Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon Alola, and welcome to the Alola region, Trainer! This is the forum for the first games of the seventh generation, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon! Are you Team Rowlet, Litten, or Popplio? Do you prefer Solgaleo or Lunala? How do you feel about Alola forms? Talk about those and more here!

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Old April 19th, 2017 (5:47 PM).
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    Old April 20th, 2017 (7:40 PM).
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      Lurantis, Hakamo-o, Lycanroc Day, Silvally, Raichu, Ninetales were my favorite introduced this generation.

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      Old April 20th, 2017 (8:30 PM).
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      my favourites this gen are Alolan Marowak, Decidueye, Ribombee & Tsareena by miles! This generation as a whole is pretty incredible, Pokémon wise, imo
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      Old April 20th, 2017 (8:48 PM).
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        Tsareena is very cute. Lycanroc is amazing. But I think my favorit is Drampa. It's so nice, with its Neverending Story dragon-like face.
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        Old April 21st, 2017 (5:27 PM).
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          Old April 22nd, 2017 (4:30 AM).
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          Whishiwashi is the coolest in terms of concept. That is in my opinion hehe ^-^
          Butttt the one I like the most is probably Kommo-o because of its unique name, design and typing.
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          Old April 22nd, 2017 (6:09 AM).
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          Ribombee is my favourite. It's one of the few Alolan Pokémon with decent speed, plus it's adorable.
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          Old April 24th, 2017 (5:44 PM).
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            Rockruff, it is adorable!
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            Old April 26th, 2017 (5:10 AM).
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              After having a bit of time passing, I think I can answer this, giving most pokemon a chance. I will try to get 5 pokemon for each category.

              Decidueye - It has been my favorite now for a year. Ever since the pokemon was first leaked right after we first found out about the games. It remains my favorite. However, I like Shiny version a lot more than normal.

              Incineroar - I wasn't a fan this pokemon at the start. I liked it, but not much. Mainly because I didn't like the design at the time and that it stood on 2s. However, this opinion greatly changed while I was playing through Sun, I wished I had started with it instead. And now with it getting more spot light, mainly the movie, and the way Litten acted in the anime, I started to love this pokemon.

              Vikavolt - I liked it from the minute it came out, but haven't used it much. It is just an awesome looking pokemon. Plus I usually like bug types.

              Lycanroc - I love this pokemon as well. I wish it was part dark and fairy or something, but it isn't. I was neutral on this pokemon for a while, but the anime and GX version of the card greatly enhanced my love for it.

              Mudsdale - Again, I loved this pokemon from the moment it was released. I was so happy to finally get another horse pokemon and it just looks awesome.

              Favorites Alolans-
              Sandslash/Ninetails - Love the Ice typing for both and they just look amazing.

              Marowak - Love the design and color of the pokemon.

              Raichu - Mainly because Raichu finally got some love over Pikachu, but I also loved it because of the meme about it and pancakes. And it just made my love grow for it more in the anime where people said Pancake carrying Pancakes.

              Notable Neutrals:
              Crabominable - The main reason I like this pokemon is for its typing. I love Ice pokemon, but design isn't the greatest.

              Popplio line -
              Like Litten's line. I like these line, but not a fan of the last final evo. I am hoping that the anime will make me like it a bit more in the future.

              Sensu Style Oricorio - Love the style of the pokemon and favorite of the 4.

              Passimian/Drampa - Love the style of these pokemon, but since they are standalone pokemon, they aren't in my favorites.

              Golisopod/Araquanid - I love both pokemon and their art work, but the problem is their typings. I think Araquanid should have been Bug/Ice and Golisopod should have been Steel/Bug or Fighting/Bug.

              Lurantis - Ok... I am not a fan of this pokemon at all. The design is terrible and the Grass Trial has made me hate the pokemon more. It is based on a bug.... yet it isn't a bug... Our character didn't scare at all when in snuck up on us. And the coloring isn't the greatest for a Grass Type.

              Tsareena - Ok, I like the line and I kinda like Tasareena, but why isn't it a fighting type pokemon? I think it should have been. I am not a huge fan of the long legs or the middle of the pokemon, just looks like someone got tired of creating it and gave up. If the legs weren't longer than the body, I think it would have been one of my favorites. But the legs just look terrible. I do love the shiny version of this line though.

