Pokémon The Kanto Expedition

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Hi everyone, Seeya here.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my story! This is my first time posting any creative writing anywhere and I am a bit of a beginner, so my apologies if it is a bit rough. Let me know what you think and what I could improve on. I have big plans for this story and I'm planning on writing more chapters in my free time, so I will aim to continue posting as often as I can.

An expedition can be defined as “a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, research, or war.”

This story contains all three.

Chapter 1: Last Day on the Job
Quaking tremors threatened to shatter the earth as the furious bombardment of blistering magma reduced family homes to crackling flames and heart ache. Survivors scurried out of the approaching deluge of lava and smog to the nearby life rafts.

A toddler stood leaning against the wall in the living room watching his mother partake in a heated argument with a wealthy looking man wearing a raven black suit. The confused boy could not understand what the pair were discussing, finding it difficult to hear over the terrifying booms outside. He watched his mother’s teal blue eyes widen and glaze in fear as the man in the black suit reached into his suit pocket and…

“Clefable use Wake-Up-Slap!”

The large pink pokemon picked up the sleeping eighteen year old off of the bed intended for pokemon by the collar of his white work shirt and slapped him across the cheek. His eyes shot open and watched in horror as a grin grew across Clefable’s face as she went back for three more slaps and dropped him to the floor.

“The look on your face just now was priceless Marcus, break’s over buddy!” Marcus’ childhood friend said mockingly after a burst of laughter.

Marcus pulled himself off the ground, looking around the small white tiled room getting his bearings. “You’ll get your just desserts for that one Cameron, just you wait!” Marcus replied while already plotting ways to get back at him.

“To be fair Clefable was more keen on that than me, those beds aren’t exactly meant for staff let alone humans to sleep on.” Cameron replied with the uptight Clefable nodding her head.

“Figured I’d have a nap so I’m not tired for when we finally get outta here. Oh and it’s a Monday morning, so it won’t be that busy around here anyways” Marcus said jokingly as he fixed up his jet black hair in the mirror.

Ever since Marcus and Cameron were kids, they would always talk about entering the Pokemon League and now they had finally received their first pokemon through working at the Viridian City Pokemon Center. The past few weeks had involved planning, handing in their letters of resignation, booking tickets and packing for their journey.

“Anyways, Cora told me to come get you when you finished your break, so we should probably get going.” Said Cameron as he started heading for the door, followed by Marcus and Clefable.

They found their co-worker, Cora at the reception desk in the main room of the Pokemon Center. Her long black hair flicked her shoulders as she turned to face the pair as they entered through the hallway. Cora had also been working at the Pokemon Center part time since their final year at Viridian City High School.

“How’s your last day going guys? All ready for your trip?” Cora asked while leaning against the counter.

“Well it WAS going pretty good until I got pimp slapped by Clefable.” Marcus replied while rubbing his cheek. “Yeah we’ve got everything all sorted out for when we get out of here.” Cameron added, trying to hide a smirk.

“It’s going to suck without you guys here, I’d love to do some travelling too but I’ve got to make money somehow” Cora said with a sigh.

“Well you don’t work on Tuesdays and you finish at the same time as us today right? We’d be going back through Pallet Town this evening anyways so why don’t you tag along?” Cameron suggested.

Cora’s dark brown eyes focused straight forward, calculating whether or not she could join the boys on their trip. “It’s just to Cinnabar Island, right?”

“Yeah we’re heading there for the day then leaving tomorrow for the Pewter City Gym.” Cameron answered.

“In that case, I’m in! Are you guys taking the eleven o’clock bus to Pallet Town too then?” Cora asked excitedly. “Yip that’s the one” Marcus replied as a young man wearing a dark green t-shirt approached the counter.

“Uhh… can I get my pokemon healed now?”

A few hours later, the clock struck ten o’clock. Marcus made his way back home to get ready, intending to meet the others at the bus stop by eleven o’clock. As he arrived outside the small two bedroom home, a small red pokemon popped its head out from the window.

“Good morning buddy, hope you’re all set to go!” said Marcus as he swung the door open and started to make his way to his room in a rush to get ready. “Magby!” Marcus’ partner responded eagerly.

A woman’s voice stopped Marcus dead in his tracks. “Where do you think you’re going mister?”

