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Why should I read your fic?

Started by gimmepie April 26th, 2019 12:48 AM
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Or rather, why should anyone? What sets your work apart from any other generic fanfic (or even original work)?


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I guess it would be that many of my main characters have some form of disability (usually autism). A lot of it is because I have them myself, so it's always easier to write. I mean, tbh... I don't know if I can justify why anyone would want to read my works. Most people don't even bother, so I tend to write more for myself or friends who support me more. *shrug*
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Why should, would, could people read my fics?

While it's a bit of a circular notion, it seems the people who read and give commentary on what I write want me to write more, so I write more. If you've ever like any of my previous works, chances are you'll like what comes now and you'll like what comes next. At the same time, that does not mean I do not innovate, I hope! Many of my works showcase my views and takes on many different aspects of the Pokémon world, so there's stuff for everyone's tastes.
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Overall I've been told I'm good with character interactions and expanding on them. Also I'm good with expanding the worldbuilding of a previous work.

For specific works, Foul Play extends both Grimsley and Nanu's backstories and personalities and how they interact. Also there aren't very much fics about experienced trainers, especially Elite Four members.

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I feel like Stairway to Heaven sets itself apart from other typical journey fics in a couple of ways, without sacrificing the things that make journey fics enjoyable. It's still very much a journey story but it explores the world of Pokemon training with an injection of realism that other journey stories don't, without going too far over the line and becoming over-dramatic and edgy.

It also features a well-rounded cast of characters each with their own personalities, pasts and goals and a fairly well fleshed out world - so I'd say that's an added bonus!


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Why should you read Shattered Crests?

Well, for the sake of not going overboard I'll stick to the three main reasons I think you should.

1) The characters:
Something I'm really aiming for is giving the characters (protagonists, antagoninsts, and side characters) all a realistic if not a more indetity compared to other stories. Giving them all pros and cons and many other things. Having interractions and perspective that can vary and having all of these go over and really appeal to the reader. Creating characters that not only seem real but feel real is something I really am striving for and struggles that help them grow is also a huge aim in this story.

2) The World:
The world of Shattered Crests is not like PMD. It's more of an AU of the concept of a PMD-verse and while it does have the landmarks and things the mechanics, lore, and geography is very different. The world of SC I hope isn't like anything seen in pokemon or other fanfics since this story is more it's own thing while still being a pokemon fanfiction qualifier. Something else about the world is the depth I want to take it. The cultures, people, perspectives, bonds, losses, blessings, and struggles around the world as well as other things I'm going to enjoy and have fun in this world. Mechanics being another aspect that I'd like to improve since moves and other things are much more dynamic and personal preference, which can lead to better battles and a lot more interesting fights.

3) The Plot:
The plot of SC is all about change, struggles, and those we hold dear. SC isn't about trying to convince or anything, but show you a story about certain characters in a world against others. Their own fight in life and their views that are challenged and tested by those around them. A growing up story, maybe, but I'd say growing up for some of the characters.

Overall, these three are some of the stronger things I see in Shattered Crests and I hope it does live up to these reasons why I think you all should read Shattered Crests.

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