades ago, and I don’t think I could be any more glad about that. In general, I just think that-”

“Oh my, when I asked you if you were a Heracross fan I didn’t think you were that much of a fan!” Brendan interrupts. June blushes from embarrassment. “O-oh, um, sorry about that, I-”

“No no, it’s okay!” Brendan reassures. “I love seeing this sort of enthusiasm in young trainers! In fact, I think this sort of energy is perfect for something I need help with. Could I ask a favor of you, June?”

“What might that be?”

“Since you’ll most likely head over to Route 103 after this, I’d like to ask you to document what you observe of any Heracross you come across and format it into a report that’s a minimum of 300 words. Of course, this won’t just be out of the kindness of your own heart- once you email your report to me, you’ll be rewarded with an item that will be useful for your journey. How does that sound?”

“That sounds splendid!!” June can hardly contain her excitement. She’s absolutely overjoyed at the opportunity right in-front of her.

“Perfect!” Brendan grins as he twirls the propeller on his hat but stops once he sees June staring. “Sorry, this probably makes me look like a weirdo. I’ll go ahead and take the hat off.” He sets the hat on his desk and reaches for a red festive hat in its place. “It just doesn’t feel right without wearing one of these, y’know? Anyways, when you’re done, remember to report back to me. My email address is written on a whiteboard you should see on your way out. Good luck out there, June! Now if you’ll excuse me, I should get back to doing my own research.”

June waves goodbye as she exits the lab. Having to wear down a Heracross should be enough training as is, but actually catching one will significantly bolster the strength of her team. From there it should only be smooth sailing for June on her quest to show her aunt that there is good to come from Pokemon battles.

🐞 June's Party 🐞

  • Einstein (Dottler) lv. 29 M|Telepathy
    Struggle Bug|Super Sonic|Confusion|Light Screen|Reflect|Ally Switch
  • Chip (Wimpod) lv. 22 M|Wimp Out
    Struggle Bug|Sand Attack|Defense Curl|Aqua Jet
  • Sting (Beautifly) lv. 27 M|Swarm
    Attract|Silver Wind|Poison Sting|Bug Bite|Electroweb|Air Cutter
  • Kit (Surskit) lv. 24 F|Swift Swim
    Bubble|Quick Attack|Sweet Scent|Water Sport|Bubble Beam|Agility

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Miranda Lockhart
Sunday, September 20th
Chapter 3: Part 1 - Counting Pokémon
14:00 to 18:30 - Route 104 South
“You mean it’s not her tongue!?” I yell in shock. It’s psyducking intestines, not a tongue! I don’t even know how I’m supposed to feel about that! “When we were fighting those Aron I thought she stuck her tongue out to give them the finger, but in reality she just coughed her innards out and shapped them like a middle finger as a symbol of total disrespect! Dude! This pokémon is awesome, tell me more…”

Between a lot of stuff I don’t understand about Pyukumuku, and then Maritza helping me understand my pokémon moves a bit later, we end up in another Ranger Station. Things seem to be a little intense, though; there’s Rangers running everywhere, from forest and to the town and bringing wild pokémon back to the station. The ones going to the forest are wearing masks, goggles and there’s even some crazy enough to wear psyducking astronaut suits --except they are not, Maritza ruined my fun by saying they are called hazmat suits, what a stupid name that is.

“Could this be…” The first thing Maritza does after saying that is make sure the sleeves of her shirt and gloves cover her completely, then she covers her mouth and nose with her handkerchief; regardless, she seems to be really happy for some reason and tries making her way into the forest until a Ranger stops her.

“Oh, I’m sorry, but Petalburg Forest is off-limits for the time being,” he says. He seems to be rather serious about it, which makes the possibility of sneaking there more fun, but why the psyduck would I go to some ugly forest in the first place?

“Is it because of the Shroomish? I read a bit about it before coming here.” Maritza asks, smiling at the Ranger, to which he nods.

“That’s right! At this time of the year, the Shroomish hatching season starts. The forest starts getting full of spores, so it’s dangerous for people and pokémon to go there until it’s over.”

