4th Gen Pokemon questions for emulators

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I am new to this forum I play gen 3,4 on the PC emulators VBA DeSume and so on, I want to ask that if I save just after I encounter a pokemon (not the main save the in emulator save) will the held item in the hands of the pokemon change and will the stats be determined as soon as I encounter it or can the stats change when I catch it



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save-states aren't the same as soft-resetting. you'll be getting the same stats/values over and over if you only save via the emulator and not the cartridge itself. if you wanna shiny hunt, look for a good nature, or get a peculiar held item, you're gonna want to use the in-game save option.

save-states are more useful for stuff like important battles if you just wanna get right back into it should you lose. at least that's what i use it for anyway.
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