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    Summary: Ruby Knight, a young and hip, 16 year old Pokemon Master has gotten an email from 2 childhood friends of his from the faraway Unova region. Since he hasn't seen his friends in a long time, he travels to Unova with his 2 partners, Pikachu and Castform. However, when he runs into the mysterious N, he is somehow the lead target of an evil team's plot to taking over the world by controlling all Pokemon.

    Original characters and characters from the games and anime appear. Canon Pokemon. Based on the Pokemon Adventures series.

    RATED T FOR - Blood, violence, and strong language.

    Author's Notes: I'v been writing the "Pokemon Adventures Ruby's Destiny" series for years, and it all started when I first saw the original Ruby from Pokemon Adventures in 2006. Ruby Knight is literally the exact same Ruby but his travels have been updated. If you've read any of the past chapters, you would know that after saving the Dexholders and the Battle Frontier from Archie and Kyogre, Ruby traveled to Kanto, lost the Pokemon League there, then traveled to Johto to help Gold (who is his cousin in these stories) with the return of Team Rocket, he then traveled around Hoenn deciding to become a Trainer rather than a Coordinator and became Champion of the Hoenn region. After this, he was invited to Sinnoh where he helped Lady Platinum Berlitz, Diamond, and Pearl save Sinnoh from Team Galactic and Charon.

    Chapter Guide
    Chapter 1: Welcome To Unova!
    Chapter 2: Liberating Pokemon? Enter: N
    Chapter 3: Unova League Gym Challenge! VS Striation Trio
    Chapter 4: Team Plasma's First Strike
    Chapter 5: Lenora and the Rumination Field


    Chapter 1: Welcome To Unova!

    A computer screen lit up brightly as the moon's rays of light flashed into the room of a hero. A message saying "Email From - Nuvema Pals" open and closed repeatedly like a broken elevator door. Our hero stood up from his bed, obviously tired with both of his eyes half shut as the "You Got Mail" voice kept playing. Finally, our hero clicked on the message and his eyes opened fully with a giant smile appearing on his face as he screamed at the top of his lungs with excitement, annoying his Pikachu who put his head under the pillow he was sleeping on. Our hero turned to Pikachu and yelled


    The sun is shining bright in the clear blue sky with flocks of Wingull and Swanna fly in the calm and cool weather. Looking up at the sky, our hero, Ruby Knight , and his 2 Pokemon, Pikachu and Castform, are standing on the deck of the S.S. Frontier. Ruby tries to scan the Swanna and Wingull with his Pokedex but for some odd reason, his Pokedex doesn't have any data on Swanna with Pikachu and Castform laughing at their master's continuous scan failures.

    Captain Briney, one of Ruby's old friends and the captain of the ship, walks toward Ruby and his Pokemon, patting Ruby on the shoulders saying

    "I haven't been to Unova in years, so what drove you to ride a boat here?", with Ruby responding calmly saying "I got an email from some old friends, I'm coming to Unova to visit and to show Pikachu and Castform the nice scenery".

    Captain Briney smiles and asks "How long has it been since you've seen them?" and Ruby responds with " I don't know, like 10 years?".

    Captain Briney does one of his signature "Ho ho ho!" laughs and says "I haven't seen my ex-wife in 10 years, and hope it stays that way", leading to both of them laughing as the ship horns loudly, and Pikachu pointing at the huge island in the background, with Mr. Briney saying "Well lads, welcome to Unova!"

    The boat docks onto Nuvema Port where 3 people are awaiting Ruby's arrival. Ruby, Pikachu, and Castform run down the ship's stairs and onto the docks where he sees his 2 old friends, Cheren and Bianca yelling his name. The 3 teenagers hug and catch up as Pikachu and Castform play with Cheren's Oshawott and Bianca's Snivy. The third person, a tall woman with brown swirly hair walks toward the teens and introduces herself.

    "Hiya, My name is Aurea, Aurea Juniper, and I am the Pokemon Professor of Nuvema Town!", she says in a uplifting tone.

    "A Pokemon Professor? You mean like, you study Pokemon and give out starters?", Ruby asks with a small amount of confusion.

    "Yeah! She's the one who gave me my Snivy, and Cheren his Oshawott a few weeks ago", says Bianca in a silly manner.

    "So, you're like Prof. Oak and Prof. Birch, right?", says Ruby, still showing he is confused.

    "That's right! And the reason why I'm introducing myself is because I want to give you this Pokemon as a welcoming gift to Unova", says Aurea.

