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Old February 20th, 2018 (11:34 AM).
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    Synopsis: Team Plasma has a new supporter who cares about Pokemon Liberation and her future King N. However, there are forces at work that will make it hard for her remain by the side of the young man who inspires her. Set prior to the events of BW and includes an original character. The genre is fantasy, hurt/comfort and a little romance.

    Author’s Note: There is some mild violence, but no more than a T for teen rating. Also the story is told from the perspective of N and the people around him so there will be some Pokemon trainer bashing, nothing personal is meant my fellow trainers. Last, but certainly not least thank you for reading. This is my first go at a full-length pokemon fanfic and I am ready for any constructive criticism, especially if you spot some grammatical errors.

    N’s Shadow

    Chapter 1: Grey

    “Accumula Town, the fast-growing town,” read an inquisitive, lanky teen with a swing of his arms back and forth as he stood before the sign post.

    This was the next stop as N and his sisters accompanied their father around Unova, spreading the honest word of Pokemon liberation to her citizens, teaching them how to really love Pokemon-- by setting them free.

    There are precisely 30 people on the street besides Team Plasma, N counted in his head with delight. How perfect! 30 is the atomic number for zinc, also known as the philosopher’s wool. Zinc is pure and white as Reshiram’s truth.

    Natural Harmonious Gropius was the full name of the tall, elfin fellow with the bushy ponytail. He put his hands behind his neck and strolled toward the town square. Nothing would have made anyone aware that the strange, green-haired boy in the baseball cap was destined to be a king.

    N squinted, pulling the hat’s brim over his eyes, trying to hide from the sunlight. Sage Rood had been very kind and cautioned him that photosensitivty was something he might experience today since he was not accustomed to being outdoors for long intervals.

    What was eye strain or a headache to N when he was going to hear Ghetsis of Team Plasma give a speech? He was so proud to call him father today, and he was so lucky to be able to go outdoors.

    I know! I’ll just close my eyes and find my way there blind, thought N with a smug smile as he did just that on route to the park. All I have to do is listen to the sounds of the city, and they will guide me wherever I wish to go.

    The most obvious sound was a group of kids running in circles around him, singing their game of fire, grass water. Underneath the screaming voices was the sound of revolving doors to the sad institution known as the Pokemon Center. N cut through the bustle of the town, detecting a softer sound beneath all of the others. Dozens of feet headed towards the park. Running shoes stepping off of hard cobblestone, touching soft grass made a distinctive vibration to N. This was where the rally would be. Now he could even hear the voices of three of the seven sages asking questions of one another.

    N chuckled, I was raised by perfect beings, pokemon in their perfect state. It is only natural that I Natural should succeed in all of my endeavors.

    N had a Zoroark for a mother after his first mother threw him out into the woods. Mama Zoroark had taught him how to forage for food at night. She taught him how to use his ears unlike humans who did not use all of their senses. N didn’t know one person in the castle apart from himself who could even wiggle their ears!

    Two young ladies had also arrived at the park before him, they walked hand in hand, whispering to one another. The older of the two was a woman with an oval face and straight, rose-colored hair. She wore only a plain part in the middle of her hair but it was perfect, just as every step she took was careful, controlled and appropriate for the daughter of Ghetsis Harmonia.

    Anthea greeted each citizen of Accumula with the most formal of courtesies, flashing a beautiful smile of white teeth as she offered literature about Pokemon Liberation.

    Her companion was a very tall if odd blonde with a French braid. She would have been extremely beautiful had her bangs not sat up straight on top of head, resembling a Pikachu’s ears ever so slightly.

    Anthea stared at a pamphlet entitled Reclaiming Unova. A picture of a valiant, young man in chainmail was used for the cover art. It was the image of a knight in shining armor. He was an activist in Team Plasma, and the photo showed him leading a battered and bruised Rapidash back to the wild to be free. She smiled.

    The yellow-haired girl flipped ahead to a page with an article entitled From Tamers to Cueballs to Cool Trainers. There were pictures taken by a photographer in their organization who had visited Kanto. The photos showed young, successful Pokemon trainers carrying whips in their hand for good measure as they flung their pokeballs into battle.