              Bewear - The anime ruined this pokemon for me.... although it is badass. Just not a fan.

              There are a lot of pokemon that I am not a fan of in the game. Mainly because I think most of them should have evolved and didn't or should have had a pre evolution. A lot of the pokemon also have terrible typings. I think they threw logic away to balance out typings. Which in return caused them to make fewer pokemon.
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              Old April 26th, 2017 (1:18 PM).
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                Old May 10th, 2017 (3:14 PM).
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                  Old May 27th, 2017 (7:19 AM).
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                  Man.. it's a tough choice. My top few:

                  Next place favorites:

                  I do love me some Alolan forms, but I also very much love the girly gen VII mons we got, like Tsareena and Tapu Lele ^^

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                  Old May 27th, 2017 (10:54 AM).
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                    From day one it has always been Litten! Though I suppose Yungoos isn't a bad choice either...
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                    Old May 29th, 2017 (1:23 AM).
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                    Originally Posted by Sheep View Post
                    Man.. it's a tough choice. My top few:

                    Next place favorites:

                    I do love me some Alolan forms, but I also very much love the girly gen VII mons we got, like Tsareena and Tapu Lele ^^
                    You have a very good list there. 7th Gen gave us a lot of strong Fairy-types with Primarina, Magearna, Ribombee, Mimikyu and the Tapu family.
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                    Old June 16th, 2017 (9:06 AM).
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                      I'd have to go with Mimikyu. It's a rather spooky Pokemon that just wants to be loved, which I do with joy.
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                      Old June 18th, 2017 (10:01 PM).
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                        Ribombee quickly became my favorite 7th gen pokemon, If only it had just a bit better stats and I could have tried using it in competitive as well!
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                        Old June 19th, 2017 (7:04 AM).
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                          God Tier

                          S Tier


                          A+ Tier
                          Alola Raichu

                          A Tier
                          Oricorio - Setsu
                          Oricorio - Baile
                          Tapu Lele
                          Tapu Fini

                          B + Tier
                          Alola - Marowak
                          Oricorio - Pom Pom
                          Tapu Koko

                          B Tier
                          Alola - Muk
                          Alola - Raticate

                          B - Tier

                          C Tier
                          Oricorio - Pa-u

                          D+ Tier
                          Alola - Exeggutor
                          Tapu Bulu

                          D Tier

                          Alola - Dugtrio

                          F Tier
                          Alola - Persian
                          Sun Team
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                          Old June 21st, 2017 (2:01 AM).
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                            Old June 21st, 2017 (5:41 AM).
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                              I'm good hit you with top 11 of my favorites. (11 because I like to be 1 step ahead)

                              11. Pyukumuku
                              10. Necrozama
                              9. Celesteela
                              8. Marshadow
                              7. Guzzlord
                              6. Mimikyu
                              5. Lunala/Solgaleo
                              4. Palossand
                              3. Vikavolt
                              2. Wishiwashi
                              1. Incenaroar
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                              Old June 21st, 2017 (9:21 AM).
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                                Wimpod and Golisopod are my faves by far for this gen. They're so cute. +w+
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                                Old June 21st, 2017 (10:19 AM).
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                                  Old June 21st, 2017 (12:10 PM).
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                                    Alolan Ninetales/Vulpix, Alolan Marowak, Rowlet, Pikipek, Toucannon (just love that attitude!), Mimikyu, and Oricorio.
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                                    Old June 21st, 2017 (3:43 PM).
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                                      If Alolan forms count, snowy Vulpix's line takes the cake, hands down.

                                      If not, I really like Midday Lycanroc, Torracat, Rowlet's line, and Primarina. Those aren't the only one I like, but they are my favourites. ^^
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                                      Old July 9th, 2017 (6:49 PM).
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                                        Mine are Alolan Sandshrew, Mimikyu, Litten, Incineroar, Alolan Raichu, and Pyukumuku
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                                        Old July 9th, 2017 (11:26 PM).
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                                          Gotta cast a vote for my main man, Mudbray. The doofus faces he makes in Refresh are too pure.
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