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The working title may be a bit of a mouthful, but bear with me! With the newest Masters chapters in mind, I'd like to write an article about what I feel to be the (current) biggest strength of Masters, that being their character depiction and comprehension of the original Pokémon narratives. The article would cover elements from minor to major, starting with cross-game interactions that add depth to existing characters (such as Blaine and Flannery) to major: in this case, their understanding of often-overlooked narrative elements from the main series (the big proof of this being the mention of Alder in the as-of-now last available chapter). In a way, it would serve as a minor analysis of the Masters-exclusive characters up until this point, while coming to a conclusion that although the gameplay needs tweaking (and tweaking they are attempting!) their handling of the characters is strong enough to keep me around while I wait for more favorites to be added.


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I'd be interested in something like this, as someone who is still following Masters and interested in character lore.


This is fine.

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Sounds good to me. I do agree too, except can't play on my phone anyway whoops

Title needs shortening though imo - too wordy atm

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Sounds interesting as a concept (though I don’t play Masters so can’t comment on the argument), +1

Also good to hear this is just a working title, something shorter and more “attention piquing” would be ace


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If you want a shorter name for the article, "Why I'm Sticking With Masters" would probably work well enough
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