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Idea Team Wind - Canceled

Started by Petuuuhhh June 5th, 2019 5:11 PM
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Hello, greetings. I'm Petuuuhhh. I'm working on this FireRed hack and require assistance.
It's set in a new region and I'm using Gaia tiles.
I have the starting town mapped, already:
I work better in a team. I mapped this, and I was like, "What do I do now? I have no plot."
I know how to XSE script, but I could use:
Other scripters
Other mappers

Then ofc there's ASM I can insert, but I want this to be a fairly vanilla experience. My main focus rn is on the region. It doesn't have to be the most technically advanced hack to be a good playthrough.

Contact me on here or on Discord at Petuuuhhh#1611 if you're interested in joining the team!

Interest form:
Proof of Work
Past Experience
Contact Information
Time Zone
Discord - if applicable

I have several other projects, but in between learning ASM and C and not getting a whole lot done, I need a project that's less advanced that I can actually make progress on. This is that project. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Current Team Members: Me
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