“Interesting…” she giggles. She directs her eyes at one of the Rangers coming out of the forest. They are carrying a Wurmple in arms, and a Slakoth is also hanging from their back, followed by a short lizard-like pokémon I’ve never seen before that is also carrying a Wurmple. I get to see another Ranger writing something on a notepad when they Ranger from before and their pokémon place the Wurmple and Slakoth on a safe place. “So that’s why you are taking those pokémon here. Being a Ranger sounds like fun.”

“Correct!” The Ranger confirms giving her a thumbs up and turning around placing his hands on his waist to look at the wild pokémon. “Normally, wild pokémon exit the area when they feel the Shroomish start hatching, but various factors can have them staying in the forest; that’s why we work during the first days of the hatching season to try and take those pokémon to safety.”

“But there’s more Rangers that come from the town!” I say this time, pointing randomly at the south. I think I actually pointed at a Ranger that was just leaving the station, though. I don’t know, I don’t care.

“Oh, them? Yes, we also have a team going to the town so the forest pokémon don’t cause any trouble there,” the Ranger answers. “It’s a bit of a dangerous job, though, so normally we don’t allow people to help us with that. We do allow getting help with the tallying, though!”

“Who said anything about-”

“We’d love to help!” Maritza interrupts suddenly. And she says we? What an asshole!

"That's nice. Will both of you help?" The Ranger asks, but before I can even give an answer, he keeps talking! What a piece of muk! Why ask something if he is not listening either way? "You can have a pokémon help you, but before you start we'll have to take their measurements for a special gift."

"Interesting. What kind of gift?"

"Custom-made goggles. Useful to work under difficult weather."

“Wait, weather? You mean like… hail and sandstorm?” The Ranger nods at my question and I instantly lose my muk! This is perfect! When I had my first battle in Slateport I could barely do muk because of the weather (and Sandslash, but we don’t talk about that piece of muk). If these custom-made goggles help me with that, then I can totally wreck his ass next time I go to Slateport! “I’m helping too!”

“That’s the spirit! Now I’d like to see what Pokémon you are going to use.”
Maritza said the pokémon she chose to help her is an Inkay, she also called her Dazzler. I’m having Pyukumuku to help me count.

First we count the ones we find near the station. Dazzler being able to levitate slightly is especially useful to count the ones on trees, most of which were Slakoth, although there’s a few Wurmple too. With the help of Pyukumuku’s Helping Hand, Dazzler is able to float a bit higher too, so at least we got that part covered.

To avoid double counting pokémon, Maritza proposes to make them sleep, which would do nicely with these asshole Skwovet that just climb the trees to jump on my psyducking head! It’s difficult for Dazzler to take a good aim at them, and Pyukumuku can’t really help much with that; most she can do is use Water Sport to distract them, but most times that move just startles them and causes them to get away even faster. We were able to put one of those to sleep after many tries, but psyduck these pokémon, anyways! Other than that, the Hypnosis thing is completely unnecessary, the Wurmple and Teddiursa are just minding their own business, while the Slakoth are already asleep; there’s also a few Nincada and Spinarak, that don’t do anything either.

After counting the pokémon near the station, we start counting the ones the Rangers bring from the town and the forest, and that’s when the job starts getting boring. Imagine working on counting pokémon and having to wait like five minutes just to add one psyducking bug to the list. We’re supposed to be doing this muk for four hours, I can’t imagine how the Rangers that actually have this as their one job for a whole day might feel!

Maritza seems happy, though. She’s constantly chatting with the other Rangers when they come back with a pokémon we haven’t seen yet and she seems to be so invested both in the job and the stuff they talk to her about, while I don’t even know what a hatching season is.

“You can rest for a bit if you’d like!” the Ranger from earlier says, holding a plastic tray with two sandwiches, water and pokémon food. “You must be hungry, you got here just around lunchtime and started working like it was nothing.”

“Oh, so it’s already been two hours,” Maritza says after taking a look at the watch on her right wrist. “Time really went fast; didn’t it, Miranda?”

I totally forgot I was hungry until this guy mentioned it, to be honest. But now I’m starving! How does my brain even work!? Why am I not hungry for hours until someone mentions food? It makes no sense.

