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Writing "Shorts are comfy and easy to wear." - Battle quote dump thread

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Old June 13th, 2017 (10:07 AM).
hetzalwel hetzalwel is offline
    Join Date: Jul 2014
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    Before battle: Me and my team are impregnable!
    After battle: You caught me off guard!
    After you battled and talk again: (mumbles) that lousy cheater... Hiya! Oh... it;s you again..

    Rematch: (mumbles) grr it's that cheater again
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    Old June 18th, 2017 (11:08 AM).
    mewtwo2you's Avatar
    mewtwo2you mewtwo2you is offline
      Join Date: Jun 2017
      Posts: 8
      trainer class could be any but for this example I will use a picnicker.

      before battle: My hobby is standing around all day jerking my head in all directions randomly!

      Losing text: I don't Know my head hurts a bit

      After battle: No seriously I am in a lot of pain, please call for help!
      Rematch: A ghost of a picnicker with a broken neck attacks you!

      Pokemon Sea Blue Version
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      Old July 13th, 2017 (6:12 PM).
      BugTypeAficionado's Avatar
      BugTypeAficionado BugTypeAficionado is offline
      Bug types are so hi-technicaaaal!
        Join Date: Jul 2017
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        (A trainer with ghost puns)
        Challenge Text: Ghost Pokemon are the best! Whenever I battle with them, I become the life of the party!
        Losing Text: Aw, you're such a buzzkill...
        After-loss Talking Text: If you ask me, you need to learn to live a little.

        (A field worker/scientist trainer)
        Challenge Text: Young...capable...quite a few badges under your belt. I'd say you're the perfect subject for my research!
        Losing Text: So my hypothesis WAS correct. You're quite the promising trainer!
        After-loss Talking Text: I've battled trainers that have used the same Pokemon you have. Yet, you show much more promise than they did. Your skill is immeasurable!
        Rematch Text: My peers were quite impressed by your battle prowess before. If I may, I would like to have a more recent sample of your Pokemon's power.

        Stuff I came up with on the fly. Hopefully somebody can find this useful!
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