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[T] War Between Pokemon & Humans II - Severed Bonds [OOC] Page 42

Started by -Nocturnal September 11th, 2011 8:58 PM
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Posted June 26th, 2019
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Hey guys, Supervegeta here. I regret to announce that this is it for me. I can't go on GMing War. It's too much work. I came in this with two other Co-GMs, and it was under that idea I was willing to become a GM here. Now both of them are gone, and have dumped the RP on me. I tried to continue it for a while, but I am now starting up my own RP that I have planned for months now, and I must leave here.

If by some miracle, Lu returns and continues the RP, great. If not, I suppose this thread is dead. Goodbye everyone. See you around the RP Corner. Cain Trace...out.

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Posted July 11th, 2019
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I've been saying that for, atleast a month.

SV could always consider the RP... Postponed till better times. Just an idea

Or could SV pass off gm to someone else? Who is, of course qualified


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In SV's defense this was not his RP it was Lu's, and like he said he was suppose to just be 1 of 2 Co GMs and then the normal GM and the other Co-GM left. Being a GM myself its hard to keep a RP going you have/had no intention of running, and even harder to pick up where someone left off since now you need to work the story around what you know and in many cases this requires a change in vision for the RP.

Sadly Lu will not be back on till sometime next summer because he has to go through testing **** until then (I was able to talk to him a little the other night). From what I understand of the education system over on his side of the pond is that this long series of tests decides his future job and thus his entire future.... and o ya there is no retake of these tests. You have one shot and I believe your competing with all your peers. So he doesn't care one bit about WAR or any RP at this point since reality is a 500 pound gorilla breathing down his neck.

I'm sure if someone wants to take up the mantle of GM SV will allow them to, but that is a big "if." Of coarse the RP isn't closed so people can continue to post the RP might just lack any real direction, but if your having fun honestly that is all that matters.

Also if your going to postpone a RP for any extended period of time (especially sites like here were people come and go) its better to kill it then do a complete restart when the time comes. That is all opinion though...

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Posted June 7th, 2019
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I'm gonna miss this RP... Just trying to think up one single reasonable post has been all that's keeping me coming to PC XD I'll probably end up disappearing for the rest of school year like I did last year, popping on every now and then. I just hope when I come back next summer that Lu decides to restart War II whenever he's able. Until then, I'll just be lurking about the forums. So long, folks! It's been fun!


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Hey, just wanted to add this in, but... umm... I'm terribly sorry for leaving so abruptly, and not warning in advance of my departing of this Roleplay/website. I know it's been months, but I do think of the RP a lot; how great the first one was, and how school managed to screw this sequel up. Also of how my leave might have affected other people, and all the members who had joined War Between PKM & Humans. Of course, school wasn't the complete blame for the breaking down of this RP...but it was a great contributing factor.

It has been close to half a school year, judging by my times and start on highschool. I request that this Roleplay be continued by next summer, if anyone else wants to start having fun again and remembers how great the first non-stressful RP went. Right now isn't the time to waste effort pushing this RP, and I think you've all figured that out by now. But that doesn't mean War is doomed.

If you want this Roleplay to be successful again, you can help me and Lu(maybe vegeta?) piece this all together again next summer by joining again and not completely giving up your hopes of ever being in War again.

I promise I will try my hardest to get this up again sometime, someday. For now, only work and time stands in my way... but for summer, I'll be able to support this Roleplay again, and possibly get it back up. And, actually, I am trying to get everyone's hopes up again, because I know how many people had originally adored War 1 and wanted to be in War 2, only to find that War 2 failed. I don't want people to think of War as a failure, only because the sequel didn't turn out like we wanted it to. I'm not making any guarantees, but ****, War 2 could end up being as good as the first one if we all just had a little bit of extra time on our hands!

I'm pretty sure mostly, if not all of us here want this RP to bounce back. If we can all just wait for summer, than I might be able to convince Lu to bounce it back up successfully. Orrr something like that.

Love you guys <3

~ SD

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