Marcus spun around and looked towards the kitchen. His foster parents were standing in the cluttered kitchen. “What happened to I’ll clean up the kitchen before work this morning?” His foster father, Brent quizzed teasingly.

Marcus heard his own tired voice come from the kitchen. “Don’t worry I’ll do the dishes before work tomorrow.” The music note pokemon Chatot flapped its way onto Brent’s shoulder.

“Looks like you aren’t going anywhere until these dishes are done.” Darlene stated, with her hazel eyes staring sharply at Marcus. “I don’t have time, I have to get ready to go!.” Marcus exclaimed grumpily.

He examined his foster parents and felt something was off. His mother’s lip was quivering while his father’s eye twitched.

Suddenly, Darlene’s mouth burst into a grin and Brent’s eyes glazed over while the pair erupted in laughter. “We’re just messing with you champ, go get ready!” Brent teased as he steadied himself on the counter.

“You guys are so annoying!” Marcus’ cheeks reddened as he responded and he stomped off to his room with Magby in tow.
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Chapter 2: Pallet Town
“What will happen to her once I’m gone? I can’t let it happen again.” The recently eighteen year old thought to himself as he paced around the room.

Silence filled the shaded, confined walls of the living room. Harrison preferred a quiet home. It was what he was used to. He could make his own decisions and had to answer to no one other than himself. It had been like this since the incident, all those years ago.

Now that he was legally allowed to start his journey, he could finally set out and deal with that unfinished business that has haunted him for so long.

No matter how much time had passed, his anger never faltered.

The young man reached for his black bomber jacket with a red lotus pattern and stepped out into the street, locking the door behind him. He fished his phone out of his jacket pocket, eleven o’clock. The laboratory will finally be open.

He made his way south down the overcast street of Pallet Town. The small town was peaceful and did not draw much attention. The main allure of the town was for beginner pokemon trainers and researchers wanting to see Professor Caper.

As the young man approached the large gated complex and modern grey laboratory, he paused, knowing that this was the first step towards his goal. His eyes lit with determination as he resumed walking and made his way through the doors of the laboratory.

“Hey Harrison! Today’s the big day. I made sure to get everything ready for you!” A scrawny young man exclaimed as he rushed over to Harrison as he saw him enter the building.

“Good. I don’t want to be held up too long.” Harrison replied dismissively.

Josh was working at the laboratory under Professor Caper for the past few months after graduating from Viridian City High School with Harrison.

Harrison looked around the white tiled room. There were rows of desks and books on both sides of the room, with researchers rushing between cubicles and coming into the building from the courtyard.

“Professor! He’s here!” Josh called out, waving his hands trying to get the attention of the tall man with short sandy blonde hair staring intensely at his monitor.

Harrison glared at Josh disapprovingly before starting to approach Professor Caper’s desk.

“Caper. I’m here for my pokemon.”

Professor Caper looked up from his monitor, his eyes meeting with Harrison’s emerald green glare.

“Ah Mister Murata, yes I received your online payment last night. Your new pokemon is on the right hand side.” Professor Caper responded as he pressed a button, revealing three pokeballs within a metallic white case on the end of his desk.

“I understand you’re heading out today with Josh. Please look after him when you go and don’t give him a hard time, as per usual.”

“If he can’t keep up, he’ll be left behind. I have other things to worry about.” Harrison replied as he reached for the pokeball.

Josh also approached the desk, reaching for the pokeball on the left in the case. “Now we both have two pokemon, what a great start!” Josh said happily as he handed Harrison a backpack filled with essential items for travel that he had stayed up late the night before preparing.

“Shall I see you both to the end of town?” Professor Caper asked as he reached into his pocket and threw a pokeball, revealing a Hypno.

“To the b-.” Harrison tried to respond as the group suddenly appeared at the Pallet Town bus stop.

“What? How?” He stammered, with his eyes darting around the area.

“The professor’s Hypno used its ability Forewarn to determine where you needed to go. Then it used the move Teleport to take us here”. Josh responded.

Josh had always been a bright kid at school and had learnt a lot about pokemon during his time working with Professor Caper.

The hum of an engine could be heard from outside of town, with a light blue bus stopping in front of the group. The doors swung open and a girl with long black hair and emerald green eyes made her way down the stairs.

