Second Generation Following the success of Red, Blue and Yellow, Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal introduced fans to an exciting new world full of new Pokémon to find, catch and train. Reminisce about your favourite moments in the Johto region, share your adventures and argue about the Johto master race.

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Poll 6! Sorry about the delay!

As you may recall, there is a Kanto play through portion of the game where you head into Kanto, collecting the gym badges in that region.

Will you play through that portion of the game again? Will you do something different?

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I will, I think. It's not really a complete playthrough without it imo, and although we recently returned to Kanto in the RBY VC remakes... it's still worth exploring I think!

...imagine if they had a super cool easter egg in there that we wouldn't have known had we not played through?!

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    I agree with Forever. I hadn't really played the original Johto for GBC, but it's not a complete playthrough without a visit to good old Kanto in the end. At least that's how I remember Soul Silver back when I had it for the DS. Memories.
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    I know I will because I loved the fact that we could go to another region and roam around,
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      I never considered NOT playing through the Kanto portion so I definitely will (it's a waste not to IMO). :D
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      Of course! How can you not?

      Not that often you get the opportunity to travel to another region in one game ;]
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