I don’t get to answer Maritza’s question, but she probably figures out what I’m thinking, because she smiles at me and giggles before grabbing her food.

We take a seat in one of the wooden benches outside the Station together with our pokémon and I take this moment to take a clearer look on how Maritza acts. This girl is just too careful with everything; when we found the bench, she made sure to clean all the dust from it before sitting; before eating, she tied her hair like 3 times and now that she is eating, she is extra careful with wrapping her sandwich with a napkin and not touching the bread with her hands --she took her gloves off before eating. This gives me a rough idea of her manners and how her mind works: Maritza can’t stand getting dirty, yet she still took off her gloves before eating; she is polite. She is very friendly too, I realized that a while back; she is so friendly that she becomes annoying, at least for me. By the way she's been acting since we got here, I think I start to understand why she is in this place.

Maybe I should apologize for what happened in Slateport? I don't think she really meant to bother me back then, and I don't know if I should have reacted that way. She is letting me stand in the way of her journey just to teach me how to read after all. I think it's the best thing I can-

“Is something wrong?” They way she asked that like Hey stop lookin at me, you asshole!! really gave me goosbumps. Damn, I must be looking like a freak right now! I should really be apologizing to her after this!

"U-uh… no! All good." Now she's staring at me and making me all flustered for this muk! It was obvious! She knows I was looking at her! I bet she thinks I'm a weirdo now! What the psyduck should I even say to her so she stops looking at me like that!?

"Are you sure you’re alright? You haven't eaten your food yet. You should eat, we still have more work to-"

"SHUT UPPPPP!" No, that's not it. Muk, I swear I didn't wan't to yell, it's just something of an habit right now. She must be thinking I'm the asshole right now though because she was only concerned about my food. "… I-I mean, I'm fine. D-don't worry about me."

I’ll probably apologize later, I can't look at her after that. I think my brain is about to explode. Might just be that I'm hungry.
“Thank you both so much for your help! You did a pretty good job!” the Ranger says and starts giving us our goggles. “This one’s for Inkay, and this one’s for Pyukumuku.”

“Thank you very much, sir,” Maritza says, giving the goggles to Inkay. “It was fun doing this for today, wasn’t it, Miranda?”

“Uh? Oh, yeah.” I got distracted putting the goggles on Pyukumuku, I totally didn’t hear what Maritza said. She’s looking cool as psyduck, though! Like, ready to kick some ass! I should write Psyduck you Benji on these goggles when I go back to Slateport.

Maritza giggles. “She looks good. Dazzler seems to have trouble wearing them. Maybe it’ll be easier for her when she evolves.”

“She looks amazing! The brown frame and blue-ish lens look really good with her green and yellow; it’s perfect! We are totally beating these gyms now!”

“You still have to train her, you know?”

“O-oh? Shut up, of course I know that!” I answer back. What's her psyducking problem with making me flustered with her questions!? “I know! Why don't we do that right now? Let’s have a battle!”

“Us? I’m flattered with how you think I would be of any help,” she answers with a confused look on her face. “I haven’t had an actual battle yet, I don’t think I can be of any help.”

We stay silent after that, just standing at the entrance of the Station until Maritza breaks the silence by saying she’s going inside to ask for something, asking me to wait for her here. She gives no explanation, just that.

She takes her time to come back, and it is while I’m waiting for her that some stupid pokémon jumps over me from a tree and makes me fall on my face. I can barely see what the pokémon is with all the grass on my eyes, but it looks like a bigger Skwovet, those assholes. I’m able to see Pyukumuku shaking her fist at it and something shiny on the wild pokémon’s hands while the piece of muk laughs at me… shiny like my Rainbow Stone.
- Miranda got a pair of Safety Goggles!
- Pyukumuku grew to level 14!
- Miranda lost her Key Stone!
Current Party:

- 3 PokéBalls
- 5 Potions
- 1 Sun Stone
- 1 pair of Safety Goggles (Pyukumuku)
- P★DA (Pokémon Digital Assistant)
- ₽1100