    Cheren, sighing at Ruby's confused face, says "Like most regions, Unova has it's own Pokemon League, and in order to compete in the Pokemon League, a trainer needs a starter...", Cheren stops in his tracks, noticing that both Ruby isn't listening and is instead, shaking the Professor's hands up and down in agreement to take care of the starter with Bianca jumping up and down in excitement.

    Suddenly, Prof. Juniper gets a call from one of her assistants back at her lab and apologizes to Ruby in the others that she has to leave in such short notice, saying she'll give him the Pokemon later and then runs off.

    "She sure is unique Professor, I'll give her that, haha!", Ruby says, joking around with Bianca and Cheren.

    "That's for sure, but hey Ruby, since you're finally here, let me and Bianca show you around the town for a little bit", Cheren suggests.

    "Yeah! I'd love to show you Nuvema Mall, so we can go shopping and buy our Pokemon some cute outfits!", Bianca suggests, with Pikachu and Castform backing away slowly at the thought of Ruby buying them outfits.

    Ruby protests the shopping suggestion but still agrees to take a tour with Cheren and Bianca, with him picking up Castform and holding her in his arms while Pikachu jumps onto his shoulder, and the trainers head off.

    Cheren and Bianca show Ruby and his Pokemon all around Nuvema Town, showing them the Mall, the PokeMart, Route 1, and finally taking a break at the Pokemon Center.

    "This Pokemon Center is huge!!", Ruby saying in awe as he and his Pokemon look up at the large Pokemon Center. He then continues showing admiration, saying "The only Pokemon Center we have in Hoenn that even comes close to this one is the Center in Lilycove!".

    Cheren and Bianca both laugh, with Cheren saying "This Pokemon Center is huge? I wonder how big you'll think the one in Accumula Town is", leaving Ruby in awe again while Bianca drags him toward the nursing area.

    "Well hi there Bianca, who do you have here?" says the pink haired Nurse with her pink and cream colored Pokemon walking toward wearing a nursing cap.

    "Hi Nurse Joy, this is my friend Ruby, he's visiting from the Hoenn region!", Bianca responds.

    "Nurse Joy? Woah, you look nothing like the Nurse Joys in other regions.", says Ruby, annoying Cheren again with his constant confusion.

    "So you're Ruby! I have a package that was sent from Professor Juniper earlier, it's for you!" says Nurse Joy, handing him a nicely wrapped present.

    Ruby puts it down and both Pikachu and Castform open it excitedly, with the insides being revealed as 3 Pokedexes and a single PokeBall, with Ruby's name labeled on the front of it. 2 of the Pokedexes have Cheren and Bianca's names on it, and he hands it to both of them, with a note on the bottom of the package.

    The notes says "I'v brought three Pokedexes, one for you and one for each of your friends. The Pokemon I was telling you about from before is also inside, please take good care of him. Ciao - Aurea Juniper".

    Cheren says "Awesome! A Pokedex for each of us, and Ruby, let me see your old and new Pokedex so I can sync the data from the old to the new so you wont have to re-scan old Pokemon", and Ruby happily agrees, giving it to Cheren and opening the PokeBall Juniper sent to him.

    A small orange and black piglet appears on the ground after the PokeBall light disappears. The small baby pig is sleeping calmly before Bianca abruptly picks it up and gives it hugs and kisses continuously, creeping out Ruby, Pikachu, and Castform and annoying the baby pig. The baby pig then uses Flamethrower on Bianca, scorching her hair and her face, with her immediately dropping it back onto the ground.

    "Heh...So what Pokemon is this little guy?", Ruby asks as Cheren walks over with Ruby's updated Pokedex. "Check it out with the Pokedex Ruby, and we can see", says Cheren, obviously excited to see if he did a good job.

    Ruby opens up his Pokedex and it quickly scans the baby Pig, Snivy, and Oshawott with ease, creating detailed messages for the trainers

    "Tepig, the Fire Pig Pokémon. Normally, fire shoots out of Tepig's snout, but it shoots out smoke instead when it is feeling ill."
    "Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokémon. Cool, calm, and collected, Snivy uses photosynthesis to collect energy with the leaf on its tail."
    "Oshawott, the Sea Otter Pokemon. It is virtually worthless in terms of both power and speed. It is the most weak and pathetic Pokémon in the world"

    Cheren's Oshawott's face goes blank and falls to the ground in disappointment as he hears the Pokedex's information.

    "Weird, whenever I scan a Magikarp, those same details come up", Ruby says with confusion from the 'Dex scan.

