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I feel my Ultra Moon game is just a pixel dust collector lol. Especially since Sword/Shield cannot transfer from gen 7. I just want to fill my dex even though half the 'mons don't appear in the Alola dex in the first place. Sadly....18 boxes and counting. =( I have more fun playing Omega Ruby and X anyway so all is not lost. I still have the VC version of Crystal to play too, but I might just do challenges on it in the near future. And...i'm broke so...there's that. :P

Same for your 7th gen games too?
Once you give a Pokemon a personality, you can't go back depending on the severity and purpose of it. It's no longer just a "pixel" in your box.


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I still play mine every now and again. Personally, my recommendation is not to let the National Dex news get to you too much. I'm saddened by it too, but I realize it is what it is and I've learned to have fun with the Pokemon that I do have currently so when SwSh does release I can then focus on starting a new journey and making some new friends along the way.


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I still havent got the ultra games but will do soon, Ive only just got a new 2DS so getting back into my Moon. Doing some breeding and need to then finish out my living dex once I get ultra.

Will probably transfer my living dex into pokemon home if its sensible to do so just for future proofing but still enjoying my Gen 7 games and not planning to get a switch yet anyway (will wait until the portable is released and possibly drops in price in a year or so).
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I was playing often enough to shiny breed right until the announcement that not all Pokémon will be able to move to SwSh, and stopped since. Was breeding for Shiny Cutiefly at the time and it hasn't been confirmed whether or not it'll transfer over, so I'm taking a break. May go back and breed something that I know will be in the new games but for now it's better for me to step back. :< So yeah, I understand what you're saying to an extent.

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Honestly it feels like this for all my Pokemon games once i finish them. Most of my finished games end up collecting dust, and i'll only pick up finished Pokemon games to Shiny hunt.
From a USUM standpoint though, i never liked USUM. Like, ever. I hate USUM. My Pokemon Moon copy though? Finished it in a few months, picked it up to Shiny Hunt, haven't touched it in a long time.
Not like i know where it went though.
I haven't finished Pokemon Sun but i might leavs that behind because picking Rowlet was a mistake.
This got kind of off topic but, uh, yeah. I feel the same with most of my Pkmn games.
I don't know what to put here so here's some of my Pokemon FCs i guess:
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