Miranda's icon done with: https://picrew.me/image_maker/338224
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Lv. 16|Blaze|Ember|Dragon Breath|Bite|Smokescreen


Extra set of clothes
foldable saw

Saturday, September 19th @ 1400 - Dewford Town

Clint stumbled upon a bulletin board inside the Pokemon center, and decided to take a look. "HELP WANTED" grabbed Clint's attention right away. Clint skimmed through the ads looking for cash-needy youngsters to perform various tasks, a version of a temp program if you will. One ad in particular seemed do-able enough for Clint. Strong and able-bodied youngster needed to move some appliances, $2000 pay for the work, meet Ernest Simmons at the east end of town, blue house with a fridge and stove sitting out front, shouldn't miss it. Clint took the notice off of the board, and left the center.

Clint left the center, and started heading towards the east end of the town. Clint made his way through town, noticing that all the buildings were built on stands, something he had never seen before. He would have to ask why that was the case. Eventually, Clint found the house he was looking for, brand new fridge and stove still sitting the way they were shipped. Clint inspected the appliances, even giving them a little shake to determine their weights. Felt heavy, but not impossible. Clint has after all lifted a lot of heavy things growing up on the farm, but this time he was getting paid in cash, not just for "room and board" like his father used to say. A short, round old man using a cane opened the front door of the blue house, and called out,

"Young man, are you from the Pokemon center?"
"Yes I am sir, here to help you with your appliances," Clint replied back at the man,
"My name's Clint, pleased to meet you sir."
"Pleased to meet you Clint, grab the first one and I'll show you where to go," the old man instructed.

Clint grabbed the fridge, heavier of the two items, wrapping his arms around it as far as he could, and picked it up a few inches off the ground. He awkwardly waddled with the fridge over to the bottom of the stairs, and placed the fridge back down. I'm not getting this up the stairs, Clint thought to himself.

After that, he came up with an idea. Clint slowly brought the fridge down onto the stairs, so the fridge was lined up with the angle of the stairs. Getting into a very low stance at the base of the fridge, Clint pushed the fridge up, stopping one stair at a time on his way up. After a few minutes of grunting and pushing, Clint finally struggled the fridge up to the top of the stairs. He stood the fridge back up, and maneuvered the fridge into the house. Ernest was standing there waiting.

" Into the kitchen here, first doorway to the left," Ernest directed, walking into the kitchen.

Clint moved the fridge into the kitchen, and put it in place where Ernest asked. He then took the old fridge out, brought the new stove in, and brought the old stove back out. Clint was tired after this, as none of these appliances were light. Ernest slowly moved over to Clint, and stuck his hand out for a shake, and Clint shook his hand.

" Thanks for the help kid, I'll have the company that delivered the new ones to come and pick up the old ones, for some reason they wouldn't install them for me, must have been the stairs ha ha," Ernest said, handing out the money for the work. Clint took the money, and replied,

" Your welcome sir, you have yourself a good day."

Clint left the house with heavier pockets, and it was now time to get some cafeteria food and turn in for the night. Clint had to be up early tomorrow, as he was going to have to train hard to be ready for Brawly.

- +$2,000 added to Clint's cash on hand!

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Team & inventory:

Lv. 16|Blaze|Ember|Dragon Breath|Bite|Smokescreen


Extra set of clothes
foldable saw

Sunday, September 20th – 0700 @ Dewford Town

Clint woke up in his Pokemon center room, and got himself dressed right away, and went down to the cafeteria for some breakfast. Clint had some preparing to do for the gym challenge, had to ensure Charmeleon was ready for the big time, maybe even add another member to his team, the more the merrier after all.

Clint sat in line at the cafeteria, waiting for his chance to pick out his food. A simple bacon and eggs breakfast, now that was going to hit the spot. He got his tray, poured himself a coffee out of the carafe sitting by the cafeteria lineup, and found a seat. Clint sat alone, preferring to eat in silence. He couldn’t help but eavesdrop on two young boys having a conversation at the table next to him. They were having a conversation about the west island, and how the Rangers would let trainers attempt to catch rare Pokemon out there.

