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Hello, dear Reader!

My name is Splaex and currently I am the leading Dev of Pokemon Fate. It was at first a Project I started in December 2020 with some of my Friends, but we all agreed, that we need help with Certain Things. We want to not only make our first Pokemon game, but also a good Pokemon game. And that is probably why you are reading this right now! Currently we are a Team of 11, but we need some Support!

We are searching for:

-Sprite Artists for Characters

About the Game:
Pokemon Fate takes Place in the mysterious Tahana Region, an Island far away from the Main Land. There Pokemon and Humans help and respect each other and built up a Society. If someone needs something, they will be helped. It sounds like a true Paradise, doesn´t it? Unfortunatly, this isn´t the Case. Dark Times will soon arrive for the Region and you will determine the Destiny of everyone living in Tahana!

One Day, a Village at the Edge of the Island is attacked by Team Zodiac. They are infamous in the entire Region for their Determination to reach their unknown Goals. No matter, who they have to hurt, no matter, what they have to take, they will do it, as long as they reach their Goal. The Police and the Rangers were trying to stop them, but Team Zodiac´s Shadow Pokemon are too strong. But this doesn´t scare the Protagonist and his best Friend Ace. The Two of them were living in the Village as well, but were lucky enough to be on Route 2 in the Professor´s Lab. After deciding to give the Two a Pokemon, Professor Pine lets Ace and the Protagonist go to see after the Village. However, before reaching the Village, you are greeted by Team Zodiac Admin Aaron. Now you have to decide rather to battle him or not. In both Cases, you end up in the Lab again. Professor Pine tells you then to take on the Tahana League to become strong enough to defeat and to finally put an end to Team Zodiac. And so your Journey begins. Throughout the Adventure you will encounter Team Zodiac again and again, may it be trying to capture someone or trying to steal something. Will you be able to stop Team Zodiac and to protect Tahana from them?

Features in the Games:
-A new Region
-New Pokemon Forms called "Asterate Pokemon"
-New Mega Pokemon
-Shadow Pokemon, which are used by Team Zodiac! They don´t have any Weaknesses, so be careful!
-A Quest for the Mega Ring (You won´t get it in the Story)
-(Wip, since we aren´t close to finishing the complete Game) A lot of Postgame Quests to get to know Characters better, you met throughout the Game!
-A twisted Story and lots of Lore you can find later
-Dungeons with very strong, uncatchable Pokemon. You have to do them in order to get an Asterate Pokemon!
-Hm Items
-The Game is Hard. Like... Very Hard. Don´t underestimate it.
-Battle in a Tournament to get the Title World Champ! You will meet very familiar Characters in the Tournament. However also some less familiar ones...
-330 Pokemon from Gen 1-7 are included into the Game!
-A new Legendary Pokemon and a new Eeveelution!
-A new Gym Rule: Once you enter a Gym, you can´t leave until you lose a Battle or win against the Gym Leader!
-The Game connects Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Rangers, Pokemon XD/Colloseum and the Main Line Games!
-Poison halves your Special Attack!

I attached some Art of our Game in the Attachements. These are as following: The Title Screen,"Asterate" Garchomp, Tarrin Town and Asterate Zubat!

I hope, that we can come in Contact and work on this Game together to make it great! If you have interest, please DM me on Discord, I am Splaex#8758!