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    Don't mind the Latin, it is probably wrong anyway.

    Hiya, welcome to my first Journal written here!

    Just to have a thing out of the way before we begin:
    - Initially, this Journal was intended to be a Cap Pikachu Journal. But since Pokémon Bank will support USUM only by the end of the month, I decided to do two Journals instead, and so this first one will be a regular run.
    All right, enjoy.

    PokéJournal Day 0 (I received my copy on Thursday and since I had no news on Pokémon Bank that day I gave it #0)

    Ahh… Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has finally arrived. With that, I’d like to take the privilege to write my own Journal.
    But not just an ordinary walkthrough of the game where I just write about my thoughts about everything.

    No, I intend to make it more challenging. Not by means of a Nuzlocke… but by having a full Cap Pikachu Team!
    (At least, that was the idea)

    …that sounds like a completely and utterly dumb idea. Well, you are right. I’m most likely in for a bad time.
    But eh, I like a challenge!

    So, let’s dive in. To the introduction. Well, it is not much different from Sun/Moon, including the dialogue, apart from a new text box and additional Pokémon passing by Prof. Kukui. A Cutiefly and a Pikipek.

    And the intro clip of Lillie fleeing from Aether Paradise members? Yup, it’s inside it as well!
    And near identical as well, apart from that we see some Ultra Recon Squad (which I’ll call U.R.C. because I cannot be bother to write it constantly in full).

    Next we see our house. And we see some differences. The front of our house is decorated in pretty flowers and the garage door is open.
    Inside our house, things also received a makeover. And overall, I’d say it looks better than its predecessor.

    But let’s head outside through, towards Iki Town. We go there straight away without a cutscene of Prof. Kukui abruptly entering our home.
    So we head towards the first patch of grass where we get attacked by Donald Tru- I mean a Yungoos. Luckily though, we get saved by the Starter Squad (not the Shippiddge one).

    And at that point we see Prof. Kukui arrive and at this point, we get to choose our new Pokémon.
    So… since I’m going for the Cap Pikachu Army in the first place, the choice is going to be rather irrelevant, but nevertheless, my choice was…


    Got to say, the new way of choosing your new Pokémon is pretty interesting, though it doesn’t have the intensity factor when choosing one of the starters as in Sun/Moon.
    Not that there was tension, because you’d know the Pokémon you’d chose would be happy anyway.
    Though it would be fun to imagine to see Litten go: “Meh, go f**k yourself…”

    But moving on, we also battle a Yungoos as our first Pokémon. Easy victory.
    We climb further up to Iki Town, when close to the entrance we encounter Hau! He sees me with his Popplio, and predictably he chose Litten.
    He mentioned he already knew he’d pick him in the first place. Riiiiight... And what happens next? Of course, our first battle! You can guess the result…

    I lost.

    Nah, of course not. Easy-peasy. It was at the battle I noticed how much smaller the HP-bar is compared to Sun/Moon.
    I think I favour the predecessor on this instance… though I do like the modern style the bottom screen has.

    All right, off to Iki Town! Quick side note, so far this game doesn’t as tutorial-ish, so that’s a positive.
    But we head up to the Mahalo Trail, where we meet Lillie and Nebby, who gets assaulted by Spearow. So it is our job to try to save Nebby…

    But now we get attacked by one Spearow ourselves!! So we fight against pesky bird and beat him at ease.
    After this, the cutscene is largely the same. We cross the bridge towards Nebby, Nebby destroys the bridge, we get saved by Tapu Koko, get the Sparkling Stone, blablabla…..

    We head back to Iki Town, where we meet Kahuna Hala, who was in the middle of a brwaling Rockruff.
    I suppose Prof. Kukui’s body isn’t the only one that is ready.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
    Anyway, we get our PokéDex and Trainer Passport. And with a little more dialogue ongoing, we head back home where we introduce Popplio to our mum.
    Who probably won’t be seeing him (yes, it is a male) for a while.

    The next day, Prof. Kukui abruptly enters our house after, to go the Iki Town festival. But beforehand I took a look at the menu.
    It looks much nicer, I’d say. And with that, a look at the PokéDex and the Pokémon Refresh. A few layout changes, but not much.

    Anyway, here comes the first actual tutorial, for catching a Pokémon. Afterwards we reach the stage where we get our first Trainer fights.
    We encounter our first newly added Pokémon in the game (I think?), which is Buneary.

    Moving further, we see a new feature! Playing with Rockruff! It does not do much, but it is such an adorable feature to have! So I played with it for a bit. Just… n’aww!

    But moving further, we see some U.R.C. members near the entrance of Iki Town.
    They talk about the Blinding One. That’s ominous. Who’d that be? Well, whoever, it may be, there was no fuss or anything with ‘em. We head to the festival.