Sounds like a good place to start, Clint thought to himself. He finished his breakfast, and left the cafeteria, scoring some extra snacks from the cafeteria on his way out. Clint walked over to the store in the Pokecenter, and purchased some additional supplies for his trip. Two pokeballs and two potions would do the trick. With everything all in order, Clint left the Pokecenter, ready to explore the west island.
- $5,000 removed from Clint’s cash in hand
- 2x pokeballs added to inventory
- 2x potions added to inventory

Sunday, September 20th – 0900 @ West Wilds

Clint could hear lots of Pokemon activity from the edge of the wilds, where the ranger station was located. His eavesdropping at breakfast time let him know he needed permission from the Rangers to access the area. Luckily for him, one of the Rangers was walking towards Clint. The ranger had a green shirt and cargo shorts on, with a ball cap on backwards. He had also had two Pokeballs clipped onto his belt.

“Morning sir, name’s Dan. How can I help you,” Dan introduced himself.

“Good morning Dan, name’s Clint. I’d like to access the wilds here,” Clint explained.

“We can make that work for you Clint, come inside for a second, we’ll get you set up and, on your way,” Dan replied.

The two went back inside the building, and Dan showed Clint the map of the island, as well as the rules. Pretty simple stuff really, no disturbing the flora or the fauna, only one capture allowed, no overnight stays and so on. Dan loaded information about the area’s Pokemon to Clint’s PokeNav, and set him on his way. Clint stepped outside and headed towards the forest, letting Charmeleon out of his Pokeball.

“Watch where you point that tail of yours bud, don’t want you setting the forest on fire,” Clint instructed. Charmeleon nodded his head, and the two pressed on. Clint could hear Pokemon off in the distance, and saw tracks on the ground, but couldn’t get a visual on any Pokemon yet. patience, Clint thought to himself, they have to get used to your presence first. They continued to navigate through the forest, eyes and ears peeled.

Sunday, September 20th, @ 1400 – West Wilds

It had been a few uneventful hours of scanning the woodland for Pokemon, but Clint finally had a good lead. He found very fresh scratch marks all the way up a tree. Clint rubbed the scratch marks, trying to determine the depth or them, as well as the freshness. Based on the depth of the scratches, as well as the distance between scratches, whatever climbed this tree was in a hurry. Now, who was in such a hurry, Clint pondered. He was new to Hoenn, and wasn’t quite up to date on the ecosystem here. He remembered that the Ranger had uploaded data for him on the Pokemon in the area. He pulled the PokeNav, but couldn’t remember for the life of him how to access the info. Clint stood there scrolling through the menu, unable to find his information.

Clint hadn’t put himself in the greatest position. Head down focused on his PokeNav when something came down from the tree and hit Clint, knocking him down and knocking his hat off his head. Then his hat was scooped up by a light blue Pokemon, who then climbed back up into the tree, wearing Clint’s hat.

“What in tarnation,” Clint said, brushing himself off while getting back up. He pulled up his PokeNav, which he had found the reports on Treecko moments before being struck down.

“The PokeNav says Treecko’s are supposed to be green. Why is this one light blue. Whatever, this thing is f***ing useless anyways.”

Clint tossed the PokeNav into a nearby bush, he was going to do this the old-fashioned way. The Treecko stood on a branch on the tree Clint had just been inspecting. Charmeleon stood on the ground below staring the Treecko down.

“Charmeleon, start out with a Dragon Breath,” Clint began. Charmeleon conjured up a swirling gust near his mouth, and blew it into the tree, knocking Treecko out of the tree. Treecko managed to land gracefully, but lost the hat in the procedure. Clint felt tempted to go and grab his hat, but inserting himself in the middle of this battle was probably not the best idea.

“Charmeleon, use Ember,” Clint called out his next move. Charmeleon brewed up a quick burst of flames and forced it over to Treecko. Treecko managed to avoid this move, almost like it had seen it coming. Treecko then kicked up a bunch of leaves, hitting Charmeleon with a good amount of them. Charmeleon didn’t seem to disturbed by that move, grass type moves weren’t much of an issue for Charmeleon anyways.