    Concordia looked with a wrinkled brow, quickly turning to a different page, then felt even worse! Her eyes met a picture of Pokemon for sale like shopping goods at the Goldenrod City’s game corner. “Look at this Anthea, I’m glad that at least in Unova this doesn’t exist.”

    “The worst part was the section about the unethical attitudes of breeders. Because of its unstable DNA trainers often force Ditto to go into heat and breed with any number of Pokemon, regardless of species, gender or toll on the body in order to obtain more uncommon Pokemon. Many never have a life outside of reproduction. Fighting until unconscious begins to seem a blessing,” Anthea said with a weak shake of her head.

    “How is this friendship?” Concordia asked with disgust, then turned her head with a look of worry at a pokemon floating beside her, a willow slyph with large coral eyes, snowy skin and a seaweed-colored crown of hair around her shoulders. “Look at the amazing things our friends can do. Gardevoir is beautiful, strong, smart and good! She can read the future, it is possible for her to even move through dimensions. Yet somebody thinks that they have the right to imprison her soul in a ball for their gain? It isn’t right!”

    Concordia’s knuckles lost color as she clenched a fist tight against the pocket of her skirt. A doll’s face came near to soothe Conocordia, wrapped her friend in a protective hug and made it clear why she was called the Embrace Pokemon

    “Lord N will make the world full of truth again. Justice always prevails Concordia, not man's false ideals,” Anthea said with confidence.

    N sat down on the soft earth and waited for Father Ghetsis to come to the park. The open air was so good to him. He found a shady area and took in the cool, minty scents of the sky, ivy and wood. A patrat wandered next to N.

    “Come here my friend,” N said, reaching his hand out to the Patrat that had scampered over to him, offering him a chocolate sweetheart. “You are about to hear a wonderful speech. Those of us who have gathered here today dream a common dream.”

    He was a short, nut brown rodent with cheeks so big that they seemed stuffed with dozens of apricorns. His red eyes were very alert however. The Patrat folded his arms with curiosity after it had finished wolfing down the candy.

    A dark, attractive female who was about the same age as N sat down beside him. She smiled at him.

    N was so engrossed with meeting a brand new pokemon and spoke at such a quick pace that he sometimes overlooked those who cared for him, even when they stood plainly in front of him. The expression of N’s admirer quickly turned from nervous to heartbroken.

    “Hi,” she whispered with eyes fixed firmly on the ground.

    Grey was one of the newest advocates for Team Plasma. Her shy speaking voice would not have been heard had it been anyone other than N.

    His ears rotated, giving him a whimsical look as they moved with a Buneary’s flexibility. She could not help but giggle at the sight of him and lose all of her sadness.

    He wore a distant facial expression even at the moment he turned to look at Grey. His eyes were clouded, still lost in the dreams he spoke of. A broad but still placid smile appeared on his face. “Let me hear your voice again Grey.”

    “What?” she asked, becoming embarrassed.

    A curl of hair fell out of place and hung in front of her eyes as she tried to scoot away, making her look not as mature as she would have liked in front of the king.

    She hoped that he liked her. There was a caring tone in his voice but Lord N was always polite to everyone. She had never met anyone like this. No matter how harshly he was treated he always wore a smile.

    N had dreams of the future that came true, he could understand pokemon verbatim, count vast sums in his head and often spoke in riddles. How could she read someone like N? No, someone like my lord N, she corrected herself in her head. While he was always informal she would not take advantage of his friendliness.

    She could not make a mistake with Father Ghetsis here today most of all. Though he was a man of charity who had saved the lives of even the Shadow Triad, everyone involved with Team Plasma was still expected to act with dignity, formality and treat his son with utmost respect. Grey would be homeless if not for Team Plasma, and she did not want to do anything to get herself thrown out of the castle.

    “You are with friends now Grey, you may speak as much as your heart desires or as little, and do so without fear. I decree that it can be no other way for any soul with the courage to embrace Pokemon Liberation and stand with Team Plasma. I am king to serve at your pleasure,” he said in a chipper fashion.

    This frightened Grey even more! Could he read minds too? Her head hung down with a groan.

