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Its 12'o clock and its already night

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Old 1 Week Ago (9:58 AM). Edited 1 Week Ago by peter McLightning.
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lightning is unstoppable
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    Imagine it's now night and its 12. You can't sleep because of a reason. Now, without waking up anyone of your house, what you would do to pass the night.

    Note this things

    1.You don't have GF/BF
    2.You don't have electronics items
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    Old 1 Week Ago (10:18 AM).
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    strangerhypno strangerhypno is online now
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      drink some warm milk
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      Old 1 Week Ago (10:23 AM).
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      the magnificent steiner
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        water paint, no shapes in particular. maybe read a light book i've read and reread already.
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        Old 1 Week Ago (3:28 PM).
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          It's happened

          I just take a shower and try to fall asleep again
          Favorite Pokemon

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          Old 1 Week Ago (8:14 PM).
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          This is Mandatory
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          Set things on fire.
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          Old 1 Week Ago (2:51 AM).
          engineer engineer is online now
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          what is life without a bf/gf or internet, i can't even imagine that, i need at least one of those things
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          Old 1 Week Ago (4:19 AM).
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          Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
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          I am the terror that flaps in the night.
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          Old 1 Week Ago (4:51 AM).
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            Read everything ever written online about something completely insignificant like an X-Files episode.
            If I'm talking a lot, tell me to stop squandering my free time, and to go and work on my hack!
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            Old 6 Days Ago (9:50 PM).
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            Darkinium Z
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            Perhaps write in my notebook for half an hour to an hour, and then next morning wonder if any of it made since. = p

            "Meowth are all right. They don't care who you are or anything."
            Foul Play [Chapter Four up!]
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            Old 6 Days Ago (11:12 PM).
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              I'll probably gonna drink some hot cocoa and force myself to sleep.
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              Old 6 Days Ago (6:23 AM).
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              The Heart and Soul of Fire
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                I'll probably watch some tv or play video games until I start falling asleep.
                Hacks I support

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                Old 6 Days Ago (9:37 AM).
                Rednetter Rednetter is offline
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                  I would sit there and reconsider all of my past life choices.
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                  Old 5 Days Ago (1:15 PM).
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                  Keep grading papers.
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                  Old 4 Days Ago (2:32 PM).
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                  Three Days Grace - Break
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                    Probably read some Manga or just a book in general.
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                    Old 4 Days Ago (4:15 PM). Edited 4 Days Ago by Jirachu.
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                    ~Kawaii Korrina Fangirl~
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                      THINK ABOUT KORRINA.
                      Yep, my obvious answer of obviousness. *grin's widely*
                      ~Number One Korrina Fan Girl~

                      Hiyo, i'm Jirachu~<3 Kawaii Pikachu and Jirachi cross, though now my favorite Pokemon character is Korrina; and I crush HARD on her lemme tell ya lol :3

                      Cute things are awesome! ;3
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                      Old 4 Days Ago (3:10 AM).
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                      not avalible for contact
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                      Location: back in the trashcan
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                      the second I make a move my stepmom wakes up for some reason so

                      MISSION FAILED

                      we'll get em next time
                      the worst person you'll ever meet is me :>

                      but im good at games so guess that makes up for it xd
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