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    Author's Note: This is a pretty long story, about 4,000 words. And it was worked on May 2011 along with Marowak the Avenger.

    I was once an unassuming Shuppet doll that no one wants to take or have their clinging desires for. They don't want a badly drained, blank face doll like me. I was sealed in a state of muteness, as no one noticed my internal, bottled up frustration and my dark despair to the whole world.

    It was once a spring afternoon in Virbank City. I would recall of it as a busy yet exhilarating day. Various chatter and other joyful noises would cascade towards the Pokémon Megastore nonstop I took a glimpse at the sun that was shining through the windows. I could observe every detail that's around my immobile state, and that's very special.

    The only time where I would be happy is when various customers would race into the store like if a burst of energy was pulsed into their minds. They would quickly take their desired things in a heartbeat and call this store the best one there is in countless years.

    But I recall that one day, on the 12th of June. That day was my breaking point. I saw one boy come into the store. He had a joyful look on his face that gave me a fuzzy feel. He lightly emits out a few awes while he gazed around the expansive area. The female worker with an apron on her blue shirt walked to the boy. She kneeled down and rubbed his bushy brown hair.

    "Hey, little guy." She greeted happily, "Is there anything you want to get?"

    All of a sudden, the door was flung open, releasing an alarming bang; some of the novelties clatter nonchalantly. All of us quickly looked at the door, but it was his mother. She had a tired look on her face. Not only that, but she roughly tries to breathe, but it comes out a ghastly sound that frightened us.

    "Mama! I want that doll! That doll!" The boy said loudly. He identified me with his finger. He jumped anxiously with his excitement coursed in his little body.

    The mother's hair jumped up alertness as she spoke, "Ok, ok. Try to get that ok?"

    The boy happily skipped along the sleek pavement on the floor towards me. I was very excited to finally leave this store where no one wanted to take me as their owner. But he took a glimpse at my meaningless gaze. As he scampered back nervously, his hopes were dropped. His face slowly degenerated into a gloomy expression. Tears quickly rushed down from his face and faintly dripped.

    Soon enough, his face lighted up into a deep shade of red; the green disgust that streamed out of his nostrils really made me disgusted.

    "Mama! I want the other one! Mama!" The boy whined loudly. His mother dashed towards her unsettled child and patted his back gently. The light pats that were massaging his pain soothingly eased it away.

    "There, there. Let's get you the other big Minccino Doll ok?" Once I heard that, that really grinded my gears. I was in a state of alertness as it vibrantly echoed in my mind with its faint messages. I hated that doll with a deep and excruciating passion. Everyone would ignore me like I don't exist and these morons want to take that one since it looked "infatuating".

    Its gleaming, bug sized eyes gave me a nauseous feel that made my body ache with such an intense pain inside myself that made me want to regurgitate out my cotton, though I'm not an real animal. Its creepy smile really made me an intriguing thought. Along with its light fur that made it over the top with its shiny looking appeal. As soon as I saw those two purchase that monstrosity and left, my frustration towards that doll dissipated.

    I would always get ignored by those inconsiderate customers. That's one thing that makes my mind like a tricky puzzle. Every time, I laid my yellow eyes on them obsessively buying other dolls like if they were a pack of hungry wolves. It would irk me when I hear them call them call them "cute", "adorable", or "cozy". It would create a furious cloud that rained on my self-esteem with loud thunder that cracks inside.

    I remember staying there alone for long, tedious weeks. It felt like if a year have gone by and nothing has changed. Some of the workers would pierce me with their worried gaze on their faces. Then all of a sudden, they just leave to their working stations. It made me feel like if I am the odd one out.

    No one wanted me to be a part of their nurturing families. No one cared about me and how I am always ignored for no reason. No one understands by how I'm really at the verge of not wanting to not exist in this foolish, insipid world any longer.

    But one morning, I heard a loud shriek that came out of the door. I quickly woke up with alertness, easily intimidated by that sudden outburst.

    "Mom! I want that Shuppet Doll!" a girly voice echoed out of the door.

    My eyes were fixed to the door; I was tempted to figure out on who was behind that door. Then as it slowly opened, it released an eerie creak that pierced through my hearing. From the blinding light that was happily sent by the sun to greet the citizens of this vicinity, there entered one little girl.

    The girl's adoring presence illuminated the whole store along with her bright blushes that lights up on the sides of her partly pale skin. She has glassy blue hair adorned as 2 ponytails on the sides of her head. She has this excited smile along with her intriguing light orange eyes.

    Suddenly her mother came bolting into the store, roughly blowing out hot puffs of air.

    "Lucy," her mother said weakly, "Please don't run like you always do. You know that I care of your safety since your dad divorced me. I don't want you to get lost like you almost did before."