“Good morning, thank you for waiting for me!” Cora said with a smile.

Cameron stepped out of the doorway behind her, swishing back his mocha brown hair. Harrison glared at him, realising that he must have travelled there with his sister. The two had been bitter rivals back at Viridian City High School, always trying to one up each other’s fashion and popularity.

Harrison’s stare shifted as he saw one more figure emerge from the bus. A somewhat familiar face with messy short black hair and sky blue eyes appeared. He recognised him from back at school from seeing him in passing hanging out with Cameron. They had not talked much as he did not hang around with his group of friends or had any classes with him.

Spite grew in Harrison’s eyes knowing that his sister was hanging out with that nobody and his rival. What did they want with her? Were they trying to annoy him?

“Uh Harrison, I um… I was wondering if it would be alright with you if I went with Marcus and Cameron to Cinnabar Island. I’d be back later on today”. Cora asked.

Harrison looked at her disapprovingly and darted his eyes back to the pair in front of him.

“You two are not going anywhere with her”. He said with a snarl.

Cora looked at the boys with disappointment. “Sorry guys, we’ll have to catch up another time then.”

“But you were just talking to us on the bus about how excited you were to come take some photos.” Marcus replied.

“Don’t let him boss you around. We know you want to come and your brother doesn’t have any power over you anyway.” Cameron added while staring Harrison down with a smirk.

“I’ll put you in your place once and for all Cameron. I’ll kick you to the curb.” Harrison stated angrily in retaliation.

Marcus tensed up and stepped in front of Cameron as Harrison approached. “You’re not laying a hand on him.”

Cora was shocked. From what she knew, Marcus was a quiet laid back guy, she had no idea he could get so determined and defensive. Unfortunately she did know that Harrison often picked fights and wouldn’t back down.

“Boys let’s all calm down. How about you settle your squabble with a pokemon battle? I believe you all have pokemon of your own now.” Professor Caper suggested.

The group looked in the professor’s direction, with Josh standing beside him. Josh avoided eye contact with Marcus and Cameron, not wanting to get involved.

“Sounds good to me. It’ll be a good chance to test out my new pokemon.” Harrison replied.

“Alright, I’ll go first then.” Marcus exclaimed with determination, reaching for his pokeball.
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Chapter 3: Battle!
“I’ll test out my weakest pokemon on you.” Stated Harrison, reaching for his own pokeball.

The two stared forward intently, standing a few meters away from each other on the side of the road. Marcus was determined to protect his friend, while Harrison wanted to test out his new pokemon.

“Ready, battle!” Professor Caper stated as the two threw their pokeballs.

Magby emerged from Marcus’s pokeball, while the orange lizard pokemon, Charmander appeared from Harrison’s pokeball.

“Charmander, use Scratch!” Charmander looked around in confusion, unsure of who had said that or where he was.

“Magby, hit it with Smog!” Magby inhaled deeply and then exhaled, shooting a thick purple gas towards Charmander. Charmander was still distracted, looking towards Professor Caper as the smog stung its nostrils and it fell to the ground in pain.

“Looks like you were too quick to send a Pokemon into battle that you had not taken the time to meet, Mister Murata.” Professor Caper exclaimed matter of factly.

Harrison’s cheeks flushed red, he realised that Professor Caper was right but did not want to give up.

“Charmander, get up. You are my pokemon now and we are battling those losers over there.” Harrison said to Charmander as they locked eyes. Charmander’s eyes lit up with a new understanding of the situation and replied “Char” as it rose back to its feet. Harrison smirked knowing that he had picked the right pokemon for him after all.

“Now Charmander, use Scratch!”

“Magby, let’s try Smog again!” Marcus realised that he had lost his edge now that Charmander seemed to understand what was going on.

Charmander ran towards Magby, darting out of the way and scratching Magby in the stomach with its claws. Magby backed away from Charmander with a jump after flinching with pain.

“Now Charmander, Ember!” Charmander shot a small ball of fire from its mouth, hurtling quickly towards Magby. The ball of simmering ball of flame connected with Magby, knocking it down to the ground.

“Magby, get up and try Smog again!” Marcus was running out of options. Magby dragged itself to its feet, staring with interest at the Charmander. Magby looked like it was preparing itself for another Smog. Charmander knew that if it had dodged the Smog before, it could do it again.

