Fourth Generation Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum kicked off the fourth generation of Pokémon. Two years later, fans of the Johto region were treated to a remastered adventure in HeartGold & SoulSilver. Discuss the games, explore the features, share your experiences, and help other players out!

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    Lucario, Garchomp, Togekiss, Honchkrow, Empoleon, Infernape, Darkrai, Shaymin, Mismagius, Roserade, Luxray.
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    Riolu, Lucario and the 2 Eeveelutions.
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      Wait... WHAT? Who hates Arceus?
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        Originally Posted by Kinami View Post
        Wait... WHAT? Who hates Arceus?
        I do. I mean, the creator of everything... that is actually a Pokemon that can be caught and used? The concept alone baffles me, but the execution really ticks me off. Also, I think it's ugly.
        Do you like Pokemon battles? If yes, then come play The Great Pokemon Battle 5!
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          Giratina - design that really suits a powerful legendary pokemon, and its shiny colors are pretty awesome too!
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