    A polite applause started, N and Grey turned their attention toward the wooden platform in the center of the park and watched a man with yellow-green hair around his shoulders climb the steps. He was 6’6 and left a trail of gold fabric spilling down the wood like honey as he walked by. Dusky purple flecks intertwined with bronze, revealing ornate, eye-shaped patterns across the man’s kimono.

    The motivational speaker’s own eye was hidden with a red metal plate, large enough to conceal most of the right side of his face. Though one eye was missing, the other eye looked on his audience with intelligence and confidence. He dared anyone in the crowd to look away from his deformity in horror. If he could stand the pain, then so would you.

    The bone structure on the left side of his face had been preserved perfectly. He looked young and patrician, and made bending his lips into a smile for the people of Accumula look effortless. The injured side of his face was on fire with pain but it would not have hurt any less if he had scowled instead.

    “My name is Ghetsis. I am here representing Team Plasma. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to talk to to you about Pokemon Liberation,” N’s adoptive father began to speak.

    “Yes!” N cheered for him, adding a strong hand clap to the gathering.

    Ghetsis had a gravelly speaking voice, but each syllable was clear and precise. He had polished his instrument until the gunmetal was almost pleasant to hear. His words gave calm to the strangers as if he was their own father speaking, and he never broke eye contact with anyone.

    “I’m sure most of you believe that we humans and Pokemon are partners that have come to live together because we want and need each other. However... Is that really the truth? Have you ever considered that we humans...only assume that this is truth?”

    Grey wanted to dig a whole, bury herself under ground and disappear. She had cooperated with a system of oppression for years. It was not long ago that she heard Team Plasma preach to Pokemon trainers in a town just like this. It was then she realized that there was a better way to live; slavery was not the natural way of the world.

    “Yes sir, that’s right,” Anthea exclaimed from a park bench as claps from various directions followed her lead.

    There were young faces sitting towards the front of the stage that looked especially curious, two boys and a girl. Though Accumula was a little town it was on route to Nuvema where starter pokemon were given away regularly to help beginning trainers. New trainers were of the greatest interest to Ghetsis, he found them more receptive.

    The girl had a Snivy sitting calmly in her lap. Meanwhile an Oshawott and Tepig played tag with each other as the speech continued. The young man who trained Tepig frowned and turned to his rival, not liking the tone of the conversation. Oshawott’s trainer however reached into his wallet and donated 40 pokedollars to Ghetsis’ daughter Concordia, nodding his head along with Ghetsis.

    Ghetsis’ youngest girl made a traditional seiza bow, thanking the young man for his kindness as she passed the collection plate around the front row. She handed out her homemade tea cookies to everyone.

    “Pokemon are subject to the selfish commands of Trainers. They get pushed around when they are our ‘partners’ at work,” Ghetsis exclaimed with a fiery gesture of his hand. “Can anyone say with confidence that there is no truth in what I am saying?”

    Grey felt a panic attack coming on. She rose from underneath the tree where she had sat beside Lord N, and walked away from the gathering. She was not the only one who walked out while Ghetsis spoke.

    A woman dressed in a lovely Vulpix-skin coat picked up her purse and snatched a luxury ball from inside of the handbag. She clenched the black sphere and its gold inserts angrily, ejecting a Swanna from the pokeball. The lady placed her girth on top of the slender white creature and commanded it to fly, nearly running over Grey in her haste.

    Grey kept walking, trying to appear calm as she left the park and not make a scene like the trainer on the bird Pokemon. There had been a couple of other walkouts, which was to be expected, but it basically seemed that the meeting was going well. She could hear the voices of plenty of strangers cheering as Ghetsis went into detail about a brighter Unova.

    Grey hoped that nobody thought she was leaving because she disagreed. She loved Team Plasma, but it was hard to sit and hear the speeches for long. She grew anxious being around so many so many people, especially strangers. Sometimes she missed her family too a little, even if they were Pokemon trainers who did dot approve of her running away and joining the fight to liberate all Pokemon.

    There was a sign post up ahead painted with the words Route 1, and a long pink road that made Grey sneeze. She stepped over the cherry blossom petals with a sad smile. Those were his favorite. He loved spring, she thought.

    What am I thinking? He wasn’t my brother. Lord N is my brother now. We at Team Plasma are all one family working together until segregation is established for good and pokemon have a boundary to protect them.

