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Old October 26th, 2009 (9:13 PM).
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So, while writing part 2 of the Haunting at the Old Chateau, with a death count of five Pokemon so far with one more death to come, it has occurred to me as it has several times in the past the great potential Pokemon has for various types of horror stories. Whether it's the Pokemon themselves or various myths and locations, Pokemon has some big potential for horror plots. Take Haunting for example, which is pretty much entirely focused around the concept of taking Rotom and portraying it as not just mischievous but downright evil with it killing everyone who goes into the Old Chateau. It's not like Rotom's the only Pokemon with an innate potential for horror, however. Even Pokemon portrayed more innocently, such as Ninetales with the whole touching the tail curse and everything, could potentially turn into good focuses for a horror story. With Ninetales, one could do several things really... A curse that all humans/Pokemon/everyone the person touches/sees/is around dies until the person realizes he's all alone and can never be close to anyone again and kills himself or something would be one, but much more could be done naturally. Horror doesn't have to have death, after all. Although it is nice.

Despite this potential, I haven't really seen many attempts at a real horror Pokemon fanfic other than my own and a few others that are more borderline than anything else. Now, I know of late there does seem to be a thing for darkfics going around, but not necessarily real horror stories. So I pose here both a question, and a challenge. First, I want you, the people of the PC fanfic forum, to brainstorm some Pokemon horror fics and post the ideas here. Don't be shy! Don't hold back either, I think all of us are mature enough to handle a little blood and gore (or a lot, in my case).

Next, I challenge you to actually write it, no matter how bad you think your writing is. Just do it, it's good exercise and it's not like this will be judged or anything, it's just for fun. Now, I wish I had thought of this earlier and could have posed it as a Halloween challenge, but... Oh hell, I'll still do it. I challenge any writer brave enough to attempt it to write a Pokemon-centered horror story for Halloween! Posting it on Sunday is fine too, I guess. Or just take your time and skip Halloween altogether, posting it next week because it's just an overrated holiday. Or you can all just ignore me and go about your business!

No matter what anyone else does, I am right on track to post Haunting at the Old Chateau part 2 (and final) on Halloween with over three-quarters of it done now. So even if no one else posts anything, you can all still read mine.
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Old October 26th, 2009 (9:54 PM).
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Oh lordy, it's the SWC all over again. Though with two extra days, I guess.

Horror, eh? I'm a big fan of psychological thrillers. Alfred Hitchcock, The Ring, etc. are my cup of tea. How to translate that into a pokémon fic is a different story...
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Old October 27th, 2009 (10:47 AM).
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I agree, there is a lot of potential there. I haven't read many good Pokemon horror stories either. I think people miss out the "swarm" factor of bug Pokemon too much. Imagine thousands of Spinarak/ariados, Beedrill (although the anime glossed over swarms of them, I would imagine they could be far deadlier), Skorupi... All of these are basically huge versions of real bugs a fair amount of people are genuinely scared of. You could play with that fear if you played your cards right:

- describing how slimey and disgusting they are
- the sounds they make
- like I said, just swarms of them and of course
- horrible deaths caused by them.

Yes. I like that, I'm gonna try it out - maybe even incorporate it into Remembering the Horror, seeing as it's in the name - although don't expect it by tomorrow. Anybody else who likes the idea is obviously free to take on the challenge. It's not exactly original.

My fanfics:
Remembering the Horror. Read the adventures of an old veteran of the war against Team Rocket

And said Veteran's original trip through Kanto...
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Old October 31st, 2009 (10:16 AM).
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One word: Hypno.
Imagine this thing hypnotizing your friends into attacking you or if it kidnapped your child...
Hypno has serious horror potential.
A murderous Marowak could be interesting.
Just imagine the various ways almost any Pokemon could torture someone, like a Slugma crawling over your body.
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Old November 6th, 2009 (5:03 PM).
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I've always wanted to write a Pokemon horror fiction. I'm actually developing an idea for one, but that won't be done until I finish with my current fanfiction. This one is horror too, but more of the 'sense of impending doom' horror. The fanfiction I'm thinking of writing is the cheerful horror type. If you get what I mean It's more focused on the 'society' of Pokemon, and not really mythology.

But I agree, there is a LOT to work off of if you want to write a horror fanfiction. In D/P/Pt, they mention a lot of Sinnoh's mysteries, which could turn into a perfect scary story.
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Old November 11th, 2009 (1:38 PM).
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Hmmmmm...... I love writing horror, and you're right Pokemon is definitely open to some very good horror plots.

One story that I wrote about a year ago, but I ran out of ideas for and only posted the prologue called Viridian Psychos had a killer with a Scyther as his partner in crime.

I just posted the Prologue to new thriller/horror/mystery that I'm writing called Darkness. This story is going to be about a certain Pokemon (read to figure it out) and how it feels threatened by the human race, and how human's are threatened by it and they strive to kill each other.

Pokemon Horror stories are great!

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