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Does anyone remember the battle pyramid in Emerald? It was the real adventure of Hoenn, the time in Pokemon that was tense all the way through. I always waited excitedly through the main game just so I could do a battle pyramid challenge. It's sad to see that at the moment, that it hasn't made a return in ORAS. So I was thinking...

What if I made a Romhack where the entire game was like the battle pyramid, from start to finish?

Basically, there would be no stores to buy items from, and trainers and wild pokemon are the same as the highest level pokemon in your party.

Some additional features I would add include:

-All moves of all your pokemon who battle are restored by 1 for each move for every wild pokemon fight, and 2 for every trainer fight.

-After you KO a pokemon, you will have a 30% chance to pick up an item. That means in a battle against a trainer with 3 pokemon, you have 3 chances.

-If all your pokemon faint, you will lose all your items and be sent back to the nearest pokemon center.

-Field of vision outside of towns would drop to a small circle around the player, cause by fog. You can use 10% of one of your pokemon's HP to enlarge your field of view for 1 minute.

-Traps and puzzles are placed in the game. Puzzles may be pushing a bunch of boulders and stuff, while traps can be anything from burning your first pokemon, to springing a wild pokemon, and are visible only when two blocks away

-The money system is replaced. Trainers you defeat will instead give you advice on what pokemon are in the area, where traps and puzzles are located, or lock combinations.

-An option to prevent certain pokemon from levelling up. Their exp is spread to the remaining pokemon.

-ditching the root style. lanscapes are now great wide expanses, with winding maze like passages. Going out of the way and fighting through stronger wild pokemon will reward you with stuff like Tms, leftovers, and other items.

-And perhaps most horrifying of all, running away from wild pokemon fails unless you have certain items.

I want to create a hardcore, over the top rpg experience, something difficult like Ettrian oddysey. A Romhack where you constantly have to be on your guard, because even the most basic wild pokemon can ruin your day. I'm currently learning programming, and will probably try to find someway to copy the Battle pyramid code so I can change it around a bit. So what do you guys think?
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