    We see an Alolan Exeggutor walk. Well, what I could see of the Exeggutor…
    Anyway, we get our second battle with Hau. He again has a Pichu as his second Pokémon. And again, I beat him. And I get my Z-Ring.
    As we walk home, we see the two U.R.C. members again. It can be conluded one of them is serious, the other is more playful…

    So, next day, on to the Professor’s Lab. Not much change, apart from that Lillie found it useful to learn how to JUMP A LEDGE. Like I frickin’ need that.
    Arriving at the Lab, Game Freak apparently left the innuendo in it (my mind is a little dirty, I know.) So our PokéDex gets Rotom inside it, and it has more character already.
    He seeems more nervous now, and I think you get to bond him throughout the time the story progresses.

    Unfortunately, we also get to Trainer’s School again.
    Getting outside, things suddenly get dark…. a moon eclipse. Seems anti-climatic, but like we’d already jump into something hectic so early in the game.

    So we are heading off, I discover you can actually sort of communicate with Rotom. You can reply to what he says by multiple choice. Pretty cool I think.
    Walking through the grass, we encounter Inkay, one I haven’t seen earlier in Sun/Moon. And Rotom also tells me when he sees a new Pokémon. Cool feature, but I don’t think it is that much needed.

    Now we have reached the Pokémon Center, I’m going to leave this chapter as it is.
    See you next time.

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      PokéJournal Day 1

      With the news that Pokémon Bank will support USUM by the end of November I decided to move on as I do not wish to be standing still for 1½ week.

      So we are headed to the Trainer’s School. The goal there is to defeat four students. Beforehand I was handed the Exp. Share.
      Some argue turning it off for the challenge. I usually never do that, and I also will in this case, I’m trying to explore the story.
      The battle mechanics are one of the least interesting things to me, honestly.

      Altogether, they were not much of an issue. I received TM01 (Bulk Up) and was called to the director’s office.

      Oh, and through the battles, I caught a Zorua in the grass.

      We battled against the director who had a Rowlet, but on our first try, we got beaten by her.
      So after a little bit of training I took a re-match using Zorua’s Fake Tears so Popplio could finish with Disarming Voice.

      With that out of the way, let’s head into Hau’Oli City, but the Beachfront is blocked by a Tauros.
      Like Rockruff, you can also communicate and pet it. So he was out of the way relatively easily.

      So we head into the city. I explore around a bit, got the Poké Finder, changed my clotching to a Black/beige combination and changed my hair. And we can collect stickers, apparently.

      So, we reach the Slurpuff-restaurant-place-thing-I-don’t-know-the-name-of where we come across Team Skull. Beat these nitwits easily.

      So then, we get to battle Ilima, to see if we are material for the Island Challenges. Unfortunately, I lost the first time out. Darn that Smeragle.
      So I did a bit of training again, caught a Alolan Meowth, and tried again. This time I beat her.

      With that out of the way we can resume to Route 2, but before I did so, I collected my Mystery Gift Rockruff, expanding my team to four.

      Going to Route 2, I take a brief look at the Hau’Oli cemetery before going further up north, where I got held up by a Crabrawler.
      It and its owner showed me Big Wave Beach, which is one of the four beaches in the game (and new game location!) where Mantine Surf can be done.
      I cannot wait to get started on that.

      However, Team Skull appears yet again. Apparently these two were infamous for trying to dance while riding on Mantine and fall in the water constantly.
      Being rejected they felt like harassing a Mantine, so I had to drive them away.
      Done that, I went further down the beach where you can play with Pyukumuku. Was also fun, but I didn’t think he unleashed his internal organs. Shame.

      Heading to the Verdant Cavern, we once again see these two URC fellas again, heading to the destination as we are, so it seems.

      I conclude the day heading to the Pokémon Center just before the entrance. I met Hau again, with whom I got introduced to the Roto Lotto.
      Only completed a short Crabrawler quest, which added a fifth team member to the team and called it a day.

      Next post, we’re going to do our first trial!

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      Old November 19th, 2017 (3:43 AM). Edited November 19th, 2017 by Absolitetion.
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      Deemed to be a demon, but an angel inside.
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        Location: The Netherlands
        Age: 23
        Gender: Male
        Nature: Naive
        Posts: 915
        PokéJournal Day 2

        We are continuing our journey by beginning our first Trial!

        Little difference between the SM version. Beat some Yungoos/Gumshoos. Along the way I picked up TM31 (Brick Break) which is perfect for our Drunken-Irish-pub-fighting-ish Crabrawler. I think it is actually supposed to show a black eye, but with its I find my interpretation a little funnier. Heh.

        During the Trial Team Skull tried to intervene, but to no avail of course.