    "I guess it still has a few bugs, must have mixed up Magikarp's info with Oshawott's, haha", Cheren says in an uneasy feeling.

    Bianca walks over and makes an exciting suggestion, asking Nurse Joy if they can use the Pokemon Center's battle arena, with her agreeing, guiding the 3 trainers into the room.

    "What are we doing?", asks Ruby with obvious confusion.

    "Sheesh Ruby, I guess that Salamence attack really messed up your head. We're obviously going to battle", says Cheren in response.

    "Since we all have Pokemon, I want to see our little cuties battle it out, to see who's the strongest!", says Bianca still in a ditzy manner.

    Ruby and Cheren agree and Nurse Joy's Audino agrees to be the referee for the first battle, which is Ruby VS Bianca.

    "Good luck Bianca!", Ruby yells from one side of the battlefield, with Bianca responding "I'm going to defeat a Pokemon Master, can't wait!", and Audino and Nurse Joy yell "Battle Begin!"

    Bianca's bright attitude is shut down when she notices that the Pokemon Ruby is using is Tepig. She yells at Ruby saying "Why on earth are you using Tepig!! You jerk! You know the only Pokemon I have is Snivy!!!!", with Cheren and Pikachu sighing as Ruby tries to explain himself.

    "Save the small talk, I'm going to blow you into next week with Snivy!" says Bianca who attempts to throw out Snivy's Pokeball but falls over and the PokeBall opens by itself with Snivy coming out of it with grace and disappointment at the sight of her master's failure.

    Bianca gets up and Ruby starts off "Tepig, let's see what moves you got, okay buddy?", and the baby pig kindly nods and get's scanned by the PokeDex again, showing that he knows Flamethrower, Tackle, and Heavy Slam.

    Ruby calls out the pig and says "Alright Tepig, let's start off with Flamethrower!" and he responds by blowing a stream of fire out of his nose, but Bianca responds saying "Dodge it cutie quick!" and Snivy dodges the attack by jumping in the air while twirling, landing gracefully near Bianca.

    "That's a nice Pokemon you got their Bianca" says Ruby, amazed by Snivy's dodging abilities, "But you won't be able to dodge this one! Tepig use Tackle" yells Ruby and Tepig charges at Snivy, who dodges again and Bianca tells her to use Leaf Tornado but is cut off when Ruby says "Gotcha! Tepig now use Heavy Slam", with Tepig jumping in the air and his body glows with a yellow aura, slamming onto Snivy, driving the tiny snake deep into the ground.

    Bianca cries loudly as Cheren stares in awe at Tepig's power, and Pikachu and Castform happily cheer on their new friend. Bianca's cry pause immediately as she reveals a evil grin and Tepig surprisingly gets pushed into the air when a harsh tornado of leaves comes from the ground and swallows Tepig, slamming it into the arena walls.

    Ruby calls for Tepig who struggles to get up as Snivy pushes the rubble off of her tail. Bianca laughs and cheers as Snivy finally gets up and brushes the dust off, but Ruby sees this as an opening and yells "Gotcha again! Tepig finish this off with Flamethrower!" with it responding by blowing an even stronger stream of fire at Snivy, incinerating the little Pokemon and knocking it out cold.

    "The winner is Ruby and his partner Tepig!" Nurse Joy yells out as Cheren, Pikachu, Castform, and Oshawott clap together to show a job well done by Tepig and Ruby.

    Ruby thanks Bianca for the great battle and gives Snivy and Tepig a Poffin for doing so well.

    "Alright Cheren, your up next!", Ruby says with determination but Cheren nods with a facial expression of disagreement.

    "I enjoyed that battle but, it's starting to get late and there was one place I really wanted to show you". Cheren says with slight disappointment but also cheerfulness.

    "What's that?" Ruby asks, with Bianca asking the same question.

    "The Accumula Town Music Festival is going to take place tomorrow on Route 2 and it's going to take us a little while to get over there so we might as well leave now!". Cheren says in obvious excitement

    The thought of Ruby traveling with his old friends puts a smile on his, Pikachu, and Castform's face and they all agree to travel together to see the music festival.

    The moon shines bright in the night sky as the 3 trainers begin their travels toward Route 2 where amazing adventures await to take fold.

    The scene then switches onto a different location, inside a large castle where hundreds of men and woman stand before a mysterious crowning event.

    One man stands before all these people as a green-haired, teenage boy walks toward him, wearing a special garb. The man places a gold crown onto the boy's head and the crowd of people cheer as the boy turns to them saying "Know me now as your king....I am...King N!".
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