“Scratch it!” Harrison yelled, knowing that Magby’s Smog was too slow to hit Charmander, showing Magby’s inexperience in using the move. Charmander rushed towards Magby.

“Interesting, looks like Magby has learnt a new trick.” Professor Caper thought to himself as a small flaming ball quickly shot out of Magby’s mouth towards Charmander. Harrison and Charmander both had not expected this, let alone Marcus. The newly learnt ember attack connected with Charmander’s stomach, winding the small orange lizard.

“Woah, great job Magby!” Marcus celebrated happily with his pokemon.

“And the winner is Marcus. Great battle you two.” Professor Caper called out as he stepped between the two.

“But Charmander could still fight!” Harrison called out in confusion.

“Have a closer look at Charmander.” Professor Caper replied.

Harrison looked towards Charmander as it climbed to its feet. It was breathing heavily and its skin had gone pale.

“What the… how?” Harrison thought to himself.

“Charmander must have been poisoned by the smog attack from Magby at the start of the battle. There was a small chance of that happening. It would not have lasted much longer from the residual damage.” Josh called out to Harrison, while looking at Professor Caper for approval.

“This doesn’t prove anything, you got lucky. Next time I won’t let you win with such cheap tricks.” Harrison said to Marcus as he held out his pokeball, shooting a red beam of light towards Charmander, returning it to its pokeball.

“Sounds like someone is a bit upset they lost. You may need to train some more before trying to take me on next time.” Marcus said smugly, realising he had fluked his victory but decided to play it cool.

“Don’t get cocky, you’re irrelevant to me anyway. It’s your turn now.” Harrison said as he looked away from Marcus towards Cameron.

“Looks like it will be an easy win.” Cameron added cockily to Marcus’s previous comments as he stepped forward to replace him.

The two held their pokeballs, ready for the battle to start.

“Ready, begin!” Professor Caper said as the two sent out their pokemon. A small yellow pokemon with black stripes and a lightning bolt pattern appeared from Cameron’s pokeball.

Harrison’s pokemon emerged. Professor Caper’s brow raised. The rest of the group looked wide eyed in shock. The ancient Head Butt pokemon, Cranidos stood confidently, stamping its foot.

“What the?” Cameron stammered.

“How? We learnt about that pokemon in science class! It’s meant to have gone extinct over 100 million years ago!” Josh added, rubbing his glasses to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.

“I was given this pokemon a long time ago. Let’s see how you fare against a pokemon that I am very familiar with.” Harrison stated confidently with a smirk, realising he had already thrown off his opponent.

“Use Headbutt Cranidos!” The short gray dinosaur tucked its head forward and charged in a straight line towards Elekid.

“We can’t let this get in the way of us winning Elekid, use Thundershock!” Elekid spun its arms, charging up and zapping a small stream of lightning at Cranidos. The attack connected, however Cranidos continued forward unphased and rammed directly into Elekid, sending it hurtling backwards to the ground with a thud. Elekid passed out.

“Looks like you weren’t so tough after all. Some rival you turned out to be.” Harrision sounded very satisfied with his quick victory.

“The winner is… Harrison.” Professor Caper added.

Cameron stood paralysed, shellshocked that he had lost so quickly.

Harrison locked eyes with Marcus. Marcus was as white as a ghost, breaking eye contact while Harrison grinned. He had not expected there to be such a large gap between them and Harrison. Cameron and Marcus regularly trained together, so he knew that Magby would have been defeated just as easily.

“Now that’s settled. Cora, you’ll be going back home.” Harrison said as he looked towards his sister.

“Actually… I know you’re leaving today Harrison. I’ve decided to go regardless of what you think. It’s time that I focus on my own goals too.” Cora said in a stern tone with a spark in her eyes.

“I don’t have time to argue. Look, you two had better make sure you look after her or else Cranidos won’t just be attacking your pokemon.” Harrison stated as he looked towards Marcus and Cameron.

“Just you wait, next time things won’t go like they did today.” Cameron said adamantly.

Marcus knew Cameron wasn’t the type of person to back down so easily. Knowing him, he would have already planned his first three steps towards his goal of beating Harrison.

“We’ll see about that.” Harrison replied as he turned towards Route 1 and made his way out of Pallet Town with Josh rushing to catch up behind him.