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Error Can't open editor RPGXP

Started by BlueRaccoon 3 Weeks Ago 1:05 PM
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Hello guys.

The editor and RPGXP used to work fine to me. I haven't opened the editor in a month and now for some reasons it doesn't open enymore. it doesn't show any errors, just it doesn't work when I it run as administrator. I alreadry tried with Windows XP Compatlibility 2-3 and turn off my antivirus.
I have win 10.

Please help me if you know how to solve this problem.
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I can open the editor as soon as I turn on the PC.
Basically after a while the PC is on, (maybe 1-2 min), if i haven't already opened the editor it wont open, so i'll have to restart my pc again if want to use RPGXP.

This is so strange such a thing had never happened to me.
Very strange. It didn’t happened me. Neither on Win7, nor on Win8.1. Also on Windows 10 neither. I can close it and re-open it without problem. Is there any problem on your computer?
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