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Game Over! Basic Mastermind

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    [Vote] Fletch

    yup he's maf

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    Old 1 Day Ago (8:11 AM). Edited 1 Day Ago by Sparkin.
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      Basic Mastermind
      Game Over
      Fletch, the Mastermind, considered every outcome except this one.

      The town has eliminated all threats. Miah, Pecilia, Desinishon, Charlie Brown, Bidoof FTW and jdthebud have won.
      Miah has completed the achievement Super Sleuth!
      ✹ Super Sleuth: You correctly chose a mafia at night to investigate!

      Pecilia as a Villager
      Miah as a Cop

      Fletch as a Mastermind
      Desinishon as a Doctor
      gimmepie as a Mafia Goon
      Bidoof FTW as a Villager
      Charlie Brown as a Villager
      jdthebud as a Villager
      Thanks for playing!
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      Haha that was lucky.
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      Lucky is my middle name. In north they call me Desi The Lucky Master.
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      Cool I was right about my partner being Fletch.
      Found out on n0 when he wouldn't let me kill him xD
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