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Just can't let go...

Started by Shak May 5th, 2019 11:44 AM
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At the risk of admitting how much time I'm able to convince myself I have on my hands, I'll start this one off with an anecdote. I recently went back through every single RP I've joined since creating an account on this site (17 for anyone wondering), and I got hit with a big nostalgia shot as I ploughed through the old material. There were some that were easily forgotten, some that I looked back on fondly, but could live with the fact they were now part of the RP graveyard. Some though, I just couldn't let go. As soon as I read the SUs, I went on to refresh some memories of the RPs and remembered all the exciting ideas I had that never got the chance to play out.

With that out of the way, the question I'm asking you guys is, do you have any dead RPs you look back on and wish you could finish the story you were telling? Which RPs? What were the ideas?

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I'll come back and elaborate later but off the top of my head; Reapers, Connections, Capes and Cracks of my own. As well as One Piece: The Golden Age by SV and Legend, Outbreak by Klippy, Titans (1 and 2) by GreyBidoof and Venice by Ice.


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Aerion and One Piece: The Golden Age. We put a lot of detail into them, and they were stories Legend and I wish we could have told. Maybe we might tell them again one day.

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While there are many that I fondly remember and would like to come back, the biggest for me is Dust. Especially because it was so close to completion, and the ending was planned out, and I have the last posts started and sitting unfinished in a folder. It was a great story, and I wish I could share the ending Fox and I worked on.


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I apologise in advance for the walls of text. I'm in assessment mode right now...

For me there's five that come to mind. Three that I'm desperate to see recontinued, so that I can see my plans realised, and two that while I still see potential in, I have my reasons for not being as keen to revisit.

The two are Powder Keg and Venice. Both are concepts I loved, both in my personal character and the actual RP itself. With Powder Keg, I had the idea of RPing as the surviving little girl my initial Gunpowder character set out to save. I never got around to finishing the Gunpowder story though, and revisiting that character is the part that puts me off. As for Venice, the character I created is very reliant on the cast she's surrounded by, so that would really affect how fun she'd be to play.

As for the three; I've got 'Cracks: a sinnoh Journey', 'As the Dust Settles' and 'Titans Reborn'. All three were some of the major inspirations for the creation of this thread in the first place.

For Titans, I was exploring the idea of this character who's had everything go her way in life; growing up in suburbia, having a natural talent, perfect romantic partner, nuclear family and how becoming a superhero took that away from her. With a 5 year time skip, Titans: Reborn let me explore what happens after all that damage has happened, and the superhero life comes calling again after ruining her life. It made for a much more interesting character, especially with the cast she had around her.

As the Dust Settles is a good one, since I had 4 characters to juggle. Particularly with my all action maverick character, Lars, who fought almost exclusively using his legs. The plan was for him to learn to work with his team, eventually sacrificing his legs in order to save his teammate, and ending up in a wheelchair for the latter third of the RP. He was a much simpler character, so he was fun to write, without having to juggle complex motivations. Time was the main thing that set me back on finishing that one, now the RP is finished and my characters arc literally ended in a cliff hanger.

Cracks is one I can still realistically see being redone. Looking at you Gimmepie. It's not a sequel RP like most of the others, but it's one I put a lot of planning into. My orphan character, Logan, was going to catch a bunch of pokemon, each teaching him a different aspect of family life. Sacrifice, forgiveness, unconditional love etc. The first one died as the unfortunate result of poor communication, which is even more detrimental in an RP with four PCs all travelling together.

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Man if Titans were to come back I'd join in a heartbeat. Dust too maybe, I do live the characters I created for that rp.

Another rp that comes to mind is one that I just remember a fond familiar memory. It could be cringe but I definitely lasted long into the plot. :)


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I wish we had pushed onwards and gotten further in Crossroads. It was great :)

Checkmate, a Homestuck inspired RP, was so strangely fun and intense iirc but the mechanics got too alien as we plunged into the next act of the RP and people got bored I guess. Pity!

Detroit was super enjoyable for the short time it lasted, I wish we could have kept going. Some RPers just disappeared, sadly. That can always happen ): .... we should just take over their chars and restart it......

I'll always look back fondly at the Atlantis RPs and my characters there, as well as my character for Guilded Halls and Titans: Hilda :D she was fun. And even if it's not that old, I really regret the bad timing of events when Capes was running, as Magnet and Nix definitely were characters I would have loved to explore further, especially in gimmepie's nice Worm adaptation.

Not to mention suuuper old stuff like Foreigners and Pokemon VR which was intense and fun while they lasted but should have been longer ahah. Hm. Maybe I should reboot Pokemon VR...


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Capes was pretty fun; like I had a wonderful time playing as a villain. I also missed Crossroads too... the interaction was wonderful and it had many great character development potential.
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