“Charmeleon, try another Ember.” Charmeleon once again prepared an ember and blasted it at Treecko, this time getting a clean hit on Treecko. Clearly Treecko was not a fan of that move, as it was knocked back, and took a few seconds to get back up. Treecko just turned around and ran away and up a nearby tree, hiding itself in the leaves up top. Clint and Charmeleon walked forward to the tree, Clint picking up his cowboy hat and placing it back on his head, where it belonged. He walked up to the tree that Treecko had taken refuge in, this time standing a few feet back.

“C’mon out already,” Clint yelled. No response, not immediately at least. A few moments passed, then Treecko emerged from its hiding spot, climbing down to a lower branch where it could be seen, then took off, jumping from tree to tree in a rather impressive display.

“Let’s go Charmeleon, we can keep up,” Clint said, waving his hand at Charmeleon to follow him. Charmeleon sighed, but followed Clint anyways as the two had their eyes on the Treecko climbing from tree to tree. Clint was managing to keep up for a little while, but he was too focused on Treecko and not focused enough on where he was going, and tripped over a big root that was sticking out of the ground. At this moment, Treecko jumped down from the branch it was on and stood in front of Clint, almost mocking him. Charmeleon, who was a few seconds behind caught up and stood beside Clint. Clint managed to get up for the second time, and stared down the Treecko.

“Let’s hit ‘em with another Ember,” Clint made his move. Charmeleon fired another ember at Treecko, knocking the gecko Pokemon down again. It was even slower to get up than the last one. This Treecko had to be a worn down now, battling plus running through the forest. Clint was wearing down as well, especially since he himself had been taken down twice. Treecko mustered up the energy for another move, running towards Charmeleon and kicking him. Before Charmeleon could even react Treecko came in with another kick, knocking Charmeleon back. Charmeleon got up rather quickly, and kept his eyes on Treecko. But Clint wasn’t letting Treecko escape again. He pulled out an empty Pokeball from his holster, and threw it at Treecko, encapsulating the Pokemon in the ball. The pokeball dropped on the forest floor, the center button glowing a bright white.

One shake, two shakes, three shakes and four! The light went out and the Pokeball made a clicking sound. That meant Clint had caught Treecko! His first capture of the journey, but certainly not his last. Clint went over to the Pokeball, and picked it up and clipped it back onto his holster. Clint also noticed a shiny looking green rock right beside the Pokeball. Clint felt compelled to pick the rock up, so he put it in his backpack. He then returned Charmeleon to his Pokeball. Better to let Charmeleon rest inside the Pokeball on the trip back.

Clint finally took a moment to look around, and notice the sun was going to set soon. He had to get moving. He searched his pockets for his PokeNav, since he wanted to check the time, but could not find it. S***, Clint thought, forgot I had “left” the PokeNav where the battle begun, so he ran back to the spot, and with a little luck found his PokeNav. It was eighteen-o-clock, definitely time to get back.

Sunday, September 20th, @ 2100 – West Wilds

Clint finally made his way out of the woods and back to the Ranger station, where Dan and another Ranger were outside talking amongst each other.

“We were just about to start looking for you kid,” Dan called out,

“Did you least enjoy yourself?”

“I sure did, thanks a lot gentlemen” Clint replied. He wasn’t going to tell the Rangers about the oddly coloured Treecko he ran now had in his party. Clint shook the Rangers hands, and made his way back into town. It was time to take his two Pokemon to the center to heal up, and for Clint to get some rest. He had more training to do tomorrow.

- Charmeleon grew from Lv.16 to Lv.18!
- Lv.15 Female Treecko (Shiny) has been captured! Ability: Overgrow Moves: Leaf-age|Detect|Quick Attack|Double Kick(Egg Move)
- 1 Pokeball removed from Clint’s Inventory


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Jordie "Jo" Hughes
Monday, September 21st
Chapter 2: Part 7 - Dr. Frankenpass
11:00 am to 12:00 pm - Granite Cave
“Tired already?” Jordie asks, having their whole team stop after seeing the kid has been left behind. “I guess we can slow down a bit.”