        So, on to the Totem. Gumshoos was a bit of a pain with its Scary Face and high offensive. But nontheless, I beat him and got my Normalium Z.

        Post-battle we find the two U.C.R. members again, of which we finally know their names: Zossie and Dulse. On our way to the exit we also encounter a Noibat which I captured.

        So we got ourselves a full team now. He’ll take a while to evolve, but at least it has a decent Medium Fast leveling up pace, so it shouldn’t be too much of a fuss.

        Off to Route 3 now, where we got the task to find Lillie.
        Amidst our search, Popplio evolves into Brionne, after reaching Level 17.

        We get in the Melemele Meadow where it becomes clear Nebby is out of its bag again. So we need to look for him, inside Seaward Cave. And who do we encounter? It’s U.R.C. again. And finally we get our first battle with them. They have a Furfrou. Oddly enough, in a Ultra Beast Ball... ...why?

        In any case, we beat them and took Nebby back to Lillie. And we have another battle with Hau. Not a difficult battle. During the battle, I tried my first Z-Move with Zorua.

        Afterwards I tried to reach Kala’e Bay, but there wasn’t a lot to be seen yet. I think I need to wait until I get Lapras. So I returned to train in the Melemele Meadow to train a bit before fighting the Kahuna. I tried if I could combine two Roto Lotto at once (Exp. Points and the one which increase the chance of high leveled Pokémon). I think it worked since I got to see a Butterfree pretty fast (and it has 1% encounter rate).

        Anyhoo, after some training we returned to Iki Town to Battle Kahuna Hala, which we beat on the first try, though it was not easy, since I had a fair bit of Pokémon weak to Fighting-types. But we won, we got our Fightinum Z.

        Post-battle, we got our Ride Page (and Tauros) and False Swipe. And with that, our next assignment was to reach the photo shop and have a look over there. But before I did that I went to explore Ten Carat Hill, the mall and check the Big Wave Beach again, but Mantine Surf was not available yet.

        The shop Gracidea had a Kommo-o outfit for sale. And holy muk it is expensive!

        We checked the Photo Shop but wasn’t bothered to stay there for long and after one picture I left already.

        We encounter Hau again whose Litten has evolved into Torracat. We are about to head to Akala Island! Via Mantine Surf… so apparently I got in there a little early.

        Just before reaching the Beach, Samuel Oak stopped us and asked to collect some stickers (20 in total) for him, in trade of getting the Totem Gumshoos. I’d think I will get pretty OP if I get those including its power.

        But he head to the beach and finally, we get to try Mantine Surf!

        And I think it is pretty awesome. You firstly try to build up speed until the speed goes orange after which you go over the waves to do some stunts. You can then try to beat the high score, which I got close to.

        Once Mantine Surf was done finishing, we arrive at Akala Island at Heahea Beach.
        And that is where I’ll leave it at for now.

        Next post we go through the first part Akala Island.
        My team:
        Zorua (Lv. 17, m)
        Brionne (Lv. 19, m)
        Rockruff (Lv. 17, f)
        Meowth (Lv. 16, f)
        Crabrawler (Lv. 16, m)
        Noibat (Lv. 16, m)

        In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how to do screenshots on my 3DS.
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        Old November 19th, 2017 (1:00 PM).
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          PokéJournal Day 3


          So, we have arrived on Akala Island. We meet Olivia and Mallow with whom we had a slight converstation.
          Our first trial is at Brooklet Hill featuring Lana. We need to go there via Route 4 as a Stoutland blocks the way.

          Before we can get there we have a forced battle with Dexio & Sina…
          what again was their relevance to have them in the game? I don’t think they were any special.

          Anyhoo, we beat them and went through Route 4. We caught an Eevee underway which replace Alolan Meowth in the team.

          Reaching Paniola Town we battle with Hau once again and deal with Team Skull who were bullying an Alolan Vulpix about some Bottle Cap.
          After beating them, the Vulpix ran off… somewhere north. I haven’t found it yet as I write this, so there only a few places remaining.

          Oh, and in Route 4, was the Pikachu Village! A very interesting place.
          You can play with several Pikachu, photograph an energetic Pikachu across the river and count the amount of Pikachi that could fit in a caravan.
          I stopped when I reached 103 because I got bored. But yeah, funny place.

          We head towards the ranch, where we get Stoutland from Mallow as the next Ride Pokémon.
          Entering the Ranch we calmed down a Tauros and played with a Miltank. And off we go again!

          We collected an Egg from the Nursery (replacing Crabrawler’s slot) and headed to Route 5. After fighting the twins, my Eevee already evolved into Sylveon, so I had a new and valuable asset in the team.
          We also got introduced to Gladion, whom we battled.

