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Remember in the Sinnoh season of the anime where the episode titles were puns?

Like, "Smells like Team Spirit" "Our Cup Runneth Over" "Two Degrees of Separation"

I miss that, where did they go? The dub titles are so lazy now.


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Oh man I almost completely forgot about the puns. Honestly the dub and these titles were something I grew up with so I've definitely gotten a little attached to those, lol. I wasn't aware they stopped doing them though? Think they still do get used once in a while but maybe not as often. I guess it's only a matter of time until you run out of ideas for titles like that?


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I recently rewatched the first 40 episodes of Kanto, there is like 55 on Netflix but haven't watched the rest yet so many fillers..., and I do miss some puns, as well as the 4th Wall Breaks. Although some of the older episodes had too many in my opinion.

I actually don't remember any puns in the newer series, unless they are so subtle I just don't notice them.