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Originally Posted by Enpatsu Shakugan View Post
If you don't want to immediately start again in NG+ mode, that is. I played it twice my first time and my save file has over 200 hours on it.
I won't, I don't have the patience or the time to play a game this long more than once, considering that it's nothing special. If I get every trophy except for the two exclusive to NG+ (which I might, although I've heard many bad things about some of the video games and I'm not going to spend hours trying to do them) then I might go into NG+ long enough to get those, but the game is nowhere near good enough for a second playthrough.
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    I finished Yakuza 5 last night so will undoubtedly start 6 over my weekend. What a good series.

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    I decided to play through Kirby Star Allies again, currently I'm on the fourth world hub (which looks gorgeous) after defeating the third world's final boss.
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      At steam, i was spending a lot of hours playing the well known free-to-play team fortress 2.
      Oh my god, that game can really make me spend hours because of being a really entertaining game.
      I was playing in a brazilian server as a scout (my main class), and i had a lot of fun on that server, doing things like the common PvP and being friendlies.
      I think this game marked me as an FPS player, not only because of the customization of the classes, but because of being so different as many other FPS's like call of duty, battlefield, counter-strike and etc, i think downloading steam and playing this game at servers in my first time was worth it and i don't regret it.
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