    Grey got down on the ground, sat by the sign and touched the cool earth, drawing shapes in the soil to cheer herself up. All she needed was a few moments, if she stayed away for long Lord N or his sweet sisters might come looking for her and they did not need her as a burden.

    “Excuse me,”

    Grey looked down the road and saw nothing but trees, before finally spotting two shy, chocolate-toned eyes hiding behind the grass in the field. A gumdrop-shaped nose sniffed the air, followed by a bark. The puppy cautiously peered out of the grass. He tilted his head to the right and stared at Grey.

    “What is wrong Lillipup?”

    “What is wrong with you I should say? Come into the grass and hide with us where its safe little one,” the pile of fluff continued to bark at Grey.

    Grey rose to her feet. “But why?”

    “Because of the Pokemon trainers! Nuvema town is just down the road. New trainers hunting for Pokemon come in out of there all the time, so do old trainers and their teachers! One attacked my neighbor this morning and-”

    “It is so little and cuddly John! I have never seen that species before, it looks more like a pet,” said a brunette in a sailor dress, pointing down the road directly at Grey.

    The canine’s face vanished behind the grass. The tiny paws slowly backed away until he was safe behind an oran berry tree. He felt sorry for the pretty pokemon sitting under the sign. He supposed she had not been on her own for long; wild Pokemon never strolled up and down the road in plain sight.

    An ace trainer with a bowl cut of blue hair stood with one hand in his pocket, appraising Grey. “Definitely not obtainable in the wild here. You see those sparkles floating all around it? That means whatever species it is, its the shiny variety. Cool!”

    The lass rummaged through her purse to get her pokedex and unlock Pokemon's dex entry. A pleasant, if slightly electronic male voice came from the digital encyclopedia in the girl’s hands: Zorua, the tricky fox Pokemon. This Pokemon has human-like characteristics. It evolves into Zoroark at level 20. Bonds between these Pokemon are very strong. It protects the safety of its pack by tricking its opponents.

    A hologram resembling Grey appeared across the screen of her pokedex. It was a small quadruped with grey and black fur, large kitten-like ears and the thickest collar of fluff surrounding the creature’s neck. She had the face of a fox cub, a feminine, impish expression, teeny nose and innocent green eyes that took up most of her face.

    “So this is Zorua? It says this one’s female too,” said the lass, nodding her head as she took in the information.

    “Great that she happens to be female, if her ivs aren’t good you can make her breed a better one.”

    “Nobody’s getting me,” Grey growled, holding her head high up into the air. “I had a Pokemon trainer before like you, he said that we were like a family and that he was my brother, but Team Plasma taught me to see through his lies. I won’t be a servant again! I am a liberated Pokemon under the protection of Team Plasma.”

    Lass Genevive had no comprehension of what the fox Pokemon’s yaps meant; a human like N who understood Pokemon as a second language was one in a million. The girl smiled, unhooking from her charm bracelet a fuchsia and white pokeball engraved with a heart. She pressed the button in the center of the loveball to enlarge the capsule. The Zorua’s eyes widened in panic as she saw what was in the girl’s hand.

    “I want to dress you up and put you in a musical when we get Nimbasa city.”

    Grey scampered as fast as her stubby legs could carry her, but felt the orb collide with the back of her head, knocking her off balance. With a groan she forced herself to walk again, only to see a red shadow hover over her and the loveball open. When the two halves of the pokeball separated it revealed a gaping mouth, and the throat swallowed Grey whole.

    Grey screamed at the trainers as she was sucked inside of the ball. “Not again!”

    The pokeball rolled into the mud and then lay still at the lass’ feet. She tapped her loafers, waiting to hear the pokeball lock. For a second it shook violently to the left. The patter of small feet could just barely be heard coming from inside of the pokeball. It was perfectly normal, the Pokemon was trying to find a way out, probably kicking at the ceiling and chewing on some wires, but pokeballs were stronger than they looked.

    The loveball shook again, this time to the right, but to no avail for the Zorua. The two trainers stared at the ball intensely. The ace trainer folded his arms with curiosity as the loveball spun on its side for a third time.

    The girl leaped up into the air, raising her fist in excitement. “Gotcha!"

    “N,” Grey whispered.

    To be continued...
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