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FireRed Pokémon: Liquid Crystal [3.3.xxxxx Live Beta]

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Old July 7th, 2018 (12:23 AM).
atishay1001 atishay1001 is offline
    Join Date: Jun 2018
    Posts: 7
    i did manage to get dive to work somehow
    dive works like teleportation because base is of fire red
    i have reached mandarin city and there is no path to science center made(all non surfable water in mid path) i think the beta ends there
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    Old July 7th, 2018 (3:14 AM).
    KriXtuFher's Avatar
    KriXtuFher KriXtuFher is offline
    PoKéMoN Trainer
      Join Date: Feb 2017
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      @hacksrepairman pls complete this remake hack lol. I love gba hacks with the original story like in GSC, Emerald, FireRed, although other hacks added a new story to it but still love it. I'm one of your supporters. I love your beta 5 fixed version of Pokemon Shiny Gold ;). If you can't, its okay.
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      Old July 8th, 2018 (8:48 PM).
      ReiTiger ReiTiger is offline
        Join Date: Jul 2018
        Posts: 1
        Can someone help me? I just finished every gym from both regions and already won the league twice, after that i went to oak and he told me i can go to mt.silver, i go, beat zane, beat red, and im supposed to get a call from axel but i never get it, also the 3 guys that were outside arent there anymore, did i miss something? Also i remember my last fight with my rival was in mt.moon entrace
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        Old July 16th, 2018 (6:22 PM).
        Intless93 Intless93 is offline
          Join Date: Jun 2018
          Posts: 1
          How is this hack going? I've been following this thread for the past 5 years, but since last August I've been busy with college.
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          Old September 15th, 2018 (6:32 AM).
          Agaren Agaren is offline
            Join Date: Aug 2010
            Gender: Male
            Posts: 6
            Is it impossible to edit savefiles for this game? It's the only romhack where the savefile gets corrupted whenever I edit it in pokehex and similar editing tools. Could this maybe be fixed by somehow turning off the clock or something like that. I'd love to be able to decide the nature of my pokemon.
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            Old October 8th, 2018 (10:52 AM). Edited October 8th, 2018 by Myrdin.
            Myrdin Myrdin is offline
              Join Date: Oct 2018
              Posts: 2
              Hey guys, got this ROM Hack recommended to me and I was wondering what is the newest version of Liquid Crystal, and whether the link on the first page is up to date ?
              I´d like to make to sure to start a new game of this with the last updated version if possible.
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              Old October 15th, 2018 (5:39 AM).
              Myrdin Myrdin is offline
                Join Date: Oct 2018
                Posts: 2
                Anyone know where to get another Rock Smash ?
                I got the one from the guy next to Sudowoodo, but used it on a wrong pokemon.

                Headbutt and Whirpool are sold at Goldenrod dept. store, but what about Rock Smash ? Any other place where you can get it ?
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                Old October 18th, 2018 (5:40 AM).
                blitz_2k's Avatar
                blitz_2k blitz_2k is offline
                  Join Date: Aug 2008
                  Age: 28
                  Posts: 29
                  Is this hack finished?
                  Does it have P/S split?
                  Does it have a battle tower or similar?
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                  Old October 18th, 2018 (4:43 PM). Edited October 18th, 2018 by Amy May.
                  Amy May's Avatar
                  Amy May Amy May is online now
                  Pull My Finger. :P
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                    Originally Posted by blitz_2k View Post
                    Is this hack finished?
                    Does it have P/S split?
                    Does it have a battle tower or similar?
                    It's been many years since I last played this hack, but I know this is one that has never been completed (pretty much abandoned tbh). I believe it ends somewhere in the Orange Islands.

                    I honestly can't remember but I don't believe there's an P/S split in this game... Someone PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!!!

                    I don't believe there is a battle tower of anything of the like in this game.
                    ... i think signatures are highly overrated! :P
                    *My Poems*
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                    Old October 31st, 2018 (5:13 PM). Edited October 31st, 2018 by Tigger1982.
                    Tigger1982 Tigger1982 is offline
                      Join Date: Oct 2018
                      Posts: 1
                      I really like this game. In the beginning where professor Elm hears the stalker and says what hell made me laugh, you definitely don't see that in other pokemon games but I have a few suggestions, "the ruins of alph" In the original pokemon crystal the first chamber( where you solve the puzzle and the floor opens up dropping you into the second chamber) When the scientist tells you to read the wall, If you read the wall beside him it says escape in unknown pokemon letters and if you use an escape rope upon re entry of the chamber a secret doorway opens up into another room beside the scientist where you get some items( Heal Powder, Energy Powder, Psncureberry, and a Berry) laying on the floor in pokeballs. I also don't understand why Mew and Deoxys won't obey. They're in the game coding been's this game is based off a fire red rom. Should just revamp one of their event islands into one of the orange islands and make mew and deoxys catchable there. Mew does appear in the orange islands in the manga so it's not out of place there. There are many many orange islands to choose from. Here is a list of them.
                      Valencia Island
                      Tangelo Island
                      Mikan Island
                      Mandarin Island No.
                      Sunburst Island
                      Pinkan Island
                      a unnamed island (Dome Fossil Island)
                      Kinnow Island
                      a unnamed island (Sanctuary Island)
                      Navel Island
                      The 7 Grapefruit Islands
                      Moro Island
                      Golden Island
                      Murcott Island
                      a unnamed island (Farfetch'd Island)
                      Mandarin Island South
                      Trovita Island
                      Fairchild Island
                      Shamouti Islands
                      Cleopatra Island
                      Fire Island
                      Lightning Island
                      Ice Island
                      Ascorbia Island
                      Butwal Island
                      Kumquat Island
                      Rind Island
                      a unnamed island (Salveyo Weed Island)
                      Pummelo Island
                      Tarroco Island
                      Hamlin Island
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