    When I heard that name "Lucy", which sounded illuminating to my ears, I found it very delicate and it copies her whole theme and looks. Then she quickly bolts towards me with a curious gaze locked on to me.

    After they bought me, they happily exited that lonely prison of mine. As I took a glimpse outside, I can finally see what goes on. I see various flying Pokemon like Starly and Yanma fly gracefully across the sky as they happily chant. The bright sun that was displayed behind the cottony clouds shined towards us. Then I glanced at various kids running around. They laughed happily as they chase each other with their arms in front of their joyful smiles.

    This along with my freedom from the long, tedious years of staying in that unassuming prison had made me free. Then as we went to our new house, I was amazed by the large size of this. There are sky blue pavements along with white pavements that are decorated with puffs that seem to look like those large and light clouds that you see at the sky.

    As Lucy lightly grasps on me, she looked down at me with a bright smile. "Looks like we are going to be together Bonnie?"

    I was given a name. Bonnie. It sounded a bit stupid at first from what I thought, but I got adjusted to that name quickly. As we entered into her house, my life would be changed forever.

    Over the times when I was to beside her, I remember when we were being at her light pink colored room. There were light stripes of pink and white decked around the clear wall paper, along with some photos of herself, and someone that was grabbing her shoulder in some picture taken in a festival. Every time that she would glance at that picture, she would burst into tears and would loudly cry in her bed as she placed her teary face on her puffy pillow.

    "Chris! I want you back! I want you to be by my side again!" She yells sadly. Then as she released her face from her pillow, she sees that her tears have deeply seeped into her pillow that leaves a gray mark that's almost shaped like a star.

    The day after that, I remember myself at her cozy bed. She would make soothing hums that would cascade around her quiet room. As she groomed me with her prickly blue comb, I was blessed by the elegant sensation that purified my condition.

    She would take me outside and take me to her flower garden. As I looked at their greeting gestures while they lightly flutter around, I felt like I was in Heaven. I was placed beside Lucy's lap as she plucked off 2 flowers. As she smelled both of them, the vibrant smell that reached into her nose have given her quite a daze at first which frightened me.

    But she got out of the luminous daze while she leaned up from the grass.

    "Oh, where are those flowers that I got?" She said, but it came out a bit mumbled. As she tried to focus around her view, she spotted 2 of her flower heads that were comfortably lying on the long grass. She grabbed me all of a sudden and tried knitting my body to the flower. I didn't know on what she was pulling up in her secretive sleeve, until she instantly took me to her room.

    She placed me face front by her mirror as she pats my sides lightly. As I gazed at my dazzling reflection, it made me quite pleased by this. I looked at the yellow flower that was safely residing at the top of my dainty head.

    I used to think of Lucy as like a little pest that would always make loud cheers all the time that would disrupt my center of thought, but now I find her as a generous person.

    But I would remember by how Lucy would take me to her school in Castelia City. I would have this depressing thought whenever Lucy would pass through the bystanders when she tried to enter at her class.

    I would hear devious whispers slither around while we walk in the halls. They would call Lucy a "blue haired freak", or "pig-tail". They would even call her a fish by her unusually orange eyes along with her somewhat unusually pale skin that stands out of the whole school.

    Lucy's mother has that same skin as her, so I can't blame her. But I would see tears of Lucy's despair rain down from her watery eyes. They would touch me gently and slither away as I began to feel her depression touch my heart.

    I would tend to have sympathy for Lucy. I mean, her cousin that she was close to died, her father left her without any care for her only daughter, and that no one would understand the pain she has. I wasn't the only odd one out when I thought of what she would do. Even in class, she wouldn't even speak and have that blank, depressive gaze as she stared at the clear desk.

    Even at Recess, some of her friends would ask her if she would tend to hang out with her. But she would show me with her intense smirk of despair. They quickly backed away and quickly ran away from her invisible negative aura that was greatly spreading.

    She gripped my tender body carelessly, which made felt like an extreme pressure of pain. "I hate these people. I wish that they would get out of my life!" She loudly yelled when she glared at the bright sun, causing loud echoes to echo around that caused Pidoves to squawk loudly as they flew away. She angrily kicked a rock that flew into a house, letting out a vibrant thud. That gave me a shivering feel inside of me.

    She slowly drifted off to the empty swings and sat on them. She rubbed their soft texture with a soulless feeling that I notice on her. As she was swinging slowly, 2 girls walked towards her with a devious grin on their faces.

    They cockily laughed in such a dreadful manner. As Lucy looked up towards them, she instantly dropped me into the ground. She didn't utter anything out as she shivered violently.

    "Hey, pigtail!" said the girl in the blue shirt as she giggled at an uncontrollable fashion. Lucy quickly got up from the swing as she loudly stomped the ground that caused her glassy hair to swing violently. The girls and I were intrigued by her sudden action.

