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This is fine.

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Another guide! Let us know if you'd like guides on any other topics, or if you want to contribute your own!


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Seems a little drastic if it changes the natures of all Pokémon you encounter for the entire day but still something I will definitely be making use of! I guess I'll probably use it closer to the end of the day to get a specific natured mon before stopping to play or something, since I wouldn't want everything I catch to be forced into it haha. Though it absolutely makes sense from a comboing and shiny hunting perspective...very convenient there.

Will be unlocking the Judge feature very soon too. =')


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Madame Celadon’s nature stuff works on GO Park as well — so any Pokémon you catch from GO can have their natures set, in a way.

(Though I do believe stats will be changed when you catch them though.)
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