Jordie sits down, leaning their back against the cave’s walls. Taking a better look at their whole team, everyone seems to be getting tired of walking around, except for Bane and Gabby, but she’s already used to this. The trainer is just bored though, not even a single pokémon has attacked them since they got here except for Bane; they pretty much could have left the kid alone one hour into the cave and they would’ve been just fine.

They take a look at their X-Transceiver. They’ve been here for almost four hours. There’s a bit of signal right now, enough to as well make a decent enough call to the Ranger Station, but they won’t do that, of course --they haven’t gotten their keystone yet.

The kid finally catches up, and Jordie has them sitting next to them, handing over a water bottle. “Here, you must be really tired. Don’t drink too much, though.” There’s actually enough water and food for everyone, of course, it’s the thing they stocked up the most on, they were going into a cave and with Gabby, Neon and Maroon, water is a must have. “Here, all of you, get hydrated as well. A snackbar for Bane boy and baby Boo too? Yeah, I thought so.” They chuckle once the recently caught Aron comes running at them, but it’s not too funny when he jumps on their legs to get his food which causes Jordie to wince and put him down. He’s heavy.

“Um... Bane boy, why don’t you go see if there’s something coming up ahead? You can go with Gabby or Maroon if you need help.” The Iron Armor pokémon barks and gladly rushes out of the scene. Gabby looks at the floating anchor who extends its seaweed to shrug, in the end, both decide to go behind him. Jordie sighs and stretches their arms before resting their back on the walls again. “Well, that’s that.”


“Oh? What is it, baby Boo? Is your arm alright?” Boo doesn’t seem to pay attention to Jordie, he’s actually just handing over the snackbar to the kid. Jordie laughs. “That’s pokémon food, baby Boo. They can’t eat that.”

“Boo…?” He asks, leaning his head sideways and walking closer to the kid.

“Would you look at that? It seems he likes you,” Jordie says while chuckling. It’s true they must be hungry though, so Jordie looks into their bag once more while the kid happily pats the Clobbopus. “Here, take. This one is not for pokémon.”

“U-uh… thanks…”

“Nah, don’t worry. It’s the least I could do after putting this into all this trouble, y’see?” Although they were the one that followed me! “You don’t talk much, do you?”

The kid looks at them, with their hands shaking, holding the snackbar Jordie gave them and shrugs. No, they don’t. Good.

“This cave is big, don’t you think? Bigger than I thought, actually. I wonder how many pokémon are here sigh, yet still there’s no keystone for me. A shame.”

“Um… w-what is so important about those stones?”

“Oh? So you talk! Well, I’m glad you asked.” Jordie takes their badge case from their bag and shows it to the kid. “See this? Pretty cool, right? It’s Slateport’s badge!”

“You’re a trainer!? That’s so cool!” Jordie… thought that was obvious, but well the kid got really excited all of a sudden, at least they got a fan now.

“Heh, heh. Yeah, I’m a trainer. Bet you’ll start hearing about me soon,” they say looking at the kid with a prideful gleam in their eyes. “But yeah, the stones are useful for battling, y’see? And I heard I would find one here.”

“I want to be a trainer, b-but my mom says it's too dangerous.”

“Well, you're too young right now, but once you reach my age you'll have to stop listening to them much, y'know? Parents get in your way,” they say, taking a sip from their water bottle. “Even if they decide to let you become a trainer. The moment you tell them you’ll leave they’ll decide you’re not ready yet and then they’ll try to control your whole career.”

The kid doesn’t say anything, they just look at them while drinking their water as well.

“... Sorry, I forgot I was talking to a kid,” Jordie adds, underwhelmed and embarrassed for saying that to the kid. “If you really want to become a trainer it would be good to start learning about pokémon while you’re still young; I don’t know if that’s what you came to do here, but if you want to, I will have you meet my pokémon once we get out of this place. What d’you say?”

“Um… a-actually I came here to get a pokémon,” the kid says. “M-maybe mom would let me keep it.

“Well, that was pretty dumb,” Jordie bluntly answers and the kid pouts, lowering their head. So their parents don’t know they are here, there might not be any Rangers around then, unless someone on the tour noticed we disappeared. “A trainer has to be smart too, y’see? I think the pokémon at the beach are far more docile than here. It’s also easier to train pokémon you befriend instead of battle, y’know? That’s something worth keeping in mind.” That might’ve been a bit hypocritical to say with Neon present, since they did battle him before catching; same with baby Boo with the difference that he thought it was fun.