    "Steph, how about you stop bothering me a lot! I mean really!" she screeched at a loud way like a baby. She quickly snagged me as she tightly secured me in her warm arms. "You will never take Bonnie away from me you imbecile!" She lashed out her right arm. The wind that was generated by that violent move hit the girl's faces moderately.

    I stared at Lucy in such an odd way. I mean, this is like one of the first times that she would loudly yell from the top of her lungs. I knew that there was a pain inside her heart that remained unclogged and not sealed shut.

    Steph displayed her face with a cocky grin, "Oh, you think that you're so tough, eh Lucy Pigtail!? You dainty, little twig."

    Lucy had her fist tight as possible, displaying her anger. "It's Merida! And no one would like it if you were to lose someone important from you!"

    The other girl with the black sweater crossed her arms as she placed her dark booted leg. "Oh, like when your older cousin died in the fire. You would go "Ooo hooo! Waaaa! I want my cousin!" You would always go to him for help or whenever, but he's gone! Gone I tell you! He doesn't want a 10 year old girl like you to hang out with a 15 year old like him. Suck it up and hang out with other losers like you."

    Suddenly I felt her tears rain down to me once again with massive droplets of pain. I really didn't want her to cry by this since she's always in pain and despair. She sniffled loudly while she cleansed her face with her arm.

    "Leave my cousin out of this! I won't let you take the light that I have!" She quickly shifted around as her tears rained out of her eyes. She secured me even tighter towards the point where I can't breathe.

    The girls chuckled as they glared at her deviously. Suddenly Steph ran towards her and locked her waist in check by her arm. "How about it now, pigtail! You talk too much you know that?" She roughly said as she glared at Lucy's troubled expression. Then she pushed Lucy to the ground. She lets out a loud shriek, though it didn't even reach through their thoughts.

    I mean, what kind of girls would do this to such an innocent girl? I mean that she's sort of addled, but that didn't mean that they would tend to harass her when she didn't do anything! I had a painful urge to help her as I try to release my energy, but nothing came out. I was extremely frustrated of how useless I was when I get to see Steph secure her body.

    I could hear her painful cries for help while she struggled to let Steph unlock her hips. Suddenly, that girl grabbed me from the ground and twisted my lower part of my body like a screw. "Why don't we tear this worthless doll to pieces!?" The girl roughly said.

    "Stop, please! Don't rip off Bonnie! I want her back!" Lucy painfully shrilled. As she tried to slip out of Steph's arm, she can't watch me from getting ripped open. Suddenly as I was being deviously twisted, I heard a few rippling noises inside of me that were as quiet as a whisper.

    "Let go of me! I said, let go!" She tried to let Steph's arm off of her skirt, but she refused to not latch off of her clothing. I knew that I was pretty useless to Lucy. I knew that I was just a doll that only does nothing but just stay still. But I knew that I had potential. I wanted to defend Lucy for my life. I wanted to be tough like an Bouffalant. And I want to be strong!

    Suddenly, a dark energy was pouring out of me. I felt a bit odd since that this is my power and that I never felt this. The girls lost their attention and stared at me with an intrigued look on their eyes. Suddenly the energy revealed itself as a dark, wind shaped blast. Lucy looked pretty astonished by my sudden energy traveling over me. Then I blasted out my bottled up energy towards those two. Sand was blown towards them as they fell to the ground along with Lucy.

    As the sand settled, those 2 got up as they shivered. They glared at me with intimidated looks on their faces. "Wha- What is that…." The girl uttered out in a nervous way. "I…. I don't know. Let's get of here!" They quickly got up from the ground and trailed off in a nervous fashion.

    Lucy shuddered while she stared at me with her arms close to her chest. She whimpered in a timid tone, afraid to walk towards my immobile state. But she bursts into tears as she loudly sniffled, seeing that I was there to protect her. Then she quickly ran towards me and tightly hugged me as I felt her warm body rubbing mine's.

    "Bonnie! I'm glad that you are alive! You aren't a regular doll! I'm so happy that I wanted to squeeze you!" She then hugs me even tighter as I became a bit overwhelmed that she's overjoyed with relief that I am alive.

    Over the following year, Lucy began to leave the endless rain that was over her worn shell. She became more outgoing and not hide under her blankets. She would take me to her friend's houses and frankly laugh when she enjoyed being with them. They would always be by her side. They would go to the Ferris Wheel and the amusement park in the largely populated Nimbasa City. They tend to eat with each other as they just laugh.

    But like the month before she left on her journey, I remember her placing me beside the door. She would just say nothing and walk downstairs. It made me wonder on what's going on. Like I was glad that she became happy and excited, but she slowly drifts her attention away from me. I overheard a conversation between her and her friends at her living room.

