Trade Shops Need a very specific Pokémon bred or trained for your team? In this forum you can browse the vast collections of our most established traders! Only one thread may be created per user.
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— You may double post to bump your Shop Thread once a week
— Do not highjack threads; only make offers with the thread owner
— Ask a Moderator if you want to close or re-open your thread
— Do NOT mini-mod. If you see a rule-breaking post, use the report button
— Do not trade Pokémon for monetary transactions nor material items including merchandise, collectibles, gift cards, etc. Keep the trading within the Pokémon video games

About your Trade Shop.
— To have a Trade Shop, you must be offering at least TWENTY different species of Pokémon
— If you have less than 20 specific offers, use the Quick Trades section
— Your thread is considered dead and will be closed if you haven't replied to offers in over 30 days
— You may not revive someone else's shop
— Respect the distribution rights of a Pokémon
— You may hold a joint shop with another user
— You may link a spreadsheet, but the linked spreadsheet must respect ALL Pokécommunity & Trade Corner rules
— You may hold a Giveaway within your Trade Shop, or create a separate thread in Quick Trades section
— Do not set up your giveaway as a contest, as these threads tend to generate spam
— There will be one active Trade Shop per person.

Hacked Pokémon are prohibited.
Hacked Pokémon are Pokémon that cannot be obtained through normal gameplay, such as a Pokémon with an impossible move, ability, or ribbon. Fan-made events or not yet released Pokémon are also prohibited from being traded. Pokémon that has been edited or created with the use of cheating devices or software such as PKHeX or Powersaves are prohibited. Shiny Mew are considered hacks and are not allowed to be traded here. For a complete list of commonly found hacks, click here

Regarding Powersaves
If you use Powersaves to maintain your shop, be sure to list which codes you use (e.g. cloning, max items). Do not offer cloning services. Refer users to the official cloning thread.

Allowed Codes:
— Cloning
— All TMs/HMs
— x990 Items
— x990 BP
— Rebattle codes
— Fast Egg hatching
— 100% Capture rate
— Boosted experience points in battle
— IV/EV checking codes
— Delete Pokémon
Prohibited Codes/Pokémon:
— Force Shiny (Powersaves)
— Make every Pokémon Shiny (AR)
— Modifying IVs, EVs, Moves, Abilities, etc
— Adding / Removing Ribbons
— Using ANY method/codes/software to edit a Pokémon
— Hacking/Injecting Wondercards and Event Items
— Catch any Pokémon code
— Change forms of Pokémon
— Make VC Pokémon Shiny (8F Glitch)
— Pokémon caught with Soft Reset Bots
— Pokémon caught on Emulator/Non-legit copies of the game

Your Trade Staff,

Trade Glossary

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