Just after that, Jordie starts hearing the noise of a pokémon running, together with the barking of their Aron. The kid gets startled at first, but Jordie puts their hand on their shoulder to calm them down and then helps them get up. “Seems like they found something,” they say smiling at the kid.
With a lot of energy, Bane guides Jordie’s team to another room, similar to the one they found the kid in at first, but with the difference that it’s colder and has a lone Nosepass standing in the middle of it spinning, but Bane boy didn’t bring them here to look at a spinning Nosepass, did he?

A single step into the room, and Jordie’s X-Transceiver starts acting oddly. Its screen flashes repeatedly as the Nosepass spins. This has them taking a better look inside the room they are at. There’s actually around ten or twelve Nosepass standing in a circle around the previous one, all of which seem to be spinning within a range.

Jordie knows a few things about these pokémon, one of those is that it works the same as a compass --its nose is always facing north. They are no scientist, but if a compass starts spinning like this, then there must be some magnetic anomaly or something in this room, and judging by the way their X-Transceiver is acting, it must be a huge one that could potentially destroy their device. It’s probably better to stay outside of this room for now.

While they are outside, another pokémon appears out of the shadows from the other side of the room; it looks like a smaller Nosepass, except that it doesn’t spin for some reason. As soon as Bane sees the smaller Nosepass floating to the central, spinning Nosepass, he starts barking.

“What’s wrong, Bane boy? Did something happen?” Bane doesn’t calm down and keeps barking at the floating Nosepass. Jordie takes a better look at it, and just as it places something on the top of the central Nosepass’ head, they see it, exactly what they came from. But what use would a Nosepass have for a keystone? They don’t remember it or its evolution being in the article about mega stones.

Jordie removes the X-Transceiver from their wrist and hands it over to the kid. “You stay here and keep on this thing. I’m checking what’s going on with Gabby, okay?”

The trainer steps once again into the room. For the most part, it’s the Nosepass spinning progressively faster until sparks start being shot by the group of rock-type pokémon, at the central one. The flash from said sparks go on for a minute, with the keystone floating above its head, and then it happens: The central Nosepass starts evolving.

As impressive as it is to see how twelve pokémon are able to generate enough power to evolve another one of their own species, Jordie is more worried about getting their stone. Of course, they can’t interfere in whatever is happening because they will end up electrocuted, so they must limit themselves to see and hope the keystone remains intact after this.

Once again, coming from the shadows a shiny Nosepass enters the scene. This one is holding a white stone and a regular thunderstone above its head. It starts spinning gracefully upon entering the magnetic field formed by the other Nosepass and tosses the evolutionary stone at the evolving pokémon before spinning its way outside the scene. Next, the floating pokémon appears once again, except there’s three of them now; together with them is the leader of the Nosepass group, a Probopass.

The leader has its Mini-Noses form a triangle around it and the four of them start shining a pink light that soon illuminates the whole room, forcing Jordie and Gabby to close their eyes. The light fades, and Jordie hears the sound of something heavy falling, together with the sound of something rolling towards them. The rolling thing is the keystone, small enough to be used in a ring or a necklace. The thing that fell is the fainted, recently evolved Probopass.

The leader Probopass orders the subordinates that survived its attack to take the unconscious ones to safety, and together with the shiny Nosepass it goes to see the results of their ritual, just to see nothing but a destroyed thunderstone before them. As an act of anger and desperation, the Mini-Noses rapidly circle around the Probopass and then forcefully hit the ground before the Probopass turns around.

Jordie takes this moment to flee the scene with their new keystone, but they didn’t expect to be stopped by one of the Probopass Mini-Noses that apparently work like different pairs of eyes as well.
- Jordie got a Keystone!
Jordie's Party:

- 25 Dusk Balls
- 10 Potions
- X-transceiver
- ₽2500
- Eviolite
- Aggronite
- Keystone
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