    I would hear "We're going on a journey", "Starter Pokémon", and "I don't know" that came off of Lucy's tender lips. That grabbed my attention. I tried to focus on what they were trying to say as I try to focus on them being at the living room.

    "Come on Lucy, you can't stay with that cursed doll that almost destroyed our old school before. It gave me the chills." one of Lucy's friends nervously said as she shivers in fear while she thinks of my existence. But her name was Becky, which is Lucy's best companion.

    "Lucy. I agree with Becky. I mean you're about to turn 12 and that you can't hang out with that worn up doll that you been with for almost 4 years." said another one.

    Lucy glanced down on herself with a troubled expression. "I don't know. I mean like that doll is just cursed anyways despite the fact that it has been with me. I….. I'll think of this…." she faintly said. Her voice slowly faded as a sound that's quieter than a whisper. She glanced up at the door.

    I was very surprised. I mean like I am just a mute doll that does just nothing but sit there. Not an animal, nor a human. But nor a Pokémon. Who am I? How did I get here? Why am I like this and how am I just a living doll with no voice?

    But I remember as the month flown by. It was the day. Lucy packed all of her clothes and stuff inside her bag. I remember her looking very pretty in a way. She wore a black beret that sports over her long, glassy blue hair that reaches downward towards half of her body. She had a long, blue sleeved shirt that had a collar that reached towards 1/8 of her chest area that revealed her bra. It consisted of blue and purple stripes.

    Also she wore a black skirt that covers almost half of her legs along with her long socks that's attached with her blue shoes embedded with a few crystals. She also has that pretty expression on her face whenever she tends to blush.

    But when she walked out of the door, she looked at her house with a sad look on her face. I was sitting beside the window in her room, looking at her just standing there. But before she finally left, I remember that she was crying for some reason. She was on top of me with her arms beside me.

    She sadly said, "I'm glad that you were with me. Because of you…. You gave me light into my heart. But I got one thing to say, I can't be with you no longer…" She turned around and quickly ran down towards the door without uttering a word out of her mouth.

    But when she was still staring at the window, she just turned around and left without any concern in her. I felt an urge in my mind; I wanted to be with her for a long time, and I don't want to be alone. I wanted to be by her side, not just get pushed around like I'm worthless trash. Suddenly, I felt a burst of white energy that I was brightly emitting out of my body.

    I began to form a real mouth where I no longer remain a mute state for eternity. I began to form real eyes where I can actually see from, and I have a real Shuppet body.

    "What?" I seriously said, glancing at the bottom of my body. I was also intrigued by that sudden sound that I hollered out. Like is this for real? I have a real body like everyone else. I'm no longer a worthless doll that can't speak or do anything. I'm a Pokémon now, one that can fully express their emotions and be like anyone else.

    I knew that I had to be with her and that I wanted to prove myself worthy. I felt this empty void in my heart still, and that one can only be done by one thing. So I quickly swam out of the house, slipping through the solid walls like if they were nothing. As I was reaching towards her, from my view, I saw her walking away from her home by herself, humming peacefully where there are no distractions.

    "Shuppett!" I screeched out, trying to get Lucy's attention. Suddenly she stopped on her 2 legs. Her hair swayed as she turned around, revealing her face. "Huh?" Then she smiled with bliss on her face, seeing that I am no longer a doll anymore.

    "Come here Bonnie!" She happily yelled as she reached out her hands. I was in a deep state of happiness when I heard her deep yearn for me reaching out. When I finally landed on her hands, I felt her snuggling warmth of her tender palms that were inviting me.

    I snuggled on her hands that felt like if they were a fluffy cloud or a furry pillow. Finally, me and her are one, and for all. The pieces that were scattered in my life have been recollected into one single shard of happiness.
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    ; w ; It's amazing. It has really touched my heart. ^^ If you wrote a book, I'd buy it!

    And by the way, I can't send you a VM / PM. :c Could you allow me please?
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      Originally Posted by Mokoko View Post
      ; w ; It's amazing. It has really touched my heart. If you wrote a book, I'd buy it!

      And by the way, I can't send you a VM / PM. :c Could you allow me please?
      I thought that you can since I added you to my friends list. And thanks.
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        Incredible! Quite sad at first but the ending is happy! I love how you portrayed a Shuppet as a loving creature instead of a vengeful one. Please make more stories like this.

        I have my own world XD.
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          Originally Posted by Drgons90 View Post
          Incredible! Quite sad at first but the ending is happy! I love how you portrayed a Shuppet as a loving creature instead of a vengeful one. Please make more stories like this.
          Thanks, and I didn't want Shuppet as like an angry character. I was originally going to end it when she transformed into one before night and she ran out of the house, but I found it useless and wrote that instead.
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