Amie or Camping

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Amie or Camping


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On Gen6, Pokemon introduced such feature where you feed pokemon some pokepuff, pet or rubbing them to increase affectation also offered some minigame for some prizes like puffs and gen7 you can heal your pokemon after battle, until gen8 where camping introduced this feature let you interact with your whole party by playing or talking with them often see them playing with each other or start a fight; the camping feature allows to be near with friends who are camping also cooking heals and gifts exp.

Do you prefer touchbased interaction or interacting with your team while adventuring?
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I only used Amie to get their affection/happiness or whatever it was called all the way up for those dodges and critical hits and 'toughened it out' things in battles.
Once they were all max I ignored it.

Camping I actually do regularly just for fun, just playing with my mons randomly.
So I think I prefer camping.

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Amie. Designated petting zones unique to each Pokemon. Added more life to them.

(Never camped much, admittedly. Grew bored of waving the feather or throwing a ball that they ignored. Does not dislike it, though.)
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Definitely Amie, Camping felt distinctly half-arsed. It was awkward focusing on a single Pokemon when they were all wandering around an empty space with frankly terrible animation, and the activities themselves weren't particularly exciting. Amie felt much more focused by comparison with a single Pokemon on-screen at a time, and it felt a little higher quality too.

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I liked Camping much more I feel like you could do more with your Pokemon in it. Being able to see all your Pokemon out of their Pokeballs as opposed to a singular one was just more fun to me, if you ask me. Amie was good, though, and I enjoyed it, but I don't know just liked camping more. I loved the berry minigame in Amie, though, that was so much fun.

I also like camping more because if you cook curry, it'll heal your Pokemon and save you the trouble of having to go to a Pokemon Center if you're out on a route. Pokemon Amie did not heal your Pokemon.

Also, not mentioned in this thread but Refresh was meh in comparison. All you could do was feed your Pokemon Pokebeans and brush them. I barely used Refresh because the minigame aspect was just removed entirely.
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Voted Amie but right after I cast the vote, I started wondering if that was more because of nostalgia. What you can do in camping is fun and it's still a good feature - we can cook food, have your Pokémon interact with toys,, watch them interact with each other, etc. That's a lot of fun even if it wasn't executed perfectly. But you can't pet them iirc and that was the best feature of any. :(

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I almost never used Amie. It didn't have much of a purpose outside of friendship evolution and I appreciate that Refresh acted as an infinite Full Heal, however, it as well did not provide an interesting experience.

Camping is the first interactive feature that is set in the game's main environment instead of in some nursery-ish backdrop as well as both raises friendship and provides on-the-go healing and I actually enjoy filling my curry dex.


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i enjoy them both bc i'm a sucker for cuteness lol. amie gives you the chance to give your pokemon individual attention which is nice, and i like petting the pokemon and seeing how each pokemon prefers to be treated. but camping is fun bc i just enjoy watching the pokemon run around and interact with one another. it really does a lot for do i word this lol feeling like a whole cohesive team? this is the first time you really get to see all your party members hang out with one another and interact. sword/shield did a great job of really immersing me into my experience with my character and team, the camping being a big part of it. so i still like amie and yeah, throwing the ball and swishing the feather toy can get boring fast, but overall, i find camping a lot more fun and interesting. plus you can make the curry too. i think they put a lot into it and it shows. so my vote goes to camping.
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