          After a visit to the PC we went to Brooklet Hill for our Trial. We fought against Araquanid and barely beat him, granting us the Waterium Z.

          So now we are headed towards Route 6, which was blocked by Sudowoodo. And we get another fight against the U.R.C. This time, we meet the first new Ultra Beast, Poipole.
          So, I think the U.R.C. are meant to be some kind of bad guys, but so far the impression of that is not that present.
          So far it looks like it is going no further than… investigating?

          Through Route 6 we encounter Team Skull agaaaaaaiiiiin…. and we meet Hapu, that tiny girl with the Mudsdale. Right after the battle, the Egg hatched.
          We got ourselves another Eevee!

          Before I headed to Royal Avenue I went on the explore Heahea City a little more, collected a bunch of stickers and got myself a Gumshoos from Samuel Oak.

          Went on to check the Hotel, where there now is a third floor. I checked out the rooms and one of them contained that antagonist of Black & White: Colress.
          We didn’t talk face to face, but he was talking about Alola himself.
          I also found a sidequest where I need to collect some people to an old man who came to Heahea for the first time in thirty years. Can’t the games have some sidequest log?
          I cannot be bothered to remember them all while going the main story!

          So lastly, we went to Royal Avenue where we had a battle with Gladion, Hau and The Royal (obviously Kukui).
          There were like two turns where I, Gladion and the Royal all took down Hau’s Torracat. Heh.

          And with that concluded we head to Route 7 for our Trial against Kukui.
          But that’s for next time.

          I suppose I cannot put the 'text in frame'? ...Ugh, I don't know how to translate that function in Word from Dutch to English... damn. I hope I chose the right word but in case I'm wrong, PM me.

          Basically, I mean that if I put the picture on the right with that function, the text continues next to the image on the left. Hope that works.
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            PokéJournal Day 4

            We’re headed to Volcano Park, where we firstly try to get Eevee to level up a bit. With a combination of a Soothe Bell and a Friendliness Boost from Rotom, Eevee already evolved into Umbreon at only Lvl. 11!!

            We press on towards Totem Kiawe to complete the Trial. Which is pretty much the same: spot the differences. The Hiker David gag is still in there, though they were more creative with it compared to last time, I think.

            We fought Alolan Marowak and only barely beaten it. It was really close or my Brionne was beaten by Salazzle. His HP was in the red and got poisoned, so it was pretty close.

            We press on to go towards Route 8 and you can actually go through the tunnel this time. It is where he had another chat with the URS (I just realized I spelled it wrong several times).

            At the beginning of the route we encounter a small Aether Foundation building where the Alolan Vulpix is. It is taken cars of by members of the group and recovering from the trauma in Paniola Town. Poor thing…

            But it’s time for the third Trial! This time we go cooking with Mallow. Three ingredients I need to collect, and three time I took pissed off Pokémon with me! I do not think I am welcome in that jungle.

            We get to fight Lurantis, which was quite a pain with the Kecleon with their Sunny Day + Solar Blade combo and additional speed boost, too. But I managed to beat them. For me, key is to take down the Totem first and afterwards their allies. It works for me.

            We head to the Reserach Lab where we meet Burnet and we get a story of the Ultra Wormhole and Ultra Beasts. But we move on to our adventure through Diglett’s Cave. Once again we encounter Team Skull Grunts and together with Hau we beat them in a double battle.

            And so we reach Konikoni City. After a brief exploration we head southeast to the Ruins of Life to battle Olivia. Once again, Team Skulls grunts… taking them down… and we meet Faba…
            Meanwile, in other news, Zorua evolved into Zoroark!

            With its evolution, the battle against Olivia became a lot more easy, so I beat her without much trouble and the Rockium Z.

            We had to the Grand Hotel where we meet Chuuster, which is a famous Pikachu. I think it is a movie star? Anyway, he got disturbed by a reporter so I took action so he’d be left alone. Damn paparazzi…

            Afterwards, we headed with Faba to Aether Paradise, where we battled Nihilego. And afterwards we headed to Ula’Ula Island.

            But before I would start out there, I went to finally evolve my Rockruff into Dusk Lycanroc at Level 31.

            I know my writing was a bit lazy this time around, but this is because I must announce that this'll be last post of this Journal.

            Due to the Pokémon Bank update appearing earlier than anticipated, I decide to go straight away to the next Cap Pikachu Journal. No worries about the current team, though.
            Brionne, Zoroark, Lycanroc, Umbreon, Sylveon and Noibat are all taken into the Bank and are safe, so their adventures are not entirely forgotten.

            In case you did read this, thanks for that.
            Feedback is much welcomed, as I'm sure I could have done things better, but hey, it is fun to try this out.

            See you on the PikaJournal ;)
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