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Emerald Pokemon Snowy White Page 6

Started by Panda Face February 11th, 2017 1:51 AM
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Panda Face

Pokemon Ultra Snowy White

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Posted August 10th, 2019
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I have participated in Pokemon hacking is about 3 years. Although this 3 years, I have learned plenty of technology for hacking. Nowadays, the game can be released for people to play it.

-Update to Pokemon USUM's all of Pokémon
-700+ Moves
-Proper Physical/Special Split
-100+ Abilities
-New/Updated Items
-Mega Evolution/Primal Reversion/Z move system
-Battle Frontier Updated
-New Repel System
-Level 1 Eggs
-New Battle Backgrounds
-Harder Difficulty
-Gen 1-7 Gym leaders and Elite four battle
-All of 807 Pokemons available

Version History:
Version I : Use Emerald original version to create the hack, it is very simple, and has 386 Pokemons only.
Version II : Based on Version I to add 150 new moves, partical of Gen 4 and 5 abilities, partical of new items, the maximum of Pokedex has been expanded to 411.
Version III : Based on Version II to add the second period of the story, but it is the mainly about 8 Gyms and Elite Four, no more story added.
Version IV : Based on Version III to add the Sky Mountain Region, this story is covered altitude, but none of element added.
Version V : Based on Version IV to add some of elements to the Sky Mountain Region.
Version VI : Use Emerald 802 Rom Base to remake the Pokemon Snowy White, paste the Version V Sky Mountain Region, then continue to write in some of new stories.
Version EX : Add all of gym leaders, elite four and champion from gen 1 - 7, let this hack more interesting.
Version EX+ : Fix the bugs for releasing the completely hack.


Eevee Evolution Method:
Eevee is at the beginning only
Fire Stone can make it evolve into Fire type
ThunderStone can make it evolve into Electricity type
Water Stone can make it evolve into Water type
Increase level with 220 friendship during the night can make it evolve into Dark type
Increase level with 220 friendship during the day can make it evolve into Psychic type
Increase level near with Moss Rock can make it evolve into Grass type
Increase level near with Ice Rock can make it evolve into Ice type
Increase level which learned a Fairy type move can make it evolve into Fairy type

Please notice
Before you take the airplane to the mountain, you have to get these 10 moves Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash, Waterfall, Dive, Rock Climb and Dig. And your team have to with these 10 moves. Because that mountain requires these. In additionally, you need take both mach and acro bicycle, because some of place requires it.

Bug Notes:
-The items will probably lost if you loss in the battle frontier
-Gen 4-7 Pokemon do not have proper cries

-DizzyEgg/KDS: Emerald Battle Engine
-Desvol,暗黑洛基亚: For supplying the Rom Base and their tools
-LCCoolJ95: Some of move animations come from the Theta Emerald EX
-破道: Battle background resource
-BlueRose: For helping me update snow weather's effect
(If I forgot to credit anyone, let me know)

About language translation:
If someone translate this hack into another language, such as English, Japanese or etc. Please let me know which additional available offset you have used, I will try not to use that offset, prevent it will retranslate again after I fixed bug. Thanks a lot!

The Link is below:

Good luck for every one, haha.

Pokemon Snowy White
Community Link:
Download Link:
Download Password:zt4c
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