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    Originally Posted by Ech View Post
    I miss Kiyo.
    "Who's Kiyo," more like "Where's Kiyo" eyyyyyy

    Puzzles Abound

    "One part Mr. Clarke, I'm assuming," Cadbury guessed, watching the octopus touch on the Spindas and gesticulate with his pen. He tried to figure out the other part by taking up Jean-Georges's book and flipping through it. The first image looked at first like a cross between an anemone and an octopus, until a tilt of his head aided him in identifying its true nature: an upside-down octopus, limbs limp, eyes dizzy. The hand that held it up by the cranium reappeared in the next page, and Cadbury winced at what he saw. He could only interpret this arm as a victim to a tentacled beast below. He glanced up at Jean-Georges briefly. The Octillery was such a friendly one, such a contrast to this. Cadbury had no end of difficulty interpreting this image's intentions, given its artist.

    Oh, this next image was interesting. Visualization, the workings of the eye and the images it sees. Cadbury remembered reading scientific evidence of the images formed on retina being upside-down, or something to that effect. That must be what this signified. Perhaps showing this drawing was Jean-Georges way of explaining copying down what he saw?

    When Cadbury moved to return the flipbook, he noticed the Octillery busy with another piece in the meanwhile. He took note of the look in Jean-Georges's eye. Was that... normal? He wasn't an artist, and he wasn't sure that the artist's gaze looked like when focused on task, but... This didn't strike him as ordinary.

    The next paper he was handed, Cadbury got the impression he was not intended to give back. "Oh, it's me, is it not? That's a handsome stylization. For me?" He smiled, appreciative, but not certain he's any closer to a true understanding of his co-worker. "Thank you, Jean-Georges." Well, if the octopus did indeed consider himself a "tracer," then this certainly was outside that realm. One cannot trace a three-dimensional butler, after all!

    Piggybacking on the Kirlia's question, Cadbury stood by the chalkboard that the octopus had swapped to, and studied the image. It gave him the same feeling of unease as the drowning arm, and this sensation only worsened with the final illustration presented.

    "These... were your friends, Jean-Georges?" Cadbury asked hesitatingly, just as confirmation. The Linoone's train of thought was headed somewhere. He didn't care for the direction it was aimed. "Friend... Just how old are you?" he asked, intrigued and perturbed enough to ask something a little rude.


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      Is this open and can I still submit a charecter?
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